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Greetings from the Home Office in Dublin, Ohio in the Heart-Land of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! This is going out early due to vacations, my travel schedule this week, and in hopes you will join me at the Michael Buble’ Pre-Party TONIGHT at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar.

This is the GREATEST week in of the year, with one of my favorite Holidays coming up this weekend. Before I go any further, I encourage EVERYONE TO DO DAILY,-especially this weekend, PLEASE take time to thank a Vet, and their families. Without the sacrifice of service, time, and even the ultimate gift of their lives…we could not have weekends like this, nor, could we have the opportunities presented to pursue our individual goals, and individual faith.

The 4th of July is always a weekend full of hard work and many hours spent doing what I love. This weekend is no exception. This week I have had the honor of playing/celebrating a 50th B-Day Party, Playing the Pre-Party for Michael Buble’, and this weekend; I will be rockin’ a stage at The Meadowlands in New Jersey, and getting to experience the 4th from the base of Lady Liberty herself (ever wonder what is under that Toga? She is French Ya Know!).

This weekend I am on the road, as I am so many others. I LOVE WHAT I DO, but it has caused me to miss out on some other opportunities. Some are business related, sometimes I miss a workout or 2, but mostly my career that has chosen me has caused me to lose out on the ONE thing I want more than anything else in this world (let me change that to possibly losing out-cause I AM NOT GIVING UP). I want to continue to pursue my dreams of success but also want to be with the person I love. I have found; even when I am not (was not) in town, near her, or even “with her” the thought of her put me back “home.” No matter where I am in this world, or in my thoughts…thinking of her, feels like home, and I “wanna go home.”

While this year and every year I am thankful for the opportunities I have had due to this great country…I am beginning to realize that work is not the only opportunity that many of us are given. We are all given the chance to dream and to work towards accomplishing those dreams. They may not come true but there is a joy in working hard toward those goals. My dreams are starting to come to life in a business setting. This short, fat, kid from a small town is finally making it…

But to get where I am, I have built some pretty big walls, and an “image” to achieve some sort of career success. Those walls, and image, have kept some folks “out,” and even made the love of my life question me, my actions, and our future. Anyone who reads this rag of a blog/mailer I send out knows it is a chance for me to let folks know where I am playing, some cool places to see, and just check out current events with my own spin on things. BUT HERE IS A SECRET (ok, not that much of a secret…) it is to let “her” and anyone else I care about get an inside view to me.

I guess this is the next step in accomplishing my dreams. This is not a fast-track, and there is a large distance to cover. I am not looking at an easy elevator ride to the top, or even a smooth escalator ride (my top is much different than yours, and yours different than mine-we all need to find our own). I mean let’s face it; a non-moving escalator is just stairs! Life may try to make the ride stop…I am making sure I keep climbing one step at a time.

To continue my push to my own personal top in addition to strive for success, I am focusing on Five things;

1.) Continue to be honest with others and even with myself
2.) Show her, and everyone I encounter who I am really am
3.) Just be me…”you cannot be someone until you learn to be yourself”
4.) Develop patience in all aspects of life (God gives you struggles because you need the gifts in which they bring)
5.) Love “her,” others, and myself unconditionally

On this GREAT weekend full of Patriotic Pride, find a reason to have pride in yourself, and to find pride in others. After all WE make up WE THE PEOPLE!


Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.– Buddha

It was brought to my attention how down I was last week. That is part of life… I looked around and found the good. Ya’ know what? I didn’t have to look that hard!!!


Since I will be playing the Michael Buble’ Pre-Party. I wanted to make this weeks song from him. In the past I have always tried to be the one who others turned to. I was the one who was independent, and/or a loner. The past few weeks I realized…it is ok to reach out to others.

I don’t have to be the stand tall (as tall as my short a** can be) S.O.B. I have been trying to be. Thanx for ALL of those folks who have helped me realize this.

