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2009 a look back, and events to do in Central Ohio

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and like me, looking forward to an incredible 2010. As you toast away 2009, and the last year of “The New Decade,” I hope that your best days of 2009, be your worst of 2010!

Here’s to new starts, new outlooks, a New Governor for O-H-I-O, and a year closer to TRUE “Hope and Change” in DC!

On a personal note, I am gearing up for what (on paper) looks to be my best year yet. I would not have any of the chances and (potential) success if it was not for any of you reading this. Thanx for a good 2009, and here’s to a GREAT 2010!!!

This mailer will be a look back on news, events, music, movies, and lives celebrated in 2009. But before we get to that, need to focus on the week we just had, and events for NYE as well as other things to do this weekend.

I was amazed that in a time of recession; stores, malls, etc closed early in Christmas Eve. Hell even some bars closed. I guess not everyone is concerned about making needed monies. And where were the lonely drunks supposed to go? NOT ME! I was with friends and home early Christmas Eve, family on Christmas, and someone I care about on Christmas Night.

So the Holiday is over and another year to ponder political correctness. Sometimes that goes too far. Need an example? Check out the info in Rants!

Hey Tree Huggers and bleeding hearts. Here is some info to ponder; 2 of the 4 AQ organizers of the recent airliner attack had been residents of Gitmo…that is until they were released. Congrats on that ACLU.

George Micheal (not the singer). George Micheal was the host of the syndicated show, George Micheal’s Sports Machine. Growing up I did not have cable so every Sunday night, I would turn to WHIZ TV 18 out of Zanesville, and get caught up on my sports. This was “Sports Center” for me.

BANG BANG! In other sporting news. Mike Leach is being attacked by spoiled Adam, and Craig James. Adam is a player for Texas Tech (I am stretching the term “player”), and Craig is an ESPN College Football analyst. Mr. James is hiding behind his credentials of Sportscaster to help his son get more playing time and get a GREAT COACH fired. Craig James is a weasel! I hope ESPN fires him for CREATING A STORY, and I hope the Red Raider players beat the TAR out of Adam. I still like The Red Raiders of Texas Tech, BUT, gotta root for the Big 10. Go Sparty Beat The Raiders!


Jackets vs Coyotes Pre-Party @ Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar 5pm. Kick off a winning 2010 season and get ready to root on OUR CBJ as they take the ice one last time in 2009!

Later on NYE Join my Buddy DJ Bombay and The Websters as they bring 2010 in, in style at Frog Bear Bar. There are 2 packages for Pre-Sale purchase;

Gold Package General Admission
$25.00 Per Person (plus $3 service charge). Guarantees entry, includes dinner buffet featuring a ham and turkey carving station, veggie tray, pasta dishes, several side dishes, salads & bread from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Party favors, and a complimentary champagne toast at midnight. The best deal in the Arena District!
Note: Table reservations are not included with this package.

Pre-Sale Platinum Package with Buffet
The Platinum VIP New Year’s Eve pre-sale package includes express admission, dinner buffet featuring a ham and turkey carving station, veggie tray, pasta dishes, several side dishes, salads & bread from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Platinum tickets are not available at the door.
Party favors, a complimentary bottle of champagne, specialty hors d’oeuvres platter, and table reservation for the entire evening. Coat check available. Groups or individual reservations may be paired with other guests to accommodate everyone. An entire evening of entertainment at just $50 per person + $3 service charge per ticket.
To purchase tickets

Down the street in The Arena District check out Callahan’s. DJ Legend and Turbo Ted Cut and spin over the HUGE dance floor upstairs with state of the art light show. Downstairs DJ Quantum spinns laid back party anthems to help bring in 2010 without shakin your groove thang. Advance tickets $20.00, light food buffet, champagne toast, balloon drop, and party favors. Tickets can be purchased at 614-223-1200.

Join SOS AUDIO CREW, Dj Nohbody at The Filling Station to ring in 2010 with the Hottest Dance Floor in Powell! Nohbody will rock it 9:30pm-1:30am 8765 Smoky Row Rd. For more info

Join SOS AUDIO CREW, DJ Phish at Yogies in Dublin. Join Dj Phish to ring in 2010 with the Hottest Dance Floor in Dublin! Phish will rock it 9:30pm-1:30am 5857 Karric Square, Dublin. For more info

I have Private event at Moundbuilders Country Club in Nerk, Ahia

Family Friendly, First Night Columbus New Year’s Eve at Veterans Memorial, and other Columbus Downtown landmarks. Cost: $8, advance and $10, day of event For more info or 614-299-9221
First Night Columbus’ 15th Annual New Year’s Celebration is 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Founded in 1976, First Night was started by a group of artists and local residents who sought an alternative to traditional New Year’s Eve revelry. First Night Columbus was incorporated in 1995, as part of an international alliance of over 100 cities that showcase the visual and performing arts through New Year’s Eve celebrations that are safe, affordable, and fun, while being drug-free, alcohol-free and family friendly. Start your evening at 4 p.m., at Veterans Memorial (Limited Brands Family Festival), or cross the street to visit COSI for their winter- and holiday-themed activities and Holiday Lights Show. Fun Bus Shuttle service begins at 4 p.m. At 5 p.m., various entertainment begins throughout Veterans Memorial. At 6 p.m. First Night Adventure Map Application available for iPhone.

KRYNOS, and 7th Cycle rock in 2010 at Captain Jack’s, in Heath Ahia

New Years Eve With Ekoostk Hookah! at Newport Music Hall. For more info
NYE 2010 at Renissance Hotel
Event includes 5 rooms of sounds with live music, hip hop & mash up, techno, house music * jazz! Headliners include national recording stars Saving Jane & LoveSick Radio, and hip hop and mash up DJ’s Chris “Gonzo” Gonzalez, DJ Matt Magic and DJ Ductape.

Come be a part of one of the most fabulous New Years Eve celebration in the Midwest! The Renaissance Hotel transforms itself into an oasis of entertainment and music including two large ballrooms, a swank jazz lounge, breathtaking reception area and four star restaurant Latitude 41.

Join me and Buckeye Nation at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar as we root on OUR Buckeyes against the Ducks in The Rose Bowl. Catch all the action on the HUGE HDtvs and stadium surround sound. I will be playing all your favorite OSU and Pep Rally Music. PLUS FREE PIZZA, Cheap pitchers, and cheaper well drinks. Doors open at 3:30pm GO BUCKS!!!

Join my crew at The Jackets vs Avalanche Pre-Party @ Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar 5pm. Kick off a winning 2010 season at The Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar.

DJ Nohbody (from SOS AUDIO Crew) cuts/spins and roxx all your favorite
classic rock, pop, rock, and dance music at The Filling Station 8765
Smoky Row Road in Powell. Party goes from 10pm-2am and the dance floor takes over the entire bar. If on North Side come on out for a fun night.
Corner bar with a full tank!

