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Before I type anything else, I want to send thoughts and prayers to the West Virginia Miners and their families dealing with this crisis.

Greetings from Long Beach California. I was told by some friends that the reason that Cali has had Earthquakes is due to being scared, and “shaking,” I was comin’ to the West Side! On the way here I was groggy and tired, but glanced out the window to see the snow caps of mountains as the sun beat down on them. I was amazed at this (even after all my travels, I don’t remember ever seeing-or possibly appreciating the beauty of that sight). I always say it, the little things in life that amaze me, and that was yet another one of those “I saw God today” moments.

I landed to 78′ and not a cloud in the sky. It is gorgeous here, but not really my kinda town. The Beach Boys sang about all the types of girls out there. But they left out one type…the tattooed, pale, kind with purple hair and yell at people as they jog by!

I was reminded of a GREAT LESSON yesterday. My trip did not get off to a great start (with exception of the enjoyment of the mountains). When I arrived to the hotel I was not in the best of moods, actually borderline pi**ed off at the World. When I checked in, there was NO RESERVATION under my name, and my confirmation number did not exist! I started to EXPLODE! But took a deep breath and informed “Sabrina” at the Marriott what was going on. I was calm, asked for her suggestions for what to do, as well as continued to thank her. While SHE was working to correct my situation, she allowed me into gym to “blow off steam,” and brought my room key TO ME! She also upgraded me to a suite overlooking the Bay and the Historic (as well as haunted Queen Mary). She THANKED me for being so pleasant! So wanna thank Sabrina, Mr. Rogers, and Karma for that lesson learned!!!

This morning I am watching the Sun rise over the bay, and Queen Mary (as the ghosts stop roaming the decks for the night) from my deck. I guess this is another one of those God moments. The Sun is AWESOME as it rises the gives me a little bit of energy to take on the day and an extra boost for my morning workout (that and my morning Vi-Shake).

Last weekend I was in New Orleans. N.O. is still not one of my favorite towns in the world, but, it was not as bad as I had remembered it in the past. Some of that may have been the places I went then and now, maybe a few years of maturity, maybe the result of the flood and the aftermath, MAYBE I WAS JUST LOOKING FOR NEGATIVES AND DID NOT SEE THE GOOD; BUT it was not that bad and I actually enjoyed it.

Kinda reminded me sometimes something or someone needs a second chance. We may choose to see the bad in something or someone on the surface when there is much good underneath. I don’t have to agree with EVERYTHING with New Orleans, to enjoy being there. Kinda like people don’t have to agree with everything to agree with, get along, and care for one another. An “image” can cause a person to look past the good things in a city, OR the way in which a person really feels towards someone else. I learned a GREAT LESSON, and hope others have that chance as well. I am glad I had the opportunity to give The Big Easy a second chance, and hope I give others a second chance (and in turn the same to me).

On a more open note…anyone who knows me knows my political stances. I am for a Government BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE. I am a PROUD Supporter of The Tea Party Movement and a proud card carrying member of The NRA-as well as utilize my right to bear arms (and I don’t mean sleeveless shirts). With that said, I condemn those making personal threats and arming themselves to take up arms against OUR Government. It is WE THE PEOPLE, but OUR power is not in the weapons in holsters and on straps, but in the power of OUR voice and OUR VOTE. Timothy McVeigh was NOT a Hero, and those who make threats against leaders and THEIR INNOCENT FAMILIES, are NOT PATRIOTS!!!

That is all, have a GREAT WEEKEND O-H-I-O, looking forward to the sun, racing, and Tunes this weekend, as well as, a busy week of wedding, and helping a friend help a client, AND HELPING A BUDDY GET BACK IN SHAPE. I get to do the things I love, share with others-and better their lives/career/health. I guess I have the greatest job in the world!

Whale and surfer
Surfer gets fundraising help from minke whale
By The Associated Press

DANA POINT, Calif. — A surfer was halfway into a fundraising paddle off the Southern California coast when she says she got a two-hour escort from a 30-foot minke whale.

Friends and relatives on a support boat took photos and video of the March 28 encounter between Jodie Nelson and the whale she named Larry.

Nelson was making a 40-mile paddle from Santa Catalina to Dana Point when the whale came within a paddle’s reach of the surfer. It would roll over and expose its belly, then dip beneath the surface and blow bubbles under her, causing a horrible stench when they reached the surface, she said.

Nelson had hoped to raise $100,000 for Boarding for Breast Cancer and Keep A Breast Foundation, but publicity from the whale encounter helped her top $120,000, she said.

Minke whales are really curious and will investigate boats or people, said San Francisco State University biology Professor Jonathan Stern, who has studied the mammals for 30 years.

It’s not often a paddle border will end up 20 miles off the coast, Stern said, so the whale’s curiosity was warranted.

