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White Death to Hit Central Ohio but some thoughts and stuff to do

I had the chance to go on the road last week for my new gig. I enjoyed the experience associated with the new client, and the energy level that surrounded the event. It was also nice to get out of the O-H-I-O and feel warm sun again. EVEN COOLER…the event I was working was set in dead in the middle of an event called Gasperilla.

We were in Tampa Florida (fun Pirate Town for this ParrotHead to be in), and during the weekend Gasperilla took place. If you are anything like me you have never heard of this event. And when told it was a festival of pirates you, like me, would roll your eyes. THIS EVENT WAS AWESOME; there were over 400,000 people in the Bay Area for a huge Pirate invasion and Mardi Gras Party. There were people in some very cool pirate costumes, some in some sexy pirate costumes…and some who should not have been in said sexy pirate costumes. For those in Columbus…imagine Red, White, and Boom, an Ohio State Home Game, and a Jimmy Buffett concert WITH EVEN MORE BOOZE and you get this event. It was pretty cool.

Also while I was on the road I had a lot of time to myself and to think-I don’t really like the latter part. In between my gig, prep work, post production, client meetings, Gasperilla, and the gym (no REALLY I work out a lot when on road), I had some decent experiences-all of which I am thankful for the chance to have done and to grow and learn. The chance to be on the road and not go get stupid at night is very good for me-I AM REALLY GLAD I DID NOT GET THESE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, I WOULD HAVE MADE SOME REAL MISTAKES, NOW I APPRECIATE THE OPPORTUNITY AND FIND WAYS TO UTILIZE THE CURRENT GOOD OPPORTUNITIES FOR TOMMORROS GREAT OPPORTUNITIES.

While I was on the road I had this thought; Axl Rose, Snoop Dog, Micheal Jordan and other Rockers have their drug dealers, pimps, and bookies on call. When I am on the road I have my trainer and my shrink on speed dial…what’s that say about my rock-starness? As Jimmy Buffett says; “I got my hush puppies on I guess I was never meant for glitter/rock & roll.”

Before I left for my weekend excursion I had the chance to see a future star of stage and screen, as well as a future Humanitarian, Rock a stage. My little Buddy Charlie Bogan had a talent show last Thursday. I was tired, had a lot to get done before my trip, and really didn’t want to be around anyone. His mother talked me into going and while it was a talent show for kids (i.e. most of the songs HURT my ears), it was fun to see kids get on a stage and express themselves. Just wondering, when do we as adults lose our childlike expression and care what people think? Anyway…in addition to seeing Charlie up on stage I also got a chance to hear what this 8 year old is doing to help others. Charlie has been shoveling drives to raise money to buy care packages for the folks in Haiti.

This “KID” has been donating time, effort, and man power to help others in need. We all can learn from this. We don’t have to give money; we can give time and effort to help another person. Better yet…I have seen a lot on-line about how we need to help ourselves and not worry about Haiti (and other even more negative comments). First off folks WE DO have Americans in Haiti. Many of the volunteers, missionaries, churches, etc are staffed with Americans who were attempting make a difference BEFORE THE QUAKE HIT. We need to help those people who were sacrificing themselves before Haiti made the spotlight. AND TO THOSE PEOPLE B**ching and moaning about helping Haiti…ok, you don’t have to help Haitians, BUT HELP SOMEONE!!! We all can help out another person (and not because the Current White House Administration says we have to). Instead of b**ching and moaning about what others are doing, step up to the plate and create your own ballgame to help someone-at least put yourself in the same league as others who are attempting to help.

Speakin’of Haiti, for those who have asked, my friend is well and doing her thing down there. I have seen pictures and there is a lot of CRAP going on, and a lot of despair. BUT there is true hope and resilience from the people and volunteers who are there. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM. If you would like to help feed these folks in need consider the following;

Todd Civello and myself have been working very hard with the Founders of Visalus to assist with the tragedy that has affected our Neighbors to the South. Visalus is working directly with World Emergency Relief to provide our Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix to help feed children and families in need. The next 10,000 Children’s Meals donated as part of our Body by Vi Community Challenge will be earmarked for the Haiti relief effort. Please help me, help those affected by the earthquake. THESE PRODUCTS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO HAITI AND ITS’ CITIZENS!!! Click here to donate now: For more information please feel free to contact me directly 614-580-3118

I have enjoyed reading the stories of hope and giving, out of Haiti, and well let’s face here in the states as well…things are not great and we ALL must find a bright spot no matter how dim it is. I will be honest…I have been really down lately and trying to find any good point in everyday. There are bright spots out there, some we have to look for, others are so big that we get used to them and don’t realize how great they are, you know, those “Little Moments.” No matter how bad it is remember life is gonna kill ya anyway-might as well go down fighting! I refuse to feel sorry for myself, even if it would be easier to do.

