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To do this weekend and thoughts

Greetings from…Dublin Ohio. It seems this is the first weekend I have been in town in months. While I am excited to be off the road, it is a lil frustrating, cause there is not much to do, AND THE WEATHER IS GONNA TURN NASTY THIS WEEKEND.

I am excited, and honored to be part of a wedding for 2 good friends. Congrats Bill and Angie; from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to be part of your big day, even if it means lugging all my equipment to an upstairs venue 😉

Since I am in town and the weather is turning nasty, on Thursday I decided to have a “Rag Top Day,” and head to Buckeye Ocean along with the “World Famous Pepper Dog.” The weather was beautiful and felt good to have the top down and get some sun.

It was fun to get back to the Lake and enjoy “Sittin’ on the dock…” As my hero Jimmy Buffett sings about “Mother, Mother, Ocean,” and I have always referred to the Gulf of Mexico as “Aunt Gulf,” I consider Buckeye Ocean to be the relative we all have. The one who lives in a trailer, and is a lot of fun to be around…but you don’t want to live with.

The Day was filled with a Corona or 2 (only 2 cause I was drivin’), sun, Pepper Dog lounging, and of course a Cheeseburger at Papa Boos. It was a great day to clear my mind, especially since I have been on the road, had some internal, setbacks and Thursday was the dreaded “Tax Day.”

Sitting there eating, drinkin, enjoying the company of my best friend, and listening to Radio Margaritaville from the speakers on the new stage of Papa Boos (BTW is amazing); I was reminded how, like my hero Jimmy I am blessed to have the chance to make a living making people smile and forget their problems (even if just for a minute), through whatever the he** it is I do.

I have seen over 100 Jimmy shows over the last 15 years. And while yea there is drunkenness and some MAJOR stupidity in the “laws.” I prefer to sit upfront near the stage. Yes this area is made of up of some stuffy folks, but I would rather hear the music than live out some of the songs, that only non fans know (i.e. Get Drunk and…{which I hate!}, or Margaritaville, or Fins). I would rather live out songs like Mother, Mother Ocean, Treat Her Like a Lady, and Pacing the Cage (personal favorite).
My relationship with Bubba (Jimmy’s nickname) started was back in the days when my dad used to drive me to school. NO MY DAD IS NOT A PARROTHEAD!!! But even with his ironed jeans (complete with creases), white tennis shoes (has bought the same style and brand for 20 years), number crunching by day, and am radio listening by night-he introduced me to “This Parrot Head Madness.”

My Dad listened to WLW am radio out of Cincinnati (which is also a reason I am a Reds fan), and while they did not play music in the mornings, from time to time they would throw on a song about ‘lettuce, tomatoes, and French fried potatoes’ The first time I heard I HATED THAT SONG (not a big fan now due to non fans liking), but it grew on me and I started to research and become familiar with this old guy in a Hawaiian shirt singing about the ocean and fish.

Since then, I have found MANY of Bubbas songs are about more than food, getting laid, and fish. His story telling allows the listener to escape, and find humor in the mundane. Being a Parrothead also has allowed me to meet his daughter Savanna Jane (briefly was friendly with her), allowed me to again become friends with and bond with an old girlfriend-who has become a very good friend…and allows me to escape from time to time.

As the weather breaks here in Central O-H-I-O, the lakes fill with boats, decks become gathering places and tops come off (and I mean convertibles), I am looking forward to hearing some more Buffett, seeing some more shows (one with VJA when she gets back?), and always being grateful my dad (even though he probably regrets it) introduced me to my musical hero, Bubba.

Here at the “Home Office” it has been fun with the weather turning nice. Neighbors are all chatting outside (and asking me to rip out their landscaping;), dogs are playing, and a lot of walks. Even the “Witch Lady” neighbor, who was walking her bird (and I don’t mean flipping me off), was nice and spoke to me. It is all enjoyable but part of me can’t help but think of someone I had a few walks with last year. Kinda amazing to me those moments so simple as good conversation with someone I care about on a walk stands out in my memories. But I guess we have to find the joys in memories when people we care about are not around anymore.

Speaking of that, with the weather changing there are lots of smells in the O-H-I-O, two of my favorites are really popping out; Lilacs, and fresh cut grass. I love these two smells. It was funny growing up there were Lilac bushes all over the yard between my Grandmas house and ours, now that I am older the smell of those purple flowers remind me of her. Driving down some back roads, I really enjoy when the wind blows that smell into my area. AND MY SINUS’/ALERGIES are not blowing up thanx to the Visalus Vitamins I have been taking for the past year.

