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Greetings during the early “Dog Days of Summer”

Before I get started, I hope y’all will join me THIS FRIDAY JULY 23, as the “Rubber & Hide Tour,” comes to Cardo’s (The Vault) down in Chillicothe. I have not done a full on Country gig in a while, at least locally. I am looking forward to doing my Country thang as I host a homecoming of sorts for James Gage. For those who don’t know, James is a local boy who is currently in Nashville and doing big thangs down in The ‘Vill. Please come out for a GREAT SHOW!

“Hey yall, it’s showtime again! Cardo’s now to be known as the vault. Kicking things off will be looong time friend, Matt Sexton one of central ohio’s newest radio personalities. (thanx James BUT I have bene in this game for over 19 years!) Even kicking things off for WCOL’s 92.3 country jam this past year. He’ll be spinning some of your favorites before and through out the shows intermissions. Scott Collier will kick the night off, and myself, with Les Richardson wraping things up. This will more than like be the only time I get back to play Chillicothe this year so lets make the most of it!. Its always a run around time for me whenever I make it back to Ohio so to attempt to see everyone is always impossible but I will be around a couple days before I have to get back to Nashville. Till i return to see Ohio State put the boogie woogie on Miami. I’m doing the best I can to keep everyone updated via facebook and myspace with video and pics but heres some current stuff:

Records out now and in supporting of my dear friends; first and foremost, Trailer Choir. ‘Tailgate’..(Butter and Vinny of the group co wrote 3 of the 5 songs on my cd trying to help me make a break). If you’re wanting fun. Its all over the new TC cd!…I will also be giving one away at the show! Also, me and Big Vinnies house (a converted church where we make our Buddy Matt Sexton sleep on the “former alter”) is in Country Weekly THIS week!. with Sugarland on the cover. Pg. 44. Next up would be Josh Thompson, his record is doing really well and he also co-wrote one of my songs as well titled ‘whats it gonna take’..believe it or not Matt Sexton also opened for him some time back! Josh did the demo on it before I got to touch it. Very Cool to be a part of all these things and it couldnt continue without EVERYONES support!

Fridays cover will only be $5 and i’ll have some cd’s for yall as well. spread the word and we’ll see ya’ll Friday.”-James Gage

I have also included a song from James, and Josh that is very special to me and somethings I am encountering…

CARDO’s (AKA the Vault)

27 West 2nd Street

Chillicothe, OH 45601-3111

(740) 775-2564

For more info and directions to this show:,+OH&cid=7759766115235920656

SO, greetings from the Home Office in Dublin Ohio. This is the last of 2 weekends I will be in town for the next few weeks. I gotta be honest, it has been nice to be at home, but I am ready to work, and see the wonders of the U-S of A (not that I have not been busy while here in Central Ohio).

I have had the great privilege to be part of some amazing events, and been lucky enough to spend a few moments with the person I care about, as well as hang with some new and old friends. All of these experiences are very special to me…but I gotta be honest the one thing I love about this life I lead, is taking part in someone’s’ BIG DAY.

A big day is different to anyone, no matter if it is a first time experiencing a concert, or a public event, a birthday, or even a wedding day. With my line of work I am able to not only be part of these events, but also see the enjoyment that a person gets from the experience. When it comes to weddings I am especially blessed to be part of a couple’s big day, and the lessons learned.

Don’t get me wrong, the wedding industry can be tuff. No matter how much communication or CONTRACT STATEMENTS there can always be problems. Brides, even if they don’t mean to be…can be raving lunatics! Most aren’t but some are. Others don’t consider this a job, like the one who just cancelled on me yesterday. THAT IS OK, I WILL FIND A WAY TO FUND THOSE ORGANIZATON I DONATE MONEY TO, AND TRY AND FIND A WAY TO FEED MY DOG (let alone myself)! But in all honesty with all jokes aside I am truly blessed to see first-hand the day two lives come together and a bond of marriage is formed with love. Every wedding no matter how big, small, large, or small budget…one thing is for sure, the couple is in love and everyone in the room can feel it. My job is to coordinate and orchestrate this to their guests.