This song kinda sums it all up.

While I was on the road, and since…there have been some break-ins around the Tara Hill area in Dublin. The last time someone tried to take my hard earned income and attempted to harm me I was kinda down-3 on 1 and they ended up in the hospital. The way things have been going lately, I would feel bad for anyone who tried to take from me or my neighboors. Oh, by the way…my adress is 6287 Tara Hill Drive. ‘Never mind the dog-beware of owner’


Our local heroes from Lima Company, who had more casualties than any other Unit, are going back. Not only are these heroes leaving their families, loves ones, and communities; they are also leaving voids in services. With Lima Company gone…there is a crisis happening with Toys for Tots. This organization is very dear to me. Please remember this article when I reach out to ask for your help later in the year.

Marines call up Lima Company again for service

Columbus-based unit lost 23 in Iraq in 2005 By Jeb Phillips The Columbus-based Marine Reserve company that had 23 members killed during deployment to Iraq in 2005 will mobilize again in late spring or early summer. Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines was one of the hardest hit during the Iraq war, and thousands of central Ohioans lined the streets in the rain to cheer when the unit returned home on Oct. 7, 2005. It will leave again no earlier than May 1 and spend most of a year in an area that could include Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa, said Maj. Paul Greenberg, a spokesman for the Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters in New Orleans. The specific dates, areas of operation and even the number of Marines deploying might not be known for several weeks, Greenberg said. The members of Lima Company themselves, who were officially notified of their mobilization late last week, do not know. “A lot can happen in the next few months” that could affect all of those details, Greenberg said. But generally speaking, a “company-sized element” will support counterinsurgency missions, Greenberg said. About 160 Marines deployed with Lima Company to Iraq in 2005. This is the first large-scale deployment of the company since then, though 10 members of Lima Company were called up to fill out the ranks of a New York State-based reserve battalion that was deployed to Iraq in 2008. Marine Reserve units typically receive five years of rest after a one-year deployment. Greenberg said he did not know how many of the Marines who deployed with the company in 2005 would be deploying this year, but there has been some turnover in the company’s ranks since then. Lima Company’s leadership referred questions about the deployment to Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters. The company patrolled an area near the Syrian border in 2005. The Marines became guests of honor at events throughout the city, and that year’s Veterans Day parade became a kind of welcome-home celebration. A 2006 documentary on the A&E cable channel told the story of the company through interviews and home movies, and a 2008 exhibition at the Statehouse displayed huge paintings of the members who died in Iraq. A ceremony on Saturday formally ended Marine operations in Iraq, and all but a few Marines remaining there are expected to leave in the next few weeks.