The other smell I have been enjoying is fresh cut grass. Growing up I HATED mowing; now that I am older I miss it. I am actually kinda jealous of folks who are lucky enough to work outside and make a living.

I have a lot on my mind, however it is personal and I am not gonna share much right now. I will just say have a great weekend. Be honest to yourselves and others, and continue to care for everyone and not expect anything in return. Hurt is part of life, but work hard to find the good in ALL SITUATIONS!

Sorry I don’t have anything humorous to say, but I am drained! Some of that might be from the body, and colon “cleanser” I have been using for the week. It has taken a lot out of me, literally.


1.) How do you answer/go back to a call when receiving/call waiting

2.) Set up additional e-mail accounts

3.) Set alerts for different accoutn (i.e. e-mail, text, etc)

4.) Forward texts

Can anyone help?
The Concitis family here in Columbus, Ohio has a son who was serving in the Army in Iraq and was in a terrible jeep accident. His back was broken in several places, short term memory loss, and a collapsed lung. He is still at Walter Reed and needs at least 3-6 months more therapy, but will go back and forth (somehow!!) from Columbus. He is in desperate need of a hospital bed. I had the offer of one and should have taken it and stored it–I have a couple of empty bedrooms—oh how I wish I had taken it earlier when it was offered! However, Matt has really been through it at Walter Reed and I am just determined to find a hospital bed for him. I am hoping that everyone will send this around—it’s all about who you know—right? Perhaps someone in your synagogue or church might know someone who has a bed in good condition. I have just seen so many cases of our injured military men and women not being able to get the items that they need and it is just incredibly sad. Walter Reed has really put Matt’s mother Rita through it as well.

YOUR COLUMBUS CLIPPERS (C’mon Ring Yer Bell!) Made Sports Center Plays Top Plays of The Day this week. Even if it was The Sugardale Hot Dog Race…


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The news recently has stated that this is the WORSE period in recent memory for allergies. In the past I have had extreme problems with allergies and sinuns’ resulting in Migraines. To this point I have had NO PROBLEMS, and credit Visalus Sciences with this. The Vi-Pack Vitamins I am taking is a God Send to my (former) Sinus problems. To learn more or to check out some of the products from Visalus OR have the chance to make an extra income… Or
There is a FREE MEETING THIS SUNDAY at Cherry Valley Lodge in Nerk Ahia.

Cardio/Physical Health

It’s almost time to CELEBRATE YOU! The Capital City Half Marathon and Commit to Be Fit 5k is just over 2 weeks away.

Our field is already over 80% sold out and registration fees (if not already sold out) increase significantly at the start of our 10 day Packet Pickup on April 21. Be part of the Celebration and Register Now!


New 5k Start Time: The Half Marathon and Commit to Be Fit 5k will start together at 8am. They will run together for just over a mile then the Cap City Half Marathon Course will take a left onto High Street.

Jon Yurchiak, our Operations Director, and I ran the 10TV Commit to Be Fit 5k Course on Monday. You get a much different perspective running or walking on this downtown and riverfront course than our team did designing it. This is really one of the nicest 5k courses in the country. If that is the 5k course, just imagine what the new half marathon course feels like!

One Size Does Not Fit All! Just a reminder that we will again have gender specific technical shirts. In order to make sure everyone who has registered gets the correct size, you will be given the shirt size indicated on your registration. Our great volunteers at Packet Pickup will not be permitted to make any exchanges. If you ordered a size that does not fit, on event day, after packet pickup closes, we will have a tent in our Michelob Ultra Post Race Party area on McPherson Commons where you may exchange your shirt for a different size.

Packet Pickup: This year we will again have a 10 day Packet Pickup Party at Fleet Feet Sports at Polaris. Free parking, convenient hours, cool stuff. The party starts on April 21st and ends on April 30th. Packet Pickup (and in person registration if the event is not yet full) is open during all normal store hours. Mon-Thurs: 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat: 10am-6pm and Sun: 12pm-5pm. We strongly suggest you pick up your packet at Fleet Feet. If you can’t make it there we have last minute packet pickup on McPherson Commons between 6am and 7am race morning.

Parking: There is a ton going on in the Arena District that day. Maureen Griffen and her team at Standard Parking have created a site where you can reserve a guaranteed parking space for Cap City.Trust me on this! Don’t wait.

This is YOUR event and your new Facebook Fan Page. We are posting updates and answering questions everyday on FB page. If you are not yet a fan, make sure you become one soon.

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Join 10,000 of your closest friends for the ultimate 13.1 or 3.1 mile block party.