I was reminded of this this week when two very unlikely people reached out to me. I have not had that type of relationship with either of them, so it was even more of a rewarding experience. To “S.J.G.” thank you for taking time out of your Saturday for a text. It was needed at that very moment. We have a Brother/Sister relationship that usually includes banter and slams…On Saturday I realized it is also a friendship, thank you.

To “an old friend” who I have shared many good and bad moments with, “V.J.A.,” thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to check in from another country and say hey. Just hearing your voice, was a needed comfort, and hearing the good things you are doing…made me realize I need to step it up a notch!

This song also goes out to someone who, says they are unsure about a few things. That person needs “time,” stated she is confused, so am I. But as the song says…”Hold onto me, it is gonna be alright!”

“So hold on to me tight, hold on, I promise it’ll be alright
Cause it’s you and me together
And babe, all we’ve got is time…”


Since the first time I heard this song back in 2005 I LOVED IT. ‘American by God’s Amazing Grace’ sums up the liberties and freedom we have due to THE BRAVE WHO HAVE SERVED AND ARE SERVING, and guided by a Higher Power.

It also takes the everyday B.S. we all face, and shows…it ain’t that bad (especially compared to others). Many would laugh in our face when we say we have it bad, thank God for what you have…we have been born American By God’s Amazing Grace!


I have an AWESOME new Calender App for my Droid. It works with Google Calender. Check out Jorte AND IT IS FREE!!!


Does anyone know how to find “missing” I-tunes I have purchased. They are not in folders, and I-tunes says I have purchased, yet can not locate? Any ideers?


The “King” of Talk TV is moving on

Taking Stock of Larry King’s 25 Years on CNN

The timing of Larry King’s Tuesday night announcement that he was ending his talk show came as a shock to many at CNN, where “Larry King Live” has been the only consistent part of an ever-evolving lineup.

As I note in today’s New York Times, “Larry King Live” has been the centerpiece of the CNN prime-time schedule for 25 years. The show has seen its ratings drop sharply in recent years.

Some have suggested that those two elements are closely related. Andrew Tyndall, a TV news analyst, said Tuesday night that CNN depended for too long on Mr. King and his once-formidable audience.

“They decided to cash in on his high ratings and postpone refreshing the whole lineup,” Mr. Tyndall said.

He said that CNN needed to “re-think its lineup ten years ago.” Back then, Fox News was just starting to emerge as a competitor, and the now-No. 2 cable news channel in prime time, MSNBC, was just nipping at CNN’s heels.

You probably know what has happened since then. CNN has moved from first place to third (and sometimes fourth, behind its sister network HLN). In the second quarter of this year, Mr. King’s 9 p.m. show averaged 674,000 viewers, its lowest viewership in at least a decade, according to ratings from the Nielsen Company.

Asked about those ratings on Tuesday, the CNN/U.S. president Jonathan Klein said, “When you’ve been on 25 years, one quarter is really irrelevant.”

What about the steep declines recorded over the past year? “Taken against the scope of his entire career, it’s” — Mr. Klein paused — “not that significant.”


These are from one of those facebook apps, where people answer random questions about you. I refuse to play app games, but found some of the questions and answers entertaining. Here they are in no order (and no I do not know who posted what), and my thoughts.

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ever fooled around at work? Yes
-I DO work out of my house

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ever played strip poker? Yes
-I don’t play poker, but have…

Do you think that Matt Sexton thinks wine in a box is classy? Yes
-You mean some people don’t? White Zin in a box is HOT!!!

Do you think that Matt Sexton is materialistic? No
-My wallet disagrees

Do you think Matt Sexton is cool? Yes
-Darn Straight!

Do you think that Matt Sexton would look good in tights? No
-Ummm…I do!