One event I have started to do lately is an “Anniversary Dance.” This is a chance to not only see who has been married the longest, but to show an inspiration TO ALL OF US, that Love SHOULD last forever. Need an example? The wedding I did last Saturday had 2, TWO, couples who have been married for 57 years. The sparkle in those couples’s eyes was as bright as the new bride and grooms. Those moments not only make my job fun…but teaches me a GREAT LESSON!

I love what I do and love the chance to meet “MOST” of the folks I work with. In this arena of entertainment some great bonds, business agreements, and friends are made, as well as dreams realized! However, there are many lazy, shady, and other deuschbags who do not appreciate what they have…and even sadder, don’t give back.

I am reminded of this everyday this week while watching “Sports Center.” During one week every summer ESPN teams up with one of my favorite organizations, “The Make a Wish Foundation,” to grant wishes to kids who are fighting for happiness and survival. These kids are not only fighting for their lives…they are fighting, TO BE KIDS!!!

The Make a Wish foundation is awesome in assisting this. This week ESPN has focused on a few of these young’ins. I truly enjoy these segments, however, get nauseated when I hear the song associated with the clips.

The song used is ‘My Wish’ by “local” country band, Rascal Flatts. It is a great song by a group of talented, selfish, unappreciated bonafide a**holes. These guys have it all, and want all the recognition in “giving back.” I have nothing and am NO ONE, however I try and do whatever I can to give back, and better the lives of others. These guys had the chance to assist “Make a Wish” at a local event last Summer to raise A LOT OF MONEY; after all the booking, coordination, ticket sales, and production were complete…ONE MEMBER became “Ill” (insert cough, cough, cough) and refused to let the rest of the band perform. FOR THE RECORD…they were playing acoustic to a PRIVATE EVENT!!! He could have sat there and hummed along and no one would have known! Anyway, locals stepped up to the plate and got Phil Vasser to come in and save the day. THE REALLY SH**TY part, the BAND TOOK THE CREDIT for getting Phil when it was local media/radio/production HEROS who made the call! So yes, it is a great industry where many of us give back and enjoy working together…but there are some who, after they get fame, don’t get “IT.”

No matter what level of “success” the Good Lord Above has in his plans for me…I guarantee to give back far beyond that of where I am!

I guess I am a person who would have a lot more money, and time if I did not have the need to be involved, or try and “fix problems.” I heard a great sermon last week about fixing problems even when the odds are stacked against someone.

The analogy was made with McGyver, the old TV show where McGyver could be locked into a room on a space shuttle; with rising water in said room, and alligators nippin’ at his feet while the space shuttle was plummeting toward earth, and all he had was a stick of gum, a paperclip, and shoes filled with ground meat-he didn’t even have duct tape (cause we all know duct tape fixes everything!). As always McGyver would find a way to fix the situation!

McGyver always seemed to have faith in his situation that he could get out of anything, no matter what the odds. I guess we all have problems, not out of control space shuttles or alligators,…but many times can feel like our shoes are filled with ground meat in this dog-eat-dog world! We need to have faith in a higher power, and our own abilities, that we can get through any situation! As dumb as it sounds, as long as we have faith-we may only need a stick of gum to get through it, however we MAY NOT have that gum…or paperclip.

We need to have the faith and courage in ourselves to ask for help from others. BETTER YET, how about we offer our own gum, and paperclips to help others out of a jam…not to bail them out, OR even do the work for them. BUT show them how to make some device out of the gum and paperclip to help that person out the next time there seems to be a situation they think they cannot get out of. How about even better, how about just show through our loves what faith, and positive thinking can do…

And Finally…

What is with all the recent shooting here in C-Bus? Come on folks!!! In the last 3 days there have been over 12 shootings. The most recent was a young man who was shot in the back. I gotta say, that is a pretty cowardly move! Almost as much as someone who can not be a man and try to take what belongs to someone else on their own accord. I mean let’s face it, anyone who wants to take from someone else without earning it, is a mutha f**king a**hole, who should be shot on site just for taking what does not belong to them. Those that are worse? Those who are not man enough to JUST to be a slime ball, but also need to use a weapon. In the rash off recent shootings over half of the victims were unarmed. Unlike our illustrious Mayor Coleman, “Uncle” Ted Nugent has said it best:

“The war is coming to the streets of America and if you are not keeping and bearing and practicing with your arms then you will be helpless and you will be the victim of evil.”

