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Thoughts for recent events, and Martin Luther King Day Weekend



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The past weekend and this week we have read and seen many of the images associated with the HORRIBLE tragedy in Az. I WILL NOT dwell on this; however a few thoughts come to mind. WE as a society should not allow the media or EITHER SIDE of the Political Isle to use an act committed by a lunatic INDIVIDUAL to use for their own agendas-or fundraising efforts. This person was delusional, and had his own agenda that influenced his horrific actions on INNOCENT INDIVIDUALS.


Instead we should look at the positives this action brought out. We as a Nation were once again united in regards to showing support for our brothers and sisters (this time) in Arizona. The show of faith with the outpouring of prayers was immense, plus the heroism showed by staff and civilians with the attempts to restrain the gunman are AWESOME; including the lil old Grandmother who took the clip from the gunman.


Also we are reminded about the HORRIBLE DAY in 2001 that also drew the Country together, with the 9-11 tragedy.


9 year old INNOCENT victim, Christina Taylor Green was born on September 11th 2001 and was featured in a GREAT Book “Faces of Hope;” regarding those who were born on that tragic day. Christina had many dreams and ambitions of “Hope.” She wanted to go into politics, and make strides for gender equality in sports. This little girl had more ambition and dreams than many adults! We as a nation should take this and use for our own good-in memory if her; while remembering some of the positive events that ALSO took place on 9-11, like the birth of this little girl.


Just as 9-11; the power of prayer, God, and Medical hero’s are  showing TRUE angels here on earth as Congresswoman Gabby Giffords not only has very good odds of recovery/survival, but also she is making huge immediate strides by twitching her eyes, and responding to doctors and love ones comments. GOD SPEED GABBY!!!


Finally the humor, yes I try to find good and HUMOR in all situations no matter how tragic-LAUGHTER HEALS! The gunman (who I will not mention by name so as to refuse to acknowledge as a human being), looks an awful lot like “sloth” from the Goonies?


SO  WHAT I AM SAYING, do NOT blame; parents of the shooter, the political ideers of Congresswoman Giffords, the religious background of Giffords, The NRA, Sarah Palin, The Tea Party, The Left side of the Isle, The Media, The City Officials, or anyone else. This is yet another example of an individual acting on his/her own agenda. THAT IS IT! He and he alone should be held accountable, just as we all should be…for our own actions!


Speaking of actions, this is Martin Luther King Day weekend. It is more than a 3 day weekend, more than celebrating a color of the skin (which by the way I believe in EQUALITY NOT SPECIAL RIGHTS), and more than just another day in dreary O-H-I-O.


Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, his dream ultimately was for a better community where EVERYONE can strive for and reach for their own individual dreams. With that said, CELEBRATE this weekend. Do something for the betterment of OUR community. Find a way to do something for someone else this weekend or find a charity/organization that you can give your time or money to to better someone’s life…and own dream!


I also want to say how excited I am that we have a new Governor in John Kasich, I look forward to the “New Days” he will bring to Ohio Communities and allows all to have a chance to better ourselves…AND EACH OTHER!!!


Next Monday 1-17-11 is not ONLY Martin Luther King Day, but it is also known as the Most Depressing Day of the year. This is from Cliff Arnall, from The University of Cardiff Wales. I will NOT go into why he says that…why? CAUSE IT DOES NOT MATTER! There are a LOT or reasons this day can and will suck (you can fill in your own reasons). WE ALL NEED TO FIND OUR OWN HAPPINESS IN EVERYDAY EVENTS NO MATTER WHAT NEGATIVE ISSUES WE HAVE OR ARE FACING!


Write this down and put somewhere where you will see first thing in the morning…


Dear sadness, save it, not having (insert issues here) today. SINCERELY (You’re Name-someone who is going to have a GREAT DAY!)




It has been a COLD snow filled week…

When a snow storm hits u can make snow men 4 fun, make sum dough shovelin snow or complain..Its all in how u view the storms of life!-Rev Run


As we continue to look towards the upcoming year, I am reminded…things we lose come back to us, even if in a different way.



In honor of Martin Luther King Day, and my harping on finding yours (and my own) “dream”…this is very appropriate

Friendships are GREAT, but even when you want the best for a former significant other, there is still a human aspect that kinda hurts when they have found their happiness. Not sure if this is ok or not, also not sure if healthy…all I know is, it is true!


Let’s do one more…it’s is COLD OUTSIDE here in C-Bus, and this song (like all his songs is very haunting!)


If you were starting over today, what would you do differently? What ever your answer, start doing it now.


“As we enter a new year count your blessings not your problems.”

Add One Easy Win Every Day

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Turbocharge Your Healthy Living Goals: 30 Easy Moves

1. Have a no-judgment day. Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends that you pick one day and live it without judging. Not anything, not anybody—and that includes yourself.

2. Add a vegetable to your lunch. Cucumbers in a sandwich, for instance, can be a whole new healthy (addictive) taste experience. Or see what you can do with radishes, yellow carrots, and avocado.

3. Put your workout shoes by the door. Every moment you spend hunting for them or going back upstairs to get them is another opportunity to back out of your workout plan.

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5. Do one “real” push-up. One. That’s all we’re asking. Feel too hard? Find out what you might be doing wrong in this video.

6. Leave something on your plate tonight…other than parsley.

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8. Wear the same socks you did yesterday. Just get to the gym! No excuses.

9. Browse your vacation photos. Remember what made it great and bring one little attitude shift into your day.

10. Breathe.

11. Imagine your skinny, fit, sane, cool life. Write down one way it will make you feel. That’s all you have to do.

12. Do another “real” push-up today. That’s two more than you could/would do a week ago. Now join the Million Push Up Challenge. The aim is for 1,000 people to do 1,000 push-ups in January. You give a little money and a little sweat and Grace Children’s Village inKabale, Uganda gets a little help alleviating poverty.

