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Holidays week #2 and an Ideer Burning “Bright”



KING AVE 5 THIS SATURDAY December 11th@1pm

Come out for a great day of Football, and show support for those who have served as well as those serving-and their families.


This is not only a day for football and to show support, but also a chance to win some cash prizes from 50/50, and raffle items including;


Trip to 2011 Navy vs Army Game in Philly,

A 2010 OSU “Throw Back Uniform” honoring the 1943 team

Autographed books, cd, and jerseys from local celebrities

Fitness Packages

Multiple gift cards from local vendors

Multiple Prizes from Miller High Life




Verizon Wireless to provide Skype service to allow those in attendance to have a conversation with family and friends currently serving.


Dart Tournament with Cash Prizes (contact info below for more info)


All this plus Miller High Life drink Specials and the always great food from The King Ave 5 kitchen.


No matter if a “Midshipman,” a “Black Knight” or just a fan of football and the United States-This annual event welcomes ALL BRANCHES of Service and their family/friends and will be on Saturday December 11th at, King Ave 5 945 King Avenue (between Kenny and Olentangy River Road).


For more info:


You can also call “Matt” at 614-580-3118


As some may/may not know lately I have been volunteering at Ronald McDonald House. I encourage you all to check out this GREAT organization and volunteer. If you don’t have the time…you can still help, and have a nice dinner! Dine to Donate all day this Friday, December 10th at any Columbus area Applebee’s location, and help raise funds for the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. Click on this link to download the flyer. Print the flyer, take it with you to the restaurant, present it to the server, and 10% of your bill will be donated to our charity! Please don’t forget the flyer. The more you eat, the more money we raise. Please share with your friends, family, and co-workers and send them in with a photocopy of this flyer. Print out as many copies as you like and hand them out. Promotion is good for dine in and carryout orders. Thank you for your support. (flyer attached to e-mail as well)

As I was in the gym last week, working hard but feeling a lil down (AND BORED!) I was wondering what the he** is all about. Ya know where am I going? What am I doing? I have a decent career doing whatever the He** it is I do. But I want more. I have been trying to find ways to help others while making a living do just that.


So there I was and Pandora was acting up (the internet radio I listen to while lifting). I was forced to listen to an 80’s ‘Hair Band’ station. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Hair Music (BTW C-Bus go see “Rock of Ages this weekend at The Palace-FREAKIN AMAZIN’)…ANYWAY, I like that kind of music, but not when I lift. When I lift I like harder rock. So there I was jamin to some Survivor, and Bon Jovi (go ahead insert wise a** comments here_____), and on came “The Flame” by Cheap Trick.


I have always been a Cheap Trick Fan, and “The Flame” always one of my favorite “power ballads.” But on this day I heard it not as a love song…but as a way to live.

I heard the song as we all should be “helping” someone else. Helping those who are cold or lonely. Basically to be “a flame.”


Another night slowly closes in and I feel so lonely

Touching heat  freezing on my skin  I pretend you still hold me

I’m going crazy  I’m losing sleep  I’m in too far

I’m in way too deep over you

I can’t believe you’re gone  You were the first  You’ll be the last

Wherever you go    I’ll be with you

Whatever you want  I’ll give it to you

Whenever you need someone  To lay your heart and head upon

Remember after the fire  After all the rain


I will be the flame   I will be the flame

Watching shadows move across the wall  Feels so fright’ning

I wanna run to you  I wanna call  But I’ve been hit by lightning

Just can’t stand up for falling apart

Can’t see through this veil across my heart  over you

You’ll always be the one  You were the first  You’ll be the last

I’m going crazy  I’m losing sleep  I’m in way too deep over you

You’ll always be the one  You were the first  You’ll be the last


Just like the song says “I’ve been hit by lightning” and that was how it felt. Fortunatly it was NOT while I was in the middle of a military press witht eh weight over my shoulder! That would have sucked and I would have been the one needing help.


But as I was thinking (and doubting myself). “A flame” comes in all sizes, and can burn at different temperatures. A flame can fuel a larger fire, or maintain at a small level. BUT THEY ALL CAN BURN IF FELT, all it needs is a little motivation, and wind (speed).


So in this season of “Giving” I have decided to explore creating my own 5013c with the foundation being called “The Flame Foundation.”


Just as a fire doesn’t care where/what it consumes…I will not focus on anyone group or need, basically anyone who needs help, and can show in turn their wiliness to help others…or “fuel the flame.”


While on the surface this MAY make me sound like the liberal hippies that want piece love and whatever…it IS NOT. I want to help others who need a break and IN TURN will help someone else.


This concept has been growing in my mind, and I have not been able to sleep. This is the first I have chatted openly about this, and thought “what the he**” if I don’t write it down…NOTHING CAN HAPPEN. It takes and ideer before it can happen. I hope this is the ideer that starts something big to help others, and in turn, me-on many levels.



What is your plan? Most people say they have plans for a great life. But remember this: A plan not executed is not a plan. A strategy not acted upon is not a strategy. I know what you intend to do, but intentions will not
create a future. We must take action to create and design our lives. Get creative and take action today!



Here is a lil something to get ya going for the weekend, and has a Holiday spin. Song is Sandstorm by Darude. The video is from a set of house in at The University of Dayton in “The Ghetto.” Those crazy Flyers are at it again…


Such a Haunting song


And another melancholy ditty about December


Sorry to everyone who got multiple texts from me. I was trying out a new app, and well, it must have really enjoyed what I was doing since some texts went through 5-7 times!!!


Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy-Gretta Brooker Palmer


OUR ARMY/NAVY BENEFIT IS THIS SATURDAY COME OUT (info above) or wherever your interests, heart, and wallet guide you, please consider assisting some of the groups that need YOUR assistance, even if it is someone NOT associated with my groups-JUST DO SOMETHIING FOR SOMEONE!!!


PLEASE KEEP THE ISLAND OF HAITI IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. We have many of our own US CITIZENS (and someone I care about) there giving their time and efforts to try and better a country that is NOT HELPING itself!

The longstanding credibility issues of Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) continued on Tuesday, when it announced preliminary election results that gave second place — and a place on a runoff ballot on January 16 — to President Rene Preval’s hand-picked candidate, Jude Celestin. International observer groups maintain that Celestin had, in fact, finished third behind opposition candidate Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly. After an election marred by widespread reports of fraud, many Haitians took to the streets to make it clear whom they were believing, and it wasn’t the CEP.


The resulting wrath, especially among Martelly supporters, led to gunfire and left the streets of Port-au-Prince choked by’ roadblocks and burning tires on Wednesday, while the headquarters of the ruling INITE (Unity) Party was set on fire. Preval, widely criticized for his aloof response to January’s massive earthquake that killed 230,000 people, called for calm; but the unrest shut down the capital’s airport. With more than a million Haitians still homeless after the quake, and with a cholera epidemic so far claiming 2,100 more lives, the nation is in no mood to tolerate what many suspect is government-engineered fraud. “All the money Celestin spent on his campaign, he could have [bought us new homes],” says protester Dadil Jean-Pierre, 21. “INITE has been in power for too long, and they haven’t done anything for us with their power.”


According to the CEP, opposition candidate Mirlande Manigat, a 70-year-old constitutional law professor and former First Lady, finished first with 31% of the vote, followed by engineer Celestin, 48, with 22.5% and Martelly, 49, with 21.8%.


That razor-thin margin, representing fewer than 7,000 votes, has provoked widespread skepticism, since independent organizations such as the European Union-financed National Election Observation Council (CNO), which placed more than 5,500 monitors at 15% of Haiti’s polling stations, estimated that Martelly won closer to 25% and Celestin about 20%.


Even the U.S., which contributed $14 million to the election effort, says it’s worried that the CEP’s results are “inconsistent” with those of credible international watchdogs, and urged that the results reflect “the will of the people”. And while the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Community (Caricom), which jointly monitored the election, said they considered the vote valid, they warned that the CEP results “are preliminary and therefore not the final word on the outcome of the first round,” which are scheduled to be released on Dec. 20.

Since none of the 19 candidates won a 50%-plus-one majority in the first round on Nov. 28, a runoff between Manigat and the No. 2 candidate, either Celestin or Martelly, will be staged in the New Year. But on Wednesday, Port-au-Prince was awash with rumors that because of the controversy, the CEP may now call for a three-candidate runoff — something Martelly and his backers rejected as a ploy to keep Celestin’s candidacy alive in spite of the international observers’ reports. The CEP would not comment; but its director, Pierre-Louis Opont, conceded that the government will have to be more vigilant against “irregularities” during the runoff.

(The runoff issue is a sensitive one in Haiti, since election officials refused to hold a second round in the last presidential election, in 2006, even though Preval did not really win a first-round majority.)


Many Haitians were already upset with the CEP for disqualifying popular Haitian-American hip-hop singer and philanthropist Wyclef Jean from the presidential race last summer, insisting he hadn’t met residency requirements although he’s a Haitian citizen. Martelly, himself a former pop music star and a Wyclef friend, encouraged his supporters in a radio address to protest peacefully against the alleged fraud. “The international community says it’s our right,” he insisted. But many of the protests have turned violent. Gunshots were heard echoing throughout the capital Tuesday night, though no deaths were reported.


Jean Francois Vezina, a police spokesman for the U.N. Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), acknowledges that protests are erupting all over the country and are growing in scale. But he says most demonstrators have been relatively benign. “The protests are not really violent,” Vezina told TIME. “Some protesters throw stones or block the roads with cars or burning tires. But the security situation can change rapidly here.” There were unconfirmed reports of two protest-related deaths in the southwestern city of Les Cayes, where government buildings had been attacked and set ablaze. Businesses and schools in Port-au-Prince, meanwhile,

remained closed.


Not surprisingly, given earthquake recovery and cholera vigilance, only about 1 million of Haiti’s 4.7 million registered voters turned out to vote — and those who did often couldn’t find the right polling station to cast their ballots. Still, the election is a crucial one for Haiti, since its next leader will oversee some $10 billion in earthquake recovery funds from the U.S. and international donor community.




As we are shopping, baking, and probably being rude to each other as we fight in the malls…please remember, we have these chances BECAUSE OF BRAVE MEN &WOMEN WHO HAVE AND ARE SERVING TO ASSURE US THE HOLIDAYS! Santa may be delivering the toys, but he is doing so in friendly skies thanx to THE US ARMED SERVICES!!!



~ A Baby’s Hug ~

We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, ‘Hi.’ He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment.

I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed.. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map.

We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled.. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists.. ‘Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,’ the man said to Erik.