I have my concealed carry license, however, I do not need it. I proved that by beating the tar out of the three young men who tried to take what belonged to me last summer. WITH MY BARE HANDS!!! Not everyone has this ability (or let’s face it…is that lucky, which looking back, I was), the common man/woman is given the right to bear arms, and we as Americans MUST practice this right; if not…our streets will no longer belong to “We The People.”


How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because some day in life you will have been all of these. ~ George Washington Carver

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and
strong. The amount of work is the same.” – Francesca Reigler

How you look & treat urself teaches every1 how to handle & treat u-Rev Run


Great song, and message. Plus I gotta admit; even though this song is “laid back,” as it builds it really fires me up. By the end of the song, and he swings the light bulb I wanna take on the world, and “fix it.” I wanna be a “light” and “fix you.”


I need a new app for my cardio routine (as limited as it may be); with starting my 12 week campaign for a half marathon, I want to track my progress. I have tried “run tracker,” and currently using “cardio trainer;” neither seem to map my GPS progress. Any thoughts/suggestions? OR DOES ANYONE HAVE AN EXTRA/OLD GARMIN they want to loan me?


I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy – Rabindranath Tagore

Live for the moments you can’t put into words ~ Author Unknown

Serving the needs of others has given me lots of those moments. How about you?

In the next few weeks I will be asking for assistance. Not for me, but for others-to help others. I have friends who are organizing a dart tournament for Operation Homefront, others who are attempting to better themselves by accomplishing some physical goals (in the Nike Woman’s Race)-while raising monies for kids/villages in Africa, and OUR ARMY/NAVY game group is starting to organize for this years event on December 11th. Wherever your interests, heart, and wallet guide you, please consider assisting some of the groups that need YOUR assistance, even if it is someone NOT associated with my groups-JUST DO SOMETHIING FOR SOMEONE!!!


The only thing bigger than the size of the man himself, was the size of Andyman’s heart! I have had the blessing of working with Andyman on a few occasions. He ALWAYS was good to me, and a true professional. His charity works, and the things he did for the community are an inspiration to me, and anyone who care about this community. Hell! They are an inspiration for ANYONE WHO CARES FOR OTHERS!!!

It is with much sadness that CD101 announces the passing of John Andrew “Andyman” Davis – programming director and beloved dee jay at CD101. Andy was vacationing with his family in Michigan and tragically drown this weekend. Andy is survived by his wife, Molly, and their three sons Johnny, Oliver, and Sammy.

Andyman Davis started at CD101 in June of 1991 as on on-air personality and became CD101’s Programming Director in 1998. Andyman was the voice of CD101’s afternoon drive program and was voted Columbus’ favorite DJ on numerous occasions.

I guess since the weather here in O-H-I-O has warmed up so quickly, the Dog Days of Summer are upon us. With that said the next three stories are appropriate?


These people were always finding water all over their pool deck and furniture, every time they came home, after being away for a few hours. They thought the neighborhood kids were watching for them to leave, and using the pool. However, they could never catch them doing it. So, they set up their video cam and left. This is what they found out


The World Famous Pepper Dog is going to Disney World?

Disney plans on opening a pet friendly resort, starting August 27,2010. The Best Friends Pet Care Resort includes more than 50,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, including 17,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor space, 10,000 square feet of covered outdoor runs and play areas, and an expansive private dog park for the use of pet resort clients and their dogs. The facility will hold up to 270 dogs and 30 cats.

Want to know more? Check out or by calling 877-4-WDW-PETS

More Dogs “entertainment”

Being the dog lover I am, and the Batman geek I am…this was funny!



This is a parody PSA from my Lil Buddy Bret Michaels. Funny stuff!!!