Stay in “The Spirit” with The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour at Nationwide Arena. Showtimes 3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. For more info Pre/Post Party 5pm at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar. My crew will play all your favorite TSO (you do know they have a non-Christmas album out right?), and Symphonic Rock classics!

Phil Palisoul, plays The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center all weekend

Rickey Smiley & Friends play “a clean show” at The Palace Theatre. For more info

One of the best low budget, horror flicks I have seen, ‘Paranormal Activity,’ rated “R.”

Ohio Motorcyclists for Children “Roll ON”
Saturday, May 22, 2010
In Nationwide Arena District
Ohio Motorcyclist for Children is a non-profit charity dedicated to
taking care of our country’s most valuable resource, our children. In
partnership with Nationwide Children’s hospital, it is our intention
to host ROLL ON COLUMBUS, the premier event for motorcyclists in Ohio.
All proceeds from ROLL ON COLUMBUS will benefit Nationwide Children’s
Hospital, an institution that is second to none when it comes to
providing care for our children.
As motorcyclists, we can change children’s lives, one ride at a time.
By joining us and supporting our activities, we know you will meet
some great people and have some fun while you are making a difference.

2010 Matt Sexton Cooper Tire/PBR Tour Dates:

January 30-31 PBR Tampa Florida,

Febuary 5-6 Miami Florida, Super Bowl


March 19-21 Cooper Tire Sebring, FL (Pending)

March 26-28 Cooper Tire St Pete, FL


April 9-11 Cooper Tire Long Beach, CA

May 7-9 Cooper Tire Road Atlanta, GA

May 21-24 Cooper Tire Laguna Seca, CA

June 18-20 Cooper Tire Iowa City, Iowa

July 9-11 Cooper Tire Toole, UT

July 30-Aug2 Cooper Tire Joliet, Ill

August 6-9 Cooper Tire Sonoma, CA

August 13-15 Cooper Tire Nashville, TN (yea Boi!!!)

October 1-3 Cooper Tire Road Atlanta, GA

October 8-10 Cooper Tire Irwindale, CA

RESOLUTIONS 2009 (a look back to see how we did, next week a look ahead to 2010)
1.)Better someone else’s’ life, career, business
-always trying
-I woke a few times feeling like fell from plane but did not skydive
3.)Continue to develop current very special relationship-basically don’t screw it up!
-still working on that one
-um, I think everyone knows the answer to that
5.)Continue quest for inner happiness
6.)Grow business again-yet don’t let overwhelm life
-Think well on way
7.)Work gubernatorial campaign
-Planning to become more involved this year
8.)Open for at least 3 A, B, or C level artists
I DID IT!!! Thank you John Boy Crenshaw, John Page, Justin Moodley, Todd Civello, and Randy Haffey!!! There were other people to thank, but those a**holes owe me money!
9.)Find another steady home to play
10.) Develop at least 2 more ongoing business relationships
11.) Tour
-Did not happen but had some great regional events, and will tour in 2010
12.) Buy a boat
13.) Finish basement
-no, but added more junk
14.) Make top 30 under 35
-no but good plan for next year (better since I will not qualify after 2010)
15.) Volunteer more
-Did more, however also learned to say no more-both were needed
16.) Develop more positive personal relationship-let bad past ones go
-Still working on
17.) Volunteer more
18.) Clean garage and keep clean
19.) Pay down debt
-NO! But other than some personal loans did not go into more debt, even with a bad year of getting hosed…HINT, IF YOU OWE ME MONEY FEEL FREE TO PAY UP!!!
20.) Better someone else’s’ life
-no clue, well…Pepper seems Happy
21.) Transfer ALL MUSIC to digital files
Nice chunk done!
22.) Make time for self, relationships, dog
-YEP, and felt pretty good!
23.) Smile everyday
-Of course, easier to nowadays with positive outlook
24.) See the good in any situation
-Probably got self in trouble a few times finding humor in a few occasions
25.) Laugh more
-see above
26.) Continue to be in best shape possible-but accept limitations with happiness
-even with a few recent injuries, I am in decent shape and have decent build. Need to be better, but happy and healthy (range between 190-200 pounds weekly with 11% body fat, and 32′ waist). If you want to be in better shape ask me about Visalus, or check out
Last years Goal was 30’ waist, 8-9% body fat, be able to run mile in under 10 minutes (a lot for me-have you seen my legs?), bench 350 10 times, 20’ arms, all achieved (had 30′ waist over summer-WITH ABS!)
27.) Go see Buffett
-Of course
28.) Away Buckeye game
29.) Go on Vacation
30.) New light show
-yep, it is SWEET
31.) Publish calendar of quotes
-no but i have some good ones ready
32.) Continue to forgive
-even hung out with a few I could not have in the past
33.) Don’t blame self for everything that goes wrong
34.) Enjoy success but don’t thrive on it, remember that with success failure must come first
-Roller Coaster Year, but learned and enjoyed, next year the lows not so deep and highs a lot higher!
35.) Go to Ireland/and Disney Animal Kingdom (in addition to other vacation)
-NOPE, but did DJ 3 days for St. Patty’s Day
36.) Push self (and others) fairly
-I have started to lay off of pushing others, but still pretty hard on self
37.) Motorcycle
-no but did go riding a few times
38.) Make condo look lived in. hire interior designer
-Nope, did myself, and enjoy staying here more
39.) Help network/Use network to help others
-YES, I think I have done so and am proud of those peoples success
40.) Take bad events and make them positive
-ARE YOU KIDDING, I want to kill kill kill when it goes bad
41.) Work on going back to school
-I actually made the phone call just did not do anything about it
42.) Work with 3 major sport groups
-Jackets, Crew, PBR, NRA, and did Pep-Rallies for The Ohio State University!
43.) Throw a huge honkin event-and make success
-Thank you to all who came out to The Army Navy Game Fundraiser, gonna make even bigger next year
44.) Find more sponsors for self
-have a few still working on more
45.) Don’t give up…DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!!
46.) Learn to take a compliment and don’t thrive on negative comments
-yea…still not so much (I get pissed at hecklers, and craw under rock when complimented)
47.) Learn to speak Spanish
-Necesidad de aprender más spansih
48.) Grow spirituality
-I am working on, and have read some great inner help books (Thanx Ginny)
49.) Kick ass take names and take over!
-I was very passive aggressive, 2010…look out the beast is awakened!
50.) Don’t limit self to this list!!!