13. Get inspired with Hood to Coast, a documentary about four teams of extraordinary people – including some committed nonexercisers – as they try to complete the world’s largest relay foot race. That’s 197 miles from Mt. Hood to Seaside, OR. In theaters on day only – 1.11.11 – but catch the spirit with the trailer here. Makes a basic workout seem really doable.

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Ronald McDonald House is having a new “Tressel room” renovation and is coming along great!


What our decorator is in need of is some BUCKEYE leafs, real ones, if you have any in your yard (Even in the snow) and can let us know that would be great

We need about 40  for those who  know more than I do they will be put in a wall décor on one wall ( they will not cause allergies after they  are put in a hard plastic shell) Ok I am so not creative so I cannot explain the science behind it BUT if you have real BUCKEY leaves we can donate to the room let me know


HAITI is celebrating (and morning the 1 year anniversary of the tragic earthquake)

In the immediate aftermath of Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake, President Barack Obama asked former Presidents Bill Clinton andGeorge W. Bush to join forces and lead a major fundraising effort to assist the Haitian people. Together they established the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to help the people of Haiti rebuild — and build back better.

The initial efforts of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund focused on immediate relief and emergency assistance. While we will continue to seek to meet selected near-term needs, Clinton Bush Haiti Fund’s primary focus will now shift towards longer-term reconstruction, job creation, and the promotion of economic opportunity. To learn more about both our initial and recent grants, please visit our programs page.

Our aim is to promote an inclusive, diversified, environmentally-conscious and competitive Haitian economy that is decentralized and better integrated into the region — an economy that harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of the Haitian people to help individuals, families, communities, and enterprises achieve their full potential.

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund works primarily through partnerships and collaborations with other nonprofit and for-profit entities — particularly Haiti’s own. In all activities, Clinton Bush Haiti Fund will work with the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission to ensure consistency with the Haitian Development Plan.

You may contribute in any of three ways:
Visit our secure online donation page.

Mobile Giving
Text the word “QUAKE” to 20222 to donate $10 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. This donation charges to your cell phone bill.


Anita Bhatt, Chief Financial Officer
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
1501 K Street NW
Suite 380
Washington, DC 20005

I HAVE A FRIEND THERE WHO ADOPTED A LITTLE GIRL, can anyone help with this request?

Any social worker friends that do internal homestudies? THe kicker is they would have to come to haiti. but it is the same as ones they would do in the states. depending on the price of the homestudy i would be willing to pay for transportation/lodging while in haiti.

Friends have found a place in colorado but they want $2000 for homestudy plus 1st class lodging/flights/food/etc. She can’t afford that.

if you know someone but they are not willing to come here how much do they charge to do one in the states and wold they approve one of a single person living at her parents house?


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Apparently there’s an app that translates a baby’s cry into words. The most common translation? “Can you stop looking at your damniPhone for one second and pick me up? I’m a baby & I’m crying!”




I said I always wanted to “shake up the world” maybe I went a little too far? Good thing I have “Google Sky” app on my Droid


Wobbly Earth means your horoscope is wrong


Stars shifted over 2,000 years so horoscope signs are nearly a month off


If you look to your horoscope for a preview of your day, look again: You’re probably following somebody else’s supposed fate.


Thanks to Earth’s wobble, astrological signs are, well, bunk. (Or even more bunk than you might expect.) Astrological signs are determined by the position of the sun relative to certain constellations on a person’s day of birth. The problem is, the positions were determined more than 2,000 years ago. Nowadays, the stars have shifted in the night sky so much that horoscope signs are nearly a month off. ]


“Astrology tells us that the sun is in one position, whereas astronomy tells us it’s in another position,” said Joe Rao,’s skywatching columnist and a lecturer at New York’s Hayden Planetarium.


Wobbly Earth means your horoscope is wrong


What’s your sign? It may not be what you think


Think you’re a Gemini? Don’t be so sure


The shift is caused by precession, the wobble in the Earth’s axis caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon to the Earth’s equator. Precession popped into the spotlight this week after Minnesota Planetarium Society board member Parke Kunkle told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the gap between the astrological and the astronomical view. The story spread around the Internet quickly, but it’s actually old news, Rao said.


Very old news.


“The earliest known astronomer to recognize and assess the movement of precession was Aristarchus of Samos, who lived around 280 B.C.,” Rao told LiveScience.


The attention triggered by his interview with the newspaper has been “astounding.” Kunkle, who teaches astronomy at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, told Livescience, He gave the interview at the request of the paper to discuss precession, and the science he described is centuries old, he said.


“Bombshell dropped?” Kunkle said. “Well, no, not really.”


Here’s what astronomers know: The Earth is like a wobbly top. As it rotates, its axis swings in a circle, pointing in different directions. As the Earth’s position shifts, so does our perspective of the night sky.


For example, Rao said, we take the North Star, Polaris, for granted. It’s the star most closely aligned with Earth’s North Pole. But back when the pyramids were constructed, the star that aligned with the North Pole wasn’t Polaris at all: It was a star in the constellation Draco called Thuban. In 12,000 years, Earth’s North Star will be Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra.

The complete rotation takes 26,000 years, Rao said.


“Everything in the sky is in flux,” he said.


Even if the astrological signs were stable, there’s no evidence the stars have anything to do with people’s day-to-day existence. One 2006 study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences used data from more than 15,000 people and found no relationship between date of birth and personality.


Despite the complete lack of scientific and observational evidence for astrology, 25 percent of Americans still believe in it, a recent Pew survey found. So here are the “real” dates of astrological signs, according to astronomers:


Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.

Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.

Pisces: March 11-April 18.

Aries: April 18-May 13.

Taurus: May 13-June 21.

Gemini: June 21-July 20.

Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.

Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.

Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.

Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.

Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.

Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17.

Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.


The list includes Ophiuchus, a formation the ancient Babylonians discarded because they wanted 12 star signs, not 13. That’s yet another example of how astrologers cherry-pick and ignore astronomical observations, Rao said.


“It’s crazy,” Rao said. “Really, they have their own set of rules.”

Nevertheless, maybe some good will come of the astrology-astronomy media blitz, Kunkle said.

“At the very least, I hope it makes people go out and actually look at the sky,” Kunkle said. “That’s the fun part




9-year-old shooting victim was aspiring politician

TUCSON, Ariz. – Christina Taylor Green’s patriotism was inspired by a tragedy on her birth date — Sept. 11, 2001. Another national tragedy took the third-grader’s life.

Christina was shot and killed Saturday, along with five other people killed outside a supermarket where a neighbor had taken her to meet Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

“She was all about helping people and being involved. It’s so tragic,” Roxanne Green told the Arizona Daily Star. “She went to learn … and then someone with so much hatred in their heart took the lives of innocent people.”

The brown-eyed athletic 9-year-old girl was an aspiring politician and had just been elected to the student council at Tucson’s Mesa Verde Elementary School.

She loved to swim with her 11-year-old brother Dallas, her only sibling. Her mother, Roxanna Green, told the newspaper that Christina loved animals, singing, dancing and gymnastics. She also had hopes of being the first woman to play major league baseball.

She was featured in a book called “Faces of Hope” that chronicled one baby from each state born on the day terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people.

The author, Christine Naman of Monroeville, Pa., said Sunday that Christina playing a role in both events was “somehow particularly tragic.”

“I can’t believe how a beautiful young life was taken in such an awful, awful way,” Naman said.

The girl already had told her parents she wanted to attend Penn State and have a career that involved helping those less fortunate than her.

She was the only girl on her Canyon del Oro Little League baseball team and played second base. John Green said his daughter wanted to be the first woman to play major league baseball.

The game was in her blood. Her dad is a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers and her grandfather, former big league pitcher Dallas Green, managed the 1980 world champion Philadelphia Phillies.

“She was a strong girl, a very good athlete,” Roxanna Green told the newspaper. “She was interested in everything. She got a guitar for Christmas so her next thing was learning to play guitar.”

John Green remembers making his daughter an omelet with bacon and cheese for breakfast Saturday morning and kissing her goodbye as the neighbor took her to the event to meet Giffords.

Hours later, John Green was at University Medical Center with his wife and son, with a doctor telling them the girl he called “Princess” was dead from a gunshot wound to the chest.

The unidentified neighbor was shot four times but survived and is recovering from surgery.


Ghostbusters 3 Hinges On Bill Murray Return


GHOSTBUSTERS 3, the highly anticipated new movie in the supernatural-comedy franchise, will only be made if Bill Murray reprises his role as ‘Peter Venkman’, however, a final script has been sent to him for his approval, according to USA Today. During an interview with David Letterman last year, the acclaimed 60-year-old actor said he would only be involved in the movie if his “character was killed off in the first reel”.


The director of the movie Ivan Reitman confirmed that a script described as being “very good” is currently being considered by Murray but that there has been no feedback from the actor so far.


Although other cast-members from the original Ghostbuster movies such as Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis have since tasted moderate success, it is Murray who would be movie’s biggest draw and his recent performances in the likes of ‘Lost in Translation’, ‘Broken Flowers’ and ‘Get Low’ have been heralded by critics.


Reitman also confirmed that if the project gets the go-ahead, he would consider shooting in 3D, saying, “Certainly it has come up because it seems like an obvious thing to do. And certainly the studio is interested in that because there seems to be a real financial bump for the right movies being done in 3-D”.



This great from OSU President Gordon Gee. Gordo is an Awesome DUDE!


These books are great to have on the I-Pod or on book shelf



Even The Government Admits Oil Prices Could Trigger The Next Recession

No less an authority than Donald Trump is fed up with our dependence on OPEC oil.

In a recent interview hinting at a possible presidential bid, the real estate tycoon rages that “OPEC is setting the price of oil and ripping the lifeblood out of this country.”

Mr. Trump is not the only one concerned about our ongoing vulnerability to volatile oil prices. More ominously, the Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA) is warning that rising outlays for imported oil among OECD countries could trip up the global recovery.

Faith Birol has reported that the cost of crude imports soared by $200 billion to $790 billion during 2010.

This increase, stemming from higher prices and demand, equates to a 0.5% cut in income – a hefty penalty when the developed world is still struggling to regain its footing. Dr. Birol said “Oil prices are entering a dangerous zone for the global economy.”

With crude quotes hovering around $90 per barrel again, this threat is taking center stage.  There is no question that oil price rises bring on recessions. A 2006 paper from the U.S. Energy Information Agency said, “most of the major economic downturns in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region since the 1970s have been preceded by sudden increases in crude oil prices.” The agency goes on to note that the cause and effect was less visible in the last decade, when “average world crude prices…increased by more than $30 per barrel…yet U.S. economic activity has remained robust, growing by approximately 2.8 percent per year from 2001 through 2004.”  They had no idea what lay ahead.

Some observers have suggested that the recent financial crisis had its roots in a jump in oil prices. James Hamilton of UC San Diego produced a report in 2009 saying that higher oil prices in 2007-2008 impacted domestic spending and auto purchases to such an extent that “in the absence of those declines, it is unlikely that we would have characterized the period 2007:Q4 to 2008:Q3 as one of economic recession for the U.S.” In other words, the Great Recession may have stemmed from a sharp jump in the average cost of imported oil, which rose from $59.05 per barrel in 2006 to $92.57 in 2008 – and not from a collapse in the value of subprime mortgages.

