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By the time some of you read this I will be in Tampa Florida for my first event with The PBR. I am very excited for this opportunity, and thankful to have worked with some folks in the past who believed in me and “whatever the hell it is I do,” to give me this shot. Don’t WORRY O-H-I-O I won’t be texting or e-mailing pixx of Sunny Fla. Remember they are in the middle of HORRIBLE winter, and it is scheduled to be 64 and rainy. May sound warm…but remember all my sinus issues-I probably won’t ve very happy!

I had the chance to see 2 amazing shows last week. Brad Paisley at Nationwide Arena was great. Things started at a PACKED Pre-Party at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar with Josh Thompson, and I got to work with a real professional John Boy Crenshaw (WCOL). JB handled a frustrating situation with humor and class, and calmness. In the past I would have thrown stuff, yelled, and sworn…working with folks like that I have learned how to handle, and am grateful. I also got to see my good friends Woody (WCOL), and Tiffany (WCLT). It was great to have a chance to hang with Tiffany and my old friend Woody-I don’t get to hang out with the big man much but enjoy the times I do. Tell ya what folks in the world of ‘Radio’ in Columbus Ohio…he is one of the Good Guys!!! Also wanna thank Chad Highland (Clear Channel) for spotting me some drinks after my drink ticket Woody left me stranded (KIDDING WOODY! But thanx Chad). Supposed to meet up with George Wolf, and Ric Night (WHOK) but did not get a chance to. I am very lucky to have such good working relationships with so many in the radio field. I am honored to call all these folks friends…and feel kinda blessed to have the chance to know them all!

The Brad show was very good, and if you don’t know or realize…he is one of the best guitarists ever. I say that due to seeing some of the best and he is up there. The show was very good and as always he was on spot. His songs are filled with love, and humor, making him a great talent. The only problem I had with the show-there was very little crowd interaction. He is extreamly personable and I did not “feel it” at this show. Brad sang “She’s everything,” and while “she” was not there, reminded me of a few things. I have always said a good show/song will tug at a heart string somewhere…the Brad Paisley show on Friday Jan 22, was a GREAT SHOW!

On Saturday I got to see the “Beat King” Timbaland rock the Newport Music Hall WITH A LIVE BAND. Tim is the beat king behind some of the great songs on the radio the last 5-10 years. Tim has worked with Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, and many-many more. He performed all of his hits with the other artists projected on an LED screen-was a neat concept, and fun to watch him “create” his beats “live” on stage. I could have done without the Ghetto, over weight DJ who played an element of music that did not mesh with the crowd, and kept asking “where can I get some dinner-where is the after hour breakfast joints, hit me up…I am buyin.” He must have said this 15-20 times. I was ready to throw a cheeseburger onstage to shut him up. But it was a fun time, thanx to Brian Kaufman from Dream Seats. My Jewish buddy got me a great Christmas Present!!!
My unique friendships with so many people reminded me of this joke;
What do you get when you cross a Catholic and a Jew? ANSWER: A Cashew

Other than the 2 concerts (and one brought out some raw emotion), I gotta admit with last week supposedly being the most gloomy week of the year…I have been pretty down this week! Don’t get me wrong, there is a LOT of potential out there, and I am excited about a few things but right now…there is a lot of CRAP, and I am not sure I see an immediate turn around. It is in almost all areas of my life. The sad thing is, I have chatted with a few people and they are communicating the same thing. But so is life; we all get through it, we all have, and so will I.

One area that is looking up is a few new projects. As mentioned in previous e-mails, I am now offering Social Networking management for business’, venues, groups/organizations. You don’t have the time? Don’t understand? Don’t worry…let a proven Social Networking leader work for you! I work under YOUR COMPANY NAME, and give full confidentiality.

Another area I am excited about is a new client, Moxy Records, out of Nashville Tennessee. I will be working along side the likes of Robert Reynolds, Trey Bruce, Richard Marx, and THE Scott Borchetta!!! This is an exciting venture that I have been working on since May of last year. Well…the trigger has been pulled and I am now on board with a New Record Label, with our first artist scheduled to launch soon! I will keep ya posted, in the mean time check out

The future looks bright no matter how gloomy the present is!!!

It could always be worse though, friends of mine not only had a home broken into, but also had their dog MURDERED. This was a horrific story, only made a little better knowing police caught the scumbags who committed this act. It is bad for anyone, but even worse because they are friends of mine. These are good people and the dog was part of their family-much like Pepper is with me. Below is the Dispatch story on this crime, and my comments I posted. It was sad that so many comments focused on the skin color of the offenders (the offenders were 2 black males). The color of skin does not make them scumbags, their crime-and taking the life of a dog IS! It also bothers me that they felt they could walk into a home and take the items that are worked so hard for-THAT DO NOT BELONG TO THEM. One person in the comments of the dispatch stated that one of the perps was not a bad person-just did not have a stable home, and he “was just trying to provide for his family, and it was {just} a dog!”