2009 is a weird year, where things are upside down — the opposite of what they should be or usually are. Here’s a list of events that were inverted or backward this year:
1. An airline pilot became famous for sailing in the Hudson, not over it.
2. The IRS was led by a man who didn’t pay his taxes.
3. The president, a community organizer, belittled Tea Partiers for…community organizing.
4. Instead of buying new cars and destroying them, the federal government bought a new fleet of destroyed cars.
5. Carrie Prejean, who said, “I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose” gay marriage, became a rallying point for people opposed to gay marriage.
6. Wall Street became socialist takers and the Chinese became capitalist lenders.
7. A man who was arrested got invited to the White House for drinks and a couple who weren’t invited almost got arrested for going.
8. During a speech to a joint session of Congress, President Obama accused the opposition of lying, and Rep. Joe Wilson was sanctioned for calling the president a liar a moment later.
9. In a failed attempt to become famous, “balloon boy’s” father became famous.
10. After years of parents and teachers telling kids not to wipe their noses with their sleeves, the government told kids to sneeze into their sleeves to fight H1N1.
11.Instead of hitting with a golf club, Tiger Woods may have been hit by one.
12. A Nobel Peace Prize winner sent 30,000 troops to war.

1987 was teen angst and style in the form of cool vampires in ‘Lost Boys.’ This year we do it again with the ‘Twilight’ Kids.

In 1980’s every (boy) kid had a Transformer that he saw on TV, or on The Big Screen Cartoon. Thanx to technology we have Transformers in real life situations.

In The 80’s some studios played with the ideer of 3D, with “Jaws,” some horror stuff, and a space themed ride at Disney. Now 3D is all the rage with mainstream movies in 3D on Imax theaters. I even saw Dave Matthews in Concert on a 3D screen. Even better, the Cowboys recently showed a game in 3D on their JUMBO Tron!

Melrose, Beverly Hills 90210, are both reincarnated…wish Saved by The Bell The College years would have survived in 1994!

Stop Animation:
Old Davey and Goliath, and Christmas shows such as Rudolph are classic stop animation, now TV shows like Robot Chicken (Cartoon Network), and Mr. Fox on the big screen are taking to a whole new level.

Books I read as a kid are back Where the Wild Things are, and the HORRIBLE Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Has Super Mario Brothers ever REALLY GONE AWAY?

Hulk Hogan has reinvented himself more than Madonna. The Hulkster has made headlines since 1982! But he still has maintained his Image and “LONG BLOND LOCKS” even if they are now extensions.

So there are all kinds of remakes Glee even made a new generation aware of the greatest rock song of all time…”Don’t stop Believin’.” But I will focus on my buddy Brett Micheals (by the way I am still doing impersonations). He has maintained his rock star image even while maturing. Brett may not be on the top of the charts with his band mates Poison, but he has; a top rated show, one of the most googled celebrities, has one of the 20 top grossing tours, and is still one of the coolest rock & rollers I have ever met!

From Fox News
Since this was a year of enough rocking and rolling in the news to make your head spin, one way to interpret many of 2009’s headliners and highlights is to link them to song titles from Rolling Stones’ albums.
Stray Cat Blues: Tiger Woods.
Driving Too Fast: President Obama.
I Go Wild: Vice President Biden.
Let It Loose: Sarah Palin.
Out Of Control: Government spending, debt and deficits.
Start Me Up: Employment.
Mercy Mercy: Seeking economic recovery.
Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’: Tea parties, town halls and talk radio.
Beast Of Burden: The American taxpayer.
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction: The country’s small businesses.
Gimme Shelter: Is money safe anywhere?
Slipping Away: The free market in America.
Biggest Mistake: Government-run health care.
Poison Ivy: Cap-and-trade (aka cap and tax).
Winning Ugly: The Democrats’ strategy.
19th Nervous Breakdown: How is Obama’s “change” working for you now?
All Sold Out: Democrats Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of
Nebraska sold their votes to pass the Senate health care bill in exchange
for special government Medicaid funding for their states—$300-million for hers and $100-million for his.
Look What The Cat Dragged In: The government’s unsupportable claim that the stimulus “saved or created” 640,000 jobs.
Love In Vain: Those who voted for Obama and now have “buyers’ remorse.”
Rough Justice: A trial in New York will treat the alleged 9/11 mastermind and four other accused terrorists like civilians rather than war criminals.
Sparks Will Fly: Transferring terrorism suspects from Guantanamo Bay to Illinois.
Oh No, Not You Again: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
I’m Going Down: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
I’m A King Bee: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.
Tumbling Dice: Betting the economy on an administration with scarce real-world business experience.
Back of My Hand: What Congressional Democrats gave to Republicans.
Little By Little: Big Government takeovers of the economy and our lives.
Get Off Of My Cloud: Pie-in-the sky climate change legislation.
Now I Got A Witness: The “Climate-gate” e-mails.
Time Is On My Side: The gamble by Obama and Democrats in Congress.
Look What You’ve Done: White House party “gate-crashers.”
Shattered: Obama’s promises of bipartisanship, clean government ethics,
and greatly diminished influence by lobbyists and special interests.
Shine A Light: Obama fails to deliver “transparency” in government.
Undercover Of The Night: How Congress sneaks through earmarks.
Terrifying: Multi-billion dollar bills that pass unread in Congress.
Don’t Lie To Me: Congressman Joe Wilson to President Obama.
Star Star: Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.
Play With Fire: The war in Afghanistan.
Harlem Shuffle: The seek-and-hide tax dodging of Congressman Charlie Rangel.
You Can’t Always Get What You Want: On a few key occasions Obama disappoints his left-wing base.
Let It Bleed: Obama’s response to Iran street protesters.
Paint It Black: The storm over the arrest of black Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. by white Police Officer Sergeant James Crowley.
Who’s Been Sleeping Here: The Service Employees International Union at the White House.
Sad Sad Sad: The ACORN Scandal.
Ain’t Too Proud To Beg: AIG, General Motors and Chrysler.
I’m Moving On: Former White House adviser Van Jones and Communications Director Anita Dunn resign amid charges about their radical views.
Each And Every Day Of The Year: Mainstream Media bias.
Long Long While: It’s time for a “statute of limitations” on Obama blaming everything on George W. Bush.
Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind: Obama bowing to the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor.
Saint Of Me: Obama’s self regard.
Salt of the Earth: Americans who work hard, pay taxes, obey the law—and get shafted.
We’re Wastin’ Time: With political correctness.
I’m Free: This traditional American view is under assault.
Dead Flowers: All that’s left after Obama appeases hostile nations.
Criss Cross Man: Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter.
As Tears Go By: This year’s deaths include Ted Kennedy, Patrick Swayze, Walter Cronkite and Robert Novak.
Miss You: Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.
Good Times, Bad Times: 2009.
Flip The Switch: Vote in 2010.
What To Do: Return power to the people.


I started 2009 in Arizona, trying to track down money, dodging bullets, staying in a SWEET Hotel, and going to The 2009 Fiesta Bowl, as well as an Arizona Cardinals Game. Fun times…but would rather have gotten money owed (right Chas?). Also had a great run with Lt. Dan’s new Legs and LoveSick Radio around O-H-I-O.

