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BRRRR WEEK, BBBBBusy weekend!



KID ROCK PRE-PARTY, FRIDAY, at The Varsity Club (My Old Stompin’ Grounds)

New Country and Only New Country Wink 107.1 welcomes Kid Rock to The Schottenstein Center Friday January 28th.

Get the party started early with Ric Knight, and Miss Lisa from 5p-7p at the Varsity Club and register to win a ticket upgrade from Dreamseats “Your Total Ticket Source!”

Matt Sexton just off the Rubber & Hide Tour will be there playing all your favorite Kid, Jamey, Kracker, Crow, Seger and more!!!

Games, prizes, and plenty of ice cold beverages, so don’t miss out on all the fun.

Friday January 28th from 5p-7p with The Varsity Club and Wink 107.1!

I cannot say enough good things about Bob (Kid Rock). I have seen 1000’s of shows and performed my own just as many times!!! By far Kid is THE MOST DYNAMIC PERFORMER I HAVE EVER SEEN. This show is not to be missed by ANYONE who likes 70’s rock, Country, Rap, Metal, Soul, R&B…or just an amazing stage show!!!


Getting Married? Know someone who is? Join me at The Columbus Bridal Expo, at The Aladdin Shrine Center ( 3850 Stelzer Rd) 11am-4pm. ). I will be there meeting and greeting prospective Brides to Be, and letting them know how my services will make their day unique due to how we cater to their every need to personalize their BIG DAY!

I will be offering 1 day only special pricing for a Brides Big Day.

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GREETINGS FROM the Home Office in Dublin Ohio the heart of “GoreBull Warming.” Just a reminder the last 3 winters have produced record snow falls and record temperatures, so Al Gore and your Global warming…well, thank you for at least creating the internet!

I also want to thank Chad OchoCinco for changing his name back to Chad Johnson. According to my calculations, he has changed his name more times than I have (those who have known me longer than 15 years understand that one and thought it was funny).

This week is cold, dreary, and just plain…yucky. I have come across a LOT of worthless facts this week, no not in an attempt to ready myself for ‘Jeopardy’ but because I have been VERY under the weather. WHILE I AM GOING STIR CRAZY, I have been using this time to find gigs, relax, and veg. I don’t dig being sick, but making the best of it-plus all the cold meds put me into a real funky cloud! I didn’t even have to go see “Rain” the Beatles Tribute on Weds to take a ride in a ‘Yellow Submarine!”

Which reminds me…Nancy Reagan said it best kids; ‘Just Say No!’

This time of year brings many colds and winter blahs…BUT there is an upside that is coming up on Monday: Jan. 31 brings us almost 50 minutes more daylight than Dec. 21, the shortest day of the year. So let’s hope that Puxatony Phil, and Buckeye Chuck DO NOT SEE THEIR SHADOWS, and we get this winter moving out the door! The current view out the window cause an assumption that the frozen O-H-I-O tundra will never fall, but because it eventually does EVERY YEAR (just about the time we start complaining about the heat)…I have faith!

HAVE YOU EVER made an assumption, or questioned faith. Both are easy to do, because they are BOTH made in a non physical notion. Assumptions are based on what you believe and faith is based on what you SHOULD BELIEVE.

Assumptions are easy because if you believe they are true…many times they will have assumed results. For example; “I assume I won’t get that job,” or “I assume he/she won’t go out with me,” or even “I assume I am wrong or at fault.” BUT WHAT IF WE DID THE SAME THING FOR FAITH?

“Faith” is usually a term for a belief in a higher spiritual power. THIS IS TRUE, however what if we also had “Faith” in ourselves, in each other, and just…in powerful thought. THIS IS HARD because faith is a belief of what you cannot see or is not known. Faith is the positive side of assumptions. While it is easy to say we have faith…many assume that it is false.


When we want something HAVE FAITH (no matter what context we put it into). Even if we do not get what is wanted…faith makes that waiting process more fulfilling, or at the very least…bearable.


Let’s think about it; if you want a promotion, a raise, that date, or whatever (fill in the blank here), while waiting if you ASSume it won’t happen in  those minutes/hours/days/years that pass until we know the outcome(s), we can be miserable. HOWEVER if we have faith in the positive or a belief that success will come those minutes/hours/days/years can be a rewarding time and at the very least an enjoyable time as we speculate victory or outcome-this makes THE NOW a much more enjoyable time and place.


So do not ASSume the future will be good…have FAITH, our futures will be GREAT! Have faith, in the success you don’t already have.


Basically use the laws of mathematics and attraction of powers. If we have positive thoughts or a strong faith, other positive thoughts and events will be attracted to our own faith.

I have found this true for myself and while I am no Zig Ziggler, Brian Tracy, Joel Olsteen, or whomever, I will say this:

“If you pull your thought process out of your A**, less sh*t will come to mind” Basically what I am saying if you pull your head out of your a** the better life will seem, smell, and look! (yep came up with that one all by myself!)


Many times we all can be caught up in the now, with concerns or negative ASSumptions on our future, if we do not place total faith in the success of the future, the PRESENT can be damaged and we can have a negative affect on others, I was reminded of this in a note I received regarding this “thing” I do every week.



