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With all the snow, grey, ice, and other things to keep us all indoors you would think I would have a lot to say and a lot of content. Actually no. I have been working on my summer gigs, tour dates and filling up calender, as well as sweeping/scraping/shoveling driveways. If there was snow on the ground I was shoveling. The snow also allowed me to utilize the Bumble Bee-I really like having a 4 wheel drive Jeep in this stuff, cause I can be the person people call on to get them or help out (kinda good feelin’), plus no excuses for missing a workout. But the snow also canceled a few events, cause me to not collect on some payments (IE I AM BROKE), and well…made me feel like “Jack” from the ‘Shining.’ So I have been forced to be inside and “think.”

I don’t always enjoy this BUT it does allow for some growth. I have been discussing this with a few people (one who I care about deeply), and will give some of my personal thoughts on a mailer a couple weeks from now (my dreaded B-day mailer).

I will say this, sometimes actions can be misinterpreted due to a perceived image, while that image may be created (and not real), there are consequences that come from the creation. I guess I am now ready to deal with those consequences.

While I have a strong dislike for the cold and snow…it was kinda fun getting some exercise outside of the gym. I also took some self satisfaction of helping some folks out-some needed, some did not. Some appreciated; one yelled at me (yet I still scraped the “Witch Lady” neighbors drive).

The recent weather allowed all of us to see the good and bad in others. Bad=seeing some neighbors refuse to scrape drives or say hello when others were helping each other out. Bad=witch lady yelling as I attempted to push her car into garage. Bad=stopping my own drive, to help a young lady a few houses down, as she said “thanx” and walked inside. But Good=The snow warriors who are busting their humps to make roads better (FYI Dublin Ohio had done the best job I have ever seen!). Good=Neighbors HELPING EACH OTHER, and checking on each other. Plus I have been able to enjoy some downtime and enjoy some company-not doing anything but being lazy (at times kinda like this).

On days that it snowed I also saw how badly Video Games have influenced kids. While I MAY be a little obsessed with a clean drive (and those of neighbors), and been out there first, I wonder where all the kids were? There was NO REASON I should have been shoveling drives where the kids were inside playing games-ESPECIALLY ON DAYS THEY DID NOT HAVE SCHOOL! Don’t get me wrong, I chose to do theses things-but COME ON! They could not have been out there helping?!?!

Speaking of doing because choose to. While I may be a person who is in public forums (some liking, some not), I TRY AND DO WHATEVER I CAN TO BETTER SOMEONE ELSE! I still do some things for people I care about even with nothing in return (actually I kinda like it that way). I guess it is kinda selfish on my part-I like doing for others. It makes me feel good so I continue to do it.

So do for someone else. Need some guidance here is a great website

49 states dusted with snow; Hawaii’s the holdout
By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein, Ap Science Writer –
Forget red and blue — color America white. There was snow on the ground in 49 states Friday. Hawaii was the holdout.

It was the United States of Snow, thanks to an unusual combination of weather patterns that dusted the U.S., including the skyscrapers of Dallas, the peach trees of Atlanta and the Florida Panhandle, where hurricanes are more common than snowflakes.

More than two-thirds of the nation’s land mass had snow on the ground when the day dawned yesterday, and then it snowed ever so slightly in Florida to make it 49 states out of 50.

At the same time, those weird weather forces are turning Canada’s Winter Olympics into the bring-your-own-snow games.

Who’s the Great White North now?

“I’m calling it the upside-down winter,” said David Robinson, head of the Global Snow Lab at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Snow paralyzed and fascinated the Deep South on Friday. Snowball fights broke out at Southern Mississippi University, snow delayed flights at the busy Atlanta airport, and Louisiana hardware stores ran out of snow supplies. Andalusia, Ala., shut down its streets because of snow. And yet, Portland, Maine, where snow is usually a given, had to cancel its winter festival for lack of the stuff.

Weather geeks turned their eyes to Hawaii. In that tropical paradise, where a ski club strangely exists, observers were looking closely at the islands’ mountain peaks to see if they could find a trace of white to make it a rare 50-for-50 states with snow. But there was no snow in sight.

Hawaii’s 13,800-foot Mauna Kea volcano, which often gets snow much of the year at its higher elevations, is the most likely place in the 50th state to have snow, but there “is nothing right now,” said research meteorologist Tiziana Cherubini at the Mauna Kea Weather Center. It has been a few weeks since there has been snow in the mountains, and none is in the forecast, ruining a perfect 50-for-50, she said.