Last US sardine cans being packed in Maine
PROSPECT HARBOR, Maine – The intensely fishy smell of herring has been the smell of money for generations of workers in Maine who have snipped, sliced and packed the small, silvery fish into billions of cans of sardines on their way to Americans’ lunch buckets and kitchen cabinets.

For the past 135 years, sardine canneries have been as much a part of Maine’s small coastal villages as the thick Down East fog. It’s been estimated that more than 400 canneries have come and gone along the state’s long, jagged coast.

The lone survivor, the Stinson Seafood plant here in this eastern Maine shoreside town, shuts down this week after a century in operation. It is the last sardine cannery not just in Maine, but in the United States.

Lela Anderson, 78, has worked in sardine canneries since the 1940s and was among the fastest in sardine-packing contests that were held back in the day. Her packing days are over; now she’s a quality-control inspector looking over the bite-sized morsels in can after can that passes by her.

“It just doesn’t seem possible this is the end,” Anderson lamented last week while taking a break at the plant where she’s worked for 54 years. She and nearly 130 co-workers will lose their jobs.

Once considered an imported delicacy, sardines now have a humble reputation. They aren’t one species of fish. Instead, sardines are any of dozens of small, oily, cold-water fish that are part of the herring family that are sold in tightly packed cans.

The first U.S. sardine cannery opened in Maine in 1875, when a New York businessman set up the Eagle Preserved Fish Co. in Eastport.

Dozens of plants soon popped up, sounding loud horns and whistles to alert local workers when a boat came in with its catch from the herring-rich ocean waters off Maine. By 1900 there were 75 canneries, where knife-wielding men, women and young children expertly sliced off heads and tails and removed innards before packing them tight into sardine tins.

These days most of the canning is automated and the fish are cut with machines, though still packed by hand. The Stinson packers are all women because they are thought to have stronger backs and better dexterity than men, according to plant manager Peter Colson.

Inside the spacious Stinson plant, dozens of workers in hairnets, aprons and gloves sort, pack and cook the herring that stream along flumes and conveyors. The fish are blanched in a 208-degree steamer for 12 minutes and later, cooked in sealed cans at about 250 degrees for 35 minutes.

Ear plugs muffle the cacophony of clanking cans, rattling conveyor belts, rumbling motors and hissing steam. A fishy smell hangs in the air. Outside, a billboard-sized sign of a fisherman in yellow oilskins holding an oversized can of Beach Cliff sardines, the plant’s primary product, serves as reminder of Maine’s long sardine history.

Colson has been in the sardine business for 38 years. He got his first job as a youngster at another cannery, an hour’s drive away, where his father was the manager.

“This is it. We don’t have any more,” Colson said as he watched workers swiftly pack cans in assembly line fashion. “It’s not easy seeing this go.”

Production at Maine canneries has been sliding since peaking at 384 million cans in 1950. Faced with declining demand and a changing business climate, the plants went by the wayside one by one until, five years ago, the Stinson plant was the last one standing. Last year it produced 30 million cans.

Still, it came as a surprise to employees when Bumble Bee Foods LLC — which has owned the facility since 2004 — announced in February that the plant would close because of steep cuts in the amount of herring fishermen are allowed to catch in the Northeast. The New England Fishery Management Council set this year’s herring quota at 91,000 metric tons — down from 180,000 tons in 2004 — because of the uncertain scientific outlook of the region’s herring population.

Shortages have forced San Diego-based Bumble Bee to truck in much of the herring needed at the Maine plant from its other cannery in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, and from herring suppliers as far away as New Jersey. Even without the quota cuts, the plant was under pressure from shrinking consumer demand, increased foreign competition — primarily from China and Thailand — and thin margins and low prices on the retail market.

Sardines at one time were an inexpensive staple for many Americans who packed them into their lunchboxes and enjoyed a can or two — or perhaps a sardine sandwich — for lunch. The fish — usually packed in oil or in sauces such as mustard, hot sauce, tomato or green chilies — can still be had at supermarkets for a little over $1 a can, but they’re not in too many lunch pails these days.

Ronnie Peabody, who runs the Maine Coast Sardine History Museum in the town of Jonesport 35 miles up the road from the Stinson plant, has a cookbook published in 1950 called “58 Ways to Serve Sardines.” It includes recipes for sardine soup, sardine casserole, baked eggs and sardines, and creamed sardines and spinach.

Sardine consumption began falling decades ago, he said, after canned tuna came on the market and Americans’ tastes changed. The closing of the last U.S. cannery is the end of an era, he said.

“It’s like reading an obituary in the paper,” he said. “It’s really sad, but what can you do?”

When the last sardine can is packed on Thursday, plant workers say it’ll be like a family being split up.