Bret Michaels has given the world so much — the knowledge that every rose does in fact have its thorn, that daddy issues will cause women to engage in horrific activities and that all it takes to win “Celebrity Apprentice” is a life threatening brain hemorrhage.

But since he clearly prefers to give than receive, Bret’s decided to take his love of skanks to the next level. As he revealed on last night’s VH1 Do Something Awards, the syphilitic singer (allegedly) is opening his very own reform school called Groupie Love.

It’s a combination Halfway House, Charm School and VH1 reality show that is currently accepting applications:


On Wednesday Night I had the chance to see some locals in a GREAT Homecoming Show. O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) showed their hometown that they truly feel Columbus is a “Second Home.” I have seen them many times and have been fortunate to hang out with them on more than one occasion. These guys have run the gauntlet from College Jam Band, to Alternative rock up-and-comers, to Pop Princes, to newly discovered radio play and “Mom Rock.” With every album they reinvent themselves, and I am proud to share a city and a profession with these guys. While I got to share this experience with a good friend, I was told that someone I care about is a fan. I am embarrassed I did not know this, and that I did not ask her if she wanted to go. While it was a GREAT show, experiencing it with her would have been even better!

The following lyrics kinda hit home:

She likes to sleep, and I love to stay up all night.
My friends say I’m “crazy” and I agree,
But that’s okay cause that’s the way I like to be.

Hey girl, come with me and let yourself go.!

-So while I did not ask her to “go” with me, I guess it is now time to ask that she NOW does let herself go…trust me, allow me to prove who I am through my actions, and give me the opportunity to find out more things (other than being an OAR fan) that I did not know about her.


“I’ve got one message to the president and bureaucrats in D.C. – We

don’t want a BP check. We don’t want an unemployment check. We want to

go back to work.”-Gov. Bobby Jindal

Interesting read!


This is a 5 min trailer for Patriot Riders, a documentary film in progress about the Patriot Guard Riders. It’s about the effects of war on the home front. Hoo-Rah to those who meet this calling. However, it is disgusting as to why they are needed!!!


Enough Music

We have very humble beginnings and are very sincere with what we are going to accomplish.

We love music and have had Enough of the things we don’t like about the music business.

We are not reinventing the wheel: we are just putting our own spin on it.

We want to represent all that is great about music.

Our mission is to put the artist first and keep Corporate America second.

We are the voice of the independent artist

So please always remember you can never have Enough of a good thing!!/pages/Enough-Music/360081961942

Sam Dunn III



This week, we celebrated the Anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon on July 20, and 21, 1969. America is proud of the young man who became a hero. We here in O-H-I-O are also proud of the young man from Wapakoneta, Ohio, the son of Stephen Koenig Armstrong and Viola Louise Enge. Being proud of my Irish Heritage I am also proud to have this hero as one of our own Celtic Brothers!

Apollo 11: Untold Stories of the Moon Race

Things You Never Knew About the Moonwalk, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin

That’s one small step for a man….” said Neil Armstrong — but depending on whom you ask, they may not have been the first words spoken from the moon.

They weren’t? Armstrong’s crewmate, Buzz Aldrin, sometimes claims that he got in the first line. Six hours earlier, as theApollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle touched down, it was Aldrin who called out, “Contact light.”

Forty years after that historic day, mythsand forgotten stories continue to hover over what Armstrong called Tranquility Base. Here, in a similar spirit, are a half dozen things you may never have heard about Apollo 11.

It Almost Didn’t Happen

The computer on board Eagle was not much more powerful than a digital watch today, and as the ship descended, its rocket engine at full blast, Armstrong realized the system was steering the astronauts toward a rugged crater the size of a football field.

He took over control, and went shooting over the landscape in search of smoother ground. As he went, Eagle gulped fuel. They ran so low that Aldrin called out, “Contact light,” just 17 seconds before mission control would have told the astronauts to jettison the ship’s landing stage, fire the ascent engine and abort the landing.

Would Armstrong, knowing by then he was so close, actually have made that risky move? We will never know.

Armstrong: Luck of the Draw

Armstrong’s name will live in history. Many people thought at the time he was hand-picked by NASA for the moon landing; he happened to be the only Apollo commander who wasn’t a military officer at the time.