My husband and I exchanged looks,
‘What do we   do?’

Erik continued to laugh and answer, ‘Hi.’
Everyone in the restaurant noticed and looked at us and then at the man. The old geezer was creating a nuisance with my beautiful baby. Our meal came and the man began shouting from across the room, ‘Do ya patty cake? Do you know peek-a-boo? Hey, look, he knows peek- a-boo.’

Nobody thought the old man was cute. He was obviously drunk.
My husband and I were embarrassed. We ate in silence; all except for Erik, who was running through his repertoire for the admiring skid-row bum, who in turn, reciprocated with his cute comments.

We finally got through the meal and headed for the door. My husband went to pay the check and told me to meet him in the parking lot. The old man sat poised between me and the door. ‘Lord, just let me out of here before he speaks to me or Erik,’ I prayed. As I drew closer to the man, I turned my back trying to sidestep him and avoid any air he might be breathing. As I did, Erik leaned over my arm, reaching with both arms in a baby’s ‘pick-me-up’ position. Before I could stop him, Erik had propelled himself from my arms to the man.
Suddenly a very old smelly man and a very young baby consummated their love and kinship. Erik in an act of total trust, love, and submission laid his tiny head upon the man’s ragged shoulder. The man’s eyes closed, and I saw tears hover beneath his lashes. His aged hands full of grime, pain, and hard labor, cradled my baby’s bottom and stroked his back. No two beings have ever loved so deeply for so short a time.

I stood awestruck. The old man rocked and cradled Erik in his arms and his eyes opened and set squarely on mine. He said in a firm commanding voice, ‘You take care of this baby.’

Somehow I managed, ‘I will,’ from a throat that contained a stone.

He pried Erik from his chest, lovingly and longingly, as though he were in pain. I received my baby, and the man said, ‘God bless you, ma’am, you’ve given me my Christmas gift.’

I said nothing more than a muttered thanks. With Erik in my arms, I ran for the car. My husband was wondering why I was crying and holding Erik so tightly, and why I was saying,     ‘My God, my God, forgive me.’

I had just witnessed Christ’s love shown through the innocence of a tiny child who saw no sin, who made no judgment; a child who saw a soul, and a mother who saw a suit of clothes. I was a Christian who was blind, holding a child who was not.. I felt it was God asking, ‘Are you willing to share your son for a moment?’ when He shared His for all eternity.  How did God feel when he put his baby in our arms 2000 years ago.

The ragged old man, unwittingly, had reminded me, ‘To enter the Kingdom of God , we must become as little children.’

Sometimes, it takes a child to remind us of what is really important. We must always remember who we are, where we came from and, most importantly, how we feel about others. The clothes on your back or the car that you drive or the house that you live in does not define you at all; it is how you treat your fellow man that identifies who you are.



69 years ago this week, On Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941, the surprise Japanese raid on the U.S. Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii became one of the great defining moments in history. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed “December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy.”

According to the U.S. Navy, a single carefully planned and well-executed attack removed our Navy’s battleship force as a possible threat to the Japanese Empire’s southward expansion. America, unprepared and now considerably weakened, was abruptly brought intoWWII as a full combatant.

The Japanese Navy sent an aircraft carrier force to Pearl Harbor, with its planes hitting just before 8 a.m., and within a short time, five of eight U.S. battleships were sunk or sinking, with the rest damaged. Several other ships and most Hawaii-based combat planes were also knocked out, and 2,402 Americans were dead (and 1,282 wounded).

Fears in central Ohio were heightened later that week, when ominous telegrams from the Navy began to reach the families of the Pearl Harbor casualties and the word spread.

The first to hear the bad news in Columbus was the family of John Thomas “Jack” Blackburn, a former OSU student who had died aboard the battleship USS Utah.

“Everyone was crying,” remembered his cousin, Mildred McReynolds of Columbus, interviewed by The Dispatch in 1991 for a story commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. “His parents were just devastated. … They had made three trips out to San Diego to visit him, and they were going to make a fourth at Christmas.”

“Later, the commanding officer wrote to the family and said Jack had died a hero,” McReynolds said. “He had a chance to save himself, but he stuck to his post until it was too late.”

Blackburn was born in Columbus and attended Linden Elementary School and Indianola Junior High. A graduate of North High School, he loved opera and baseball and had joined the Navy at 19. After enlisting, he played second base on the ship’s baseball team, batting .400.

He had just turned 21 in July 1941.

Blackburn Community Center on the Southeast Side is named in the young man’s honor, as is the Blackburn Park playground nearby and Blackburn House residence hall at OSU, where he was a student for one year.

William Halloran, a Cleveland native and 1938 graduate of the OSU School of Journalism, was killed aboard the USS Arizona. He was Cleveland’s first WWII casualty.

Two other former Ohio State students died at Pearl Harbor: James Haverfield of Uhrichsville, Ohio, and Robert R. Scott of Massillon, Ohio.




Jimmy Buffett eatery to land in Myrtle Beach

Margaritaville’s Land Shark to join SkyWheel


Jimmy Buffett’s popular Margaritaville brand is bringing another restaurant concept to Myrtle Beach, with plans to build a Land Shark Bar & Grille on the oceanfront.


