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Greetings from Sonoma California on this Anniversary…

Greetings from The Napa Valley, just outside San Fran California. For those of you ladies, running/walking in the Nike Women’s Race. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the course. For those in The O-H-I-O, please have an Ice Cold locally Brewed King Of Beers for me, and yell an an extra “O-H!” since I can not be there. GO BUCKS!

I had never been to San Fran, and am enjoying all the landscape. This is the perfect combination of warmth, breeze, ocean (ok…Bay), and mountains. The day starts with an amazing sunrise over the mountains, and sets…well you can’t see due to one of the coolest phenomenon’s I have seen, the rolling of the fog. The fog is so intense; it looks like waves rolling over the trees and mountains. While kinda eerie (I was reminded of the movie “The Fog”), it was an amazing feet of Mother Nature, and THE BIG GUY ABOVE, especially seeing the fog eclipse the Golden Gate Bridge.

I am very lucky to be able to do “whatever the he**” it is I do, this is from hard work, help/support from a lot of friends, and a blessing of whatever “talent” I may have, or have the assumption of. The reason I get to experience events/trips like this is due to some of the BRAVE MEN & WOMEN who have served, and are serving. Also due to some of those who “serve” domestically-those “everyday heroes” we tend to forget about. After “that day” 9 years ago, we vow to “Never Forget.” How often does that really mean anything, except on an anniversary?

9 years ago I was working in a dead end job working for little pay, no respect, no backing, and hours well beyond 60 hours a week. I was accused of not working and being lazy. I was also told I was selfish and did not care. All of these areas add up to the role of “Child Protection Specialist” in children’s services. I hated my job, and I guess it showed. The stress took its toll on my health AND my social life. I had no friends/support outside of the job, and when EVERYONE is jaded the support does not help. I have always been a loaner and this roll made it even worse. The only solace I had was being in my car while traveling to see the kids.

The following has A LOT OF SPELLING ERRORS, AND GRAMMATICAL issues that would make Sr. Irene look up from hell and yell at me (think about how I said that one). ANYWAY, I wanted to write free flow to get my points across!

On Tuesday September 11th 2001, I like many remember EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING. There was not a CLOUD IN THE SKY…it was a perfect BLUE. The temperature here in Central Ohio (and for that matter NYC), was a perfect combination of a crisp light breeze, and warmth from the sun. I know this because I was in my dad’s Miata. I think I had it due to my truck (as was with often the case) was broke down (BUT I DID/DO LOVE THAT TRUCK). I was cruising down 315 South to make a “surprise” visit at a school-which was my favorite way to see the rug rats. I remember having Donny Iris playing on the CD player; I thought I was so cool while singing “Al-eah!” To this day, I am embarrassed that I was so wrapped up in the “escape” that did not have the radio on and did not know of the events that would change this Country Forever.
I arrived to the school, and the doors where unlocked, and there was no one in the office. I found this a “little” strange, and began to look around-while walking the halls UNESCORTED. At this point I was getting pi**ed off. The previous Summer I had worked as an intern in the AG office and planned the “Safe School Summit” to say an unlocked door and “visitor” wandering the halls was not what was presented at the summit would be an understatement. So I heard noise coming from the Auditorium. I walked down to see the auditorium PACKED with kids, and adults (teachers) standing in back. I wondered in to see one of the coolest presentations I have ever had the HONOR of witnessing.

There was an adult female standing on the stage with a large America Flag (the ones in the corner of a classroom), a small tv (and while probably bigger than I thought-was tiny in the large auditorium), and a small flag she was clinching, and by this I mean the veins in her arm were bulging.

The woman on stage was the principle of the school (I can tell you all details except what school I was at-I don’t remember). I was still not sure what was going on, I could see buildings on the tiny TV and something exploding. I listened to the principle standing on stage, but as usual I had yet to “listen” to a principle. All I heard was blah blah blah (kinda like the Charlie Brown Principle). I was looking around and looking for my kid just so I could get out of there and be on my way. Then I heard in a very calming, direct, voice that assured authority and sympathy; “You ALL will be safe while in my school.”

OK AT THIS POINT MY A D D went away I was at attention and I was focused! I had always had a desire to help others and keep them safe, from “being Bigg-er,” working as a “door guy” and even security at a concert. This is the reason I went into a dead end-burn out job, and stayed even though I was miserable.

