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This is being sent out early to make sure y’all are aware of some of the GREAT events going on early in the week, and to give heads up of events this weekend. Plus, I will be in Atlanta this weekend, and won’t have time to send.

ON WENESDAY May 5th (Yes Cinco De Mayo) Uname por favor, Sacristán Mate en Barra de Oso de Rana Jabalí para un HOMENAJE ESPECIAL a los Hombres y Mujeres Valientes de la Compañía de Lima de 5pm-9pm
Please join me, Matt Sexton, the staff of Frog Bear Wild Boar, and THE BRAVE MEN & WOMEN OF LIMA COMPANY for a special salute! We salute and pay tribute the “Billy Bad A**es of OUR ARMED FORCES, and LIMA COMPANY!

In addition to Cinco De Mayo, also wanna pay a special tribute to all the Mom’s out there. A Mother is one of the greatest gifts the Big Man above has given us. Mom’s, good or bad, teach all of us how to treat each other and do “stooped-important stuff.” No matter if it is learning to how to feed ourselves, dance, cook, laundry, or just how to be a good person-it is all from a mom.

These are not always biological moms. I wanna thank all the community of “Mom’s” who helped and are continuing to help raise me. Wanna thank all my friends who are moms who I get to watch raise their kids, and for the women in my life who allow me to enjoy their “mother nature, and instincts.” There is one person I think about quite often who I am not with, but feel lucky to have gotten to know. She will make a great mom someday!

Speaking of Mom’s…”Mother, Mother Ocean?” Gotta put some Buffett on here. How about a lil “Pirate Looks at 40” (I am getting closer!)

Ya know water can be comforting, it can bring back GREAT Memories in my case, it can provide a living and life; however, it can also rare it’s powerful ugly hand at times also!
Thoughts and prayers going out to all my friends, associates, and extended family in Nashville. Nashville is the home of Country Music. Most GREAT SONGS are about moving on, getting by, and learning from past.
The City of NashVegas and all my friends…will be just fine!

I got to meet many of the fine folks, and artists who call Nashville home while I have been perusing my own dreams. Everything I am lucky enough to do, does not go without acknowledging the talent, gifts and “whatever {IT} is” I have been given. I also take great pride in giving back to communities who have shaped me and allowed me to grow.

I will always “pay it forward” to a community who gave me a start. I am proud to pay back the honors and blessings bestowed on me during my growing years.

This is why I do events such as the Licking County “Special Needs Prom” last Saturday.

The young people at this event helped make a bad week filled with hospitals, aches-pains, and stress, end GREAT. From the bottom of my heart down to my mutant feet (that Fleet Feet and David Babner fitted and got some awesome comfy shoes on). That night I also had the honor and pleasure to spend an evening with an old friend who is leaving soon to utilize her own gifts to better someone else.

I consider every person I meet a blessing (yes even those a**holes I meet have bettered my life by reminding how I don’t want be!) I love whatever the he** it is I do for a living; from the highs of a stage, and overcoming the lows of a bad gig, to hearing a bad situation or dealing with a jealous competititor filling the blogs-emails-and beer filled conversations with his hateful lies (this will be addressed below). I am thankful for it all! Speaking of two negatives…

I wanna start by calling out a “community” and “the parents of the year” at Licking Valley High School. Last weekend LVHS had their sanctioned prom. In addition to the history and pageantry that is associated with a timeless memory such as a prom, there was also controversial and non sanctioned, student organized “alternative prom.”

I commend the young people who organized this event; they worked hard and found out, first hand, how difficult planning an event is. I will not focus on these young people. I WILL FOCUS ON THE IDIOTS WHO ENCOURAGED THESE YOUNG PEOPLE TO ENGAGE IN “POSSIBLE” NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR.

At past dances/events LVHS officials have clamped down on negative physical dancing, I would use the term “Dirty Dancing,” but this far from the art of displaying physical affection on a dance floor. I have received reliable reports from those in attendance that students, SOME UNDERAGE, are engaging in sexual acts on a High School Dance Floor. At this risk of sounding like the age I am…THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
I am appalled that parents of these young people encouraged them to attend an “alternative prom” that allowed and encouraged this behavior.