Land Shark, Margaritaville’s brewing company that makes Land Shark Lager known for its blue and yellow fin-wave logo, plans to open in May as part of the SkyWheel attraction, a nearly 200-foot-high Ferris wheel that is under construction beside Plyler Park.


The 3,000-square-foot restaurant will have mostly outdoor seating, said David Busker, president of Koch Development Co., which will operate the SkyWheel and is developing it along with Pacific Development. Busker declined to talk about the restaurant’s name and concept, but said Koch wanted to partner with anestablished operator to make the most of the restaurant’s good location on the oceanfront.

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Officials are staying tight-lipped about the restaurant. Al Mers, a partner in Pacific Development, said Wednesday that he couldn’t comment about the restaurant until Dec. 15. The Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board will likely consider the restaurant’s plan for signs on and around the restaurant building on Dec. 16.

Officials representing Buffett and the Margaritaville brand could not be reached Wednesday.


There’s a Land Shark Landing restaurant in Pensacola, Fla., beside the Margaritaville Beach Hotel, that serves items such as fish tacos, nachos and, of course, a Cheeseburger in Paradise fixed the way Buffett describes in the song by the same name. It’s unclear whether the Land Shark Bar & Grille in Myrtle Beach will serve similar food.


The restaurant will be part of the $12 million to $15 million SkyWheel complex emerging on the oceanfront. Crews are installing the 106 pilings that will support the nearly 200-foot-high Ferris wheel, which will have 42 glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled gondolas that plan to operate year-round.


The Land Shark restaurant will be a different kind of venue for downtown Myrtle Beach that will lure Buffett’s followers who are likely to check out downtown’s other offerings after stopping by the new restaurant, said Dave Sebok, executive director of Myrtle Beach’s Downtown Redevelopment Corp.


“It will offer something that is obviously new and has a different theme to it than what we have on the oceanfront now,” he said. “It’s a name that is nationally and internationally known so to me it’s likely to be able to attract customers and business downtown.”


Buffett’s business ventures have fit well in Myrtle Beach. Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant at Broadway at the Beach opened six years ago. There’s also a Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant on the north end of Myrtle Beach, which is owned by Paradise Restaurant Group with a license from Buffett.


The power of the Buffett brand – and its national publicity – will be a plus for downtown Myrtle Beach, Sebok said.


“I think it is a great addition to downtown,” he said. “It will bring in a national company that will promote that location and the downtown.”


The wheel and restaurant complex will be the second major addition to Myrtle Beach’s oceanfront in two years. Earlier this year, the $6 million, 1.1-mile boardwalk debuted.







Who’s the Most Popular Modern President?

WASHINGTON, DC – According to a new Gallup survey, President John F. Kennedy remains the highest-rated president in modern history.President Ronald Reagan came in second with a 74% approval rating while Richard Nixon remained last with 29%. The survey, published Monday, asked Americans “whether they approve or disapprove of how each [president] handled his job in office.”


John Kennedy has become radically more popular in death than he ever was as president.  But he’s a special case:  a handsome, charismatic fellow who was martyred in office. On the flip side, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were both essentially forced from office. … Ronald Reagan was well liked, if polarizing.  He took a brief hit after the Iran-Contra scandal but had rebounded nicely by the time he left office.  But he’s been virtually sanctified since, as not only the mythological hero of Republicans but the kind of GOP leaders Democrats pine for.

With Time, Presidents Become More Popular, observes Alison Harding at CNN, looking at the poll: “Reagan, Ford, Carter, and George H.W. Bush have all earned higher retrospective job approval ratings than the ratings they earned at the end of their presidencies. Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton’s ratings have remained about the same as they were at the end of their respective terms.”

Bush Appears to Be Vindicated, writes James Hohmann at Politico: “Bush’s 47 percent approval rating also raises serious questions about the wisdom of the White House’s decision to relentlessly attack him in the months before the Democrats’ historic losses in themidterm elections.” The “rebound,” he continues, also “gives some credence to what he has long said–that history will eventually judge his presidency.”

Here’s the Big Surprise: Carter and Clinton  “The most noticeable change in this year’s survey is the rise of Bill Clinton and fall of Jimmy Carter,” says Bruce Drake at Politics Daily:
Carter had left office with a dismal 34 percent approval rating in a Gallup poll after his one term, compared to Clinton’s rebound to 66 percent in 2001 despite the cloud over his presidency from the 1998 Monica Lewinsky affair. Clinton ended his term on a high approval note, thanks to a booming economy that offset the damage from the Lewinsky scandal. Gallup surveys at the time suggested that the public separated in its mind how he was doing his job as president compared to its opinion of Clinton’s personal behavior (only 24 percent considered him “honest and trustworthy” in January 1999).



Army / Navy Football Charity Fundraiser in its third year


The Army / Navy Football Charity Fundraiser is once again organizing to raise funds for local and national charities that provide relief to military families, returning service members, and children less fortunate during the holiday season.  This year’s event is already surpassing the previous year’s expectations according to the organizers. Central Ohio military veterans and supporters will be gathering to watch the Army vs. Navy Football game December 11, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. at King Avenue Five, 945 King Avenue, in the Grandview Area to raise money for Marine Toys for Tots, Marine Corps Family Support Foundation, and Operation Homefront.


Admission is $5 or a new unwrapped toy. All other monies raised will be through the 50/50 raffle and give-a-way raffle tickets.