Is Matt Sexton fun to be around? Yes
-You must have caught me on that one day, that one time of that year…

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ever had a 1 night stand? Yes
-Define 1 night stand

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ever mooned someone? Yes
-Yea, right after I was asked what made those tights look so good

Would Matt Sexton ever dress up in a mascot outfit and run around?
-and I HAVE

Do you think that Matt Sexton could shoot someone if they had to? No
-This person obviously does not know me, or the small arsenal I own

Have you ever had a crush on Matt Sexton? No
-Far too true for most…

Do you think that Matt Sexton really needs a stylist? Yes
-WHAT!?!?! Hank Williams Jr, meets a Backstreet Boy is not a good look?

Do you think that Matt Sexton would ever do community service voluntarily?
-I am actually proud of this one

Do you think that Matt Sexton has a nice body? Yes
-See, some people like short, furry, and flabby

Do you think that Matt Sexton is ‘smarter than the average bear’? Yes
-Thank you Boo Boo

Do you think that Matt Sexton is a good athlete? Yes
-Someone is smoking something

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ever punched someone? Yes
-why would you say that?

Would you want to see Matt Sexton dance like Michael Jackson for money?
-It better be a LOT Matt does not dance, BUT maybe that is why someone wants to see?

Do you think that Matt Sexton is a slacker? No
-Thank you

Do you think that Matt Sexton is a good kisser? Yes
-Ahhh shucks

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ever done anything they’re ashamed of?
-I am not going to say ashamed, cause everything makes a person grow for the better if they learn from mistakes. But I will say done some things I am not proud of

Do you think Matt Sexton can drink a gallon of water? No
-WRONG not only do I do it daily, I ALSO did in 10 minutes once. I got dizzy, lightheaded and threw up…it was kinda cool

Do you think that Matt Sexton could be a MILF? No

Do you think that Matt Sexton has smelly feet? Yes
-ONLY WHEN I WEAR SANDALS FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME…and I am now taking pills for that

Do you think that Matt Sexton would turn you in to the FBI if they asked? No
-better think again Sparky

Do you think that Matt Sexton is part of the ‘mile high’ club? No
Why would you say that? But sadly…you are correct

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ugly teeth? No
-I am actually proud of my pearly whites-and never had braces!

Do you think that Matt Sexton thinks shopping at Wal-Mart is classy? No
-Nope…but TARGET is!

Do you think that Matt Sexton is dumber than Britney Spears? No
-Wait Britney is not dumb

Do you think that Matt Sexton is a gold digger? No
-At times wish I was, so I could be materialistic LOL

Do you think that Matt Sexton is hot? No

Do you think that Matt Sexton has a bad haircut? No
-I guess my neighbor, Kathleen, did not answer this one. I go through so many hair style phases I am surprised there was not a yes on this one

Do you think Matt Sexton prefers Coke to Pepsi? Yes
-I will drink water over Pepsi, (and Miller Lite for that matter)

Do you think that Matt Sexton should NOT have children? Yes

Do you think that Matt Sexton has ever slapped anyone? No
-I plead the 5th


Matt’s Top 20 “Patriotic Songs”
1.) Only in America-Brooks & Dunn

2.) Coming to America-Neil Diamond (and I WANT THAT SHIRT!!!)

3.) America The Beautiful-Ray Charles

4.) God Bless the U.S.A.-Lee Greenwood

5.) You Can Still Rock in America-Night Ranger

6.) Living in America-James Brown (as cheesy as it is…it IS fun, and TRUE. PLUS from a GREAT American Movie, Rocky)

7.) 40 hour week-Alabama

8.) ANY and EVERY Branch of Service Hym

9.) Where The Stars and Stripes, and Eagles Fly-Aaron Tippen (I am PROUD to call him a friend!!!)

10.) Rockin in the Free World-Neil Young (It is NOT anti freedom, it IS saying negativity and negative lifestyles are a CHOICE!)

11.) Only in America-Jay and The Americans (I LOVE THIS SONG!)