I would also like to encourage anyone planning an event to BLACKBALL THE CRYSTAL BALLROOM (in addition to allowing this event, it is also a DUMP!) For those groups, individuals, and organizations who utilize DJ’s, do NOT use whoever MC’ed/DJ’ed the event-in respect for my industry I will not call out a competitor. ALSO for anyone who is FORCED to use “special duty NPD” I would highly suggest not to use the individuals who were PAID VOLUNTEERS and SPECIAL DUTY officers who are sanctioned/insured by Newark tax dollars.

I would like to ask 3 questions…1.) LVHS officials, why were cell phones being used during school hours to plan this event if there is a policy of no phones during class times? (Statements in Newark Advocate of “Fielding calls all day” by student organizers 2.) The Contracts signed for hall rental, dj work, and special duty; were they signed by someone under the age of 18? 3.) WHERE WERE NOT ONLY THE PARENTS, BUT FAMILY/FRIENDS of the community who allowed this to happen? BETTER YET, WHEN STORIES WERE BEING WRITTEN, WHY WEREN’T ALL FACTS UTILIZED? I knew of the “special events” taking place on dance floors. Why wouldn’t the “professionals” of the Newark Advocate (all 3 pages of this fine piece of reporting) dig for all facts? BETTER YET…WHY WOULD THE NEWARK ADVOCATE GIVE ARTICLE SPACE AND PICTURE WEBSITE TO THIS EVENT, WHEN THERE WAS BLATTENT REFUSAL TO GIVE PRESS, OR AT THE VERY LEAST PICTURES (offered by volunteers free of charge to The Newark Advocate). The young people at The Special Needs Prom were THE MOST special group in tuxes and dresses out of ANY GROUP that night (regular OR alternative). I am not only disappointed in a community, but disgusted in the results.

It was once stated that is takes a village to raise a child…I will go so far as to say, in this case, it was a village of idiots.

Speaking of idiots…there is a DJ war brewing in Columbus Ohio. Sound stupid? IT IS! Seems there is a competitor who believes he is entitled to gigs at a rate HE DICTATES (however only when convenient).
To many outside of the “goofy” world of entertainment business, let me paint a picture (to those on this list who know the individual, or who know others who are “in da mix” feel free to forward this on).

There is an individual who continues to display the same negative behavior time after time, with the same results. Many times negative behavior is a result of being impaired.

This individual has been let go from a major local radio station more than one (each time from making negative statements to “officials” when he was “impaired.”) This same individual has allegedly made false accusations about others in the local entertainment field. I cannot comment on all these statements due to the fact I don’t know if true AND REALLY DON’T CARE! All I do know is the individual at the root of all the current drama has a history of; negative behaviors, false truths, impaired statements/actions, victim mentality, and refusal to hold himself accountable at anytime.

I will address his negative and FALSE statements toward me. First off, I am business person and make a living doing whatever it is I do. The reason I make the comments of “whatever I do” is because I have developed a “niche” market and work within that market only-taking me beyond the 270 corridor from coast to coast.

I have been accused of “undercutting.” In a business world I do not understand this comment but, can’t say I care. The reason I am addressing this issue publically is because the person in question is making FALSE derogatory statements about me, in blogs and other public arenas. These false statements are going across state lines. His actions have prompted me to make a report with Marion County Sheriff’s office AND in turn the Federal Berea of Investigation has been notified (this is protocol with ANY practice using the internet).
In addition to reaching to officials within the justice system, I would also like to offer other solutions to this matter.

1.) Just knock it off and go on with your business with me offering the best of luck to you, and not attempting to disrupt community events such as the Capital City Half Marathon

2.) Provide documentation of “undercutting.” If you have written documentation other than “what you believe;” I not only will refund the alleged amounts (as a goodwill action), but will provide an additional 15% for any harm caused to you

3.) Utilize my friends in the Mental Health field, I am truly concerned for this individual who cannot keep steady employment due to his consistent behavior