The idea of 50 states with snow is so strange that the federal office that collects weather statistics doesn’t keep track of that number and can’t say whether it has ever happened. The office can’t even say whether 49 out of 50 has ever taken place before.

Snow experts at the Global Snow Lab were combing their records but said it may be days before they find out if there has ever been a 50-for-50 snow day. Their best suspect — Jan. 19, 1977 — had snow in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, but then Robinson looked for snow in South Carolina and couldn’t find any.

As of early Friday morning, 67.1 percent of the U.S. had snow on the ground, with the average depth a healthy 8 inches. Normally, about 40 or 50 percent of the U.S. has snow cover this time of year, Robinson said.

It snowed for only 10 minutes in Century, Fla., just north of Pensacola, barely enough to scrape a few snowballs from the hood of a truck. But that was enough for 6-year-old Kaleb Pace.

“I’ve only ever seen snow on TV till now,” Kaleb said, smiling.

This is after a month that saw the most snow cover for any December in North America in the 43 years that records have been kept. And then came January 2010, which ranked No. 8 among all months for North American snow cover, with more than 7.03 million square miles of white.

The all-time record is February 1978, with 7.31 million square miles. There is a chance this February could break that. There is also a chance that this could go down as the week with the most snow cover on record, Robinson said.

Stay tuned. The weather pattern is in a snow rut.

At least in Washington, where snow is now measured by the yardstick, more snow may be coming soon. It looks like a little more snow on Monday and maybe a lot more about a week or so after that.

“As long as this pattern persists we have potential for additional storms,” said Dan Petersen, lead winter weather forecaster at the National Weather Service prediction center in Camp Springs, Md.

To count as snow cover, snow has to stick on the ground and be recorded at special stations at specific times when meteorologists check, Robinson said.

The strange snowfall pattern is produced by the El Nino weather phenomenon and its Arctic counterpart, Robinson and Petersen said.

During moderate to strong El Ninos like the current one, more moisture is pumped into the subtropical jet stream across the South, increasing precipitation, Robinson said. Then there’s the Arctic Oscillation, the Northern cousin to El Nino, which shifts cold polar air south. That cold air can turn a rainstorm into a snowstorm.

A snowy winter doesn’t disprove — or prove — global warming, Petersen and Robinson said. This is weather, which is variable, not long-term climate, and there is a huge difference.

“This has nothing to do with long-term trends,” Petersen said. “This is just a several-week period.”

Patrick Marsh, who is working on his doctorate in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, has been trying to collect photos of snow on the ground in all 49 or 50 states. After his effort was publicized, he was flooded with photos and videos.

“It just shows that deep down inside, all of us is a weather weenie, a weather fanatic,” Marsh said. “This is just an awesome weather event.”

Stimulus Bill Anniversary Proves Not-So-StimulatingShare
One year ago today, President Obama signed a nearly trillion dollar stimulus package and handed our children the bill. What did we get for that massive price tag? Many promises, but the promises have proven false. On this stimulus anniversary, Washington needs to hear our message that Americans expect, and deserve, better.

Americans were promised the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%. It’s now well over that. We were promised it would be targeted and pork-free. It’s been loaded with pork, corporate giveaways, union bosses’ goodies, and other manners of waste. We were promised there would be no fraud, but our government now tells us it can’t even verify the eligibility of people applying for the $325 billion worth of stimulus tax provisions. We were promised there would be strict oversight, but billions of dollars apparently were allotted to congressional districts that don’t even exist. We were promised it would provide “green jobs” for Americans, but 80% of the $2 billion they spent on alternative energy went to purchase wind turbines built in China! We were promised it would help state governments weather the recession, but states receiving the stimulus bait will be in worse fiscal shape now because local governments will be on the hook for new
unfunded mandates and continuation of government programs they couldn’t afford in the first place – as many of us governors warned state legislatures.

One year later, we see plainly that the stimulus was not a well-thought out plan. It hasn’t revived our economy; instead the debt-ridden package will prove to be a drag on our economy. It hasn’t put us on the path to a better future; instead it’s unfairly mortgaged our children’s future and stolen opportunities from them. It hasn’t strengthened us; instead it endangers our freedom and security by making us even more beholden to foreign lenders. The legacy of the stimulus isn’t jobs or economic growth – it’s more dangerous debt.