1.) JUST A DOG, mess with Pepper and I will show you JUST a dog. Our animals are family members you idiot!

2.) Maybe not a bad person-BUT there NEEDS to be ACCOUNTABILITY for actions! AND NOT EVERY PERSON THAT IS FROM A BROKEN HOME TURNS OUT BAD-Not every person for a stable home turns out good!!!

3.) Provide for his family? What kind of a “MAN” shows his kids it is ok to steal? What kind of a “MAN” does not want to work?

Also to the idiots who posted about Race being behind the crime…you are as big of an idiot as those who defend the perps actions

Pair Arrested In Fairfield, Franklin Co. Crime Spree

Two men suspected in several armed robberies at homes in Franklin and Fairfield counties were arrested on Saturday, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said.

David L. White, 22, and Monte E. Sullivan, 18, were taken into custody at an apartment on Hudson Way, located on the city’s southeast side. The arrests came after a burglary at a home in Fairfield County.

According to deputies, White and Sullivan forced their way into a home in Baltimore, shooting and killing the family’s dog in the process. The pair then took cash and electronics before fleeing.
Officers followed the men to their apartment on Hudson Way, where White and Sullivan tried to flee on foot, investigators said.

After capturing the men, authorities conducted a search of the apartment, recovering property believed to have been stolen during a series of burglaries.

White and Sullivan were in custody at the Fairfield County Jail and would be formally charged next week.
Deputies believe the men may be connected to seven other home robberies this month.
Investigators said more people could be charged in connection with the crimes.

Many responses were made to this story, some inspiring, some racist, many showing support. Here is my response to the article in the Dispatch;

“I am not going to comment on color of the “perps” skin. I do not believe that is appropriate, fair, or right. However…for what you did, you 2 pieces of trash, I hope you feel the bite of society! Not only are the family good friends of mine, I like dogs more than people. The consolation in this 1.) You have been caught, and off the street
2.) Prison Justice, you never harm a child OR an Animal. The b**tches you acted like, you will now become. Recently individuals in The Ohio, and County Correctional Systems have been granted e-mail access, and not web access. With that said, please feel free to e-mail any contacts inside our correctional walls of the crimes against man, AND DOG, that Monte E. Sullivan, David L. White committed. GRAB THEM ANKLES BOYS!

Read all comments:

New Downtown Restaurant run by High School Students
COLUMBUS, OH (wosu) – Debbie Holmes
A new downtown cafe will be the classroom for future culinary chefs at the Columbus Downtown High School. The cafe will teach students how to run a restaurant.
Columbus city schools instructor Pegeen Cleary leads the culinary arts program. Nearly 90 students are learning how to plan menus, shop, chop vegetables and fruits, and prepare a variety of food in a state of the art kitchen at the school. 16 year old Adam Alexander is learning what it takes to run a cafe. He can’t wait to serve lunch customers at the school located at 364 South Fourth Street.
“I think I’m going to like the fast pace. I’m like an adrenalin guy and I like the fast pace, go, go, go, go.”Says Alexander.
Alexander and other students work with some of the best commercial kitchen equipment.
“We make roux like to put in soups to thicken it up and then you learn about all the different types of equipment, like we have a steamer and a convection oven.” Says Alexander.
Director of the Columbus Downtown High School, David Mangas, says the cafe will be run by the students.
“They’ll learn everything from sanitary washing dishes, cleaning up all the way up to preparing some pretty high end executive type chef menu items.” Mangas says.
16 year old Damaris Loretz pursued the culinary arts program after she tried cake decorating.
“I like pastries and desserts that would be my favorite thing, I like details.” Loretz says.
Loretz who also attends Gahanna Christian Academy says teamwork is important.
“The thing I’ve learned the most is working with other people and how to not let just one person do everything but everyone do a little bit.” Says Loretz.
Through the 2 year program students also earn a restaurant certification. Instructor, Pegeen Cleary says this gives them a step up if they want to work right out of high school, but she says many students go on to 4 year colleges.
“If they have a skill then they will always be able to find work, especially in an economy today where we know the jobs are harder to get.” Cleary says.
The downtown cafe will be open for lunch starting in February and will be open most Wednesdays and Thursdays through the end of the school year. The price is only five dollars a meal which includes sandwiches, salads appetizers and soup.