Started in 2008 by several local Navy, Army and Marine veterans spanning from the Vietnam War to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the event raised money for a care package for the Ohio Army National Guide Operational Mentor and Liaison Team deployed “outside the wire” in Afghanistan. The event drew in 200 people and over $800 in donations that first year with limited resources, media, and planning time. In 2009, local veterans and supporters raised over $1900 and over 30 Santa bags filled with toys for Marine Toys for Tots, Marine Corps Family Support Community and Operation Homefront. There were over 400 attendees, numerous sponsors including The Other Paper, Dream Seats and the Columbus Blue Jackets all with the help of local D.J., Matt Sexton, who gave of his time and expertise to help  double the event.


This year, organizers plan to continue the success of the past years and the trend of doubling the fundraising and attendance goals to bring awareness to these three fine military and civilian charities. Already they have several sponsors including The Other Paper, Sports Radio 97.1 The Fan, Dream Seats, The Columbus Blue Jackets and M3SSports as well as developing media coverage with local television and radio outlets.


Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity is the fundraising, funding and support organization for the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. The Foundation was created at the behest of the U. S. Marine Corps and provides support in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, who directs the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. The Foundation has supported Toys for Tots since 1991. . Since then, the Marine Corps Family Foundation has established itself as a charitable organization with demonstrated success in the coordination of events and projects to support our troops. The Backpacks for Iraq project in 2003 was an avenue for Marine moms to find and create a way to deal with the daily struggle to find peace and strength while their sons and daughters were fighting for the freedom of Iraq. Through fundraising and resourceful shopping more than 800 filled backpacks were shipped to Najaf, Iraq and distributed to Iraqi children who attended the Marine Legacy Schools that our troops had refurbished. .


Operation Homefront provides emergency and morale assistance for our troops, the families they leave behind and for wounded warriors when they return home. A nonprofit 501(c)(3), Operation Homefront leads more than 4,500 volunteers in 30 chapters nationwide and has met more than 105,000 needs of military families. Operation Homefront also hosts the Web community Operation Homefront Online.




Gonna say “person” of the week THE NEW GOVERNOR OF O-H-I-O

Kasich to yank union approval

John Kasich is reviewing Ted Strickland’s executive orders.

Republican Gov.-elect John Kasich drew the promise of a fight from a powerful Ohio union yesterday after saying he plans to rescind two executive orders from outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland that allowed certain workers to unionize.

Strickland issued one executive order six months after taking office in 2007 that allowed independent home-care providers to join a union, then another order in early 2008 giving home child-care providers the same opportunity.

Kasich said yesterday that he still is reviewing all the executive orders that Strickland has signed but that the ones allowing the two groups of workers to organize are “probably toast.”

“We’ll reverse that,” the governor-elect told reporters after a speech at the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting. The two orders say they do not expire unless they are rescinded.

But the workers now are covered by contracts, and union leaders said rescinding the orders would not affect the contracts or theworkers’ union status, at least until those contracts expire in 2012.

Becky Williams, president of Service Employees International Union Local 1199, representing about 7,000 home health-care providers, called Kasich’s position “outrageous” and “arrogant.”

“Act as a reckless and irresponsible governor, and plan to be a one-term governor, because you are just going to cause workers in the state to uprise,” she said, adding if Kasich “continues to behave in this manner, I would say be prepared for a fight.”

R. Sean Grayson, general counsel of Ohio Council 8 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, representing about 6,800 child-care providers, said many union members are trying to improve the child-care system.

“The question becomes: Why would Gov.-elect Kasich try to silence that voice?” Grayson asked.

A spokesman for Kasich declined to respond to the union comments.

Strickland has said that his orders did not force anyone to join a union but gave them the opportunity to organize and get the same rights as their counterparts in nursing homes and day-care centers.

The union leaders also point out that the unions were recognized only after a majority of eligible workers who voted in secret elections agreed.

But critics have said Strickland was rewarding key Democratic allies and contributors, and Kasich said yesterday that he doesn’t buy the rationale behind the orders.

“I don’t think it kind of allows them (to unionize); I think it kind of forces them,” he said. “I don’t like that provision. That executive order is probably toast.”

Kasich also said he has received complaints from workers who were forced to join a union and start paying dues against their wishes. Williams replied that it’s no different from the 51 percent of the electorate who voted against Kasich.

“There are a whole lot of people saying that they don’t wish that he be their representative,” she said. “Guess what? He’s still their representative. He won the election.”

Meanwhile, Kasich said yesterday that although he’s not sure that the timing of leasing the Ohio Turnpike is advantageous right now, he and his advisers are studying the idea and “definitely haven’t taken it off the table.”

Kasich previously has downplayed the idea of leasing the turnpike to private entities as a way to raise money, which Indiana, Chicago and other areas have done with their toll roads. But he hasn’t outright rejected the idea, either.

Yesterday, Kasich said he has concerns about whether the state could get a good deal with the capital markets right now. But “I think it’s something we have to think about.”

In the 2006 race for governor, GOP nominee J. Kenneth Blackwell proposed leasing the Ohio Turnpike to a private entity for 99 years, estimating it would raise up to $6 billion. But the idea met stiff opposition, and Strickland opposed it.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation voted yesterday to adopt a policy supporting the study of privatizing some state assets or functions, but not the 241-mile toll road running across northern Ohio for fear of tolls being increased.