Since the 1960s consumer outlays on gasoline and heating fuel have ranged from a little below 5% in the late 1990s to nearly 10% in the early 1980s. When this ratio starts moving towards the higher end of the range, as it did in the mid- 2000s, the consumer   cuts back on other spending, precipitating an economic downturn.

Though this relationship is well established, volatile oil prices are not an especially user-friendly predictive tool. Unexpected supply disruptions and geopolitical events can quickly move markets. For instance, in recent days a leak at a pumping station on the important Trans-Alaska pipeline and the closing of two Norwegian fields pushed crude above $90 a barrel, after reaching $95/bbl a week ago for the first time in nearly two years. At the end of 2008, the price of crude was a mere $34 per barrel.

What lies ahead? As projections for world economic growth become slightly more bullish, estimates of future oil prices rise as well. For instance, in response to his firm’s modest bump up in GDP forecast (to 3.5% in 2011) Doug Terreson of International Strategy & Investment Group now projects oil prices this year and next will average $95 and $100 per barrel, respectively; formerly he was looking for $90 and $95 per barrel. Importantly, he expects demand to rise globally by 1.8 million barrels per day this year and by an additional 1.4 million barrels per day in 2012. In a recent call with clients, he points out that agencies such as the IEA are looking for more modest increases. If the industry is taken by surprise, production and inventory adjustments could lag the upward move in demand, ratcheting prices higher.

The risk is that the economic momentum we have seen in recent months pushes oil prices to the point of dampening demand. Terreson estimates that at $125 per barrel – a price we have breached before, “demand destruction” sets in. That’s analyst speak for – man the lifeboats, here we go again.

Presidents come and presidents go, and still the United States relies on imported oil. Since the 1970s we have learned that there is elasticity of demand for oil – that is, when prices zoom upward, demand craters. This is good news and bad news. True, the crisis of sky-high prices is consequently short-lived. On the other hand, just as our leaders are finally pushed to implement a sane energy policy that would embrace domestic oil production as well as all oil alternatives, green, brown and otherwise, the country hits a recession. Oil prices fall, voters become more concerned with jobs and incomes, and our leaders are off the hook until the process starts up again.

This is a sorry excuse for the continued lack of an energy policy. Being reliant on imported crude and the roller-coaster of global oil prices wreaks havoc on our economy over and over again. The best and most efficient starting point to diminish this vulnerability, in my view, would be the implementation of an oil import fee. Put a floor under the price of energy in this country, and let market forces determine the most economical alternatives. Investors in nuclear power plants or wind farms and other alternatives need to know that they will not be undercut by sharp drops in oil prices. The sacrifice paid by consumers in the short term will be repaid handsomely over time.

Who knows? Maybe Donald Trump will one day tell the Saudis: “You’re fired!”


This will make you think…(FYI there is language involved at end)


Suthwest Airlines pilot holds plane for murder victim’s family
It’s easy to be an airline industry critic in an era of “no waivers, no favors” and fees on top of fees. It’s easy to paint airlines as heartless corporations that treat us like self-loading cargo.

But every now and then, you hear a story that turns you into an adoring fan. Like Nancy’s story.

Before I continue, I should mention a few things: Nancy is a faithful reader of this site, and I agreed to use only her first name because of the brutal nature of the crime and the age of the victim. Second, I’m not an emotional, John Boehner-type, but I can’t read her story without getting a little teary.

So you’ve been warned: Grab a tissue.

Last night, my husband and I got the tragic news that our three-year-old grandson in Denver had been murdered by our daughter’s live-in boyfriend.

He is being taken off life support tonight at 9 o’clock and his parents have opted for organ donation, which will take place immediately. Over 25 people will receive his gift tonight and many lives will be saved.

This morning, after only a couple hours sleep, my husband and I began to make all arrangements to get him to Denver to be with our daughter. He is currently on business in LA and is flying Southwest.

While his employer, Northrop Grumman, made arrangements to get his ticket changed so he could get to Tucson today (which he had to do in order to not spend any extra money) I called Southwest to arrange his flight from Tucson to Denver so he would be stepping off one plane and getting on another.

He has several free flights with them so I couldn’t really do it on the website. The ticketing agent was holding back tears throughout the call. I’m actually her step-mother and it’s much more important for my husband to be there than for me to be there.

In LAX, the lines to both check a bag and get through security were exceptional. He got to the airport two hours early and was still late getting to his plane.

Every step of the way, he’s on the verge of tears and trying to get assistance from both TSA and Southwest employees to get to his plane on time.

According to him, everyone he talked to couldn’t have cared less. When he was done with security, he grabbed his computer bag, shoes and belt and ran to his terminal in his stocking feet.

When he got there, the pilot of his plane and the ticketing agent both said, “Are you Mark? We held the plane for you and we’re so sorry about the loss of your grandson.”

The pilot held the plane that was supposed to take off at 11:50 until 12:02 when my husband got there.

As my husband walked down the Jetway with the pilot, he said, “I can’t thank you enough for this.”

The pilot responded with, “They can’t go anywhere without me and I wasn’t going anywhere without you. Now relax. We’ll get you there. And again, I’m so sorry.”

My husband was able to take his first deep breath of the day.

I don’t know any other airline that would have done this.

I’m speechless. Twelve minutes many not sound like a lot to you or me, but every second counts when you’re an airline. Southwest can turn an entire plane around in about 20 minutes, so 12 minutes is half an eternity.