But the astronauts’ boss, Deke Slayton, had a system of rotating crews among missions. He picked six three-man teams. Each would be the backup crew for one flight, and then actually fly three flights later. Neil Armstrong happened to be the backup commander of Apollo 8, which made him the commander of Apollo 11 – which would not have been the lunar landing flight if Apollo 9 and Apollo 10 had gone badly.

First Man on the Moon: Frank Borman?

Do you remember Borman’s name? He, James Lovell and William Anders flew Apollo 8 around the moon on Christmas Eve, 1968 — and Slayton thought that experience might make the difference between success and failure for the actual landing. So, breaking with his system, he offered Borman the chance to jump ahead in line and make the lunar landing flight.

Andrew Chaikin, co-author with Victoria Kohl of “Voices from the Moon,” interviewed both men, and says Borman turned the offer down.

“He was a team player, a military man, happy to have made a big play, but he didn’t feel the need to score the touchdown,” said Chaikin. “And his wife was anxious for him to stop flying and risking his life.”

So Slayton went back to his regular crew-rotation system, and it is Armstrong’s name we are hearing today.

No Pictures, Please

Think of all the vivid color photographs you’ve seen of the Apollo 11 astronauts on the lunar surface. Almost all the pictures are of Buzz Aldrin, not of Armstrong.

It is one of those nasty little details of history that Neil Armstrong carried the only still camera on the moon walk – so the pictures are by him, not of him. He got Aldrin coming down the ladder to the ground, posing with the American flag, setting up experiments, etc., but Aldrin did not return the favor.

Apollo 11: the Lost Stories

Armstrong did lend Aldrin the camera for a few minutes, during which he mostly shot rocks. Aldrin did shoot one panorama of the landing site, and Armstrong is seen in the corner of one frame. From the rear.

The Russians Are Coming

John F. Kennedy was candid about his reasons for the moon race: he wanted to beat the Russians there. By 1969 it was clear the Americans were ahead, but it’s been revealed since that up until the last, the Soviets were still trying to win.

Theirs was a high-risk, go-for-broke plan. They built a giant rocket, called the N-1, 345 feet tall, with no fewer than 30 rocket nozzles in its first stage. It was more powerful than the Saturn V that launched the Apollo missions.

The Soviets would have launched two cosmonauts, and only one of them would have landed on the moon. One man, alone, on an entire world.

But the N-1 proved too complex for its own good. It never had a successful test launch, and after Apollo’s success, it was abandoned.

Apollo 13 Could Have Ended It

Public interest in the moon waned quickly after Apollo 11. But then came Apollo 13 in April 1970, and the oxygen tank explosion that almost killed astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise.

Suddenly, the public focused again on space — in a way that made many in Washington and Houston nervous.

In the end, says author Andrew Chaikin, Apollo 13 proved to be “NASA’s finest hour.” The 1994 movie, starring Tom Hanks as Lovell, was nominated for a best picture of the year Oscar.

But in 1970, there were a lot of nervous officials in Houston, and in the administration of President Richard Nixon.

“There were people saying to Nixon, ‘You’re liable to have a disaster on your watch and you shouldn’t keep this thing going,'” says Chaikin. In the end, Nixon let the program continue.

“It turns out,” says Chaikin, “that Richard Nixon liked heroes.”

Heroic mailman saves 3 lives while on the job

AKRON, Ohio – The mailman finished his afternoon deliveries in an unassuming way, betraying no sign that anything out of the ordinary had occurred save for the blood on his uniform and the cut on his lip. Back at the post office, his actions were greeted with cries of disbelief: “Did you hear? Keith saved another life today.”

Such is a day in the life of Keith McVey, the postal worker with the bronzed skin and the alert blue eyes who can’t walk down the street without being honked at by passing cars filled with his admirers — or, apparently, without saving a life.

“He’s a rock star in our eyes,” says Tina Starosto, a receptionist at King Apartments, where a sign declaring “Keith Our Hero” is prominently tacked to the office wall.