Judge denies WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bail



WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, back to camera, is driven into Westminster A British judge denied Julian Assange bail on Tuesday after the WikiLeaks founder told a London court he would fight efforts to extradite him to Sweden to face a sex-crimes investigation.

The secret-spilling websites’ finances came under increasing pressure as both Visa and Mastercard cut off funding methods, but a WikiLeaks spokesman insisted details from classified U.S. diplomatic cables would keep flowing — regardless of what happened to the group’s founder.

“This will not change our operation,” Kristinn Hrafnsson told The Associated Press. As if to underline the point, WikiLeaks released a cache of a dozen new diplomatic cables, its first publication in more than 24 hours.
Assange appeared Tuesday afternoon at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London after turning himself in to Scotland Yard earlier in the day. He showed no reaction as Judge Howard Riddle denied him bail and sent him into U.K. custody.

Assange and his lawyers claim the Swedish accusations from two women stem from a “dispute over consensual but unprotected sex” dating back to August, and have claimed the case has taken on political overtones. Swedish officials have rejected those claims.

Assange faces rape and sexual molestation allegations in one case and sexual molestation and unlawful coercion in the other. He denies the allegations.
Riddle asked the 39-year-old Australian whether he understood that he could consent to be extradited to Sweden. Assange, dressed in a navy blue suit, cleared his throat and said: “I understand that and I do not consent.”

The decision to fight the extradition could be difficult. Extradition experts say that European arrest warrants like the one issued by Sweden can be tough to beat, barring mental or physical incapacity. Even if the warrant was defeated on a technicality, Sweden could simply issue a new one.

Assange’s website, meanwhile, came under increasing financial pressure Tuesday — with both Visa and MasterCard saying they would block payments to the controversial website.

In a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press, Visa Inc. said it was taking steps “to suspend Visa payment acceptance on WikiLeaks’ website pending further investigation into the nature of its business and whether it contravenes Visa operating rules.”

MasterCard sent a similar statement, saying it would suspend payments “until the situation is resolved.”

The move chokes off two important funding avenues for WikiLeaks, a loosely knit group of activists who rely on individual donations to fund their operations.
PayPal Inc., a popular online payment service, has already cut its links to the website, while Swiss authorities closed Assange’s new Swiss bank account on Monday, freezing tens of thousands of euros, according to his lawyers.
WikiLeaks is still soliciting donations through bank transfers to affiliates in Iceland and Germany, as well as by mail to an address at University of Melbourne in Australia.
Swedish lawyer Bjorn Hurtig said it was difficult to say how long the extradition process in Britain would take — anywhere from a week to two months. He said if Assange was extradited to Sweden, he wouldn’t be kept in detention after he’s been questioned, “because it’s been for the sake of the questioning that he’s been detained.”

Beginning in July, WikiLeaks angered the U.S. government by releasing tens of thousands of secret U.S. military documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That was followed last week by the ongoing release of what WikiLeaks says will eventually be a quarter-million cables from U.S. diplomatic posts around the world. The group provided those documents to five major newspapers, which have been working with WikiLeaks to edit the cables for publication.

The U.S. government launched a criminal investigation, saying the group has jeopardized U.S. national security and diplomatic efforts around the world.
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, visiting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and U.S. troops in Afghanistan, was pleased by news of Assange’s arrest.

“That sounds like good news to me,” he said Tuesday.

Yet WikiLeaks has also seen an online army of supporters come to its aid, sending donations, fighting off computer attacks and setting up over 500 mirror sites around the world to make sure that the secret documents are published regardless of what happens to Assange.

Hrafnsson also said the group had no plans at the moment to release the key to a heavily encrypted version of some of its most important documents — an “insurance” file that has been distributed to supporters in case of an emergency.
Hrafnsson said that will only come into play if “grave matters” involving WikiLeaks staff occur — but did not elaborate on what those would be.



‘Frankenbombers’: Al Qaeda hatches plot to implant explosives into suicide bombers
Al-Qaeda fanatics may be planning a horrific ‘Frankenbomber’ suicide attack by implanting explosives into a human body.

Defence analysts logged conversations between users of a online forum in which Muslim extremists debate terrorism methods which could beat new US aviation security checks.

The alarming posts included one by a user who claimed to be a surgeon, promising a ‘new kind of terrorism’.

It called on bomb makers and doctors to create the perfect solution to murder ‘larger numbers of unbelievers and apostates.’
The post said: ‘What is your opinion about surgeries through which I can implant the bomb… inside the operative’s body?

‘I am waiting for the interaction of the experienced brothers to connect the two sciences together and produce a new kind of terrorism, Allah willing.’
Monitoring of the site by the SITE Intelligence Group also revealed that stitching a bomb into the abdominal cavity made of plastic or liquid explosives – such as semtex or PETN – was judged the best method.

‘It must be planted near the surface of the body, because the human body absorbs shocks,’ advised one terrorist.

Worrying attack: A Saudi Prince was injured in a suicide bombing in which the would-be killer carried explosives inside his body

The forum discussion comes as US passengers reacted angrily to ‘intrusive’ body searches involve pat-downs and scanners in a security crackdown.
Such searches would not detect a ‘Frankenbomber’ implanted with explosives, it is believed.

Mark Rossini, a former senior FBI counter-terror expert told the New York Daily News: ‘In the same way that drug smugglers have placed bags of narcotics in the body cavities of animals and had people ingest condoms filled with drugs, it would not be out of the realm of Al Qaeda operational planners to conceive of such a technique.