I shared Nancy’s story with Southwest, and a representative said the airline was “proud” of the way the pilot had held the flight. Again, most airlines would punish an employee who holds up the line for any reason.

My Monday post is normally called, “Can this trip be saved?” But today I’m sharing a trip that was saved amid tragic circumstances by a compassionate pilot and an airline that supported his decision to hold a flight.


‘Fighter’ Mark Wahlberg weighs in on Afghanistan

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – U.S. presidents aren’t the only ones who make surprise visits to troops in Afghanistan. “The Fighter” Mark Wahlberg made his own trek to the war-torn country in December, but with little media attention that typically follows dignitaries and Hollywood stars.

Dressed in jeans, leather jacket, bullet-proof vest and battle-ready helmet, Wahlberg stepped off military transport and into the former home of a Taliban drug lord who had been ousted by troops. There was no Hollywood-style shootout, although he says he might have felt better with a gun in his hand.

The 36-hour visit days before Christmas was made without much fan fare because, he said, he didn’t want any publicity.

“That’s not why I was going,” he told Reuters in an exclusive interview this week. “I just wanted to go over there and spend some time with them and know that we do appreciate what they’re doing, and bring well wishes and love and support from home. That’s all I wanted to do.

He said he wanted to see for himself the conditions under which the troops and the Afghani people were living. “It was something that I was very excited about doing, and I’m very glad that I made the journey.”

Wahlberg, 39, rose to fame as a young rapper and later became a movie actor and producer of hit HBO show ” Entourage ,” which is based on his own life as an up-and-coming star.

He even portrayed an ex-military marksman in “Shooter,” and said that when he was young and in legal trouble he considered joining the Marines. His trip to Afghanistan was the first time, he said, he had a chance to visit troops.

The quick in-and-out was arranged by Bill White, ex-head of New York’s Intrepid Air Sea and Space Museum, who met Wahlberg through a friend. Wahlberg told White he’d like to go to Afghanistan . White said he would see if he could arrange it.


Wahlberg, a married man with four kids, said traveling into a war zone before Christmas was not an easy decision, but his family understood.

“I’ve been in a lot of hairy situations in the past, and I felt like, you know, we were going to be traveling with the military, so it can’t get much safer than that.”

When asked if he was scared, he smiled and said, “I probably would have felt a little safer had I had my own weapons … but no, I’m a very spiritual guy and I get on my hands and my knees and ask God to protect me.”

While at camps in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan , the actor showed “The Fighter,” an inspirational film about a boxing champion played by Wahlberg, to some 3,000 troops. He ate with them and visited them in hospitals. They asked questions, took pictures and collected autographs.

“They’re still extremely positive and optimistic that they’re doing a lot of good over there and helping a country that’s really in need,” Wahlberg said.

He said he was surprised to find that, not only did troops know him, but Afghani people and troops did, too.

“The Fighter,” of course, is enjoying major success in Hollywood during this awards season. Box office is solid; reviews are strong. It has made several 2010 top 10 lists, and is widely expected to pick up Oscar nominations when bids for the world’s top film honors are handed out later this month.

Where the troops’ reviews were concerned, Wahlberg said it was better than some pundits in Hollywood.

“I’ve always considered the military as the real super-athletes of the world, and if anybody could appreciate (his boxing character’s) fight and heart and never-give-up attitude, it would be the soldiers of the Armed Forces,” he said. “So, they really got a kick out of the movie.

If “The Fighter” should win Oscars, the actor who is known to shun the limelight said on Hollywood’s big night, his wish would be to have the troops back home to enjoy it, too.

“I know that they have a job to do, and I understand that, but I hope that they finish their job quickly, and they return home safely to their families.”


What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino? El-if-i-no.


CU Uses Billboards To Throw Jabs At Ohio State, Gee

Texas Christian University is throwing a jab at Ohio State and university president Gordon Gee — in the form of billboards.

TCU, fresh off a victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, appears to be retaliating against Gee for comments he made about BCS non-automatic qualifying schools, like TCU and Boise State.

“Having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools,” Gee said a few months ago. “We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.”

An electronic billboard at the corner of Grandview Avenue and Riverside Drive displayed the following message on Friday:

“Congratulations to TCU for their BCS Rose Bowl Victory.  – From the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

Prior to traveling to New Orleans to watch Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, Gee told 10TV News that people had been asking him about his comments.

“He said, ‘What do you think about TCU winning,’ and I said I’m going to New Orleans tomorrow and I’m going to a restaurant and I’m going to see if they serve crow, and if they do I’m going to eat it.”

Ohio State said Gee was out of town on Friday and unable to comment about the billboards.


Drunken burglar gets stuck inside house

Police in Delaware say a man broke into a house, got drunk and couldn’t make his way back outside – so he called 911 for help.

New Castle County police say 44-year-old John Finch was trapped in the home in part because he’d broken into it before, back in April. That led the homeowner to change the locks so that a key was required – even inside.

Police say no one was home when Finch broke in again, through a rear window. He stayed for a few days, drinking three bottles of gin and two bottles of whiskey. When he tried to leave, he was too drunk to climb back out of the window and called 911. He was arrested Wednesday afternoon.

Finch now faces charges in both break-ins. Police say he was admitted to a hospital and has yet to make a court appearance. There’s no indication Finch has retained an attorney.




Woman Dead During Sex; Man Says He Didn’t Know

Police say an Ohio man accused of having sex with a corpse told investigators he didn’t at first realize the woman was dead.


Fifty-five-year-old Richard Elwood Sanden of Geneva, Ohio, was being held on $500,000 bond Wednesday in the Daviess County Jail in Washington, Ind., on charges including abuse of a corpse and possession of marijuana.