This principle and her “speech” is something I will never forget. I can’t remember her name, or the school…but remember the calming in her voice. At that very moment I learned that a calm soft approach can be even more stabilizing and effective than LOUD AND AGGRESSIVE (this is also the first time I learned that OUR Country was under attack.

I made a point to see my kid, and assured him I was there to talk if he needed (I also followed up with a phone call that night).

So off to the office I went, but before I did I made a pit stop.

The only “store” that did not have a backside “carryout” around the office was a Walgreens. Most stores, if you were in, you had the chance of being nailed in a drug bust-just by being inside. SO I went to Walgreens and asked if they had any American Flags. There were 2 girls working the counter. One was older and watching the small tv placed behind the counter, the other…was flipping through a “Jet” magazine. I remember THAT but not the name of the school?

Anyway, I asked for the flags, and the lady watching TV got teary eyed and said they were all packed up, but would look. She went into the back and brought out a display unit. I asked her how much for all of them, and she said “no charge-just thank you for doing this!” (I thought doing what? This is the type of crap I always do). I only took half of the supply (with the hopes of someone else doing the same thing).

Back to the office I went as I walked in the secretary saw me and started crying. This is not that unusual due to the fact we had a love hate relationship and she was often so mad at me she would tear up…but this time was different. She gave me a hug and I proceeded to put a flag on everyone’s desk (I still have mine in my home office hanging up).

We were all gathered around a little 2 ½ x 3’ black and white screen watching the events. Unfortunately I got there just in time to see the second plane hit. Even as Billy Badd A** as I thought I was, I still got nauseous and had to spend some time in the bathroom-remembering this moment is making me a little sick to stomach now.

A co-worker that I did not get along with was very upset. Her dad was scheduled on a flight to Boston; with a layover…she did not know where, only what airlines. It was a United flight. She could not get a hold of him due to Verizon Cell services interrupted (for those that did not know, One of Verizon’s main tower was on top of the World Trade Center Building).

I DID NOT get along with this co-worker (and yes she was even boarder line hot and I did not get along with her). Anyway when I saw how shook up she was, I tried to find out what was going on. I went online and found her dads flight (at that time you could even look up passengers.) I found her dad was safe and on the ground. Hearing the principle talk to her kids that morning allowed me to stay calm that morning and just…help. (as I try to do daily now, after this horrible day)

After a few hours of watching and all “Government” agencies were being sent home, our director sent all of us home. I refused! My sense of nationalism, or maybe U.S. arrogance refused to give into a terrorist threat or action attempting to dictate I change my daily life. Instead I was glued to the small tv screen for what seemed like seconds…I realized a few hours had passed, when my supervisor called to check on me. I think some folks realized I, like many Americans, was having a very hard time with the events. At this point I began calling folks who I knew had loved ones, family, etc that could have been affected.

To this day I have some guilt about one of those calls. I called a Mother type friend I have. I asked if she had heard from someone we both knew who was working at The Towers, she stated “no,” and in a hurry I hung up. It is with deep regret I forgot her own son was living in NYC. IN MY HURRIEDNESS I forgot about him, and to ask if HE was ok. (P.H.) I am sorry for this, and have made a point to make conscious efforts to make it know I care about all friends and their families.

I also did something NO ONE at the office knew about…I drove around the state seeing all the kids on my caseload to make sure they were ok, or needed to chat. I also wanted to assure them that their worker would not let anything happen to them. Most of these kids were SCARED TO DEATH OF ME, so it shocked them, but, I think they knew if I was as mean as they thought…I would also have the ways/means to protect them. That night, I went for a walk and did not come home till it was time to go to the gym before work.

When I arrived at the gym…I saw one of the COOLEST yet simple gestures of Patriotism I had seen up to that point. When I walked into the gym, behind the treadmills (located immediately in front of the main doors), was a LARGE Red, White, and Blue American flag. I gotta admit I got a lil teary eyed at this point. And I may have ran a little harder than normal on that day, as I got PI**ED OFF WE HAD BEEN ATTACKED.

Off to work I went. There was not much going on in office, and many eyes glued to the tv. I organized most of the office to walk down to the Red Cross to donate blood. THERE WAS A LINE DOWN THE BLOCK AND AROUND THE CORNER! NOW REMEMBER, the office was not in a great neighborhood, and this was a sight that stood out. We were turned down due to the supply while would be deplinished, could not keep.

For many days I stayed up wanting more information, and could not sleep. I was a news junky! My supervisor at the time, I think, noticed I was having a hard time. She invited me to her sons soccer match just so I was not alone (again I am a loaner now…but was really shut off at this time). In the past I would have never thought of even entertaining this invite. But, jumped on it, and glad I did. I remember all the families there together sharing their kids experiences.