Please share your thoughts
Laying on the car horn a costly lesson for Whitehall woman
By Elizabeth Gibson

To honk or not to honk? It’s a question most drivers have considered while stuck behind a stopped car. Whitehall resident Patsy Martin chose to honk last week and wound up with a $120 ticket from police.
“After I parked, I was talking on the phone, and I looked up and there was a policeman,” she said. “I thought he was kidding. I’d never heard of such a thing.”

It was no joke.

Unnecessary use of a horn is illegal, Whitehall detective Daniel Kelso said.

“She was beeping at an elderly woman for no reason whatsoever,” he said. “The officer was on special duty at Kroger and saw the whole thing.”

Martin said she waited a bit before honking at the parked car in the grocery’s parking lot. The car started moving just as Martin moved to pass, so she honked again because she didn’t think the driver had seen her, she said.

When the driver stopped in the next aisle, Martin thought it was a deliberate taunt and honked before realizing that the driver was waiting for a spot to open.

“Just to let them know I was dissatisfied, as I passed I went ‘toot toot,’ ” she said.

Ohio law says that horns are to be used only to avoid danger, although police normally don’t cite friendly beeps or the occasional frustrated fist to the wheel.

Kelso said that, in this case, Martin seemed overly aggressive and didn’t cooperate. Martin said any lack of cooperation was out of shock.

When a woman in Washington state received a citation for excessive honking in 2006, she said it was a violation of her First Amendment rights. The horn was her way of expressing frustration at a neighbor who had tattled on her for keeping chickens, according to court documents.

The state court of appeals ruled that honking isn’t a protected form of speech, and now the case is before the state Supreme Court.

Books have been written about driving etiquette in various regions of the country. In Miami, for example, it’s common for drivers to honk at cars that aren’t already rolling before a light turns green. New York has its own language of the horn.

Midwesterners tend to be reserved, said Dana Goodwin, director of Advantage Driver Training in Columbus. “The horn is best used sparingly because it has a tendency to make people mad, and they reply in kind.”

Kelso also said it can distract other drivers and be a safety hazard.
Whitehall police have cited nine people for unnecessary honking in the past 10 years, and Kelso said Martin got off easy. She could have faced criminal charges for unnecessary noise, which also encompasses sounds such as loud stereos and screaming. Seventy-two people have been ticketed for that over the past decade.

Martin said she wishes she’d been aware of the law.

“I learned the hard way,” she said. “I guess other people should know about it.”

21 Things We’re Learning to Live Without

What do you really need?
It’s become a national question. With jobs and money scarce, consumers are taking inventory and tossing lots of stuff once deemed important into a humongous discard pile. To safeguard the essentials–a safe home and supportive community, the kids’ education, Internet connectivity, sustenance for a pet–Americans are giving up lots of other things. Some sacrifices are painful; others bring surprise benefits.
To gauge America’s changing priorities, I synthesized market research, business trends, economic data, and reports from hundreds of consumers into a list of things that many people seem to be significantly cutting back on, or living without completely. Here are 21 of them:
Monthly payments. Old mentality: I don’t care about the price, as long as I can borrow to pay for it and I have enough income to cover the monthly payment. New mentality: I’ve already got too much debt, and the banks won’t lend me the money anyway. Result: More cash purchases and a lot less financing of cars, furniture and other costly items. “The era of unbridled, debt-financed consumer spending is over, and the monthly payer is out of action,” Eric Janszen, president of iTulip, a finance-advisory firm, wrote in Harvard Business Review last year.
Window shopping. Browsing used to be an acceptable pastime. But consumers have discovered that window shopping encourages them to buy tons of stuff they don’t need. So now, they’re shopping only when necessary, making a list and sticking to it, or skipping the mall in favor of online sites, where temptations are weaker. “I no longer spend a day at the mall when I’m bored,” says Debby Abrams of Rising Sun, Ind. “I don’t buy, rebuy, and rebuy again: Buy a lamp, buy one I like better and put the first one in the basement, then buy a third one and put the second one in the basement.”

Bells and whistles. The technology arms race is slowing, with consumers gravitating to simpler gizmos like Netbooks, prepaid cellphones, and older, used electronics. Shaving features is obviously a way to save money, but some users also find the simpler devices a relief. “My cellphone is back to being just a phone and not my connection to the rest of the world via texting or the Web,” says Dorothy Robson of Durham, N.C. “Simplicity is definitely the new thing. Now if we can get the government to be frugal, that would be great!”
Clutter. As Americans downsize, do more of their own cleaning, and look for stuff they can sell online, they’re discovering tons of things around the house they can get rid of. After Russ and Deborah Merchant of Delaware, Ohio, moved into a smaller rental home in 2007, they dug out hundreds of items they had never used and didn’t need. For a year, they gave away more stuff than they purchased. “We keep being amazed at how having less stuff, with no deprivation, actually gives us better quality of life,” says Deborah Merchant. “We’ve gained emotional and spiritual maturity.”