12.) The House I live in-(My hero) Francis Albert Sinatra THIS IS A SHORT FILM-AND A GREAT LESSON FOR ALL OF US, it is worth the watch

13.) Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue-Toby Keith

14.) God Bless America-Kate Smith

15.) Fightin Side of Me-Merle Haggard

16.) Red, White, and Blue-Lynyrd Skynyrd (more and more…My hair’s turning white, my neck’s always been red, my collar’s still blue. I’ve driven by the White House, Spent some time in jail. Momma cried but she still wouldn’t pay my bail. I ain’t been no angel, But even God, he understands.)

17.) Ragged Old Flag-Johnny Cash

18.) Some Gave All-Billy Ray Cyrus (THANK YOU)

19.) Hang on Sloopy-McCoys I am Irish by Blood, Buckeye By Choice, and AMERICAN BY THE GRACE OF GOD!!! (sorry about the spacing I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON THERE)

20.) America-Chris Tomlin (in this Land under ONE GOD!)



The Congressional/Gubernatorial Races ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY are heating up. America is sipping on it’s tea!!!


My friend, Ginny Andrews! She is currently in Haiti serving others, and a higher power. Over the years Ginny has been a strong willed, hard working, independent young lady, who had been a good friend (and at times a pain in my a** also 😉

Ginny is doing GREAT things and serving others, answering the call of a Higher Power. Her deceivingly small frame is standing tall, taking on issues and beliefs far greater than many of us will ever experience. We take on “everyday” struggles that could be thought of as “good vs evil.”
In our everyday lives it is the “angel and devil” on our shoulders (which by the way with the life I am trying to lead I kinda miss that devil. Not so I can act upon his suggestions…but would be kinda fun to reminisce.;)

Anyway Ginny is helping a people take on this struggle on an even higher level. I hope I don’t get in trouble, but wanted to share one of her stories from her blog.

“Sick woman, the UN and Voodoo
I am learning how Voodoo practice in so embedded into the culture of Haiti. It is actually so embedded into the culture that sometimes I don’t see it in plain sight. This is an account that happened about 3 weeks ago and really opened my eyes to the degree of Voodoo.

There is a UN OPS house on the street I live on here in Jacmel. I met some of the workers there and one of them is an American named Aaron and we exchanged phone numbers and said if there was ever anything either of us needed that we would try to help each other out. (On a side note, Aaron is happily married in the states with a daughter so NO-we do not like each other in that way. Just thought I would clarify). When we exchanged numbers I thought for sure I would be the first one calling needing something from them. But as it turns out they called me on a Thursday night and Aaron was talking really fast saying that his housekeeper was really sick and he was worried she was going to die. I said I would be right over. I grabbed my bag of medical supplies I keep ready to head out with and went down the street. The girl was about 19 yrs old and laying on a bed, sweating like crazy. She was clutching her stomach and a bucket of vomit was sitting beside the bed. I started talking with her and briefly examined her. Her pulse was 172 (which is very high for an adult) and her breathing was shallow and fast. She was having to stop in the middle of sentences to take a breath when responding to me. She told me she started getting sick a couple days before and it just got worse and worse. Aaron told me he took her to the UN clinic that morning and they gave her some pills and oral rehydration packets. She was sipping on the oral rehydration packets that were dissolved in water, but vomiting it right back up. I asked to see the pills they had given her. There were about 7 different medications , and none were labeled with the name of the medication. They only had the instruction of how many times a day to take them. She couldn’t remember any of the medication names either. I was afraid to give her any medication b/c I didn’t know what she had already taken. The room was about a million degrees so I went outside to think for a minute. This girl really looked bad. She desperately needed an IV and some rehydration through the IV. As I was standing outside thinking some other guys who worked for the UN told me she had an abortion here in Haiti about a week ago. After hearing this I was VERY concerned. I went back in and talked with her privately about it and she got very upset with me and refused ever being pregnant or having an abortion. I told her I wasn’t there to talk about the abortion but I needed to know the truth to help her. She still adamantly denied it. I suspected that it was true by the way she was reacting. The UN said they had an air conditioned room they could let her lay down in. Her younger sister came to stay with her and I told her to keep sipping the Oral Rehydration fluid and try to get some rest and I would check on her later. I prayed with her and told her if she wasn’t better later she needed to go to the hospital that night.
I came back about 2 hours later and the Haitian staff at the UN house said another sister came and got her to take her to get some “traditional medical attention”. I don’t know how b/c she couldn’t even walk into the air conditioned room b/c she was so weak. I was really concerned about her so I called Aaron and he said in a joking tone that they had taken her to get an excorcism. Then it clicked in my head what “traditional medical attention” meant. They were taking her to a voodoo priest. Then I really started praying for her. But didn’t see her for several days after that.