That night on the field I remember looking up (as I had done a few times in recent days), and noticed there was not a cloud in the sky, NOR was there any air traffic (all traffic was still grounded). At approx 6 something (again remember this part of details but not the principles name), there was a roar in the air, with 4 jets flying very low, escorting the Blue striped “Air Force One” with the POTUS in route to D.C. (BTW I had learned for the first time that POTUS was code for President of The United States). This would be the same individual that THIS COUNTRY LOVED when he shook his finger at The WORLD on a TV broadcast and said “We will find you, and you will be brought to justice” (again in that calm, direct tone that the principle had). THE SAME PRESIDENT I SUPPORTED THEN, AND WHOSE ACTIONS (at least with the Military) I STILL SUPPORT! But I degress…

I also brought candles to the soccer game. (why candles?) There was a National Moment of prayer that was asked for at (I believe 8:46pm).

NOW you can’t buy just one candle so I had a pack. The families at the soccer matches all asked for my extras. With the exception of the cleats clapping on the ground and the ball being kicked, you could have heard a pen drop! This was a pretty cool moment, and I began to realize for the first time in a long time…there were some people it was OK to “real” in front of. It was also the first time in a long time there was friends who invited me into their family and lives…

This tragedy while it still hurts, was a life changing experience. I vowed to be a better person, and while watching the heroes of the NYPD, and NYFD I vowed to do more than I was doing to/for others. I also made it a point to reach out and open up more. ALL WHILE DOING ANYTHING I COULD TO ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU TO OUR BRAVE WHO SERVE OVER SEAS OR DOMESTICALLY.

I will go into more detail on how I saw change in OUR country on this day, but also how it was a life changing moment for me next week.


Vowed to always give back-stop their and finish next week

At Park Street Cantina

I wanted to invite you to an event I am co-hosting for Ohio Senate candidate Frank LaRose later this month in Columbus.

Thursday, September 16th
5-7 pm
Park Street Cantina
533 Park Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Tickets are just $35, payable to ‘LaRose for Senate’ with credit card or personal check. Food and drinks will be provided.

Frank is someone who I believe can make a real difference in Ohio. He is the kind of leader we need in the State Capitol. I think once you have the opportunity to meet Frank, you will feel the same way.

I hope to see you there!

For more information on Frank, visit his website,

You can RSVP via Frank’s Facebook page

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me Jon Coorey at 330-631-2553.

Thanks for all of your help,

John Coorey
Campaign Manager
LaRose for Ohio Senate

Mobile: 330.631.2553
Office: 330.869.0022

71 Westgate Circle
Akron, OH 44313

Paid for by LaRose for Senate – Michael George, Treasurer – 3800 Rosemont Blvd, 109-C Akron, OH 44333

Happiness is not a mood it’s a decision!

A man who develops himself is born twice – Argentinean Proverb

God breaks your heart till you learn to open it…

This is true for ANYONE I meet…and in a few cases, hits a little close to home just wanna see you “smile”

Being the Anniversary of “That Day”

I found the app for the discount cards you put on your key ring. It is call…”Key Ring” DAH!

Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy-Gretta Brooker Palmer

As I have been stating, I have friends who are attempting to better themselves by accomplishing some physical goals (in the Nike Woman’s Race)-while raising monies for kids/villages in Africa, and OUR ARMY/NAVY game group is starting to organize for this year’s event on December 11th. Wherever your interests, heart, and wallet guide you, please consider assisting some of the groups that need YOUR assistance, even if it is someone NOT associated with my groups-JUST DO SOMETHIING FOR SOMEONE!!!

This is tragic. 1.) He was so young 2.) The evil that is Cancer takes another 3.) He had ties to Columbus-“I like the girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch 4.) I actually worked for LFO (loudest screams I have ever heard-AND THE DAY AFTER A BUFFETT SHOW HANGOVER)

LFO lead singer Rich Cronin dies of leukemia at 35

Rich Cronin, the lead singer and founder of the late-1990s boy band LFO, is dead at just 35 years of age. The singer died on Wednesday (Sep. 8) after a long battle with leukemia, celebrity news website TMZ reported.

Cronin, the writer of LFO’s 1999 break-out hit ‘Summer Girls,’ suffered a stroke and died in the hospital this afternoon, his brother told the site.