I think American Car Manufacturers can learn a lot from Toyota. They did what Detroit refused to EVER do…’Admit fault and apologize!’ Toyota says sorry The president of Toyota today said sorry for making customers feel “uneasy” after the Japanese carmaker was forced to recall millions of cars across the global because of faulty accelerator pedals. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Akio Toyoda said: “We’re extremely sorry to have made customers feel uneasy. “Right now, we are trying to establish the facts and preparing for giving an explanation so anxiety among customers would be removed as soon as possible.” Last night, the Toyota recall crisis threatened to engulf Peugeot and Citroën after the Japanese motor manufacturer admitted that 1.8 million cars across Europe could have defective accelerator pedals. It emerged that the safety scare may also affect the Peugeot 107 and the Citroën C1, which are built at the same Czech plant and use the same parts as the Toyota Aygo, one of eight models that Toyota has warned could be defective. A spokesman for PSA Peugeot Citroën admitted: “The 107 and C1 may be similarly affected. We are trying to find out but at this stage cannot confirm whether they are affected.” In a separate development, another Japanese manufacturer, Honda, said it was recalling 171,000 of its Jazz superminis in Britain after an electrical defect killed a toddler in the model in South Africa. Honda UK said it would be contacting owners of Jazz cars manufactured between 2001 and 2008. The company believes that the window switches in the cars may short-circuit and catch fire if exposed to water. The recall, which affects 646,000 Honda models worldwide, came after a toddler named Vanilla Nurse was killed on her second birthday in Cape Town as the car that she slept in caught fire. After a day of increasing anxiety among Britain’s 1.3 million Toyota owners, the manufacturer admitted that 1.8 million cars across Europe could have defective accelerator pedals. Owners have been told that their cars may have a potentially lethal defect that is believed to have led to 19 deaths in the US. According to Toyota, the defect means that the accelerator pedal remains depressed or stuck even after drivers lift their foot off it. Toyota sources said the problem was exacerbated by wear and, more pointedly, in cold weather. The models under investigation by Toyota engineers and being recalled include the bestselling Yaris, which accounted for 30 per cent of the 100,000 Toyotas sold in Britain last year. It is believed that the number of owners affected in Britain could top 200,000. Other models in the recall are the British-built Auris and Avensis. Customers contacting the automated Toyota emergency line last night were told that Toyota “apologises for any distress or inconvenience”. Sean Rogers, of the Thurlow Nunn dealership in Great Yarmouth, said: “We’ve had numerous calls from customers. They’ve seen the news and are asking ‘Is my car safe to drive?’. I think it could have been better handled. Because it’s a stick in the accelerator, a lot of people have been worried about it.” Anthony Stephens, of the Turners Toyota dealership in Bury St Edmunds, said: “I think everyone just wants to know what’s going on. I suppose we’re just waiting for Toyota to come out and tell us exactly what they’re going to do about it. We are in the dark with everyone else.” Toyota’s head office in London said that the company would be writing to owners, and that anxious drivers should contact their dealers, the company or the Toyota website. In a statement, Toyota Motor Europe, said: “The precise number of involved units is still under investigation but may reach up to 1.8 million vehicles.” It said no other Toyota models were affected in Europe, nor any Lexus models, Toyota’s more upmarket sister brand. Toyota is to come under congressional investigation over its handling of its recalls in the US. The Energy and Commerce Committee is to start an inquiry on February 25. Bart Stupak, the chairman of the committee, said: “Sticking accelerators have been ongoing with Toyota vehicles for up to a decade and have led to a disproportionally high number of deaths. Failure to take every step possible to prevent future deaths or injury is simply unacceptable.” The US traffic safety agency said it first started receiving complaints in 2004. It issued an advisory notice for owners of certain Toyota and Lexus models in 2007, advising them to make sure that floor mats — initially thought to be the main cause of the problem — were secured. A second advisory notice was issued in 2009. The reported incidences of pedal failure have, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, led to 19 deaths in the US. Toyota challenges that statistic but it has ordered the recall of nearly six million cars in the US.


This is yet another reason why any Venue/Event/Group should use my Social Networking Management Service. You say, “We do in house?” There is no tracking if you have an employee, volunteer, bartender, manager, etc post random events. With my service there is no commentary from me, all postings are posted from content provided and tracking is recorded. For more information on what packages would be good for your activation please e-mail

3 Financial Dangers of Social Media by Claes Bell

Anyone who doubts the power of social media to affect finances need look no further than the example of Kansas City Chiefs football player Larry Johnson. The all-pro running back cost himself $213,000, and ultimately a job, by posting anti-gay slurs on the micro-blogging service Twitter — in 140 characters or less, of course. Career trouble is just one way a badly managed social media presence can hit your pocketbook. Following are three areas where social media could damage your financial life, and how to avoid such pitfalls.


Andy Beal, CEO of the social media monitoring platform, says jobseekers should assume potential employers will do a Google search of candidates’ names. Social media profiles typically appear near the top of the search page. If you have questionable pictures or posts on a public profile, take them down or make the profile private to avoid trouble. Also, steer clear of negative talk about a prospective employer on any social media platform, Beal says. Many companies monitor mentions of their brand throughout the Web, he says. He cites the case of a Twitter user who posted about a new job offer from Cisco, but expressed doubt about “the daily commute” and “hating the work.” A Cisco employee noticed the tweet and demanded to know the name of the user’s hiring manager. Even employees who think their jobs are safe can sabotage themselves by being too honest online about their personal lives, or by posting feelings regarding a boss, client, co-worker or company for whom they work. “We’ve seen a lot of cases of people publishing status updates that have gotten them in trouble,” says Justin Smith, founder and editor in chief of Inside Facebook. “People have said things that have caused problems with their boss because of what they said about their work or because they’ve shared some other kind of private information about work online.” Caroline McCarthy, a staff writer at CNET News, says the best defense against such mistakes is to use plain old common sense. Remember, anything that appears on the Web is just a screenshot away from spreading quickly, despite the best efforts of social media users to keep it private.