‘No technique is off-limits to Al Qaeda to achieve its destructive goals.’
In August last year, Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef was injured when a suicide bomber with explosives carried inside his body managed to breach security and detonate the device.




Backup Bearcat in after snowball toss (PICTURED BELOW IS ME HOLDING A BEARCAT)

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati’s Bearcat mascot was cited for disorderly conduct after a snowball-throwing incident in the stands during a game against Pittsburgh.



Heavy snow covered the field and stands for the Big East game on Saturday afternoon. When Pitt’s Dion Lewis scored the second of his three touchdowns in the half, students pelted him with snowballs and were told to stop.


A school spokesman says the mascot also was told to stop throwing snowballs in the stands and pushed a security guard, knocking both of them to the ground. The mascot was detained and cited. He was not identified.


A backup mascot took his place at halftime.





South Bend Indiana-Home of my Fighting Irish is losing College Football.

HOF to be located near Olympic park

ATLANTA — When the College Football Hall of Fame settles into its new home, it will be an interactive experience that celebrates the sights and sounds of the game.

Officials unveiled the site for the Hall of Fame on Friday, along with renderings of the facility that is scheduled to open in March 2013.

The pictures showed a three- or four-story building that resembles a football on the outside, an entrance that recreates the experience of walking through a stadium tunnel, and an open-air atrium that gives visitors the feeling of actually being on the field.

“This will not be a museum,” said Gary Stokan, who is president and CEO of the new facility. “This will be an attraction. It’s got to be interactive, entertaining and engaging.”

The hall is moving from South Bend, Ind., where it’s been plagued by low attendance. Atlanta officials project a half-million visitors a year at the new facility, which will be built on a parking lot sandwiched between the city’s massive convention center and Centennial Olympic Park.

Groundbreaking is scheduled for next August.

“This is not going to be a Hall of Fame filled with busts,” Stokan promised. “When you hit Archie Manning’s name, you’ll be able to see his best plays, you’ll be able to read what he’s doing now, you’ll be able to see all his statistics.”

The new Hall of Fame was originally scheduled to open in the fall of 2012, but moved back the opening to the following spring — in conjunction with the Final Four basketball championship being held at the nearby Georgia Dome.

Working in a difficult economy, Stokan conceded that only about $31 million has been raised for a facility that will cost at least $50 million. He expects fundraising to pick up now that a site has been chosen and corporations can see exactly what the finished product will look like.

The state of Georgia has committed to bonds totaling $10 million, and the city of Atlanta plans to kick in $8 million from its economic development fund as well as tax credits. Coca-Cola and Chick-fil-A are the only corporations to provide funding so far, but Stokan said he’s confident that other Atlanta-based companies, such as Home Depot and UPS, will step up.

The remaining $19 million must be raised privately.

“Our fundraising will start in earnest in January,” Stokan said. “Now we can get after it.”

Outgoing Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, who played football at the University of Georgia, believes the Hall of Fame will be another impressive tourist attraction around Centennial Olympic Park.

The wildly popular Georgia Aquarium is located nearby, as is the World of Coca-Cola and a children’s museum. There are also plans to build a civil and human rights museum just north of the park.

“Now that’s a place I want to take my grandchildren,” Perdue said.

The governor also gave a nod to his athletic background.

“For an old walk-on, this might be as close to the College Football Hall of Fame as I ever get,” Perdue joked. “I want to take advantage of it.”


Great Story on growth

Anger management
TV cameras caught her in the act and taught her a lesson, prompting Samantha Prahalis to work on controlling her temper

A certain video accompanied the end of the world, at least the world inhabited by the Ohio State women’s basketball team nine months ago.

The heavily favored Buckeyes suffered a humiliating upset at the hands of Mississippi State in the second round of NCAA Tournamenton March 23 in Pittsburgh.

Point guard Samantha Prahalis exited the game with a technical foul and an emotional meltdown that drew every camera lens in thePetersen Events Center as surely as a summer porch light draws moths at midnight.

The moment, of course, passed for the player. But a few days later, when coach Jim Foster called Prahalis into his office to show her a video of what had happened, tension filled the room.

And in the weeks and months since, what the camera caught of Prahalis that night has multiplied from a minor, at-the-moment incident into something monumental.

“As soon as I saw it, it was twice as bad,” she said. “Then I replayed it and replayed it, and it was five times as bad. It was gross. It was the worst possible moment and the worst possible I could look.”

Even as a child of “new media,” where cameras seem to pop up everywhere and all the time, Prahalis was stunned.

“I guess it shouldn’t have been surprising,” she said. “But when you’re in the game, cameras aren’t the first thing you think about. After that game, I wasn’t thinking, ‘Oh my God, the cameras got me.’ I was thinking we just lost. But I had no idea all those cameras were on me.”

A teachable moment comes for a coach only when a player is ready to hear and apply it.

Foster had given the immensely talented Prahalis the basketball in the first game of her freshman season and let her trigger the offense through two Big Ten championships and into two NCAA Tournaments.

Prahalis had arrived with a high-wire, no-net passing act from Long Island. She also came with a toughness sharpened by scrapes and bruises that she received competing on the playgrounds of New York City.