The Washington Times-Herald reports police arrested Sanden on Saturday night after they were called to the dead woman’s apartment.


The newspaper reports Sanden told police he was having sex with the 48-year-old woman whom he had known for a few months when he realized she wasn’t breathing.


He told police he administered CPR and called an ambulance.


The woman’s cause of death remains under investigation.



Despite contrary reports, Cecil Newton was at BCS title game


Cecil Newton didn’t see his son Cam quarterback Auburn to an SEC title or win the Heisman Trophy. And he wasn’t supposed to see him play in Monday night’s BCS Championship Game either. It was all part of a punishment restricting the elder Newton to “limited access” to Auburn’s football program after it was discovered that he shopped his son to Mississippi State for $180,000 during his recruiting process.


Yet, after Cam led Auburn to a thrilling 22-19 victory over the second-ranked Oregon Ducks, father and son were captured on camera in a joyous embrace in the stands. The photo, captured by Vasha Hunt of the Opelika-Auburn News, was snapped moments after Newton was seen looking for his father in the crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium.


Earlier in the day, Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs said Cecil Newton wouldn’t be attending the national championship game. It was a “mutually agreed upon” decision, Jacobs said.

Evidently no one told that to Cecil, who managed to stay unseen during the game, sitting away from his family and out of the view of ESPN cameras. He wasn’t on Auburn’s ticket list and the university later denied giving him admission to the game.


Though we shouldn’t begrudge Cecil the right to see his son play in the biggest game of his life, the incident is a slap in the face to Auburn. The school was misled about the father’s plans and then had to do damage control hours after the greatest win in school history.


Cecil Newton put Auburn through enough agita over the past two months. The least he could have done was spared them more on Monday night.


This Nevada coach has a rather, um, interesting way of firing up his players:


New Michigan head coach Brady Hoke tweeted, ala Senator Tressel “318 days.” (Way to be original! To top it off…he also refers to Ohio State as “That Team from Ohio”-the way Bo did. I just hope he ALSO rips off Rich Rods win record!!! (the attached picture was from 20 years, and 350 pounds ago)


I am liking T.P. less and less everyday.

We are Buckeye Nation, the players Under Senator Tressel are supposed to be Class Acts, the fans in the stands are supposed to be obnoxious jerks, not the other way around!


Going through some rough times…BUT reminded “if God brought me to it, he’ll bring me through it”…Matt 19:26


Are you poor? Do you find you’re never satisfied? The covetous man is always poor! The richest man is he whose pleasures are the cheapest. True affluence is to not need anything. The Bible says, ” In every thing give thanks.” Always remember: Contentment is worth more than riches. Riches are what you have, while wealth is who you are-Rex Crain


I am reading (OK! listening to,Crazy Love by Francis Chan)


“A huge view of God Changes Everything…”


Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status quo? Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical, solutions? God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religious complacency isn’t working harder at a list of do’s and don’ts — it’s falling in love with God. And once you encounter His love, as Francis describes it, you will never be the same.


Because when you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.


Email, Social Media To See More Marketing Dollars In 2011


Two channels that increasingly go hand in hand


Email marketers have been warming up to social media for the past year, using social elements like “share with your network” and buttons to connect with brands on Twitter and Facebook in email campaigns.


Email and social media also go together in another way: They are the top tactics marketers worldwide expect to increase budgets on in 2011.


According to a November 2010 survey of business executives around the globe by StrongMail, nearly two-thirds of companies will increase spending on email marketing, and 57% will put more dollars toward social media marketing.


Search took a distant third place with 41% of respondents indicating they would spend more.


Budgets will be increasing, but the biggest challenge for email marketers will be a lack of resources and staff—the same problem affecting social media marketers.


Email and social will continue to get closer as more marketers integrate the two channels with each other.


More than a quarter of respondents said they had already formulated and implemented a strategy for making email and social work together, and another 43% plan to make efforts toward integration in 2011, though some are more prepared than others.


As marketers continue to bring the two tactics together, their approach may become more sophisticated. In summer 2010, email marketing firm AWeber found that small businesses planned to begin including more email hooks on their social media pages, rather than just social hooks in their email messaging.


LET ME HELP YOU GET YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE OUT TO CONSUMERS!!! How does over 20,000 EMAILS sound to your come company. We have a list of over 20,000 and can assist you in getting YOUR MESSAGE/BRAND/IDEA directly to consumers. The Hyatt has even recently booked our services. WE GET MESSAGES OUT TO CONSUMERS! This is a unique and inexpensive chance to brand your services, and reach beyond your current clientele list. My current list of customers has indicated that this unique form of FREE advertising has helped their brand and ID name. If anyone provides me a lead, and I can close the lead…I will pay 100% of first week revenues received. You make 100% of what I make, just for referring me to someone. For more info, or a list of current ecstatic customers e-mail


BOOKING WEDDINGS for 2011! FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY I AM OFFERING 3 HOURS FOR $500.00, WITH NO DEPOSIT (with signed contract) If you or someone you know is getting married, please feel free to refer our services to them. We have been in the entertainment and wedding industry for over 25 years. Our expertise will make you or your friend’s wedding, a moment to remember. Refer us and receive 15% of contracted rate.




Use these high-voltage routines to burn away belly flab and finally reveal your abs


It’s a universal law of fitness: The less time you have, the easier it is to find excuses to skip a cardio workout. After all, doesn’t a good routine require at least 30 minutes?


No, actually, it doesn’t. I’ve found that clients at my gym achieve the fastest results with the shortest cardio workouts. It’s basic exercise science: The harder you go, the more calories you burn every minute. And unlike slow-and-steady running, cardio at a fast, furious pace can speed your metabolism for hours after your workout. So you lose lard even while you’re sleeping. What’s more, research shows that brief, intense bouts of exercise can improve your cardiovascular fitness as much as jogging can.