Cable TV. Many people are cutting back on pay-TV services or canceling them altogether, which saves $50 to $100 a month. As a replacement, some viewers watch free programs on Hulu or YouTube or make do with broadcast TV. Others are giving up television completely. “There’s no money for cable TV, so my Internet does me for all my news and other entertainment,” says Mariluna Martin of Los Angeles. “That’s money saved, plus no TV means no blaring of bad news, fear-mongering, ad pressures, and other unpleasantness.” Martin spends more time reading books and sipping tea at a neighborhood café. She finds that rewarding: “The changes I’ve had to make have made my life better. Things are simpler and healthier now.”
A home phone. How many phones do you need, anyway? With cellphones ubiquitous, the home unit is becoming redundant. Internet voice services like Skype and magicJack slash the cost of calls but still provide most of the services that are available through the phone lines. Many people are reducing their cellphone service as well. Kathy Bowman of Joseph, Ore., figures she’s saving about $800 per year since she replaced her cellphone with a prepaid Tracfone she mainly reserves for emergencies. Canceling a fax line to her home saves another $120 per year.
Privacy. Got room on the couch? To save on rent or mortgage payments, roommates are doubling up and grown kids are moving back in with their parents. Mark Hamister of Elyria, Ohio, says privacy is one of the many things he’s given up as two of his grown daughters have moved back home, bringing boyfriends, pets–and a granddaughter. But he’s not complaining. “We have learned to enjoy a simple, cost-effective, and minimalist approach to life by developing an appreciation for nature and family,” he says. “Big, expensive toys and trips were fun before, but we really don’t need them anymore.”

Prepared foods. More people are cooking at home, and they’re doing it with fewer premade sauces, marinades, dressings, and other ingredients. “Moms are back to basic cooking,” says Chance Parker, a market researcher at J.D. Power & Associates. “They want to use fresh herbs and spices. It saves money, and it’s more healthy.” Patricia Tremblay of Dayton, Ohio, has given up her microwave as she’s cut back over the last two years. She now cooks instead of zapping a premade entrée. “I’ve traded convenience for choice and done well, with the added bonus of weight loss and a sense of accomplishment,” she says. “It’s a great beginning that seems likely to stick.”
Tupperware parties. Sales of Tupperware and other storage products are up, since people are cooking at home more and husbanding leftovers. But consumers still want the best deal, and they’re skeptical of merchants–even if it’s a friend or neighbor. “I flatly refuse to go to any ‘home parties’ where the hostess is selling candles, plastic ware, etc., and she gets free merchandise,” says Lois Barber of Sandy Hook, Conn. “The stuff costs about three times what you would pay retail. My blanket excuse is, ‘My sister sells it.’ ”
Packaged cigarettes. The average price of cigarettes is about $5 a pack or $45 a carton, which mounts quickly for regular puffers. Kicking the habit is the most obvious way to save money, but short of that, more smokers are buying small machines that let them roll their own smokes. “We learned to make our own cigs with a machine that cost $40,” says one smoker. “We now save around $120 a month.”
Lattes. The $5 daily coffee is always one of the first small luxuries to go. But more people are brewing at home. Sales of single-serving home brewing machines have soared.
Guilt. Keeping up with all the latest trends and technology takes an emotional toll. “When I could afford it, I always felt pressured to buy the latest software and gadgets,” says Kathryn Husby of Plantation, Fla. When job and health issues curtailed the family income, she and her husband cut back to bare necessities. That meant she didn’t have to learn a new set of buttons or menu options every year; she just kept pressing the same familiar buttons on the old model. “I’m happier than I’ve been for many years,” she says. “I feel like I’m in charge of my life instead of multinational corporations telling me what to consume.”
Extra calories. Some Americans say they’re eating less to save money and drinking more water or doing other things to suppress their appetite. Restaurants are hurting as people eat out less, but some diners are trimming the check instead of scotching the entire outing. Some strategies for lighter eating: Going out for lunch instead of dinner, sharing entrees, skipping appetizers and side dishes, and turning restaurant leftovers into one or two at-home meals. A few restaurant chains, like Panera Bread, the Olive Garden, and Buffalo Wild Wings, have even managed to gain business by offering high-quality food at slender prices.