Rich loses battle with leukemia
A native of Boston, Cronin lost his 5-year battle with leukemia two weeks after his 35th birthday, reports Daily Mail.

Cronin was diagnosed on March 28, 2005 with acute myelogenous leukemia and went through first round of chemotherapy the following month that same year.

Following his diagnoses, the singer set up a foundation to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Cronin was diagnosed on March 28, 2005 with acute myelogenous leukemia and went through first round of chemotherapy the following month that same year.

Manager confirms sad news
Cronin’s manager Melissa Holland confirmed the singer’s death in a statement on his Facebook page, according to MTV.

“On behalf of the Cronin family and all at the Hope Foundation and [his record label] Orange Freeze, thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. Continue to post them as a tribute to a great man, a better artist and the best friend I could ever have,” Holland wrote.

Fellow boys post condolences on Facebook, Twitter
Meanwhile, several former boy banders have expressed their sadness over the sudden demise of Cronin, and paid their respects online, posting tributes on their social networking website pages.

Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC fame wrote on his Facebook profile, “Rip to a great friend rich c.”

Lance Bass, also of *NSYNC, tweeted: “Sad sad day that Rich Cronin died- was an amazing guy.”

Band mate Brad Fischetti wrote, “Thank you for all the kind messages. Devin [Lima] and I will miss our brother Rich. May he rest in peace with our Lord in Heaven. Please pray for his family.”

About LFO
Founded in 1995, LFO, or the Lyte Funky Ones, was an American three-man pop/rap group consisting of Rich Cronin (born Aug. 30, 1975, Devin Lima (born March 18, 1977), and Brad Fischetti (born Sep. 11, 1975).

Before Lima, Brian Gillis, known as ‘Brizz,’ was the third member of the band. The LFO members broke up in 2002 to pursue other endeavors.

LFO is best known for the 1999 beach-y hit ‘Summer Girls,’ which included the lyric penned by Cronin, ‘I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch.’

The band’s ‘Summer Girls’ hit #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Single Sales chart for six weeks. The follow-up, ‘Girl on TV,’ reached No. 10.

The video for ‘Girls on TV’ featured Cronin’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt.

They signed a deal with Lou Pearlman, the now-imprisoned pop impresario behind ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

To my Lil Buddy Charlie Bogan (maybe his mother will share this with him?)
This “dude” turns the big 11 this week. He is smarter than I was at 11, and borderline smarter than I am now. He is a great kid, and I enjoy the time I get to spend with him. Happy “Snake Eyes” buddy!!!


How was your “recovery Summer?”

To this who have ever served, and especially those who have served since “That Day” 9 years ago, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice (along with their families). I send a heartfelt and teary eyed…THANK YOU!


Just wondering; “Do you think the Corinthians were like, “We got ANOTHER letter from Paul? I didn’t even finish the first one yet.”


I’m on vacation and trying to unplug but the news can make that hard. I just read the story about the Florida church planning to burn copies of the Koran.

What is wrong with us? It’s just like the Ground Zero mosque plan. Does this church have the right? Yes. Should they? No. And not because of the potential backlash or violence. Simply because it is wrong. The more I reflect on what happened on 8/28 the more I realize the amazing power of GOOD.

We must be the better person. We must be bigger than our problems. Bigger than the times in which we live. Burning the Koran is like burning the flag or the Bible. You can do it, but whose heart will you change by doing it? You will only harden the hearts of those who could be moved. None of those who are thinking about killing us will be affected, but our good Muslim friends and neighbors will be saddened. It makes the battle that they face inside their own communities even harder.

Let us rise above the current levels and elevate ourselves and our country. The only thing this act would prove is that you CAN burn a Koran. I didn’t know America was in doubt on that fact. Let’s prove to each other that while there are many things we can do, there are maybe many more things that we choose not to do.

Great article on different views of religion

One can imagine how powerful and proud Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida must be feeling lately. Plucked from obscurity and accorded his regional fifteen minutes of fame earlier this year with his “no homo mayor” signs directed at Craig Lowe, openly gay (then-) mayoral candidate of Gainesville, Jones is now in the worldwide spotlight.

His little church of Christian extremists decided that September 11 should become “Burn a Koran Day.” He and his angry posse, who post enormous, ugly signs on their church property stating that Islam is of the devil, will torch a few copies of Islam’s holy book because…well, because they can.

Naturally most of the sane people in the world aren’t happy with their plans. But over and over, the reasoning behind protesting the act is the desire to not offend Muslims. That is the worst reason for protesting against the bonfire.