“It was just really interested. Following her for two hours underscores that,” Stern said.

He spent time on his side and back to keep a better eye on Nelson, Stern said, adding that “their best vision is kind of below and to the front of them.”

He said he didn’t believe Nelson was ever in danger because minkes don’t have teeth and wouldn’t intentionally harm her, but their curiosity can hurt them.

“In Norway, whalers will leave a boat running. A minke whale will come up to the boat. The whalers will wait and as soon as the whale swims by the bow, they will shoot it with a harpoon,” Stern said.

The average minke is about 25 feet long and weighs about 6 tons. They tend to look alike but can be identified by the shape of their fins and their scar patterns.

Only about 600 minkes live along the Pacific coast, in groups of a couple dozen.

Stern said he wouldn’t be surprised if Larry lived in the water around the Channel Islands.

When he first started studying them, nothing was known about the minke whale, Stern said. “Today, they are the most heavily hunted whale in the world, off the coast of Japan, in Antartica and the north Atlantic.”

“They are small but kind of beautiful,” he said.

He also said he liked the name Nelson chose for the whale.

“Larry is a good, solid name for a minke whale,” he added. “It’s better than something like Snowflake.”


Follow up
Since video posted, they have raised more than $103,000.00

Download this mix to help your workout-great for those just getting into a workout routine


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It is Spring In Columbus! The running and walking paths are free of snow and are full of runners and walkers preparing for the Capital City Half Marathon and Commit to Be Fit 5k.

Call it Momentum, a Tipping Point or just being ahead of the curve a bit, Columbus has exploded with positive energy and embraced the healthy active lifestyle. Everywhere I go, everywhere I speak and at every event M3S Sports produces, it seems everyone is training to participate in the 2010 Capital City Half Marathon or Commit to Be Fit 5k. Thanks to 10 TV’s Andrea Cambern, Mayor Coleman, the City of Columbus Police Department, the remarkable support from our partners and the community we will soon reach our registration limit of 10,000 participants.

Our team has been working hard to create a remarkable celebration for you. We have moved the start and finish line over to Spring Street in front of McPherson Commons, added Dj’s as “live milemarkers”, included Tweet My Time as our race tracking software and developed the Michelob Ultra post race party. Donatos Pizza and 10TV have been joined by an incredible number of new “best of breed” partners like Ohio Health, Nationwide Insurance, Cotters, The Diamond Cellar, Michelob Ultra, Skyy Vodka, PowerAde, The Columbus Clippers, The Columbus Blue Jackets and Muscle Milk.

This is YOUR event and your new Facebook Fan page has been up for only a month and the event already has over 1200 fans. Come post your questions, comments and training photos.

Field is at 75%!. Be part of the Celebration and Register Now!

Pre-Buy Parking

Well Being:

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Leader under fire

Fire the “leader”


Nice move: Phil Mickelson brings his wife’s doctor in to caddy
By Jay Busbee

Before we close the door on everything non-Masters, one final look at a good story from this past weekend. Phil Mickelson takes grief for pretty much everything he does or doesn’t do, from his appearance to his attitude to his game. And even though he’s been struck by tragedy in the past year — the cancer diagnoses on both his wife and mother — he’s still the PGA player most fans love to goof on.

But you can’t deny the guy knows how to show some love. Like this past weekend at the Shell Houston Open, when he brought on a special caddy for a few holes — the doctor who’s been treating his wife and mother.

Mickelson had invited Dr. Tom Buchholz, a radiation oncologist at Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, to the tournament along with many other doctors and hospital staff. And on Sunday, on the 14th tee, when Phil was out of contention — hold the jokes for half a second — he invited Buchholz to take the bag from regular caddy Bones Mackay.

That’s one hell of a cool gesture, isn’t it? It cost Phil absolutely nothing — matter of fact, it might have helped. Buchholz helped Phil to a birdie on 14, and suddenly a one-hole stint turned into three holes.

“Three great reads, three great clubs,” Mickelson said later. “It was only supposed to go one hole. I ended up making birdie, and I kept making birdies. We went 3-for-3 together.” Buchholz had some experience as a caddy, having looped after college. But it wasn’t his green-reading skills that put him on the bag.

“This man has helped us through some of the toughest times that we’ve gone through,” Mickelson said. “He’s the best at what he does.”

Nice move from Mickelson. If the Gods of Augusta respect karma, Lefty’s going in with a little extra bump.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — After collecting almost every national player of the year honor, Ohio State’s Evan Turner is skipping his senior season to test himself in the NBA.
The 6-foot-7 point guard is expected to be a top-three pick in the June 24 draft. Yet he said his decision wasn’t an easy one.

“This is the toughest thing I had to do,” he said, his voice breaking. “But I was blessed with this decision and I have a great opportunity. I’m going to turn a leaf over and go on to the next stage of my life.”