JAN 15: US Airways plane river landing
Rescue boats float near a US Airways plane floating in the water after crashing into the Hudson River in the afternoon on January 15, 2009 in New York City. The Airbus 320 flight 1549 crashed shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport heading to Charlotte, North Carolina.

JAN 20: Obama sworn in (how is that Hope & Change treating ya?)
Barack Obama was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts as the 44th president of the United States. Obama became the first African-American to be elected to the office of President in the history of the United States.

JAN 29: Blagojevich removed
Embroiled in an alleged pay-for-play scheme, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was removed from office by the state of Illinois. Blagojevich is accused of attempting to sell President Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat to the highest bidder.

Great Febuary touring Midwest with LoveSick Radio and Lt. Dan’s New Legs. Even had the opportuntiy to play the Historic Newport Music Hall. In addition to that had chance to open for national Recording Artist and former chart topper, Days of The New.

FEB 3: Clinton sworn in
One time foe, Sen. Hillary Clinton accepted President Obama’s offer to take the position as Secretary of State.

FEB 4: Sen. Roland Burris sworn in
Despite calls for his resignation, and allegations that he was not honest during testimony at the Illinois House impeachment hearings, Sen. Roland Burris was seated following his appointment by indicted Governor Rod Blagojevich. Burris was shunned by most senators, but made some waves during the health care debate, claiming he wouldn’t vote for a bill without a public option.

FEB 7: Super Bowl XLIII
In early February Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers were able to secure their second Super Bowl in four years, knocking off the Cardinals 27-23.

FEB 11: Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman
Joaquin Phoenix’s interview with David Letterman in February started off odd and ended in full-blown weirdness. The bearded and sunglass-wearing Phoenix said there’s no hoax about it, he really has given up acting to become a hip-hop artist.

FEB 12: Buffalo plane crash
Continental Connection Flight 3407 crashed on approach to Buffalo Niagara International Airport killing all 49 people on the plane and one on the ground. It was later learned that pilot error, not weather was the main reason for the crash.

FEB 17: Obama signs stimulus bill
President Barack Obama signed into law his $787 billion stimulus bill called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, designed to create or save 3.5 million jobs and end the worst US economic crisis since the 1930s. Only three Senate Republicans, and no House Republicans, voted for the bill. The president signed the measure in Denver.

FEB 22: Heath Ledger wins Oscar
Heath Ledger appears on screen in his role as the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’, winning Best Supporting Actor at the 81st Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater in February.
‘Slumdog’ stars face real-life hardships
Slumdog Millionaire, the little film that could, may have cleaned up at the Academy Awards, but it wasn’t a fairy tale ending for everyone involved. In May, the shanties of child actors Azharuddin Ismail and Rubiana Ali were demolished as apart of slum clearance by the Civic Authorities in Central Mumbai. The two child stars were promised new homes, one by the MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority) and the other by ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Team’s ‘Jai Ho’ Trust.

MARCH 2009
March started kinda topsy turvey for me. The first weekend I was scheduled for a Wedding in The Keys, that did not happen, then scheduled for UFC fight Pre-Party that did not happen, then had my B-day party cancelled 2wice due to idiot Management at Grandview Cafe. He gave me stress, I got no monies and he had a packed house-again I lose! The rest of the Month was great playing 3 days of St. Patty Madness at Fado, and doing an official Pep-Rally for The Ohio State University. I also had chance to open for national recording artist Sponge, and rock out with the crazy ladies of Newark Catholic.

MAR 12: Madoff pleads guilty
Ponzi scheme ring leader Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 federal offenses including securities fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, and perjury. On June 29, 2009 the 71-year old Madoff was sentenced to the maximum 150 years in prison.

APRIL 2009
April brought the change in weather and some other great opportunities. My wedding season “officially” kicked off, and the 2009 Baseball Season kicked off on April 6th. I had the honor of playing The Nationwide Arena with Fat Dog, to get CBJ Fans ready for the Jackets FIRST HOME PLAYOFF GAMES!

APRIL 1: Lohan, Ronson break up
After months of rumors, and alleged public fights Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson were officially broken up in April. The actress and DJ had been rumored to have a lesbian relationship dating back to 2008.

APRIL 13: Pirates killed, captain saved (Great Quote: Send Sig Hansen from Deadliest Catch, the pirates would not have a chance in hell)
U.S. Navy snipers killed three pirates holding an American cargo-ship captain hostage for five days on a covered lifeboat about 350 miles off the Somalia coast. One of the pirates was taken into custody, and brought back to the United States for trial.

APRIL 19: Prejean pageant mess
When asked by pageant judge Perez Hilton in April whether she believed in gay marriage, Miss California and Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean started what was to become months of celebrity gossip melee that included all the proper ingredients: lawsuits, tears, scandalous photos, an unreleased sex tape and a request for returned breast implants.

MAY 2009
May was great for Columbus Entertainment The Clippers Debuted a new park, Rock on The Range was another great show, Kenny Chesney brought down the house…and I was part of all events! I was also pleased to again be part of The Columbus Half Marathon and The Columbus Crew Pre-parties. I unfortunately was also involved in working with a SLIMEBALL at Farenheit in Nerk Ahia. Yet another bar that did not listen to me and failed. Ken HAD NO CLUE WHAT HE WAS DOING, did not make him bad, but YOU DON’T THROW PEOPLE UNDER THE BUS-there Sparky! He screwed booking agents, bands, employees-tried to screw other bars. I also like the fact he refused to answer the phone on Sun-Tuesday, and spelled worse than me in his marketing (when he decided to do any). In the scheme of life, there were many things that did not go right for you…but YOU were the common denominator in all of them.

MAY 2:
Mine That Bird
Jockey Calvin Borel (sponsored by Columbus based NetJets) and Mine That Bird came into the 135th Kentucky Derby as 50-1 long shots. The win was the second biggest upset in Derby history, and the biggest in 85 years, and the 6 and 3/4ths lengths victory was the largest margin since 1946.

MAY 25: ‘Jon & Kate’ plus hate
The TLC reality TV series ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ started innocent enough, but over the course of a year, off-air plot lines such as divorce proceedings, new girlfriends and money squabbles took the couple from to endearing to unbearable.

MAY 29: Jay Leno’s last Tonight Show
Jay Leno took his final bow at the end of his 17-year-long run as host of The Tonight Show in May, only to return to the air on Sept. 14 with The Jay Leno Show.