Aaron called me that next week (I forget the exact day) and asked if I could come by and see her again. I was an hour away working at clinic in Peredo but remembering how sick she had been before I asked him if she could wait or if I needed to come right now. He said it could wait –he said she wasn’t sick but had some bad burns. I assumed it was from cleaning or cooking at the house. I loaded up on dressing supplies before I left the clinic that afternoon, unprepared for what I would see.

I got to the house that evening and was amazed how much better she looked. She was laying down on the couch but well hydrated and had a spark back to her eyes. I chatted with her and she told me her sister took her to a Voodoo priest and he healed her. That after he “burned the pain” out of her stomach she was fine. She said she got up and started eating and didn’t throw up again and the pain was gone almost immediately. I asked about the burns. She lifted up her shirt and revealed deep, yet clean, burns to her abdomen. I couldn’t imagine the pain that would have caused! They were just starting to scab over at the outer edges. They covered an area of about 10×6 inches across her abdomen and were deep. I started thinking of how they held her down to do that to her. She wasn’t upset about it at all but instead thankful that the pain and sickness were gone. She felt so good afterwards she even stopped taking the “mystery mediation” the UN clinic had given her.

I sat on the edge of the couch with her and explained how Voodoo is not something to play around with. We had a conversation how there is a price to pay for everything you receive in life. How the devil and evil spirits don’t do things for free. But we also talked about God and because he sent His son Jesus-who was perfect-to die for the world, the price has already been paid for her. I asked if we could pray together again and I asked God for forgiveness and she questioned me after that. She believes the Voodoo practice cured her. It was not a big deal to her to go see a Voodoo priest so we talked more about God’s love and forgiveness. I can attest to the fact that she was VERY ill and had a very quick recovery. In the US she would have been admitted into the hospital, no questions asked. I am learning more about the beliefs of Haitian culture and trying to understand the people’s reasoning in the choices in religion in their lives. Sometimes it is so much a part of the culture-it is hard for them to recognize the spiritual battles going on right in front of their own eyes.

The bible says in Ephesians 6:10-13,
“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his great power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can fight against the devil’s evil tricks. Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world. That is why you need to put on God’s full armor. Then on the day of evil you will be able to stand strong. And when you have finished the whole fight, you will still be standing.”

I also wanna send big props to Sarah Grady. You know why, I am thankfull, and that is all that matters!!!


It is the 4th of July and for Die Hard Buckeye Fans this means it is the official start to the “what if season” (the season before the pre-season that Buckeye Nation puts it’s hopes on a National Championship). With that said…The Shoe is a tough place to play, BUT, there are other stadiums that are also considered a true Home Field Advantage.

10.) Wisconsin
Camp Randall Stadium – Madison, Wisconsin

Built on and named for a Civil War era military camp, Camp Randall Stadium features many intimidating features including the fact that opposing teams must pass through the Wisconsin student section on their way to the field.

The stadium is enclosed on both ends and lacks the openness of some other fields. This exponentially increases crowd volume levels. The stadium capacity is over 82,000.

When each game is over in Madison, the party is only just beginning. Even if the game is a lopsided loss, the sizable student section sticks around for the famed “Fifth Quarter.” The band comes back onto the field to play while the students dance and sing.