Newspapers and magazines. It’s bad news for the publishing industry, but millions have canceled subscriptions to print periodicals and started getting free news and information online (which is probably where you’re reading this article!). The trend may be strongest among tomorrow’s consumers, otherwise known as teenagers: A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that kids between 8 and 18 spend just 38 minutes a day with some form of print media, down from 43 minutes in 2004. That’s out of a total of 7 hours and 38 minutes they spend every day using some form of media.
Healthcare. A forced reduction in healthcare coverage is probably one of the most crushing effects of a weak economy, as the unemployed and others without insurance make drastic trade-offs to cut costs and get by. Millions of Americans are forgoing doctor visits, abandoning medication, ignoring problems, and simply hoping they don’t get seriously ill or hurt. “I don’t go to the doctor as often,” says Debby Abrams. “Aches and pains work themselves out. I have some neurological thing going on in my left thumb right now, but I’m going to ignore it and attribute it to aging rather than go to a neurologist.”
New gifts. Regifting is a time-tested practice–but there’s always room to refine your strategy. Linda Amicucci of Tenafly, N.J., holds a “treasure party” with a group of friends after Thanksgiving every year to swap recyclable gifts. “We bring all the unwanted, unused items in our house that could be used as gifts or were given to us as gifts throughout the past year,” she explains. “We swap items, since a gift received last year during a grab bag cannot be regifted in the same social circle. But in a different social circle, it’s a brand new gift!”

New cars. It’s no secret that new-car sales plunged to levels 40 percent lower than the peak in 2006. But many buyers who have traded down to a used model are surprised at the quality of the merchandise. “I have found that many people take really good care of their cars,” says Jay Bailey of Phoenix, who’s currently shopping for a used SUV. “You can find cars that have over 100,000 miles that have been maintained so well that you can easily get another 100,000 miles out of them.” Many other car shoppers apparently agree, one reason used-car prices have actually been rising, with some models hard to find.

Comfort. Thermostats all across America are going lower in winter, higher in summer. After losing his job last year, Phil Landry, a Florida software salesman, analyzed his use of utilities, among other things, and decided to shave costs by setting the temp at 86 in the summer. “Every once in awhile I’ll lower it to 84,” he says. “But as long as you’re not running marathons in the house, 86 is OK.” Carrie Chiarenza, an Army officer who is based at Fort Hood, Texas, and is currently serving a yearlong tour in Iraq, takes supershort “combat showers” when she’s at home, and she applies other tricks learned while living in the field. “Never leave any water running if you don’t have to,” she says. “So when lathering hair with shampoo, water comes off. Same thing with hand washing. Sometimes the task takes longer, but it helps the environment, and my utility bills.”

A daily commute. If you’re unemployed, obviously there’s no job to drive to, one reason the number of vehicle miles driven has dipped to 2004 levels (and traffic on some of the most congested highways has eased). Telecommuting increased during the recession as well, and more people say they’re riding bikes or walking more to save on gas costs–or a gym membership.
Fancy dates. Online dating services like are growing, but courtship is a bit of a comedown these days. Discount-dating advisers suggest cooking at home instead of eating out, looking for free performances, browsing at bookstores, going hiking, and exploring yard sales (yes, yard sales). And some discouraged singletons are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for better times. “I am not dating,” says one woman who recently lost her job at a financial firm in San Diego. “Who will want to date an unemployed female?” Still, she says, “I am determined and motivated to survive this recession.” And date again.

Debt. Who needs it? “I have learned that it takes little time to run dangerously high credit card balances,” says Tom Poirer of Lowell, Mass., “but an inordinately long time to pay it back. I have learned to deprogram myself from the consumerist mayhem.” Many Americans seem to agree. Total credit card debt is about 7 percent lower than it was a year ago, and Americans have paid down more than $100 billion in credit card loans and other types of revolving credit since October 2008. We may ultimately end up with less stuff. But at least we’ll

Apple intriduced it’s newest gadget the Ipad. Everytime Steve Jobs does this I can’t help but think of “Hello Dave…” (in my best robotic voice)

Here is “The Onion” take on the newest gadgets

Kenny’s “Ain’t Back Yet” End Theme for “Summer in 3-D”
With a Studio Album Slated for Fall, Chesney Finds A Song for His Life
Part of the reason for taking a year between major concert tours was so that Kenny Chesney could take his time and really enjoy the process of making his next endeavor – and part of the reason was the amount of work that he knew was going to go into the editing, mixing and support of “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D,” released nationally April 21 by Sony Picture Entertainment’s The Hot Ticket division.
But the further the 4-consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4-time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year got into the stadium-capturing movie, the more he felt like it needed a song that captured everything that went into his life leading to playing in NFL stadiums across the nation. He explains, “I wanted a piece of music that encapsulated the things in my life that brought me here that showed the things that had brought me there.”