But there is hope! And this hope lies in draining the swamp in D.C. and sending Commonsense Conservatives to Washington who understand the need for fiscal restraint. Those who are willing to rein in spending, respect Constitutional limits, and repeal the stimulus should get our support, and those who have been part of the problem should be replaced.

In this election year, we’ll see many daring Davids take on entrenched Goliaths. Just one of these many brave souls is a northern Wisconsin patriot named Sean Duffy. He’s running in Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district against a liberal Goliath who’s been in Congress over 40 years now and has the dubious distinction of being the author of the stimulus bill. To commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the stimulus, Sean Duffy is holding a fundraising “money bomb” for his campaign so he can replace the career politician who drafted this government-bloating behemoth.

If you’re frustrated about the waste in the stimulus bill, please support a solid fiscal conservative who will work to repeal it. Please visit Sean Duffy’s website and help him help us correct the mistakes of this past year.

On this first anniversary of the stimulus, let’s send a message to the big-spenders in Washington by helping Sean Duffy unseat the author of the stimulus. Let’s put government back on our side and get to work revitalizing America!

– Sarah Palin

Had enough snow yet? If you are receiving this newsletter it is because you are already registered for the 2010 Capital City Half Marathon and Commit to Be Fit 5k or we think you might be interested in joining 10,000 of your closest friends for a 13.1 or 3.1 mile block party.

This snow is wearing me out. I had made some pretty good decisions over the past few months and was living in a bit of a “zone”. Then a few weeks ago it came to a screeching halt. What little sense of direction I have (which is not much) went away, and my decision making went poorly. I was not paying attention to the details or the execution. My zone disappeared and I could not figure out why. Then this past Saturday I went for a run on a treadmill in a hotel in the middle of Cleveland and it hit me pretty hard. I was not exercising with the same intensity or regularity. All this snow and the lack of sunshine in Columbus was limiting my enthusiasm to exercise. As I continued to run a bit harder I was starting to figure it out. My thoughts were clearer and my “to do” list was back in check. I simply think better, feel better and make better decisions when I exercise often. I left the treadmill and went right to fixing some of the mistakes I had made. This week it feels like my zone is starting to come back.

The back of our event shirts say “Get Fit. Stay Fit. Live Fit”. Now you (and I) know why.

Thanks to your commitment to getting and living fit, Cap City’s registration numbers have exploded. Based on the current projections our registration numbers would exceed more than 15,000 participants! However, we want to create a “Remarkable Experience” for each of you and we will cap the field at 10,000.

Be part of the Celebration and Register Now!

The Expert’s Expert!
Dear Dr. Devor,

I started running about two months ago on my own and am considering my first race in a few months (maybe a 5K). Can you please give me some advice about how much to run and how much to increase my mileage each week.

Thank you.


Hi Ellen,

Congratulations on starting your running and deciding to embrace a healthy lifestyle. First, let me suggest you join a training group, like No Boundaries at Fleet Feet Sports, to find like minded people that are beginning as well and will motivate you when trying times come around.

Now that you have been training for a couple of months your body will start to show some changes. For example, I am sure you are finding it easier to simply run without being so fatigued. This is largely due to the increased fitness you now have, which is a way of saying your heart and legs are getting stronger. Your lungs have increased their ability to move oxygen to your muscles, and the increased blood flow your heart is now capable of producing is delivering the needed foodstuffs and removing the waste products.

You will find that your fitness will only increase from this point, and your enjoyment of the sport will likely rise. We know from years of research that aerobic fitness starts to increase dramatically around the tenth week of training and continues to increase for approximately three months. Many new runners often report that this is their most enjoyable time in the sport as every week you will see gains over the week before.

However caution is necessary for you at this point as an overuse injury is likely if you try to increase your weekly mileage or running pace to quickly. So, be cautious and never ramp up your mileage too fast. Skeletal muscles tend to adapt much more quickly to training than your connective tissue and bones, so my suggestion is to keep your weekly mileage steady for a few weeks. Try not to run any further than 4 to 5 miles to give your connective tissue and bones time to catch up with all of your newfound aerobic gains. Increasing miles and pace gradually is the mantra to remember.