These circuit workouts can be performed in your basement, and they’re as challenging as a series of gut-wrenching sprints. Try one, and you’ll never again think “running” when you hear the term “cardio.” The bonus? Faster workouts leave you with fewer excuses.


Perform any of these quickie cardio routines at the end of your typical weight session. They’re called “finishers,” not just because doing them is a great way to finish off an exercise session, but also because they can help you finish off your fat.


The Leg Matrix

Do 1 set of each exercise without resting, and keep track of the time it takes you to complete the circuit. Rest for double that time, and then repeat the circuit. When you can finish the first circuit in 90 seconds, skip the rest period.

1. Bodyweight squat: 24 reps

2. Bodyweight alternating lunge: 12 each leg

3. Bodyweight split jump: 24 each leg

4. Bodyweight jump squat: 12 reps. (For instructions, see squat series on the next page.)


Squat Series

Repeat the series twice without any rest, for a total of 3 rounds.

1. Bodyweight jump squat: Lower your body until your thighs parallel the floor. Then jump as high as you can. Repeat for 20 seconds.

2. Bodyweight squat: Do as many reps as you can in 20 seconds.

3. Isometric squat: Lower your body until your thighs parallel the floor, and pause. Hold the position 30 seconds.


Countdowns (Choose Option 1 or 2)

Alternate between the two exercises without resting. For your first round, do 10 repetitions of each exercise. For your second round, do 9 reps. Then do 8 reps for your third round, and so on. Go as low as you can, or until you reach zero. Each week, raise your starting rep count by 1–so if you did reach zero, you’ll start with 11 repetitions for the second week.


Option 1

1. Single-arm dumbbell swing: Using an overhand grip, hold a dumbbell at arm’s length in front of your waist. Bend at your hips and knees and lower your torso until it’s at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Swing the dumbbell between your legs, and then thrust your hips forward and swing the dumbbell up to chest level as you stand. Reverse the move, and repeat.

2. Squat thrust: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides. Push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body as deep as you can into a squat. Now kick your legs backward so that you’re in a pushup position. Then quickly bring your legs back to a squat. Stand up quickly and repeat the entire move.


Option 2

1. Bodyweight jump squat

2. Explosive pushup: Assume a pushup position, your hands slightly beyond shoulder width. Your body should form a straight line from your ankles to your head. Bend your elbows and lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Press yourself up with enough force that your hands leave the floor.




Want to meet your New Years Resolution for health/weight loss/more income? Try the products of Visalus.


To learn more or to check out some of the products from Visalus OR have the chance to make an extra income… Or



Secret to Success-Brian Tracy

According to psychologist Sidney Jourard, fully 85 percent of your happiness in life will come from your personal relationships. Your interactions and the time that you spend with the people you care about will be the major source of the pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction that you derive daily. The other 15 percent of your happiness will come from your accomplishments. Unfortunately, many people lose sight of what is truly important, and they allow the tail to wag the dog. They sacrifice their relationships, their major source of happiness, to accomplish more in their careers. But one’s career, at best, can be only a minor source–and a temporary one, at that–of the happiness and satisfaction that everyone wants.

There is no perfect answer to the key question of how to achieve balance in our lives, but there are a number of ideas that can help you to be and have and do more in the areas that are important to you. These ideas often require changes and modifications in the way you think and use your time, but the price is well worth it. You will find that by reorganizing your life in little ways, you can create an existence that gives you the highest quality and quantity of satisfaction overall. And this must be your guiding purpose.

Balance Formula

The ancient Greeks had two famous sayings: “Man, know thyself” and “Moderation in all things.” Taken together, those two ideas are a good starting point for achieving the balance that you desire. With regard to knowing thyself, it is very important to give some serious thought to what you really value in life. All trade-offs and choices are based on your values, and all stress and unhappiness come from believing and valuing one thing and, yet, finding yourself doing another. Only when your values and your activities are congruent do you feel happy and at peace with yourself.

Know Yourself

So knowing yourself means knowing what you really value, knowing what is really important to you. The superior man or woman decides what is right before he or she decides what is possible. The advanced human being organizes his or her life to assure that everything that he or she is doing is consistent with his or her true values. It is essential for you to organize your life around yourself, rather than to organize yourself around the demands of your external world.


The second quote, “Moderation in all things,” is a wonderful and important dictate for successful living. But, at the same time, you know that you can’t really be successful in any area by being moderate in that area. Peter Drucker once wrote, “Wherever you find something getting done, you find a monomaniac with a mission.” You know that single-minded concentration on a goal or objective is absolutely necessary for achievement of any kind in a competitive society.

The Formula

So what’s the solution? Over the years, I have worked with tens of thousands of men and women who have spent a lot of time and effort struggling to achieve balance in their lives. I have found that there is a simple formula; it is simple in that it is easy to explain, but you need tremendous self-discipline and persistence to implement it in your life.

The formula revolves around a concept of time management, or what you might want to call life management. Time management is really a form of personal management in which you organize your 24 hours a day in such a way that they give you the greatest possible return of happiness and contentment.


The key to time management, after you have determined your values and the goals that are in harmony with those values, is to set both priorities and posteriorities. The importance of setting priorities is obvious. You make a list of all the things that you can possibly do and then select from that list the things that are most important to you based on everything you know about yourself, about others and about your responsibilities. The setting of posteriorities is often overlooked. It is when you carefully decide which things you are going to stop doing so that you will have enough time to start doing something else.