JUNE 2009
June kicked off by fulfilling one of my local goals-I got to play the Bogey Inn for The Memorial (Thanx Van), also was given passes to the 18th House to watch Tiger come back and win an Amazing run (Thanx Ben!). June also brought a potential National Contract. It did not pan out-even though the company is using my concept WITHOUT ME! The experience was fun, and I made a great contact in Indianapolis with a Record label in Nashville (great story BTW). Anyway that relationship will be great in 2010. I also did a stint with The Park Street Festival on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, followed by THE BEST WEDDING EVER! Thanx Antonelli’s, and DJ DeToto. This Mick had a blast with you Italians-think about it, we could have ruled the world LOL. June also brought a road trip to see Buffett, and the single greatest experience of my life. I will forever be grateful to John Boy Crenshaw, Joe Boxer, Woody, the staff of WCOL, and Tommy Hampton for the best day of my
professional life-playing the main stage at Country Jam 2009. Thank you all!!!

JUN 1: GM bankruptcy
In the midst of undergoing a massive reorganization, General Motors filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. However on July 10 the company emerged from bankruptcy, thanks to the sale of Hummer, Saturn, and Saab brands.

JUN 10: Holocaust museum shooting
A man enters the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, and opens fire, killing a security guard. The gunman was later identified as James von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist. Brunn was also shot, but survived.

JUN 12: Iranian election
Incumbant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defeated challenger Mir-Hossein Mousavi by reportedly receiving 66% of the vote. The challenger disputed the results, claiming the election was rigged. Anger sparked months of riots in the country, as college students took to the streets defying government. Mousavi would eventually withdraw his challenge claiming he would never get a fair election. Protests and riots would continue to flair up the rest of the year.

JUN 12:
Pittsburgh Penguins
Just a year after losing to Detroit in six games in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Pittsburgh Penguins were back in the finals again, rematches against the Red Wings. This time the series went seven games and the Penguins prevailed to take home their first cup since 1992 .

JUN 25: Michael Jackson dies
Michael Jackson was pronounced dead after collapsing at his rented mansion. It was later determined that Jackson had been administered a dangerous amount of prescription drugs prior to his collapse.

Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe Bryant lead The Los Angeles Lakers to their 15th title over the Orlando Magic in June. For Bryant, it was his fourth, and his first without Shaq.

And some missed it all due to The End of Analog TV
Kiss those rabbit ears goodbye; analog TV officially became a thing of the past as the country finally transitioned to digital broadcasting in June after months of delays.

JUN 26: Mark Sanford scandal
After a weeks worth of questions, and inconsistent answers, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admits to having an affair with a woman from Argentina. Local newspaper ‘The State’ later published detailed e-mails between Sanford and the woman. Sanford remains in office, despite repeated calls for him to step down.

JUNE 30: U2 360 Tour
For once, Bono wasn’t necessarily the center of attention as U2 embarked on a world tour over the summer. Enter “the Claw”, the 164-foot-tall steel structure that anchored the band’s show in the round.

JULY 2009
July started with my favorite events of the year Red, White, and Boom (and all other July 4th events). I have had the honor of playing Red, White, and Boom for the last 5 years. I enjoy this event and consider it an honor! July also kicked off with one of the most memorable Weddings I have ever done, at The Columbus Zoo. The Garner Flinn wedding started off with the Manatees following my Jeep as I was loading in (great story), and finished with a first dance “Choreographed” to the Dublin Fireworks over the Scioto River. July also brought some difficulties with staffing, equipment, and clients. I am proud to have some great guys I work with and have learned from others of how to handle situations for a positive outcome.

JUL 16: Erin Andrews video posted (we later find out shot in Columbus Ohio Hotel)
ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was publicly humiliated when naked video of her at a hotel surfaced on the Internet. The man who shot the video through a manipulated peep hole with his cell phone was later arrested, and pleaded guilty.

JUL 19:
British Open
Stewart Cink ended up winning the 2009 British Open, but Tom Watson was the story at Turnberry. The 59 year old Watson was able to force a four hole playoff after battling the field over four grueling days.

JUL 23:
Mark Buehrle
Mark Buehrle is a left handed junkballer whose pitches have little lateral movement and even less velocity. Pitchers like Buehrle have been able to stick around and be effective pitchers by utilizing their control and intelligence, but seldom are they dominant. On July 23rd, Mark Buehrle was more than dominant, he was perfect. It took 116 pitches and an amazing catch by Dwayne Wise but Buehrle was able to set down all 27 Rays for only the 18th perfect game in Major League history.

JUL 24: Cash for clunkers begins
The hugely popular ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program offered owners of aging cars and trucks incentives up to $4,500 toward a new, more-efficient vehicle. The program aimed at boosting auto sales, getting more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road and revving up economic activity.

JUL 26: Gov. Sarah Palin resigns
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivered her farewell speech, officially resigning during the annual Governor’s Picnic in Fairbanks, Alaska. Palin told supports that she could do more for the state away from the office. Palin would go on to write a book that would be a New York Times best seller.

JUL 30: The Beer Summit
Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Police Sergeant James Crowley and the president and vice president sat down for a beer at the White House after Crowley arrested Gates for reportedly breaking into his own home. The arrest began the first real race debate of President Obama’s administration. The meeting was dubbed the ‘Beer Summit’.

August kicked off with a party for a friends kids (I DON’T DO THAT), and again being part of The Deerassic Classic-this year with Sammy Kershaw, Arron Tippen, Mark Wills, Jeff Bates and Trent Tomlenson, and of course Mr. Jon Petz (Thanx Johhny Page)! I also was honored to be part of Kickstand Festival 2009, as well as again taking Summer out in style at Papa Boos the Friday before Labor Day.

AUG 5: Journalists freed from North Korea
Journalists Laura Ling speaks in front of Euna Lee, former Vice President Al Gore and former President Bill Clinton after Ling and Euna Lee arrive in Burbank, California after being released by North Korean authorities. Ling and Lee, of San Francisco based Current TV, were both arrested by North Korea in March for illegally entering the country on the Chinese border. They were pardoned by President Kim Jong-Il after a meeting with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Ling and Lee had been sentenced to 12 years in prison in June.

AUG 18: Paula Abdul off Idol
After a seven year run on the hit reality show ‘American Idol’ Paula Abdul’s contract talks stall, and she claims she is off the show. One month later Ellen DeGeneres is named her replacement.

AUG 20: Lockerbie bomber released
Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi boarded a plane after being released from a prison in Glasgow, Scotland. Abdelbaset ali al-Megrahi had been serving a life sentence for the 1988 Pan-AM flight 103 Lockerbie bombing, which killed 270 people. Megrahi, who is terminally ill with prostate cancer, served eight years of a life sentence and was been released on compassionate grounds to go home to spend his remaining days with his family in Libya.

AUG 25: Ted Kennedy dies
Senator Edward Kennedy died late August 25 after a year-long battle with brain cancer.
Townhall meetings
Town hall meetings on health care reform hit a boiling point in August as the federal government considered a plan to institute a public health option for uninsured people. Several town hall meetings were disrupted by the audience, some even turned violent.