Chesney found such a song in “Ain’t Back Yet,” a driving song about the things that push us from Craig Wiseman and Chris Tompkins, which goes to country radio on Feb 8. With the opening lines, “I heard a song ’bout a ramblin’ man, bought a guitar and I started a band/ I got a gig at the local Am Vet, I was gone and I ain’t back yet,” the song celebrates fast cars, first love, chasing dreams and knowing sometimes the surface is never enough when there’s something larger on the horizon.
“That song is pretty much everything about what happened to me, especially with the music,” Chesney admits. “You get so focused on what you’re trying to accomplish, it takes over… and there’s nothing that’s going to come between you and your dream. For some people, it’s sports; for me, it was the music. You know, there’s a price you pay to do this, but look at what this is…
“Or as the bridge goes, ‘Lookin’ back at the moments, black and white/ I wouldn’t change a thing that changed my life/ For the worse, for the better, man, I was gone, gone forever… The laughs, the smiles, the trails, the tears/ It’s hard to hate what got me here…’ Pretty much sums it up.”
Certainly the singer/songwriter from Luttrell, Tennessee is one of the hardest working men in music. In addition to last year’s more introspective Lucky Old Sun – which yielded the multiple week #1s “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” and “Down The Road,” a duet with fellow Grammy nominee Mac McAnally – Chesney’s Greatest Hits II was among 2009’s best-selling releases.
A headliner for only 8 of the past 10 years, Chesney was the #2 ticket seller for the past decade – and has headlined multiple stadiums each of the past 5 summers, including Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle and San Francisco where “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D” was filmed. With “Ain’t Back Yet,” Chesney’s found a song that embodies everything that makes this high intensity concert boil.

PASSING (Music Related)
German Rock Band Scorpions of ‘Wind of Change’ Fame to Break Up
Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) — German rock band The Scorpions said it plans to break up, ending an “extraordinary career on a high note” after more than four decades in the music business with hits that included the 1990 song “Wind of Change.”
The band, founded by lead guitarist Rudolf Schenker in Hanover, northern Germany, in 1965, will release one more album, “Sting in the Tail,” before retiring, according to a statement on its Web site today. The album is slated for release on March 19 and the group is planning a farewell tour of Germany and the rest of the world “over the next few years.”
“We are extremely grateful for the fact that we still have the same passion for music we’ve always had since the beginning,” the band said. “This is why, especially now, we agree we have reached the end of the road.”
The Scorpions released more than 20 albums, including 1990’s “Crazy World,” which included the hit single “Wind of Change” about the end of the Cold War era and German reunification.

Comments over heard as suggestions to end ted Strickland’s Ohio “State of the State”
The state of our State is… LOOK, A SQUIRREL!!
The state of our State is…did I mention this wasn’t my fault? Seriously, guys.
The state of the State is…czzt…chhk…chhhk…..mic..chhk…broken…
The state of the State is… OMG did you guys see Jack Bauer take out that terrorist last week w/ the ax?
The state of the State is…:throws up:…:starts crying:
The state of the State is….CHERRY JELLO PARTYYYYY!!!
The state of our State is………………………*chirp, chirp, chirp*
The state of the State is… what do I care, I’m out of a job in 11 months, just like everyone else.
The state of our State is… Pour me a drink, please.
The state of the State is… look at all these lights! Anyone like shadow puppets?!
The state of our State is…Ter *cough* ri *cough* ble *cough*
The state of the State is…. so much better with the SOLID GOLD DANCERS! :cue music:
The state of the State is… AWESOME!…:silence:…. ok, you’re not buying that, eh?
The state of our State is… Hey! Pull my finger…
The state of our State is…I just want everyone to know I’m on Team Coco!
The state of our State is what? The state is who? The State is whickey whicky Slim Shady!
The state of our State is…and now I’d like to announce my candidacy for Ohio Auditor. Thank you.
The state of the State is… [this speech is postponed pending federal bailout]
The state of our State is… “Mission Accomplished!”

And President Obama delivered the “State of The State” Adress. I am not going to dog the time of over 71 minutes in this speech (Clinton Hold 4 of the 7 longest speeches BTW), nor am I going to bash putting Healthcare toward the middle-end (many Americans had turned off the adress by that point), and I am not going to dog how boring it was (they all are boring no matter what side of the isle-with the exception of listening to GW butcher his words in delivery). We are starting to see cracks in the armor of the “Chosen One” I just hope this administrations policies, and agenda will not destroy this country.
My thoughts on some of the bills, policies, and actions

1.) Middle East-we pull out and there will never be any stability-just like when Bush I. pulled out early. General Schwarzkopf wanted to march into Iraq and finish the job. I believe we should have then, and need to now.