Specifically never increase your pace or mileage by more than 10% per week. And I would encourage you at first to only worry about your mileage, your pace will take care of itself later. However, do not increase your mileage every week, at least once a month you should include a week of training when your miles are equal to your mileage from two months previous. Use the additional time or days you have to cross train (e.g., swim, bike, walk, elliptical). Once you have been running for three to four months you may want to consider your first race. Find a race that is no more than approximately 150% of your longest run. I tell all first time racers your goals should be twofold. First, is to finish and not even worry about your time. Second, and perhaps most important, is to have fun. When you cross the finish line I want you to think, yes, I would do this again. Enjoy the camaraderie, the sights and sounds of the entire event. When the race begins, hold yourself back as your desire will likely be to go out to fast. Start toward the back of the pack and go out slowly. If you are feeling good with a mile or so to go in the race, let yourself run and enjoy passing some of those people that went out to fast in the beginning.

Best wishes for your continued training success.

Dr. Devor

If you have been cooped up inside and missing workouts, or just want to be healthier. Check out the products I distribute from Vusalus. I have been taking the vitamin packs and feel good. I have also recently started taking the meal replacement shakes. I have lost 15 pounds and have a leaner physique-making my runs easier. Even more? I make money and qualified for my NEW BLACK BMW. Check it out for more details

Doug Feiger lead singet of The Knack
By Suzanne Kayian / LiveDaily Contributor
Doug Fieger, singer and songwriter for The Knack, died Feb. 14 at his home in Woodland Hills, CA. The 57-year-old Detroit native had been battling lung cancer for six years, according to a press release.
Fieger wrote and sang The Knack’s No. 1 hit “My Sharona,” which in 1979 helped the band’s debut album, “Get The Knack,” shoot to the top of the charts around the world. The band followed the debut with several studio albums, as well as live CD and DVD releases.
The mega-success of “My Sharona” often lead the public to categorize The Knack as a one-hit-wonder. However, the band continued to tour and release albums well into the 2000s. The band only came off the road within the last year due to Fieger’s illness.

Though Fieger was known best for his work with The Knack–which he founded in 1977 with Los Angeles Natives Burton Avarre, Prescott Niles and Bruce Gary–he also wrote hit songs for other recording artists including Manhattan Transfer’s “Soul Food To Go” from the Grammy Award-winning album “Brazil.”

Shortly before his death, Fieger reportedly sang the lead vocals on a track for Bruce Kulick’s 2010 album “BK3.”

Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn and all the other US Olympic Athletes. Vonn and White especially. Vonn won gold with an apparent broken bone in her leg. She made news for a provactive pose in Sports Illustrated and then made news for her resilance. Also with reliance, SHAUN WHITE-was involved in a fall during the X-games that may have ended some Snowboarders careers-he came back and won X-Gold. THEN at Olympics he had the GOLD to himself (without even having to do his last run), he went above and beyond and did his best trick/run to date. He is a great role model for kids (and anyone), don’t settle for ackalades/awards-do your personal best!!!

The pain of being afraid that your gonna get hurt is much worst than opening up & taking a risk

Love can make someone look like a fool (I am no longer concened about image and ready to be a fool!)


Join SOS AUDIO’s DJ Nohbody at Yogi’s (Kerrick Place off Frantz Road) for Ladies Night. Nohbody will have the dance floor poppin’ and Bacardi flowin’ 9pm-1am


FAT DOG returns to ROCK to Captain Jack’s

Join me at Fado (Easton) for The Great Guinness Toast. I start at 7’ish and live music from THE MENUS at 9:30


Tense plays Captain Jack’s

I join my friends Downplay at The Newport Music Hall for an Epic Records Showcase. For more info


Martina McBride and Trace Adkins come to Nationwide Arena to shake your “Bodanka Dunk” and give you a late “Valentine” present. For more info I play the Pre-Party at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar beforehand.



Dom Irrera plays The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center all weekend

The Home and Garden show helps you escape the winter blahs and gets you in the mood for spring improvements and summer gardens all weekend at The Ohio Expo Center and Fairgrounds.


Winter Safari Tours at The Wilds. Reservations needed

Broadway Across America presents Dreamgirls. This Motown based stage presentation is not to be missed. For more info

Leonardo DiCaprio teams up with Martin Scorsese in the suspenseful ‘Shutter Island,’ rated “R.”

‘Law Abiding Citizen’ is one of the best action thrillers I have seen in a long time staring Jamie Foxx, and rated “R.”

Another storm is expected to hit Sunday night-be safe, and have a great weekend. To my friends in Haiti be careful and safe. To friends with B-Days have a blast at parties, and to the person I care about, good luck on yer test I know you will do great!!!

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