9.) Boise State
Bronco Stadium – Boise, Idaho

Say what you want. They dont play in a solid conference, the history is weak in Boise, or how many national contenders do they play week in and week out. Well the facts are that the Broncos have a 97% win percentage since 1999.

They have a compiled record of 71-2 since then and have won 42 striaght home conference games and are riding a 56 home game winning streak.

It’s starting to be a household place to play with the blue turf in check. Oregon found out last season that it isn’t easy. Head coach Chris Peterson is taking their program to places they never thought imaginable.

8.) Nebraska
Memorial Stadium – Lincoln, Nebraska

The stadium holds an ongoing NCAA-record 304 consecutive sellout streak, which began in 1962. They have been known for tradition and loyal, smart, and respectful fans.

They have won almost 80% of their home games this past decade and they hope to improve on that mark with Bo Pelini as the head coach. The “Sea of Red” has known to be insanely loud against their once arched rival Oklahoma.

With one of the best home win percentages ever, Nebraska has kept its dominance going. The greatest step to show greatness comes Oct. 16 when Texas comes to town.

7.) Oregon
Autzen Stadium – Eugene, Oregon

Arguably the toughest place to play college football on the West Coast is at the “Autzen Zoo.”

The fans at the Autzen Zoo are noisy, wild and obnoxious. In short, they’re everything college fanatics should be. They have been known to cram extra seats for big games.

With an enrollment of just over 20,000 students, though, most of the Ducks’ seats are filled by alums that can be just as jovially hostile as their younger counterparts.

6.) Penn State
Beaver Stadium – University Park, Pennsylvania

As the second-largest college football stadium in the country, Beaver Stadium is one of the most impressive structures in college football. It can hold over 110,000 fans.

The PA system’s lion roar, one of the first good stadium sound effects, still gets fans pumped up. Joe Pa has been roaming the sidelines for quite sometime and still tends to produce home wins.

The best time to visit a “Happy Valley” game is when they do PSU encourages all fans to don white, creating “white out” games where the stadium looks like snow.

5.) Georgia
Sanford Stadium – Athens, Georgia

There is never an easy game at Georgia. When you go “Between the Hedges” it is tough to win. The Bulldogs have compiled a 81% home win percantage since 2000.

This is the 7th largest stadium in the nation and the seats are usually hard to come by. This stadium also held part of the 1996 Olympics. When Geordia did their first ever “Black Out”, they beat down Auburn 45-20.

“I have played in many stadiums, but to me there are only two special stadiums, Yankee Stadium in New York and Sanford Stadium in Athens.” – Frank Tarkenton

4.) Florida
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium – Gainesville, Florida

Better known as ‘The Swamp,’ the stadium has seen more home victories since 1990 than has any other stadium in the SEC.

The capacity crowds in Gainesville know how to get rowdy. Silent snap counts are a must for visitors in The Swamp, but if the noise doesn’t get to opponents, the heat and humidity will.

The venue wastes no space in cramming nearly 90,000 sweaty, screaming fans into The Swamp, as the fans are a scant 10 feet away from the field in some areas. Talk about up close and personal.

3.) Ohio State (I personally think this is low, but I MAY be biased)
Ohio Stadium – Columbus, Ohio

“The Horseshoe” is easily one of the most recognizable venues in college football. Gamedays at Ohio State have it all– the tailgating, The Best Damn Band in the Land, and the tens of thousands of frenzied fans collaborate build one of the richest traditions in American sports.

Perhaps best known for Script Ohio and the dotting of the ‘I,’ few bands can fire up both the players and the fans like the Buckeyes’.

The Horseshoe’s double-deck design keeps the fans close to the field and amplifies the sound in the stadium. The Block “O” student section on the enclosed side is absolutely deafening, even during less important games.