4.) The final one is easy…this person hides behind a computer and keyboard fighting with lies and “control, alt, delete” keys. This person will not address me in public and “exits the area swiftly” when I attempt to engage in a professional face to face situation. If the person in question truly thinks that I “DJ no sleeves” as I am referred to, should be “negatively punished” in a physical manner. THIS IS EASY…get in the ring! I have cages, boxing rings, and wrestling mats that have welcomed the chance to allow two people to work out some frustrations in a healthy and safe setting

It seems this person has frustration towards me with few returned. I will point out a few facts of this situation since I have kept quiet since 2003 when allegations were first made public.
In regards to undercutting. This, to the best of my knowledge has never been a true statement, or a true business practice of mine. I consider it an honor to WORK and work in the field that has chosen me. I work WITH bar owners/event planners, and production companies to provide a living for myself, a strong product for them, and memorable entertainment practice for clients. Many times this is utilizing a “sliding scale” based on days of week, and times. I staff many venues with people within my network. As a strong business minded professional I make a percentage and pay individuals for their time. I make a decent living working hard and making sure I utilize every opportunity given to me, and take great pride in assisting others to do the same.

While I am not rich by any means…I have monies to pay my bills, do not live on other peoples couches/spare rooms, or at home with my parents. I may play a happy hour event for 2 hours on a Monday afternoon, for $75.00, $100.00, however the statements of playing a Friday Night for $75.00 are FALSE. The entertainment arena is how I make a living. This living has been very good to me; I live on Muirfield, have a Jeep that is paid for, and am buying a BMW. These are not great items or bragging, however IMPOSSIBLE if I was making a living on $75.00 working 2 nights a week!

I would like to point out a time line of interaction between myself and the individual who accuses me of “under cutting.”

I was approached by a venue to in 2003 to start a Weds night “Country Night.” It was stated the reason I was approached was due to my knowledge of the Country genre, my unique approach to the genre, as well as my mailing list. I was given a payment number from ownership of what was offered (that according to them was being paid to current individual playing music on Weds). I was told that in addition to the pluses I brought to table the other person “refused to play hillbilly music” (I guess this is why I am referred to as DJ Larry The Cable Guy).

The numbers were not what I wanted, so I agreed to amount offered with revisiting after each month for potential increases (note I only received one raise, before contract was terminated).
Many years past and there were comments made but no interaction between myself and the competitor in question. In The Fall of 2008 I was scheduled to resume my residency at a venue, there was some communication issues that resulted in no longer being at venue. The person these notes refer to was brought in to take my place (1st time he came in after me-and told by client for less money, others following some playing for less money and playing with NO BAND-I received more monies and played for less amount of time). I moved to another venue across the street for my second residency at same venue. During this time I was staffing individuals into venue and ownership was not happy-causing a friendship to be intact and parting ways for business (for record still do other work for this venue). When left, person notes refer to took over (2nd time came in after me).

Currently the person in question is bidding on a project I have had for a few years, if he wins the bid-so be it, it is business. With that said this would be the 3rd event he has come in after me, and this time to win bid he has to come in lower than me. I consider that business, some consider that “undercutting.”
While I am aggressive, and I can be difficult to work with, NO ONE CAN QUESTION MY WORK ETHIC, AND NO ONE WILL QUESTION MY ETHICS!

This same person in question, in addition to a history of impaired negative behavior, also (as this documentation states) has a history of riding my coattails. I guess since I don’t wear sleeves…he uses them for for a comfy ride.

Does all this sound stupid? IT IS! However I feel the need to finally go public, since this individual refuses to engage me as a professional, or as a man…

1.) Did Verizon change call waiting answer prompt, I am having problems AGAIN!
2.) Where is APP for Fast food calorie counter
3.) App for best deals (scanning codes)

A few years ago when I spent a summer in the HORRIBLE city of Toledo Ohio, the only upside was going to the Toledo Zoo and spending hours in the new Polar Bear exhibit. While most of the other exhibits were junk, the polar bear and her cubs was pretty freakin cool.

I have always been a geek when it comes to animals and wildlife. Wither it is hunting, or just observing, I enjoy the wonder and entertainment from the animals we share this earth with. A couple weeks ago, I drove 2 hours to San Diego from Anaheim to enjoy Sea World, who also had a polar bear exhibit. This was pretty cool, watching the bears, and beluga whales swim.

