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Haiti/Thoughts/Things to do for weekend of 1-14-09

I hope the 2nd full week of the New Decade finds you well, and your New Years Resolutions are going strong! If tired of the cold and snow, good news O-H-I-O, we are in for a January thaw with above normal temps! Maybe we will be reminded grass really is green?
If your resolution is to have better fitness, make more money, maybe get a new car. I can help with all of this! Please let me know if you are interested in weight loss products, vitamins for a better you, drinks that will give you more (non-edgy) energy, more income, or a new car. I do it, you can too!!! (or page being built

In the past few days there has been a horrible natural disaster to a neighboring country to the south. Haiti has experienced the worst Natural Disaster in over 200 years. Some may think who cares, we need to worry about ourselves. Well…we do need to think of ourselves, and neighbors. Here in Central Ohio we have many who give time, efforts, talents, and monies in the form of Missionary work. I have been speaking to some of them. It is easy to donate monies and many in National Press are asking to donate to The Red Cross. 1st The Red Cross IS NOT A NON-PROFIT! 2nd The monies you send are NOT going to Haiti but to an ORGANIZATION that is assisting Haitians.

FURTHERMORE…with the exception of Elizabeth Dole, and Clara Barton (Red Cross Founder) the organization does not go above and beyond…it is a BUSINESS (not that that is entirely wrong). I will even point out that in some situations, when our brave men & women have come out of the battlefields there have been 2 tables set up distributing coffee. One table manned by volunteers would give coffee away, while The Red Cross charged for the service. NEED MORE? The Red Cross takes YOUR DONATED BLOOD from Blood Drives and SELLS IT TO OUR ARMED FORCES.

I encourage you NOT TO DONATE TO THE RED CROSS DURING THIS TIME. I suggest you donate to organizations that the funding goes directly to relief efforts. One such I recommend (and is staffed by a local, and a friend of mine IN HAITI) is

So please help LOCALS help others who are in need.

At the risk of offending, I personally think this is a blessing in disguise to the citizens of Haiti. The country has never been stable and many have been in poverty at the result of a corrupt and neglectful government. All one needs to do is look at the time of rule of Papa Doc and Baby Doc in The 80’s.
With all the international Governments involved and providing funding, resources and ITS’ OWN CITIZENS/VOLUNTEERS, I hope  that the delegations involved will FORCE The Haitian Government to clean up it’s act and better the lives of it’s citizens.

GREAT ARTICLE,8599,1953609,00.html?xid=rss-world

I need to revisit last weeks mailing. I would like to blame spell check, but will “kinda” assume responsibility. In the New Years Resolutions I stated relationships outside of “Fiances'” what was meant was “Finances”

“The Bodies a temple that’s what we’re taught, I treated this one like an old Honkey Tonk”-Kenny Chesney
This past week has been kinda a rough one for me, after going through what I affectionately call Hell week “of 2-A-Day workouts” I have developed some serious tenderness and pain in my right bicep. It is kinda frustrating to work so hard and have setbacks. But part of my own personal maturing is to listen to my body (and others opinions) and back off when needed. So…for the next week and a half I will be doing cardio only.
Listen to parents in this video. Their 4 year old kid is suspended for his long hair. They don’t want to “hold him down against his will” to cut his hair. WHAT!?!?! The kid has no ideer what he wants!!! SO…the kid is in “in-school” suspension. AT LEAST he is not expelled and will not have the incredible articulate communication style of his moms. “His hair ain’t botherin’ nobody, it ain’t no different than any other boy with long hair.” Hey mom, their is no other males with long hair at the school, they would be suspended. GREAT YET ANOTHER KID WHO WILL END UP BEING CARED FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS!

So the Dems have double standards! They force out The Republicans’ Trent Lott, yet refuse to ask their own Harry Reid to step down. Neither Lott nor Reid statements were offensive to me, however when one group cries fowl and demands Lott be removed, and then cries victim when one of their own is under fire, I have a real problem with this. Once again the Democratic party is not only fueling apathy and victim mentality, but now acting the part.
It will also be an even more exciting Gubernatorial Race in O-H-I-O. As Kasich takes on Strickland. Both have naked their running mates for Lt Governor. Kasick selected Auditor Mary Taylor who hold currently is the Only Statewide Office Holder for the Rebublicans. Strickland however has named Judge Yvette McGee Brown. Brown stepped out of the spotlight to work with her charities of choice, Childrens Hospital and The “Y.” I guess the Political Bug and bit her again and as she once was wants back into the spotlight so, just like her cases she was presiding over…the race will be all about her! She has done a lot of good for the local area-however SHE WILL TELL YOU HOW MUCH GOOD SHE HAS DONE!!! The 4 story pictures of her on the side of the YWCA in Downtown Columbus is not nealry as big as her ego!