Over the years, McVey, 53, has helped saved three people while on his mail route, earning a reputation as the humble superhero of this small neighborhood near a lake. Last week, he threw aside his bundle of mail to perform CPR on an unconscious man on the side of the road. Two years ago, he pulled a drowning girl from the lake. And nearly 20 years ago, when a teenager tried to take his life by jumping off a bridge on a snowy winter day, McVey, unable to stop him from jumping, covered the teen with blankets and helped keep him alive until an ambulance arrived.

McVey was embarrassed about displaying the many awards and newspaper clippings that showcase his acts of derring-do for fear of, as he put it, “tooting my own horn.”

It usually starts, as most feats of heroism do, with a cry for help.

Last week, it came from the back of a pickup. A panicked man was trying to revive his unconscious friend.

“He said his buddy wasn’t breathing,” explains McVey. “I thought, well, let’s see what’s going on. Sometimes you just have to act.” McVey, who is trained in CPR but had never actually performed it on anyone before, began chestcompressions while another bystander checked the man’s wrist for a pulse. They worked on him for several minutes as a crowd began to form around them. Seconds slowed into minutes, but McVey knew he had to keep going until the ambulance arrived.

“Pretty soon the woman said, ‘I’ve got a pulse, I’ve got a pulse,'” he remembers, smiling. “And shortly after that, he started breathing on his own.”

The man whom he saved was taken to a hospital and later recovered. He told police he did not want his name released to the media.

McVey’s legend around town grew.

“Another carrier came in and really nonchalantly said, ‘Keith saved another life,'” says his co-worker, Memory Valentine. “And I got up and walked outside, and I saw he had what looked like blood on his shirt and a mark on his lip. And I said, ‘Keith, what happened?'”

But performing CPR was a simple affair compared to McVey’s harrowing experience in the lake two summers ago. On a hot afternoon, he was depositing mail in metal boxes along the shore when the screams began. This time, they were coming from a 13-year-old girl, who was flailing in the water about 70 feet from the lake’sedge.

Then, to his horror, she disappeared beneath the surface.

“I screamed at her, ‘Hold on, hold on, I’m coming,'” he says, “to give her a little strength to try and stay above the water.”

He kicked off his heavy leather shoes, threw his mailbag to the ground and dove in while the girl’s baby sitter and younger sister screamed and sobbed.

McVey is not a trained lifeguard, nor is he a particularly talented swimmer. When he reached the girl, she grabbed hold of him and immediately pulled him underwater.

“At that point I thought, this is a little dicey,” he says. “But I pried her off me, sent her up to the top as best I could, and she grabbed onto me again.”

It was like that the whole way in: McVey would be dragged down by the frightened girl, then come up for a breath of air. He swam the backstroke, stopping every few moments to feel for the lake bottom with his foot.

“It wasn’t textbook lifesaving, but it was enough to get the job done,” he says.

Having handed the girl over to paramedics, the postman squeezed the water out of his socks, slipped on his shoes and hauled his mail sack over his shoulder once again, still in his wet clothes.

“I mean, he went on with his mail-carrying job, soaking wet,” Starosto says in amazement. “He didn’t think twice about it. Just kept right on going.”

McVey simply shrugs when asked whether, given the day’s extraordinary events, he might have taken the afternoon off. The thought hadn’t occurred to him. Really.

“Because if I didn’t finish up, they’d have to take all my mail back,” he explains. “I didn’t want anybody to have to pick up my slack.”

The recent accolades make him feel a bit uncomfortable, but he understands the attention. After all, he’s brought three lives back from the brink of death. Is it simply coincidence? Was he simply in the right place at the right time?

“I’m not sure, but after three times, I’m beginning to think there might be a little divine intervention of some sort,” he says. “It is kind of eerie.”

Whatever it is, residents of this lakeside community are simply happy to have him around. You know, just in case.

“I think they should have him wear a cape when he walks around here,” Starosto says, laughing. “So they’ll know to holler for him when they need help.”


Whale Leaps From Water, Crushes Sailboat

If you play with fire, you get burned. Or crushed, it appears.