We here in C-Bus are now getting A NEW POLAR BEAR Exhibit at The Columbus Zoo. It opens this weekend; I am looking forward to checking it out next week. Let me know if you wanna tag along…

This is GREAT; a “Flash Mob” invaded the new Ohio Union on THE Ohio State University on Monday

I have an extensive list of clients I am handling social networking for. This is a unique and inexpensive chance to brand your services, and reach beyond your current clientele list. My current list of customers has indicated that this unique form of FREE advertising has helped their brand and ID name. If anyone provides me a lead, and I can close the lead…I will pay 100% of first week revenues received. You make 100% of what I make, just for referring me to someone. For more info, or a list of current ecstatic customers e-mail

IT IS WEDDING SEASON! If you or someone you know is getting married, please feel free to refer our services to them. We have been in the entertainment and wedding industry for over 25 years. Our expertise will make you or your friend’s wedding, a moment to remember. Refer us and receive 15% of contracted rate. Mention you saw this and receive 15% off AND we will waive your deposit (with a signed contract).

The news recently has stated that this is the WORSE period in recent memory for allergies. In the past I have had extreme problems with allergies and sinus’ resulting in Migraines. While I am under weather right now…this is the ONLY major problem this year! To learn more or to check out some of the products from Visalus OR have the chance to make an extra income… Or

I wanna give a big up to Philadelphia Phillies staff and security, and say “What the He**” to all who think Tazzering a fan who ran onto the field was excessive. COME ON, he should have had his scull CRUSHED by one of the bats used at home plate! The young man put himself, and the players/umps on the field in danger. PLUS he took away from the action that fans in the stands paid to see. I think it is great the “trespasser” was made an example of…
Watch for yourself

I gotta wonder where the Tea Party Movement was on Tuesday in the Ohio Primary THAT WAS PATHETIC!

“Live your moments for what they are, not for what they may become.”

America.. Let’s stop raising politically correct sissies! In life, we win some and lose some! Let the cream rise to the top!”-Micheal Waddell

“If you are gonna f**k, don’t f**k at a high school dance, don’t f**k around my friends/family, and don’t f**k on my dance floor”-AUTHOR WITHELD (but I darn near fell out of my chair by the time she took her first breath!!!

Here’s what’s happening in CENTRAL OHIO!

Grunge Rockers, Pearl Jam, play Nationwide Arena. For more info
-You can join my buddy, DJ Orlando as he plays the Pre-Party at Frog, Bear, Wild Boar just outside the mail doors of Nationwide 5:30pm-7:30pm


7 Cycle Plays at Captain Jack’s

Acoustica plays Papa Boo’s

Dawson Cooper Band is at Captain Woody’s

DJ Orlando Plays all your favorite Country and Hick Hop 10-2 at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar

DJ NohBody finishes Caribbean Jerk Cinco Week on Polaris Pkwy


Krynos plays Captain Jack’s (This is a sister band to Rock on The Range featured artist Noise Auction)

John Schwab plays Papa Boo’s

Jaded Angel plays Captain Woody’s

One of my favorite bands, the Goo Goo Dolls play the Palace Theater. For more info

DJ Nohbody plays Caribbean Jerk rockin the last day of Cinco week


Uncle Lar, Larry Reeb, entertains all weekend at The Funny Bone at Easton Town Center

‘Iron Man 2’ Starring Mickey Rourke, and Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark is back in the comic book epic series. The plot line, specials effects, and caliber of actors are even better than the first Iron Man. This comic book based movie is rated “PG-13.”

Duane, “The Rock,” Johnson stars in ‘The Toothfairy’ rated “PG.” This comedy is fun for the entire family
‘Leap Year’ is a quirky, but cute date movie based on “what if.” While it is ok…if you have other plans, wait till it is on TV. “LY” is rated “PG-13.”

Chely Wright is back with “Lifted Off The Ground”

Crooner/Rocker, Michael Bolton releases “One World, One Love” (and actually it is not all that bad!)
My Buddy, Sully, and the rockers Godsmack, release “Oracle”

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Some really cool stuff that I cannot think of off the top of my head

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