Many of the employees have worked together for decades. Anderson, a tiny woman with strong hands and a strong back from years of packing small fish pieces into cans, said she’ll be leaving behind close friends when the plant closes.

But she won’t much miss the sardines, which she doesn’t eat.

“I’m not saying I hate them,” she said, “I’m just saying I’m not a big eater of them.”

Talks are in the works to sell the plant to another company to process lobster or other seafoods. Bumble Bee has invested more than $11 million in the plant in recent years, and there’s a work force at the ready.

Bumble Bee operates one of the last two U.S. clam canneries, in Cape May, N.J., and of the last two domestic tuna canneries, in California. But the days of sardine canning in the U.S. are probably gone, said Chris Lischewski, Bumble Bee’s president and CEO.

“I would never say never, but I’d say it’s pretty unlikely,” Lischewski said in a phone interview from California.

In Monterey, Calif., a group of self-described “sardinistas” has taken on the task of trying to get Americans to eat more sardines. It was in Monterey where sardine canneries were made famous in John Steinbeck’s 1945 novel, “Cannery Row,” about the misfits and outcasts on a street lined with sardine canneries.

The group is formulating a business plan in hopes of returning “the lowly sardine to the American palate,” said Mike Sutton, a vice president at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, who says sardines — high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, low in contaminants — are among the healthiest seafoods around.

But not canned sardines. Sutton’s group wants to promote fresh sardines sold at white-tablecloth restaurants or in foil packs or in prepared foods at retail stores, much the way tuna and salmon are now sold.

“We recognize the American public turns their noses up at sardines,” Sutton said. “It may be a challenge and it may be insurmountable, but our motto is ‘It’s not your grandfather’s sardine.'”

This article reminded me of this sketch when I was a kid…IT STILL MAKES ME LAUGH OUT LOUD


This is a tear jerking and subtle nudge from the Big Guy above. We all hear how words are spoken through moments and situations. This movie outlines His “Plan” that many times we don’t understand. PLUS is a great reminder to find the good IN ANY SITUATION!

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t. ~ Jerry Rice (Thanx JMI)

“You want someone to be happy, but yet hurt when they find it”

“definition of a taxpayer: That’s someone who works for the government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination.” -President Ronald Reagan

“It’s a great day to be alive, I know the suns still shinin’ when I close my eyes. There’s hard times in the neighborhood, but why can’t everyday be just this good?”-Travis Tritt

“Know where ur goin!! EVERYTHING gets out of the way for a person who knows where theyre goin!!!” –Emerson

Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage & He shall strengthen thy heart: Wait on the Lord -Psalms 27

All Weekend:

Customers have become our Friends and helped make us a success. We are celebrating our 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY THIS WEEKEND April 16th, and 17th. We want to share this weekend with you!

As always DJ’s Quantum, and Legend will be rockin the Pub Room, and Upstairs Dance Floor. We will also have The Rooftop Patio open.
THERE WILL BE SOME SURPRISE EVENTS AND GUESTS, as well as specials, so stop out all weekend and say hi!
Rick Springfield plays The LC, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. And guys…he actually does put on a very good show! For more info


The Websters are at Captain Jacks (This is a show not to be missed)

Cliff Cody is at Papa Boo’s

The Godz reunite and play The LC, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. For more info

Trans-Siberian Orchestra plays The Palace Theatre (This is NOT a Christmas show). For more info


Chicsa plays Captain Woody’s

Blue October plays The Newport Music Hall. For more info


The “Ragin’ Cajin,” John Morgan , plays The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center

A quirky movie, that I actually liked, ‘Kick-A**’ rated “R.”

‘The Joneses’ rated “R,” starring Demi Moore

Based on a true story of 8 renegade Radio DJ’s in the 60’s, ‘Pirate Radio,’ rated “R.”

Gloriana releases their self titles “Gloriana”


It is the BIGGEST SPRING GAME IN THE COUNTRY…and we at Across The Field have had the BIGGEST YEAR in OUR Brief History. WE WANT TO THANK YOU OUR CUSTOMERS BY THROWING OUR HUGE Customer Appreciation Tailgate Party.

NO COVER, Free food hamburgers/hot dogs-if your really lucky maybe a steak;) We will have DJ Joey Blayze (Pinch hitting for Matt Sexton), spinnin all your favorite tunes to get you “nutty,” and of course the game on the big screen t.v!

NEED MORE? FREE ticket give away to The Spring Game, AND FREE shirt giveaway, All you have to do is show up!!!!!

PLUS WE HAVE PARKING with just a short walk to the game.

It all kicks off Saturday April 24, at 10am!

Capital City Half Marathon (Details Above)


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