Photographs show a 33-foot southern right whale soaring out of the water off Cape Town, South Africa, and landing on a couple’s boat, nearly destroying it. But reports indicate that the 40-ton beast was provoked into the attack — and local officials are investigating.

The couple, Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner, posted pictures of the incident on a Facebook pageassociated with their company, Cape Town Sailing Academy.

The couple detailed the incident in a typo-laden post on the social-networking site:

“While taking some pictures we decided to had back when a southern right whale, between 11 – 14 m long, breach about 100 meters away from us and then suddenly breach about 10 meters from us and then on us. We where sailing had no engine of so we could not even take any action. Scary!”

Mothes said his 32-foot steel boat had held up well, sustaining no structural damage despite the right whale’s massive bulk.

Reports suggest that the couple’s harassing behavior may have incited the whale, however, leading the local Department of Environmental Affairs to launch an investigation. Several people came forward to say a boater had broken the law by approaching the whale,reported one local news agency.

The couple tells a different story. They point out that because this particular species of whale navigates by sound — and has poor eyesight — it may have simply not heard the sailboat.

“Our boat’s engine was off and so the whale just didn’t know we were there,” Paloma Werner told the BBC.

“We were just the wrong boat, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.”

Werner and her partner Ralph reportedly first saw the whale in the distance. They floated for an hour watching. “It appeared about 120 meters away from our boat and then it went under the water again,” she told the BBC.

“A few moments later, I saw it resurface just 10 meters away. Suddenly I heard my partner shout, and when I looked around, I saw the huge thing breaching onto the deck.

“Instinctively, I took cover as the mast came crashing down. I saw my partner, Ralph, dive for cover behind the yacht’s wheel. Then the whale slid down the side of the boat and back into the water.”

“As soon as I realized that we were unhurt, we checked to see how much damage had been done.

“Luckily, we weren’t taking on water so we started the engine and headed for shore. I saw the whale reappear further away.

“When we got back to land, I realized how lucky we were to have survived.”


Nick Saban: Who Are the Real “Pimps” in Collegiate Athletics?

GET ‘em NICK!!!

HOOVER, Ala. — Nick Saban didn’t pull punches Wednesday when discussing the improper contact with athletes by unscrupulous agents, comparing their behavior to that of a “pimp.”

The Alabama coach was upset about the rash of recent agent-related incidents that have resulted in NCAA investigations at several Southeastern Conference schools.

“I don’t think it’s anything but greed that’s creating it right now on behalf of the agents,” Saban said in a rant at the Southeastern Conference media days. “The agents that do this — and I hate to say this, but how are they any better than a pimp?

“I have no respect for people who do that to young people. None. How would you feel if they did it to your child?” Saban said.

Agents, not national titles, was the primary topic on Day 1 at the Wynfrey Hotel. Three SEC teams — Florida, Alabama and South Carolina — are investigating allegations involving improper contact with an agent. Saban and SEC commissioner Mike Slive both emphatically said it was time for a change to NCAA rules governing agents.

Saban confirmed that Alabama is looking into a trip defensive end Marcell Dareus took to an agent’s party at Miami’s South Beach. South Carolina is looking into claims from the same South Beach party with tight end Weslye Saunders.

Georgia associate athletic director Claude Felton confirmed that the NCAA requested permission late Wednesday afternoon to conduct an inquiry on the Bulldogs’ campus. He would not say what the inquiry was about or whether it was related to the South Beach party.

“This is all we can say,” Felton said.

Florida and the NCAA are reportedly investigating whether offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey — now an NFL rookie — received $100,000 from a sports agent’s representative between the SEC championship game and the Sugar Bowl.

Pouncey denied the allegation.

“I did not accept $100,000, it is an absolutely ridiculous claim,” he said in a statement through his attorney. “I have completely cooperated with the investigation and answered any and all questions put to me.”

Florida coach Urban Meyer said the Gators support Pouncey.

“If something happened, we should be punished severely,” Meyer said. “If it didn’t happen, then it’s nonsense. I heard his denial today and we stand by Maurkice Pouncey.”

The player’s twin brother, Florida offensive lineman Mike Pouncey, said they have both cooperated with investigators.