Even in a loss we saw Texas’ Freshman Quarterback grow from an Athlete to a Man. This kid is gonna be great!!!
Speaking of GREAT…The Buckeyes are Ranked Pre-Season #5 and returning all but 2 starters. Add a more Mature (and healthy Terrel Pryor) and LOOK OUT NATION!!! PLUS we have THE SINGLE BEST HOME SCHEDULE EVER!!! On paper…all we have to do is beat “The U.” This will not be easy on September 11th ’cause The U is back! I was really looking forward to this game ’till I found out a close friend is getting married on this date. GOTTA ASK JASON WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? But I must think the world of you and Raven, your Bride to be-cause I will be at your wedding. But it should be an exciting ride for Buckeye nation next year. At least be more stable than the resent “Class” moments displayed by Pete Carol (leaving after allegations of violations), and Lane Kiffin (leaving Tenn after only one year).

As 2010 starts it’s roller coaster ride, I would like to remind all of you reading this we have many services that can be of benefit to you. From individuals, to bars/concert venues, small companies wanted to get product knowledge out, and Venues looking to add depth to their staff.

To anyone having an event this year (IE Weddings, Class reunions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs). We still have 10-15 dates available, and can also recommend other high caliber companies to provide for all of your entertainment needs on dates we are already booked. I along with a GREAT NETWORK have established ourselves as a premier group that goes above and beyond to make your event special. Nation Acts, World Known Companies and Brands, and Events throughout the Midwest, use R.M. Sexton Enterprises, you should also! For booking opportunities please contact 614-580-3118, or
If you have friends/family getting married to keep down advertsiing cost we want a postive word of mouth and Grassroot campaign. We give 15% for all referals!!!

I am also please to announce a new venture. In a time of technology and individuals being exposed to new forms of interactive Social Networking I am now excepting 4 new clients (more if internships become possible) for Social Networking Management. We keep YOU in contact with your clients, and expand client base driving them to your venue, website, and expanding your Brand ID. For an appointment to discuss this opportunity and to see if you qualify for this service please contact 614-580-3118.
This is all in addition to the 19 date Tour (with more dates to be announced) with Cooper Tires and The Pro-Bull Riders Association. I am excited to start this venture along with the folks at MAG starting in Tampa at the end of this month.

Have a great weekend, and long weekend! Hope to see ya out at some of these events;

My buddy Uncle Kracker plays an acoustic show at Mynt in The Arena District

2 nationally known artists; Missy Raines & The New Hip and Bearfoot play THE MIDLAND THEATER.
Missy Raines & The New Hip combine bluegrass virtuosity with a jazz-tinged groove, creating a “jazzy,” warm, and unexpectedly jam band style show.
Bearfoot shows there are more artists than Shania Twain and Jewell to come out of Alaska. This quintet have taken the path from bluegrass style camp counselors to critically acclaimed touring band.
For more information or (740)345-5483
Blue Jackets vs Blackhawks Pre-Party at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar(EARLY GAME) Party starts at Noon. Puck Drops at 2pm. Brunch and Budweiser along with jams from me, to kick start your day bright and early!!!
The OzZy Tribute band, Speak of the Devil plays Captain Jack’s

Blue Jackets vs Blues Pre-Party at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar. Finish off your Long Holiday Weekend at The Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar as we get you ready for OUR Jackets to take on The Blues. Party starts at 5pm

One of David Letterman”s favorite comics, Jake Johannsen, plays The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center all weekend


Warm up from the cold at The Ohio Boat & RV Show
taking place at The Ohio Expo Center. For more info

Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Beals star in the futuristic ‘Book of Eli’ rated “R.” 2 men have the future of Post Apocalyptic Earth in their grasp. One will do anything to protect it…the other will do anything to have it. Truly one Denzel’s most unique and accomplished roles!

Peter Jackson (The Lord of Rings) releases ‘The Lovely Bones’ starring Mark Walburg. A young girl guides her family to find her killer and help to find justice and establish a peace for her, and her family. “Bones” runs almost 2 1/2 hours and is rated “R.”

Jackie Chan is back this time as a babysitter and kicking…your funny bone in the family friendly ‘The Spy Next Door,’ rated “PG.”

THE BEST MOVIE OF 2009 (as far as I am concerned) ‘The Hurt Locker’ is a true life story based on the personal wartime experiences of journalist and US Forces bomb squad member Mark Boal. This MOVING piece is rated “R.” I did not come away feeling good-but did have a new perspective of OUR BRAVE MEN & WOMEN SERVING!!!
Local rockers, and my buddies, O.A.R. release “Rain or Shine”
The Soulful Sade releases “Soldier of Love”

Follow us on-line and read more about Our Upcoming 2010 Tour at

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