Protest against the hatred Jones and his followers spew with the symbolic act. Protest intolerance (though tolerance of utter nonsense is not admirable.) Protest against the wanton destruction of perfectly good books (debatable). Or protest the censorship implied in any book burning.

But do not protest the act of offending people.

Muslims, like Christians before them, must learn the hard lesson that their religion and their beliefs are not sacred to everyone. The non-Muslim world is, and must remain, free to question, ridicule, and yes, despise Islam, just as it has Christianity,Mormonism, Scientology, and various bizarre cults that prop up from time to time.

Radical Muslims who threaten, and act out in, violence whenever their precious beliefs are ridiculed (or worse, merely portrayed in art form) need to grow up, to put it plainly. They need to stop behaving as if they can control the world based on their belief system–they can not.

Those Americans who fear the rise of Islam in America must also grow up, and realize that ours is a nation of laws. All religions have the right to attempt to spread and flourish here. And everyone else has the right to ridicule them, in any manner they see fit, so long as they do no harm to others’ personal property (and obtain the necessary permit, apparently).

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Still dealing with a bum knee, BUT, I will get back on the horse and still lifting (upper body), and listening to others who know more than I-and doing the training/rehab runs they are advising.

To learn more or to check out some of the products from Visalus OR have the chance to make an extra income… Or

Compassion is the foundation of a good heart, the heart of one who acts out of a desire to help others. DalaiLama

Don’t be discouraged… it’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all – Dale Carnegie

PROMISES, the one time it’s cool to be selfish & keep something!! Because the promise you are keeping will have a gift at the end for someone else!!

All you have to do is win every day, win every play-Nick Saben

Why wait for 11:11 when God is listening 24/7???
~Rianna Raymundo

You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions. – Adlin Sinclair

On this day, God wants you to know … that humans learn only by trial and error, and that includes you. You’ve got to live life, not think about it. Step into the midst of things, try and fail and learn and stand up again. The question is not whether you will or will not make mistakes – you will. The question is do you want to learn and grow, or do you want to shrink back and be stuck? Take that step you’ve been avoiding. You can succeed, or you can get feedback that it didn’t work, but in either case you are sure to feel alive.

Here’s what’s happening in CENTRAL OHIO!

George Strait, Reba, and Lee Ann Womack play Nationwide Arena

“Popcorn Festival” in Marion has the Kentucky HeadHunters

Tenessa George plays Papa Boo’s

Level 7 is at Captain Woody’s

Tazer is at Captain Jack’s

“Popcorn Festival” in Marion has Joe Nichols

The Bounty Hunters Brothers play Papa Boo’s

Kicking Dixie play Captain Woody’s

Krynos & Bad Mojo at Captain Jack’s

Darryl Worley plays The Millersport Sweet Corn Festival

“Popcorn Festival” in Marion has Blues Traveler

Cliff Cody play Papa Boos

DL Hughley plays to the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton

Jack Hanna’s Fall Adventure Overnight at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ rated “R.” (2010)

Good stay at home date movie ‘Killers,’ staring “Katherine Heigl, and Ashton Kutcher, rated “PG-13.”

Santana releases, “Jingo: The Santana Collection”

OSU Football Season with AT&T AND Across the Field Tailgate with the ‘Historic’ Danger Brothers, and my Buddy Eric Dove and Green Light Go.

In 3 weeks Wild Wednesdays COUNTRY NIGHT at Park Street Saloon

I wanted to let you know that the Ohio University Alumni Association is sponsoring a Tailgate Party for the Ohio University vs Ohio State game on Sept 18th on Lane Ave. Please join me, and SWAGG for an “ALL INCLUSIVE” event with your food and drinks being provided (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic). The event will start at 9am and conclude at 4pm Saturday Sept 18th. The cost is $50 if you preregister or $75 at the door. We will be showing the game on a Jumbo Screen TV and you are guaranteed to have a great time. You do NOT have to be an Ohio University Alumni to attend the event so please feel free to bring your friends and pass this email along to your other OU friends that will be attending the game day events.

To register go to and scroll down to Saturday events. If you would like to be a sponsor of the event, please contact me directly from the information below.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.
Saturday, September 18

Bobcat Bash
Sponsored by Ohio University Alumni Association
Register now for this Bobcat Bash
Date Saturday, 9/18
Time 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Harrison House
222 W. Lane Ave.
Columbus, OH

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