“I talked to my brother and it’s not true,” Mike Pouncey said. “He pretty much cleared that up in his statement. I feel bad about it because they’re ruining somebody’s name and they really don’t know who my brother and I are. We pride ourselves on having a good, clean name. It’s just hard right now.

“I’m just ready to be done with it,” he said.

Saban said he wants the NFL Players Association to get involved and suspend agents whose dealings help cost players eligibility, sending a message through their bank accounts.

“That’s the only way we’re going to stop this happening, because it’s ridiculous and it’s entrapment for young people at a very difficult time in their life,” the former Miami Dolphins coach said. “It’s very difficult for the NCAA to control it, and it’s very unfair to college football.

“I think we should look into doing something about that,” he said.

Meyer said it’s impossible for a coach to keep agents or their “runners” off campus and said they need to be “severely punished” by either state laws or the NFL for wrongdoing.

“It’s epidemic right now,” he said. “It’s always been there, but I think we’ve reached a point where the magnitude of college football is really overwhelming. We’ve really got to keep an eye on that.”

The NFL itself, though, seems unlikely to get involved. Told of Meyer’s comments, league spokesman Greg Aiello noted in an e-mail exchange with The Associated Press: “The agents are regulated by the union.”

Asked whether the NFL might prod the NFLPA on the matter, Aiello wrote: “The union’s comments make clear that no encouragement is necessary.”

NFLPA assistant executive director George Atallah wrote in an e-mail to the AP: “We take violations of NFLPA rules by agents seriously and investigate them vigilantly. This situation is no different.”

Atallah’s boss, NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, voiced an even stronger stance in an appearance on ESPN Radio earlier Wednesday — before Saban’s remarks.

“I think that any agent or contract adviser who does that, and preys upon kids like that in college, is something that we’re going to deal with extremely aggressively,” Smith said. “Frankly, god help those agents if they’re found to be in violation, because I’ve given our players … the green light to take the most aggressive steps that they want to take.

“If those steps include me or someone else in our office making a criminal referral under certain circumstances, that’s what we’ll do,” he said.

Slive said he wanted the NCAA to change its philosophy for dealing with agents from one based on rules enforcement to a policy that is more oriented toward educating student-athletes.

He said the current NCAA rules “may be as much part of the problem as they are the solution.”

In statement released Wednesday afternoon, Rachel Newman-Baker, the NCAA’s director of agent, gambling and amateurism, said the governing body is reviewing its policies but pointed out that schools can “change or amend the agent rules through the normal legislative process.”

“NCAA rules allow conversations and information gathering between agents and student-athletes, but agreements and receiving extra benefits are not permitted,” the statement said. “The NCAA Division I Amateurism Cabinet, a group of individuals from across membership with representation by 21 conferences, is currently reviewing how the NCAA can continue to help student-athletes gather information about pursuing a career in professional athletics.”

Improper contact with agents is hardly just an SEC issue, and it appears the rest of college football is paying attention.

At Miami, players said Wednesday they’re reminded “constantly” about the rules prohibiting contact with agents. And the investigations that have come out in recent days led to a reiteration of those rules, Hurricanes wide receiver LaRon Byrd said.

“It’s kind of crazy,” Byrd said. “You look at things like that, and I feel like those guys are being selfish, not looking out for the team. That’s something we always instill. It’s all about teamwork here. I would not put my teammates in danger, in jeopardy of losing games or damaging this program because I want to be greedy and take gifts or take things.”

Alabama is among SEC schools who use former NFL executive Joe Mendes to counsel players and families about dealing with agents. Heisman Trophy-winning running back Mark Ingram said Tide players are educated about dealing with agents or their representatives.

“We have a great program in our organization that teaches us how to deal with situations like that,” said Ingram, a junior. “Everybody is educated on how to deal with situations and how to approach those situations.

“My focus is on this team and this football season. Anything else is irrelevant,” he said.

Tide junior linebacker Dont’a Hightower said he hasn’t personally been contacted by agents.

“We try to keep away from things like that and not bring it into the team,” Hightower said.


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