AUG 26: Jaycee Dugard found
Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped by a sex offender when she was 11 years old in 1991. 18 years later she was found at the home of Phillip Craig Garrido, 58, and his wife Nancy Garrido, 54, who were arrested. Dugard is reported to be the mother of a 15 and 11 year old from her captor.
I had another great event of my career. I had the HONOR of opening for one of my Hero’s, Hank Williams Jr. To make it even better…it was for a OSU Pep-rally Themed Event (Thanx Justin Moodley), EVEN BETTER-Mr. Williams brought me on his bus to thank me for working so hard. It was a very memorable night…it would have been even better if Justin and I would have gotten paid!!! The OSU 2009 Season opened up with an amazing tribute to OUR armed forces when OSU took on Navy. I also had the privilege of teaming up with my buddies from WINK, and The Hawk along with Matt and Eric from Across the Field store for a GREAT OSU Home game Tailgate. Would have been better if the Danger Brothers had not been involved-high maintenance, POOR PRODUCTION, HUGE EGOS, hard to work with, and regardless of talent (hell I have none!), they are very unprofessional and borderline racists!!! I also also have a problem with them bringing KIDS on stage at the same time some old
broad pulls her boobs out for a flash show. OSU QUIT SUPPORTING THEM AND LET THEM FADE INTO MEMORIES WHERE THEY BELONG, before they tarnish what you remember (or since it WAS Heineygate, what you THINK you remember). There was a highlight of the OSU Home Season, I was again part of OSU tradition, this time at OSU “FanZone” with At&T (thanx Eric Chivington)-it was great to again be part of OSU Game Day tradition!

SEPT 9: “You lie!”
Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted as President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Obama was urging passage of his national health care plan, the centerpiece of his domestic agenda. Wilson would later apologize for the outburst.

SEPT 13: Spotlight on Kanye
Even President Obama had a thing or two to call Kanye West after he jumped onstage during the MTV Video Music Awards, stealing the spotlight away from 19-year-old Taylor Swift as she won the ‘Best Female Video’ award in September.

SEPT 23: Kadhafi addresses UN
Libyan leader Colonel Moamer Kadhafi holds a copy of the UN Charter as he speaks during the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters. Saturday Night Live writers had a tough time topping his wacky speech.

SEPT 25: Iran nuke site revealed
U.S. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy made a joint a statement on Iran at the G-20 summit, September 25, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The trio revealed and condemned recent actions by Iran regarding the construction of a covert nuclear facility.

SEP 26: Roman Polanski
Oscar winning director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland on a U.S. warrant for the 1977 sexual assault of a minor. Polanski was jailed until December 4th, where he was released on bail, and remains under house arrest at his Swiss chalet.

SEP 27:
Detroit Lions
The Detroit Lions lost every game they played in 2008, and the last game they played in 2007, and the first two games they played in 2009. All told, they were 0 for their last 19 when the Washington Redskins came into Ford Field on September 27. It wasn’t pretty but the Lions defeated the Redskins 19-14 for their first win since December 23rd, 2007.

October was again a roller coaster month. I was hot and heavy doing away games for Martini Park only to be told they were cancelled due to lack of sales (yet posted continuing)-I guess The truth is not as good a relaying an image of being a victim? I also did 2 of the WORST WEDDINGS OF MY CAREER. One cause the bride was cheap, ugly, mildely retarded (I say cause it was a dry wedding that went an extra 2 hours WITH NO TIP!). The other was for a spoiled rotten bi-polar chick who did not do anything she was instructed to do, so it was my fault. She said I sucked after a night of high fives and “great jobs” the tears come when time to pay bill. Guess it worked with daddy for so many years-thought it would work on me? I WISH I WOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY GUT, AND EVERYONE WHO KNEW HER, she WAS crazy! But October brought Halloween and some AWESOME gigs, as well as the chance to do my Brett impersonation, this time…with Daisey from Rock of Love! I also had
chance to meet folks from PBR and secured my tour for 2010! I also secured chance to work 2 other sporting events. I did a VERY COLD Columbus Marathon, and a VERY wet Nike Human race (with DJ Z-Tripp, along with help from DJ Legend, and DJ Samari). October was not stable, but exciting!

OCT: Brett Favre
The only player to make both the on field and off field lists. Brett Favre’s off the field indecision consumed football fans for the better part of the summer, but his on the field performance has been the story of the NFL season.

OCT 1: Letterman reveals scandal
‘Late Night Show’ host David Letterman revealed to viewers that he had become tangled up in an attempted extortion case with a man who claimed Letterman was having an affair. Letterman admitted to the affair, and even joked about it on his show.

OCT 2: Chicago loses 2016 bid (How much did Obama put into this GAMBLE for the future, while folks were hurting NOW?)
All the buildup over Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics Summer Games came to a suspense-free end after the Windy City was the first to be eliminated from consideration. IOC President Jacques Rogge shows the card after opening the envelope to announce the name of winning city: Rio de Janeiro.

OCT 15: Balloon boy hoax
Falcon Heene, 6, sits in front of his family home October 15, 2009 in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Falcon was found hiding in the attic of his home after his siblings had erroneously reported that he was riding aboard an experimental balloon built by his father Richard Heene. The Larimer County Sheriff’s department determined that the Heenes created the hoax in an attempt to sign a deal for a reality show.

OCT: 17
I did a wedding for a FAT, UGLY, MEAN Bridezilla, who her and her husband actually looked like “Schreck.” It was a “dry Wedding” and went an extra 2 hours-WITH NO TIP!!! To top it off, the Buckeyes lost ending a hopeful National Championship run!

OCT 18:
I froze but was proud to be a part of THE NATIONWIDE COLUMBUS Marathon

OCT 24:
I learned a great lesson if gut says no…turn down a contract. Did a wedding that went 3 extra hours and bride wigged out due to her NOT filling out the required paperwork. Funny thing is…the tears, yelling, and bitching came AFTER I gave bill (and after high fives, “great jobs,” etc.). My gut told me to decline, I wish I would have!

OCT 28: Swine flu
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano shows the proper way to cough or sneeze into the sleeve during a news conference to discuss the government’s response to the H1N1 virus. Napolitano and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius talked about the slower-than-expected production of a vaccine.

November started with a fairly major gym injury for me (torn Hammy), was full of CBJ Pre-Parties, and a mature decision NOT to go on vacation. Did not go due to wanting to be around for someone, being hurt, and NOT HAVING MUCH MONEY DUE TO “LIFE.” Maybe the OUR Gov. could learn from this…if we the people have to cut back on spending cause we don’t have it…maybe DC should? November also brought the 7 straight win over that team up North!