Debt Collection

Social media has become a key tool for collection agencies trying to track down debtors, says Michelle Dunn, CEO of the American Credit and Collections Association and author of “Do’s and Don’ts of Online Collections Techniques.” “If they don’t have a good phone number or the mail’s being returned, a lot of them use Facebook to find out if they have a different address or their employment information,” Dunn says. Many bill collectors who think they’ve found a debtor on a social media site will keep an eye on that individual’s online presence, Dunn says. “They don’t necessarily have to post anything to them; they just watch what that person is posting,” she says. Setting a social media profile to allow anyone — not just friends — to look at postings can make your profile a particularly rich source of information, she says. “People post things about if they’ve gotten a new home or a new vehicle,” Dunn says. “People just post such private things about their lives, and the whole world is watching.” Privacy laws should preclude a collections professional from contacting and humiliating you on your social media page, Dunn says. However, some debt collectors violate those legal and ethical boundaries and assume false identities as a means of getting information, she says.


Social media sites ask for, and often get, a large amount of personal information from users. Unfortunately, identity thieves may use that information to perpetuate scams, especially if you use personal information when creating security passwords, McCarthy says. “If you have a public Facebook profile that gives your birth date and your parents’ names and that kind of thing, they can provide the answers to security questions that your bank might have on its Web site,” she says. Even if your profile is private, identity thieves may find other ways to get your information, Beal says. “We see spammers, we see hackers, we see people trying to sell products using fictitious profiles,” he says. “There was a study done a few years ago where one group created a specific fictitious profile and the number of people that accepted their friend request … was pretty high.” For this reason, be careful about adding social networking “friends” you don’t know in real life, says Beal. “Social networking is not a popularity contest,” says Beal. “I don’t add anyone to Facebook or LinkedIn unless I know them.” And remember, just because a social media site asks for information doesn’t mean you have to give it, Beal says. Finally, McCarthy recommends never sending money to someone who asks for it over a social media service. Smith says that there have been reports of scammers hijacking accounts and posing as friends.


Many know I don’t like when one group shoves religious beliefs down the throat of another…but I saw a GREAT Bumper Sticker on the back of a “Soccer Mom Van” it read; “Do you follow Jesus This Closely?” That one hit my funny bone for some reason.

“A million deep drowning in this shallow pool and only one who can pull me out”


Man’s best friend provides us with love and compassion at all times. We all need hope; here is a great story of hope in the world…this time FOR Man’s Best Friend. Dog rescued 20 miles out to sea in ice floe A Polish ship rescued the dog on an ice floe 20 miles out to sea.



Start your weekend early and join me at The Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar as I rock the Pre-Party to get you ready for OUR Jackets to take on the stars. Pre-Party starts at 5pm.

FRIDAY: 7th Cycle Play Captain Jack’s

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour works its way into Nationwide Arena. Bill Engval, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable guy all “Get ‘er done” and will split yer britches with laughter. For more info

I play the Pre-Party at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar

In one of the biggest scheduling blunders of all time…Jamey Johnson plays Screamin Willies

SATURDAY: Keep your weekend going and join me at The Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar as I rock the Pre-Party to get you ready for OUR Jackets to take on the stars. Pre-Party starts at 5pm.

Local Favorites, The Rese Jhordan Band plays Captain Jack’s

Scotty Bratcher brings “rockin’ blues” to The A&R Music Bar. For more info

Need more blues? Try the Columbus Blues Festival at The Palace Theatre. For more info


ALL WEEKEND: Sebastian Maniscalco plays The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center all weekend


Winter Safari Tours at The Wilds. Reservations needed

IN THEATERS: WARNING, WARNING guys…CHICK FLICK ALERT ‘Dear John’ rated “PG-13.” In this romantic heartbreaker, love and life happen. Which conquers all? Ladies go see and find out?

(Side note: with Valentine’s Day coming up ladies QUIT acting like the perfect guys is somewhere else. Don’t settle, but come on. One minute you want romance/trust/compassion/open feelings, and the next you want someone who isn’t too nice or doesn’t open up-MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!)

Guys…send the girls to the above flick and check out ‘From Paris With Love’ starring John Travolta and rated “R.” This action packed movie is one of the best adventures so far this year!!!


Surprisingly a great movie, ‘Zombieland,’ rated R.” It is campy, and fake, but so much fun! ‘Sposed to snow this weekend, good stay at home date movie, ‘Love Happens’ starring Jennifer Aniston, and rated “R.”


Brother Nick Jonas goes on his own and teams with the Administration on “Who I Am”


I still have $400.00 in Martin Park Gift cards. I am selling for $200.00 GUYS THIS IS JUST IN TIME FOR V-DAY!

More items added next week

UPCOMING: New Events being added and negotiated, tune in next week for updates


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