The Chicago native averaged 20.4 points, 9.2 rebounds and 6 assists while shooting 52% from the field, 36.4% behind the arc and 76% at the line.

Turner was moved to point guard before the season, a decision by coach Thad Matta that raised some eyebrows because Turner had never played the position and had been prone to making mistakes with the ball.

But with Turner leading the way the Buckeyes went a surprising 29-8 (second-most wins in school history); won a share of the Big Ten title; took the conference tournament championship; and advanced to the NCAA tournament round of 16 before falling to Tennessee.

Even Matta said he knew it was time for Turner to make the leap to the next level.

“I told him up front, I’m OK if you go,” he said. “I said, ‘Coach Matta wants you back, but Thad Matta is OK if you go.’ (It’s) knowing what’s right for him.”

Turner said it wasn’t until late in the season that his mind wandered to his decision.

“February hit and I kind of started thinking a little bit about it,” he said. “I was in a win-win situation. I felt like if I would have come back we could have done big things, and also moving on and going to the NBA I could do good things. I had to look at what was going to make me happy.”

A first-team All-American, Turner had a huge year despite missing 4{ weeks with broken bones in his back. He was injured while dunking during a game on Dec. 5, and had to go through extensive rehab before returning. The Buckeyes were just 3-3 without him.

He said the injury had little effect on his decision.

“You can’t really tell what’s going to go on with fate,” Turner said. “I tried to make the decision as a grown man looking toward the future.”

Turner has not hired an agent, but made it clear he is not waffling.

“I felt that whatever I did, I had to have two feet in,” he said. “I had to be committed. This is the decision I’m committed (to).”

Before the injury, he had triple-doubles in two of the Buckeyes’ first five games. Even in the second round of the NCAA tournament, he flirted with another triple-double with 24 points, nine rebounds and nine assists against Georgia Tech.

A near-unanimous pick for Big Ten player of the year after leading the league in scoring, rebounding and finishing second in assists, he guided Ohio State to wins in 16 of its final 18 games heading into the NCAA tournament.

The conference tournament provided his signature moment. He took an inbounds pass, dribbled to just past midcourt and hit a 37-foot three-pointer at the buzzer to beat archrival Michigan 69-68 in the quarterfinals. Two days later, he had 31 points, 11 rebounds and six assists as the Buckeyes beat Minnesota to win the tournament.

The Associated Press Player of the Year this season said it wasn’t up to him how he would be remembered.

“The people who guard (you), they pretty much build your legacy,” he said. “You don’t build your own legacy. We’ll see in 10 or 15 years.”

Not even the top player on his high school team (Illinois’ Demetri McCamey was considered more of a blue-chipper), Turner set a record by being chosen Big Ten player of the week 10 times during his career, including an unprecedented seven times this season.

Turner foundered early in his college career, unsure of what his role was in Matta’s offense. But he sure came around.

Ohio State honors national players of the year by putting their numbers on a banner hanging from the ceiling of Value City Arena. Turner, the Naismith Award winner, will join such luminaries as Jerry Lucas, John Havlicek, Gary Bradds and Jim Jackson in that honor.

Because he declared for the NBA draft before an April 12 deadline, his departure will not lead to Ohio State receiving an Academic Progress Rate penalty. The basketball program was penalized after the late withdrawals of Greg Oden (FSY) (2007) and Kosta Koufos (2008).

The third pick in June’s draft is guaranteed more than $7 million for the first two years of his contract, the second pick nearly $8 million and the top pick almost $9 million.

Ohio State has a strong recruiting class, led by the Naismith Award winner at the high school level, 6-9 Jared Sullinger of Columbus’ Northland High School.

“I had great times here, but I leave the program in great hands,” Turner said. “Obviously we have a lot of great players coming in and a lot of great players right now. We’re going to stay on top.”

Rescue of baby Bridget wasn’t on brave Frenchman Julien Duret’s New York City vacation itinerary
BY Christina Boyle and Rich Schapiro

The Brave Frenchman who saved baby Bridget has been found.

Julien Duret, 29, is the mystery man who jumped into the frigid East River Saturday and was the first to lift Bridget Sheridan from the water.

“The emotion took over,” Duret told the Daily News Tuesday after he was tracked down in his hometown of Lyon, France. “I didn’t think at all. It happened very fast. I reacted very fast….I’ve never done anything like that before.”

Duret’s act of heroism captivated the city and set off a frenzy to identify the Lone Ranger-like hero.

In his first interview, Duret recounted the dramatic rescue – just hours after Bridget’s father, David Anderson, hailed the humble Frenchman for being “the first one in the water” to help save his daughter.

An engineer on vacation in the city, Duret was walking along a pier at the South Street Seaport with his girlfriend when he spotted something falling from the Peking ship.