2.) Virgina Tech (I don’t know if I agree with this. Their home record is nothing like that of Florida, Ohio State, or Penn State. BUT THEY ENTER TO “ENTER SANDMAN” BY METALLICA BLASTING OVER THE THE PA. Always wanted to see that in person

Tiger Stadium-Baton Rouge, Louisiana
With its home games often firing up around 7 p.m., LSU’s fans have all day to get themselves marinated for the big game. By the time kickoff comes, they’re ready to roar.

Boasting some of the most hardcore tailgaters in the nation, Baton Rouge is filled with tens of thousands of purple and gold-clad fans by Friday afternoon. An estimated 120,000 fanatics take part in pre-game festivities as the excitement crescendoes until the game’s conclusion.

“Death Valley” fits stadium perfectly as the Tigers have won 85% of their home games over the past 10 years.

Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant once said, “Baton Rouge happens to be the worst place in the world for a visiting team. It’s like being inside a drum.”


Suits for Soldiers
Great American Suits for Great Americans Contest
Operation Homefront is proud to be working with Hunter & Lords & Media Source for this great project! Hunter & Lords is proud to do our their part to support our American military heroes. Making the transition from military uniform to professional business attire can be challenging. Please nominate an Ohio serviceman who you believe deserves to win a custom-tailored men’s suit and dress shoes.

Please visit their website for contest rules and to enter


It has been awhile since I’ve written. I could have written so much more. I wish to thank all of you for your material and spiritual support over this past year. I hope that the emails that I have written have given you some insight into the picture of our troops (especially infantry) operating in Afghanistan. I saw Dustin the Sniper briefly the other day, and as I write this, he should be on a plane heading back to the states…his last mission in Afghanistan is over. I have safely completed my last mission as well (outside the wire anyway..I have 4 Confirmations and First Communions in the next couple of days…but I leave very soon).

I don’t have the numbers of killed and wounded from our unit..may God rest their Souls.

This past year has been, well, I’m not quite sure how to describe it. So with that, I thank you again…Dustin and I are coming home.

No more to follow…


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My most recent workout routine is ending. I wanna do the P-90X workout. Is anyone willing to let me borrow their discs?

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“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a misfit, a “crazy one”…


“Every thought that you have impacts you. By shifting from a thought that weakens to one that strengthens, you raise your energy vibration and strengthen yourself and the immediate energy field.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Sumtimes u gotta be comfortable being uncomfortabl-Rev Run

Fall Down 7 times…get up 8-Duane Wade

I really like this one, kinda fits me;
“If you make fun of Bryan Adams for being emotional and playing sappy love songs…he will kick you in the face with his steel toed boot”

Here’s what’s happening in CENTRAL OHIO!

Scorpions Farwell tour show is cancelled due to band illness

Michael Buble at Nationwide Arena (join me before the show at Frog Bear Wild Boar Bar for the biggest Pre-Party in the Arena District)


HB7 plays Papa Boo’s

Schuckin Bubba Delux is at Captain Woody’s

Red, White, and Boom lights up the Downtown Skyline. For all details go to
For the first time in over 10 years I will not be part of this event. BUT, big ups to all my buddies still involved. Rock it out while I play The New York City Skyline from The Meadowlands Stadium!!!


Trailor Park Ninja’s and The Olde Celler Band play Papa Boo’s

Dirty Money and Lt. Dan’s New Legs play Captain Woody’s

Columbus Sympnony Patriotic Picninc with The Pops at Chemical Abstracts

Kenny Logins plays Dublin High School for the 4th of July Celebration (I won’t be there in the “Danger Zone,” but will be “Alright,” wishing someone would “Meet me Half Way” but regardless will be “Footloose.” )


Enchanted plays Papa Boos

The Jack play Captain Woody’s


Vince Morris plays the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton


The 4th of July Tradition…The Doo Dah Parade celebrates EVERYTHING WEIRD in Columbus

Tweens Unite, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse rated PG-13

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