Stop Racing the Clock

The greatest single shortage we experience in America today is that of time. We suffer from what has been called “time poverty.” Men and women everywhere feel that their biggest single challenge is that they simply do not have enough time to do all the things that they have to do or want to do. People today feel pressured from all sides and are under an inordinate amount of stress. They feel overworked, fatigued and incapable of fulfilling all the responsibilities that they have taken on.

The starting point to alleviate this time poverty is to stop and think. Most people are so busy rushing back and forth that they seldom take the time to think seriously about who they are and why they are doing what they are doing. They engage in frantic activity, instead of thoughtful analysis. They get so busy climbing the ladder of success that they lose sight of the fact that the ladder may be leaning against the wrong building.

The Key to Success

When my wife, Barbara, and I started our family, we were faced with a common dilemma: how can we balance the demands of work and home with the finite amount of time we are all given?

Here’s the answer I discovered: The key to success in a busy society is to devote your time to only two areas during the period of time when your family needs you, when your children are between the ages of birth to about 18 to 20 years. During this period of time, you need to curtail virtually all of your outside activities. You need to focus on two major areas¾your family and your career¾as I have done over the years. You need to place your family’s needs above all else and then organize your work schedule so that you can satisfy those needs on a regular basis. Then, when you work, you must concentrate single-mindedly on doing an excellent job.

Use Time Wisely

Most people are time wasters.  They waste their own time, and they waste your time as well.  To be successful and happy, you must discipline yourself to work all the time you work.  The average employee works at about 50 percent of capacity.  Fully 80 percent of people working today are underemployed in that their jobs do not really demand their full capacities.  Only 5 percent of workers surveyed recently felt that they were working at the outside limits of their potentials.

But this is not for you.  You must resolve to work all the time you work.  You must decide that from the time you start in the morning until the time you finish in the evening, you will work 100 percent of the time.  Even if no one is watching you, you should be aware that everyone is watching you.  Everybody knows everything.  In every company, everyone knows who is working and who is not.  Your job must be to work all the time you work.  If people come by and want to chat, you simply smile at them and say, “Could we talk about this later?”  Tell them that you have to get back to work

Set Priorities-Then Stick to Them

Have a written list, and work on your list every day.  Write down everything as it comes up,and add it to your list.  Set priorities on your time, and be certain that you are working on the things that are most important to your boss and to your company.  Refuse to get drawn into the time-wasting activities of the people around you.  Work all the time you work.





Sometimes its not that ur doin things wrong,, its that ur doin things so right that ignites opposition! –Rev Run


Some times when we look for inspiration we need to make the first move…we are not the only ones looking!!!!



“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” – St. Augustine


Take responsibility for your last bad decision, and then let it go. Don’t blame others or make excuses for yourself. – Deepak Chopra


If u feel like u can’t figure it alll out. U weren’t designed 2!-Rev Run


RECOGNIZE & praise the good in ur life! Doin this causes more good 2 come!-Rev Run

A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” – Brian Tracy


“The test of character comes when being truthful endangers what you want.”

Dwell upon the brightest parts in every prospect, and strive to be pleased with the present circumstances ~ Abraham Tucker

“It is better to ask some of the questions than know all the answers.” – James Thurber



At the end of the day Happiness is a choice-Rev Run


It doesn’t matter how much you want. What really matters is how much you want it. R.Marston


When you find that true friend, appreciate them for the good and for the bad….Sometimes you have no idea who they are. Sometimes you think you know who they are, only to find out they are a mirage. Sometimes you find out when it’s too late and they are gone. When you find that shooting star, when you find that true friend, let them know and never let them go.


There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people that make it. So surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who dont. Life is too short to be anything but be happy!!

You can’t make everyone happy, but you can still do the right thing!

“It’s not where you are today that counts. It’s where you are headed.” – Arthur F. Lenehan




A long weekend for some, I’m Matt Sexton here’s what’s happening in Central Ohio



Amy Speace plays the Historic Midland Theater in Nerk, Ahia. For more info


From MTV’s Jersey Shore. DJ Pauly D at The Blue Stone. For more info




Juston McKinney is at the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton




Broadway Across America presents, Stomp, at The Palace Theatre. For more info



Winter Safari Tours at The Wilds. For more info



Warm up with The Ohio Boat & RV Show at The Ohio Expo Center. For more info



Vince Vaughn and Kevin James star in the hilarious relationship, and buddy movie, ‘The Dilemma’ rated “PG-13.” AND “Dilemma” is directed by Opie himself…Ron Howard


Seth Green stars in the remake of ‘The Green Hornet,’ rated “PG-13.” This movie should have stayed where this character originated…on the radio!!!


Need some inspiration? For the Runners of all skill levels, ‘Hood To Coast’ documentary (not rated). This documentary follows the journey of pro runners, average athletes, and those who just want to take on a mere 197 mile struggle and overcome!



Jesse Eisenberg, and Justin Timberlake star in the true story of facebook, ‘The Social Network.’ You don’t need to have 5000 “friends” to enjoy this movie rated “PG-13.”


The movie that will end Richard Dreyfuss’ Career, ‘Piranha 3D,’ rated “R.”



Cage the Elephant releases “Thank You Happy Birthday”


Cake is back with “Showroom of Compassion”


My boys are back…and STILL ROCK! Lynyrd Skynyrd reaches out to their fans with “Skynyrd Nation”


Pharell is back with N.E.R.D. and releases a greatest hits package, “The Best of N.E.R.D.”


Funny Man Jeff Dunham has “All by My Selves: Walter, Peanut, Achmed, and Me” (question…will it still be a funny album, when you can’t see the puppets?)


Monday is Martin Luther King Day, I enourage everyone to more than make a long weekend, commit to do some service for your community. T-100 hometown country station


Schedule to be released soon


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