At first, Duret had no clue it was a little girl.

“I went to see what it was,” Duret said. “There was no one around. There was no one on the boat.”

“I approached the water and looked down. I thought it was a doll,” he said. “Then I realized it wasn’t a doll, it was a baby.”

In an instant, Duret stripped off his coat and leaped off the pier into the murky water.

His girlfriend screamed for help.

When Duret reached Bridget, the 2-year-old girl appeared lifeless, he said. Duret feared the worst.

“The child wasn’t moving and wasn’t crying,” he said. “I thought she was dead.”

Duret said he scooped up the cold and unresponsive child. Moments later, her father was in the water beside him.

Anderson had sprinted from the top of the gangplank, shedding his phone and wallet along the way, and jumped into the river.

“I gave the father the child,” Duret said.

In a now iconic image, splashed across the front page of the Sunday News, Anderson then lifted Bridget out of the water and she opened her eyes.

When Duret finally got back on the pier, he was mobbed by onlookers, who handed the freezing Frenchman their dry clothes.

Anderson spirited his daughter into an ambulance, Duret said, and he caught a cab shortly after.

He never got a chance to speak with Bridget or her dad.

The incredible rescue came on the last day of what was Duret’s first trip to the city.

It wasn’t until he was leaving the city with his girlfriend the next morning that he realized his tale of heroism had captivated New York.

Still, Duret shrugged off his valiant deed.

“I don’t really think I’m a hero,” Duret said. “Anyone would do the same thing….I was just happy that I was able to help her, and I am just happy that the family has been reunited.”

There has been a lot stories lately about school bullying. While I do not condone, nor do I not see the tragedy in the suicides allegedly associated with these issues…BULLYING IS A FACT OF LIFE! Bullying happens at a home with a parent using tactics to form a child (for GOOD AND BAD), Government Bullies its people in terms of taxes, penalties, etc. Bullying is a form of the growth a of a child. EVERY kid has been bullied and has bullied. Instead of trying to stop it, what if we all embrace it.

Example, when I graduated from High School, I played sports but was very short, and small (130 pounds when graduated), I was not real bright (struggled for 3.0), and was not great looking so had problem with the ladies. Since then and the struggles I faced, I have played Division II Volleyball in High School, broken World Records in gym, have a decent physique; still not smart but found help to find I have learning difficulties and outwork others and even my own abilities to succeed. I am still ugly, but make conscious efforts for my appearance (however still does not help with the ladies;)

All of the above is because when I want to give up on ANYTHING…I remember those who said I could not, would not, or held me down in one way shape or another. Bullying while is a hateful act, is one I have utilized to better myself, and I encourage others (especially youngsters) to do the same.

I have also made a pledge to others, and myself…I will never allow anyone who is smaller, younger, not as smart, a woman…or anyone be bullied while in my presence.

“I saw God Today”-George Strait

“Don’t run from ur problems,, run to them! You CANNOT heal what you won’t confront!” Rev Run

“It’s YOUR life! (Ppl don’t do what u expect they only do what u inspect)” Unknown

“It’s My Life, It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever”-Bon Jovi


Matt Avery, “MR. PUT-IN-BAY” Himself plays Captain Jack’s (AND NO COVER!!!)

Fat Dog Rocks Captain Jacks

Acoustica plays Papa Boo’s

Daughtry and Lifeshouse rock out the Schottenstein Center. For more info

Snow Shoe Crabs is at Captain Jacks

The Sarah Hadeka Band plays Papa Boo’s

One of my favorite FFG’s (Funny Fat Guys) Gabriel Iglesias plays the Palace Theatre. For more info

Dwayne Perkins plays The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center

saturday!, Saturday!!, SATURDAY!!!
Monster Truck Nationals roars into the Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center. For more info,

Moscow Festival Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty (if they are staying in town…think there will be a language barrier between the Russians and people from Nerk Ahia?) For more info,

World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions prance into Nationwide Arena.
For more info,

“More Horsing Around,” The 17th Annual Equine Affaire takes place at The Ohio State Fairgrounds. Something for everyone from riders to those who just enjoy being around horses. For more info

GREAT DATE MOVIE Tina Fey and Steve Carell star in ‘Date Night,’ rated “PG-13.”

Weds. Join me for Largo’s Pub Ladies night. The newest Ladies Night in the Powell Area! Corner of Powell and Glick Roads!

OSU Spring Game Tailgate at Across The Field (Olentangy and Ackerman) April 24th. Details coming soon

Capital City Half Marathon May 1 (Columbus Biggest “Running Party”)

The Lima Company Going Away Party has been rescheduled to May 5th (Cinco DeMayo) This is due to scheduling conflicts within the Unit. Event is STILL SCHEDULED AT FROG BEAR WILD BOAR BAR!

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