She was different. She was electric, as her Big Ten-record 289 assists demonstrated last season. She was maddening, as the 10 turnovers against Mississippi State showed. At times, she was volatile enough to draw a technical foul.

“I brought her in and I sat her down and I showed her the good, the bad and the ugly,” Foster said. “The good was how well she plays. The bad was the bad decisions. The ugly was the demonstrative behavior. She didn’t like watching it.

“Later, I found something else that I wanted to her to see and she watched it again. This was an on-the-bench scenario. She was under the microscope with the camera maybe more than the team (playing on the court). You can’t deny it. You can’t deny the reality when it is staring you in the face.”

Foster knew he had Prahalis’ attention.

“We’re supposed to be teaching these kids,” he said. “You don’t learn lessons by snapping your fingers, the hard ones especially. So she decided that she needed and wanted to be different. Now the process starts.”

Prahalis said her journey actually began during the summer.

“In summertime practice and in open gym, because in open gym it gets kind of heated sometimes,” Prahalis said. “(I tried) minding my own (temper) in open gym, and if I’m upset about something I try to remember to just chill out and breathe. And seeing the video and what I looked like, it’s like, ‘OK, enough. You need to chill out.'”

A fine line exists in this kind of transformation. A good portion of Prahalis’ success is built around her fiery on-court demeanor.

“You don’t want to tamper with the edge at all,” Foster said. “But you want to prevent the Thelma & Louise drive (over the cliff).”

Foster began to see changes during practice, observing that Prahalis was more patient with the freshmen.

“Part of it is that she is one of the oldest players in the gym now,” he said. “And part of it is why most kids come to college – to grow up and figure stuff out.

“Every once in a while there is still a slippage. But if you compare and contrast this year to last, there is a decided difference in her approach, in her presentation and in her willingness to teach her teammates on the fly.”

Prahalis had hoped to show fans the difference from the outset of the season, but she couldn’t. She drew a three-game suspension from the NCAA for a secondary rules violation. The reason for the suspension remains a closed subject for Prahalis. She declined to talk about it other than to say she had known of the possibility since May.

In practices leading up to the first game at Temple, Foster put Prahalis in the gray jersey with the second-team players.

“That was tough,” Prahalis said. “It would feel that way for anybody, I think. But I was playing for the gray and it was more challenging for me.”

She set about trying to beat the other four returning starters – Jantel Lavender, Sarah Schulze, Brittany Johnson and Tayler Hill – in the scrimmages and to improve everyone in the process.

She spoke to or texted her boyfriend, Evan Turner, throughout the ordeal and listened to how his rookie season with the Philadelphia 76ers is going.

“It’s nice to have someone to share with who understands,” Prahalis said.

She played her third game for the Buckeyes on Thursday night against Virginia. She is, as Foster likes to say, “a work in progress.”

The work isn’t easy. The need to win burns inside her.

“It’s extremely hard,” Prahalis said. “I’m never going to lose my emotion of being extremely happy when I play. But the times when I take it over the line and I’m out of my character and not focused, those are the times I need to come back. I know that.

“Seeing the worst of the worst was a big wake-up call for me. I knew I always had a little bit of a temper, but I didn’t think it got to that point. I want people to remember me for my game, not for having a camera showing me overly upset.”



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if ur hurtin its about 2 change!  (Blessed are those that mourn for they SHALL be comforted!) -Matthew 5:4~Rev. Run




Kinda sereal with all the cowboy hats in your garage and you are not here-Yiddy


Success is knowing who you are … Failure is doubting who you are. – Keith Cameron Smith

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”-Michael Jordan



While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, another is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. – Sherrie McKnight


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Hey It’s Matt Sexton lot’s going on, here’s what’s happening in CENTRAL OHIO!


Peter White Christmas at Midland Theater


George Clinton and P-Funk at The LC


Air Supply plays the Midland Theater



Gallagher crushes your funny bone…and a few watermellons at Screamin Willies


Tommy Johnagin, plays to the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton



Winter Safari Tours at The Wilds. See animals in special settings and in an environment as you have never seen before. For more info


CATCO: It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

Studio One Theatre, Riffe Center. For more info:



Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

For more info



Holiday Fantasy of Lights

At Alum Creek State Park Marina

For more info


AMAZING SHOW! Broadway Across America: Rock of Ages

At The Palace Theatre. For more info


‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,’ rated “PG


Johnny Depp, and  Angelina Jolie star in ‘The Tourist,’ rated “PG-13”


The movie I want to see this weekend (no I have not yet!), ‘The Fighter’ staring Mark Wahlberg rated “R.” (2010)




‘Inception’  staring Leo DiCaprio, rated “PG-13”

The Animated-and Hilarious, ‘Shrek Forever After’ rated “PG.”




Next Thursday Dec 13, M3S Holiday Party for all of our participants and the running and walking community hosted by 343 Front Street. We will have a free Michelob Ultra and food buffet for all of you, cool give aways like Free Cap City VIP credentials, a TV, a Michelob Ultra Mountain Bike, gift cards from Boston’s, 343 Front Street and much more.


Everyone in the running and walking community is invited to join us. We are even going to have a Fashion/Fitness show of new winter running and walking apparel. Admission to the party is FREE. However, we have to limit admission to the first 500 of you that sign up. Registration is now more than half full. *Ages 21 and over please!


New Years Eve with The Columbus Blue Jackets




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