NOV 4:
New York Yankees
It’s only been 9 years since the New York Yankees last World Series title, but for a team with 27 championships, that felt like a lifetime. The Bronx Bombers broke in their new stadium in style, winning the World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies in 6 games.
NOV 5: Fort Hood shootings
US Army Specialist Ryn Hill (R) and his daughter Emma, 3, place flowers and a candle for victims of the shooting at Fort Hood, at the main gate to Fort Hood, Texas. US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, a psychiatrist and specialist in combat stress, allegedly unleashed a massacre at the US Army base, killing 13.

Twilight fever hits the U.S. as the second movie in the series “New Moon” opens in theaters. The book-based movie grossed $140 million in its opening weekend, making it the third highest in history.

Oprah calling it quits
Talk show queen Oprah fought back tears as she announced on her November 20th show that she would be ending her program at the conclusion of her 25th season.

NOV 21:
Ohio State Beats scUM AGAIN and secures the BIG 10 Title all to selves!

NOV 24: White House State Dinner crashed
Tareq Salahi (R) and Michaele Salahi arrived for the State Dinner at the White House. However according to the US Secret Service, the couple was not on the guest list, but still managed to meet and shake hands with President Obama, and Vice President Biden.

NOV. 27: Tiger Woods car crash
Tiger Woods was rushed to the hospital with cuts to his face after crashing his SUV into a fire hydrant and tree outside of his home. When the news of the event unfolded, it became clear that the crash was the result of a fight with his wife. Five days later Woods admitted to having affairs with several women while married.

Oh my, what a world wind month, between trying to get ready for The Holidays, securing contracts for 2010, and trying to keep up with gigs it has been eventful. I guess it was good I lost a country bar that closed it’s doors after only 7 weeks open-FOR THE RECORD, LINE DANCE PEOPLE…IF YOU DON’T DRINK, WON’T PAY COVER, AND BITCH-then don’t bother coming into a venue, you RUIN it for everyone else (fact: every Country venue certain groups have come into, have failed!). December also brought some GREAT events I am honored to be part of, the Army Navy game fundraiser, this year at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar. This year we raised almost $1800.00, and over 3000 toys for some great service organizations. I also got to rock out with my buddies from Downplay at Boma in front of execs from Epic records. Good times! John Page and Pagetech also had an awesome Christmas Party I spun at and had so much fun stayed longer than scheduled.

DEC 1: Obama’s Afghan war plan (this pre-impted Charlie Brown Christmas)-did anyone watch the speech? The cadets were making faces, and falling asleep-job well done FOX news)
President Barack Obama spoke at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he laid out his plan for an initial increase of some 30,000 troops in an effort to eventually begin to transition U.S. forces out of Afghanistan starting in July 2011.

DEC 10: Obama receives Nobel (I think he should have also The Heisman)
US President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, despite the fact that he is running two wars, announced he was sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, and was not even a year into his presidency.

HO HO HO DEC 25: Charlie Sheen arrested
Actor Charlie Sheen was reportedly arrested following a domestic dispute on Christmas Day. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Sheen was accused of threatening his wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen, with a knife and threatening to kill her after she expressed wanting a divorce.

DEC 28:
Secured Cooper Tire/PBR Tour 2010

DEC 30:
Texas Tech fires coach Mike Leach ONE day before his contract guaranteed him 800G’s. I don’t know who has less class, Texas Tech OR Craig James for CREATING an ESPN Story to get his son Adam more playing time. I hope Craig gets FIRED from ESPN, Adam gets tar beat out of him by Raider players, and Leach sues the snot out of James!!!

A person that if in entertainment community, you know, but if not…have seen his work. This years YOU DA MAN AWARD GOES TO David Heasley (also known in my posts, and blogs as David Hensley, and David Helsy). David does amazing work on his live music and event shots. He does most of my work (and can be seen in my albums). Bars, Promoters, Bands, Event planners find David on Facebook or myspace at He will help add image to your brand name. Thanx for all your help the past year David!!!

Tea Drinkers. The America People are FINALLY standing up to their Government. Now don’t get me wrong their are still drones of individuals who drank the cool aid and voted for a man JUST due to the color of his skin. However, these people will never be heard from again. I am referring to the Tea Party movement. A combined group of Democrats, Republicans, and Green Party VOTERS who are sending a message to DC, “vote for US or The US will vote YOU out!”

Great Video to wrap up 2009

1.) Need you Now-Lady Antebellum
2.) I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas
3.) Use Somebody-Kings of Leon
4.) Party in USA-Miley Cyrus
5.) Boom Boom Pow-Black Eyed Peas
6.) Empire State of Mind-Jay Z
7.) Second Chance-Shine Down
8.) Toes-Zac Brown Band
9.) People are Crazy-Billy Currington
10) Welcome to the Future-Brad Paisley
11.)Right Round-Flo Rida
12.)Runaway-Love & Theft
13.)Live Ya Life-TI, Rihanna
14.)I know ya want me-PitBull
15.)The Truth-Jason Aldean
16.)Poker Face-Lady GaGa
17.)Single Ladies-Beyonce (I am SO SICK OF THIS SONG!)
18.)Just Dance-Lady GaGa
19.)Come on get Higher-Matt Nathanson
20.)Run This Town-Jay Z
21.)Then-Brad Paisley
22.)The Climb-Miley Cyrus
23.)8 Second Ride-Jake Owen
24.)Do I-Luke Bryan
25.)You Found Me-The Frey
26.)Gives you Hell-All American Rejects
27.)Sounds Like Life-Daryl Worley
28.)Always the Love Songs-Eli Young Band
29.)Whatever it is- Zac Brown Band
30.)Welcome to the World-Kevin Rudolph
31.)Sex on Fire-Kings of Leon
32.)Out Last Night-Kenny Chesney
33.)Good Girls Go Bad-Cobra Starship
34.)Summer Nights-Rascal Flatts
35.)Love Story-Taylor Swift
36.)Havn’t Met you Yet-Michael Buble
37.)Sounds Like Life-Daryl Worley
38.)Cowboy Casanova-Carrie Underwood
39.)Blame it-Jamie Foxx
40.)I’m Yours-Jason Mraz
41.)Down-Jay Shawn
42.)Heartless-Kanye west (I tried to get him and Tayor Swift together on this chart)
43.)River of Love-King George
44.)I’m Alive-Kenny Chesney/Dave Matthews (the song sounds like 2 put together but a GREAT message!)
45.)I run to you-Lady Antebellum
46.)Womanizer-Britney Spears
47.)Green Light-John Legend
48.)Where I’m From-Jason Michael Carrol
49.)Down The Road-Kenny Chesney
50.)One in every Crowd-Montgomery Gentry