2.) Health Care. Do I think it is over priced? YES! Do I think there is little to no accountability? YES Do I think the current system is broke? NO! Any person can get health care on any level. WE THE PEOPLE must choose what level we are wanting and what level we are willing to make sacrifices to obtain. FOR THE RECORD; I eat ok, I work out hard, I try and take care of myself and stay active-I am not in perfect shape. I do not go to emergency room every time I get a sniffle. I REFUSE TO PAY INTO A SYSTEM THAT PENALIZES ME IF I CHOSE NOT TO PARTICIPATE. I DO NOT WANT ANY OF MY MONIES GOING TO PEOPLE WITH NO WILL, OR HYPOCHONDRIACS, AND I REFUSE TO PAY FOR SOME COUCH JUNKY WHO SITS AROUND WATCHING JUDGE JUDY, EATIN’ CHIPS AND DRINKIN’ POP. My problems are not yours…yours are not mine!

3.) Arrogance to this administration and to anyone in an ELECTED position. It is WE THE PEOPLE, who put you in your position WE elected you…you serve US, not your own agenda! This thought is to the Current White House-all D’s serving, and to all the Blue Haired Republicans who believe they are “entitled.” I have always been on the right side, and have strong convictions that match that of the republican Party…but, I have always been a vocal minority in the party. Now I am part of a rising group a VERY vocal group. With that said I think it is time for a “Partay” a Tea Party!!!

Here is The Washington Post Take on The State of The State Address
Analyzing President Obama’s state of the union address
1. President Obama delivered the first state of the union address of his presidency, a 71-minute speech that ranked as the sixth longest in presidential history. (The famously long-winded Bill Clinton has four of the five longest speeches.) The White House posted its version of the highlights from the speech and you can read the whole thing for yourself; Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell delivered a solid if not spectacular Republican response that will likely cement his status as a rising star within the party. The gaffe of the night? That came from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito who mouthed the words “not true” when the president condemned the recent Citizens United ruling. We posted our first thoughts on the speech last night. Here’s a quick summary: 1) Values matter: From the start of the speech to its ends, the common thread was an appeal to the country’s shared values of what it means to be an American. 2) Health care humility: Obama waited more than
thirty minutes before raising the touchy topic of health care. But, when he did, he talked about it in a self-deprecating tone aimed at defusing some of the vitriol surrounding the issue: “By now it should be fairly obvious I didn’t take on health care because it was good politics,” Obama said in a line that drew chuckles in the chamber. 3) Blaming Bush: On at least three occasions, Obama referenced the previous administration to explain the problems left to him and the country. After rattling off a list of spending and tax cuts by former president George W. Bush, Obama exclaimed: “All of this is before I walked in the door.”

2. In the midst of the state of the union madness came an absolutely fascinating national survey conducted by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and Republican pollster Glen Bolger for National Public Radio. The entire poll is well worth checking out but since you’re probably getting over your SOTU hangover — is that a thing? — here’s five key data points from the survey: 1) Republicans lead on the generic ballot question — which party’s candidate would you vote for if the election were held today? — 44 percent to 39 percent, an improvement from the statistical tie (43 percent R, 42 percent D) in a July 2009 NPR poll. (Check out Bolger’s blog post on the generic ballot findings and what they mean.) 2) Nearly six in ten adults (58 percent) blame former president George W. Bush for the “current state of the economy” while just 33 percent blame President Obama. 3) A huge majority of those polled — 70 percent — said a “jobs bill” should be either the
first or second priority of the administration moving forward. That number crushed a focus on a deficit reduction plan (49 percent) or on a financial regulation bill (34 percent). Interestingly, health care was not offered by the pollsters as an option for the administration to focus on moving forward. 4) The country is deeply divided over whether the change Obama is bringing is good or bad. Fifty percent call it “the right change” while 46 percent call it the “wrong change.” 5) Speaking of divided, 49 percent approve of the job Obama is doing whle 48 percent disapprove. There is no such uncertainty of public opinion about Congress; 28 percent approve of how Congress is doing its job while 67 percent disapprove. ALSO READ: Greenberg’s analysis of the numbers.

3. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) appears to be in genuine jeopardy of falling in next Tuesday’s Democratic primary at the hands of state Comptroller Dan Hynes, a loss that would reinforce the anti-incumbent bent of the American electorate. A recent Chicago Tribune poll showed Quinn, who took over from disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D), leading Hynes by just four points — a rapid erosion for the incumbent in less than two months time. In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Hynes campaign manager Mike Rendina claimed that “every minute we are gaining support across the state.” Hynes pollster Jef Pollock argued that Quinn was simply unelectable in a general election and comparing him to New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (D) who lost his reelection bid after months (and months) of polling showed the incumbent in the low 40/high 30s in ballot tests. “Quinn is in a far worse situation than Jon Corzine,” added Pollock. While a loss by Quinn would
almost certainly become part of a broader national narrative for voters’ rejection of their elected officials, the Illinois race has some unique traits that make it somewhat difficult to draw lessons from. First, there is the Blagojevich factor. Blagojevich’s downfall has become the stuff of parody but it has left a lasting scar in the minds of Illinois voters that Quinn, despite being no friend of Blago, has struggled to overcome. Second, the accidental release of hundreds of prisoners by Quinn’s Administration has handed Hynes a potent issue by which to paint the incumbent as out of touch. Still, a sitting governor — even an appointed one — is a big deal. And Hynes is now well within striking distance.

4. Republicans are falling all over themselves to challenge embattled Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D) in Arkansas with Rep. John Boozman (R) set to run and former University of Arkansas star Jim Lindsey apparently also looking at the contest. Boozman, who has held the 3rd district since 2001, is reportedly going to join the race later this week although he does not appear to be clearing the field — or at least not yet — of serious challengers as state Sen. Gilbert Baker has said he will not drop out no matter who gets in. While Lincoln has had to beat back retirement rumors since Democrats lost the Massachusetts special election race last week, the more crowded the field gets, the better the chances that Lincoln could survive if the GOP badly fractures itself in the May 18 primary.

5. While the political world was focused on the state of the union, the rest of the universe was watching Apple CEO Steve Jobs roll out the new iPad. The device won’t be available to buy for another 60 days so, in the meantime, all we can do is watch Apple’s official iPad video in amazement.

Buckeyes Rifle Team, Defeats Army, 4,608 to 4,570

Recently MY ALMA MATER The Ohio State University’s Rifle team beat Army. I love my Buckeyes and everything they (we) do on and off the fields. BUT COME ON…WE BEAT THE FUTURE DEFENDERS OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY?!?! Does anyone else have a PROBLEM WITH THIS?


Join me at The Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar as I rock the Pre-Party to get you ready for OUR Jackets to take on the Kings. Pre-Party starts at 5pm.

Wanna Be the Next Reality Star? Here’s your chance!!!
Syrus from MTV’s Road Rules and Real World Challenge is coming to Callahans, 520 Park Street; THIS THURSDAY to cast for a new MTV show.
$2.00 well drinks. Ladies 18+ and guys 21+ welcome.
Come by Callahans THIS THURSDAY January 28th 9pm, for your chance to be MTV’s newest Celeb-Reality Star!


Four Bitchin’ Babes: Diva Nation! The National Fem Tour makes it’s way to the Historic Midland Theater in downtown Nerk. This is a great night out for the ladies, or guys who can handle a few jabs thrown their way. For more info

Willie Phoenix w/ special guest the Numb bring the blues back to Captain Jack’s


J. Medicine Hat makes hypnotism funny at The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center all weekend

Mel Gibson stars in the “Who Done It,” thriller ‘Edge of Darkness,’ rated “R.” A Boston detective’s daughter is murdered on his steps…but was SHE or HIM the target?


‘When in Rome’ staring Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Anjelica Huston, Danny DeVito, rated “PG-13.” We have all heard the saying “when in Rome”-being do what others are doing when not familiar. In this date night movie, the same is said for love.

‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’ follows “The king of Pop” on his last outing before he died. Awesome behind the scenes look at an amazing performer, and even better music! “IT” is rated “PG.”
Drew Barrymore directorial debut ‘Whip It!,’ rated staring Juno’s Ellen Page, rated “R.”

THE HOTTEST NEW ACT IN COUNTRY MUSIC, Lady Antebellum release “Need You Now”

Hope for Haiti (only on I-Tunes). Many of the songs that were performed on last weeks benefit and some studio cuts. I recommend Alicia Keys “Send Me an Angel,” Shakira “I’ll Stand by You,” and “Lean on Me” featuring Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, and Keith Urban. Also check out the HAUNTING “Hallelujah” with Justin Timberlake, Matt Morris, and Charlie Sexton. ALL PROCEEDS GOT TO HAITI CHARITIES


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