1.) Hurt Locker (Military Movie-Thanx Zack Sinn for recommending)
2.) 500 Days of Summer (I don’t like quirky Movies but dug this “non-Romance)
3.) Blind Side (Sandra Bullock REALLY CAN ACT)
4.) The Hangover (funniest Movie I have ever seen!)
5.) Boondock Saints (filled in some gaps in first movie, and with exception of some over the top campy scenes {which are part of the love of movie} very good flick)
6.) Funny People (VERY Dark Adam Sandler Movie)
7.) The Wrestler (Mickey Rourke was amazing)
8.) Public Enemies (WOW WAS THAT A LOUD MOVIE)
9.) Where the Wild Things Are (Great adaptation of book. Spyke Jonze is a genous)
10.) He’s just not that into you (NOT A CHICK FLICK-necessarily)
11.) Drag me To Hell (with exception of the some bit scenes-scariest movie ever seen)
12.) Haunting in Connecticut (good scary movie till LIKE MOST got stupid at end)
13.) Leaving Blank just to see if anyone is reading LOL
14.) Paranormal Activity (there are mixed reviews, if you watch with an open mind it is very good, however ending…sets up a Blair Witch type sequel-which sucked!)
15.) This is It (The King of Pop goes out on top with a great documentary)
16.) It Might get Loud (Best documentary I have ever seen! Thank you George Wolfe for taking me!)
17.) X-Men Wolverine (just a good action movie)
18.) Taken (really good flick, makes you wonder how far you would go if a loved one was in harms way)
19.) Anvil-The Story of Anvil (wow it is like Spinal Tap BUT REAL LIFE)
20.) Transformers 2-Revenge of the fallen (This movie mad me sick, literally. I got motion sick from all the action)

While I don’t enjoy seeing the loss of some great talent and more important, someones loved one. I do enjoy looking back at the legacy many of these people left.
January 2: Jett Travolta (Age 16) : Son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston.
January 3: Pat Hingle (Age: 84) : Commissionor Gordon of first Batman series.
January 14: Ricardo Montalban (Age 88) : Most famous for his Khan role on Star Trek.
February 27: Alan Landers (Age 65) : Model for Winston cigarettes.
March 1: Marquis Cooper (Age 26) : Professional football player for Oakland Raiders.
March 1: Corey Smith (Age 29) : Professional football player for Detroit Lions.
March 11: Charles Lewis Jr. MASK(Age 43) : Co-founder of MMA fighting clothesline label called TapouT.
March 18: Natasha Richardson (Age 45) : British actress married to Liam Neeson. Pic: COD:
April 9: Nick Adenhart (Age 22) : Baseball pitcher for the Anaheim Angels.
April 12: Marilyn Chambers (Age 57) : Legendary porn actress who starred in Behind the Green Door.
April 25: Beatrice Arthur (Age 86): One of the Golden Girls.
May 4: Dom Deluise (Age 75): American actor who played in numerous Mel Brooks movies such as Space Balls, Robin Hood: Men in Tights and History of the World Part I.
May 6: Ean Evans (Age 48): Bassist for Lynyrd Skynyrd.
May 15: Wayman Tisdale (Age 44): Former pro basketball player and jazz bass guitarist.
May 18: Wayne Allwine (Age 62): The voice of Mickey Mouse since 1977.
May 24: Jay Bennett (Age 45): Former guitarist for the band Wilco.
May 26: Exodus Tyson (Age 4): Daughter of former heavy weight champion of boxing Mike Tyson.
May 31: Millvina Dean (Age 97): Last survivor of the Titanic that sank in 1912.
June 3: David Carradine (Age 72): Star of the widely popular Kung Fu TV series and co-starred in Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies.
June 14: Bob Bogle (Age 75): Member and founder of the surf instrumental band The Ventures.
June 23: Ed McMahon (Age 86): Popular sidekick of Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.
June 25: Farrah Fawcett (Age 62): Actress in popular T.V. series Charlie’s Angels and former playboy model.
June 25: Michael Jackson (Age 50): King of pop music.
June 28: Billy Mays (Age 50): Infomercial seller and co-star of the Pitchman show.
July 4: Steve McNair (Age 36): Quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens.
July 6: Oscar Mayer Jr. (Age 95): Chairman of Oscar Mayer meat company.
July 17: Walter Cronkite (Age 92): American broadcast journalist.
August 6: John Hughes (Age 59): Director and writer who became famous for such films as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.
August 11: Eunice Kennedy Shriver (Age 88): One of the Kennedys.
August 13: Les Paul (Age 94): Inventor of the solid-body electric guitar.
August 13: Allen Schellenberger (Age 39): Drummer for the American alternative rock band Lit.
August 21: Johnny Carter (Age 75): R&B singer with The Flamingos and The Dells and is also in the RocknRoll Hall of Fame.
August 25: Ted Kennedy (Age 77): Brother of John F. Kennedy and a memeber of the U.S. Senate.
August 28: DJ Am, Adam Goldstein (Age 36): A popular disc jockey who most notably survived a fatal leerjet accident with Blink-182’s Travis Barker.
September 14: Patrick Swayze (Age 57): Lead actor of Point Break, Ghost, Dirty Dancing and Road House.
September 16: Mary Travers (Age 72): Part of the group Peter, Paul and Mary.
September 19: Roc Raida (Age 37): A disc jockey who performed with the group X-Ecutioners.
September 22: Lucy Voddon (Age 46): Famous for being the subject of the popular Beatles track “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”
September 24: Susan Atkins (Age 61): A member of the Mason Family and a convicted murderer.
October 6: Tony Fein (Age 27): Former Baltimore Ravens and Iraq veteran.
October 13: Al Martino (Age 82): An American-Italian singer and actor who appeared in all three Godfather films as Johnny Fontane.
October 14: Lou Albano (Age 76): A professional wrestler known as Captain Lou
October 17: Victor Mizzy (Age 93): A composer who did scores for Addams Family, and Green Acres.
October 22: Soupy Sales (Age 83): American comedian who worked with puppets.
November 10: John Allen Muhammad (Age 48): Beltway/D.C. Sniper who gunned down 10 people during the late half of the summer of 2002.
November 15: Ken Ober (Age 52): Host of the MTV game show Remote Control.
December 4: Eddie Fatu, 36, American professional wrestler
December 15: Oral Roberts, 91, American evangelist
December 16: Roy E. Disney, 79, American entertainment executive (The Walt Disney Company), nephew of Walt Disney
December 17: Chris Henry, 26, American football player (Cincinnati Bengals)
December 20: Brittany Murphy, 32, American actress (Clueless, King of the Hill, 8 Mile)
December 24: George Michael, 70, American sportscaster and disc jockey. George Michael was the host of the syndicated show, George Michael Sports Machine. Growing up I did not have cable, every Sunday night at 11:30pm THIS WAS my ESPN in WHIZ Channel 18 out of Zanesville
December 25: Vic Chesnutt, 45, American folk rock musician
December 28: James “The Rev” Sullivan, 28, American hard rock drummer (Avenged Sevenfold)

….and there you have it. Thanx to all for a GREAT 2009, Happy New Year, be safe!

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