Unfortunately in 2010, I thought there was too much self pity and it made me depressed for you, so I had to stop reading. You are an amazing person with amazing talents and experiences that the rest of the human race would love to have.

I vow to read your BS religiously in 2011, but I am also going to bust your balls if you start that self-pity sh*t again.

See you at the top!”


While I write a little bit (just a little), REMEMBER our outlook on our own lives/futures and actions give a voice to others to form an ASSumptions. No matter if an assumption, or a faith not totally revealed…IT HAS an impact on others!


Sometimes the easiest way to change a life, is to just have FAITH, find some good…or something positive in everyday actions or experiences. ALSO maybe just give someone some encouragement like the note above!!! But feel free to bust some balls if needed!


Find your own FAITH by giving others their own.


“Many are so preoccupied w/what others think it defines their existence. Its fear based to be told & to accept that you are this or can only accomplish that. When we fixate externally it keeps us from truly knowing of ourselves & our destiny. Most fear looking inward for worry they won’t find greatness, but when we stop allowing others to define our worth you’ll see-greatness exists in us all, waiting to be expressed.”-Jillian Micheals


Many ASSume I have too much time on my hands (ok…you MAY be right), but I do this to help concrete and build my own faith that times will get better…for me, and for anyone I encounter.



‎”Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask for, but when we are challenged to be what we can be.


“Standing knee-deep in the river and dying of thirst” #Fulghum’s expression for when we miss the affection that’s showered on us #quote


“The human spirit needs to accomplish, to achieve, to triumph to be happy.” – Ben Stein


“Decisions become easier when your will to please God outweighs your will to please the world.”




Things are NOT GREAT…But Ya Know What? I wouldn’t have missed if for the world!


SINCE it is Kid Rock Week…gotta give another 5 that I dig (in addition to those listed last week)

1.)ALWAYS on my Birthday favorites list

2.)  (I AM NOT COOL, but I do it my way) WHEN GIG, I PLAY IT ALL, wear black Hats, Camos, and Rock The Red White & Blue-allowing some like the GREAT YOUNG AMERICAN, Gabe Koshinsky, to call me “American Bad A**” (and I am proud of this!!!) Horns up!!!

3.)  I am on the ROAD, and my life IS a song…that I love; but there is something that I don’t want to live without


5.)  BOB taught me how to “Bring Da Party!”




Can you do NOTHING FOR 2 MINUTES? It MAY be harder than you think…


Make your own question daily!!!

Use mind-storming regularly. Define your goal in a form of a question and write out 20 answers to it.~Brian Tracy


Thoughts on your “dream job”

Conan O’Brien’s Job


Last week, TBS head of programming Michael Wright said that Conan’s consistent viewership of 1 million (some sources say that with DVR added, he’s beating both Leno and David Letterman) was enough to keep Conan on the air “as long as he wants.” Which is pretty amazing considering that this time last year, Conan’s Tonight Show was bumped to 12:05 in a move that eventually led to Conan leaving the show altogether.


How’d he do it? And how can you pull off a similar rebound if you left your job on less-than-pleasant terms? We asked Paul Powers, Ph.D., the author of Winning Job Interviews, about what you can learn from Conan to turn a pink slip into a golden ticket.


Keep working—even if you’re not getting paid. Long periods of unemployment make your burnished résumé less viable day by day. But take a cue from Conan’s “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour,” which helped hone his comedic skills between late night hosting gigs. “Become more active in your professional organizations—you can even open a chapter in your city if none currently exists—and volunteer to use your job skills for your kids school, your church, or anywhere else that might needs your help,” says Powers. That will alleviate your prospective employer’s worries that you’re no longer up-to-date in your industry.


Play subtle politics. Pointing to Leno’s contract that reportedly locked in his 10 p.m. time slot, most late night observers say Leno outmaneuvered Conan on a key front: Office politics. “No one likes a cubicle Machiavelli, but employers do want to hire people who are organizationally savvy,” says Powers. Your strategy: If you’re asked specifically about a touchy situation, admit your mistake—and what you’ve learned from it so that it won’t happen again.


Find something—anything—nice to say. Conan seemed to barely contain his anger and frustration in his interview with 60 Minutes. Even if you’re talking about your jerk of a former boss, keep your tone positive or else you’ll seem like you’re not a team player. Here’s another reason: “When you use negative words, your face contorts, making you slightly less physically attractive,” says Powers. That frown can end up hurting your bottom line, since studies show that good looking men both have better success in job interviews and earn five percent bigger salaries once they’re hired.



Blah busters


Surviving winter a matter of attitude, activity for these folks

Let’s just say it: Spring is not right around the corner.


The interminable winter will grind on through frigid February and mercurial March. But it will bother some people more than others.


The Dispatch went looking for folks whose jobs, outside activities or temperaments help them cope with the dark, dreary days of winter.


How do they stay upbeat?


We offer advice from a gallery of hardy souls who exercise, cultivate, organize, socialize or uplift their way through the most-trying season of the year.


Julie Maurer

• Position: president of the Jacket Backers, the Columbus Blue Jackets fan club

• How she beats the winter blahs: hanging out with hockey fans

• The routine: Maurer, a 46-yearold   information-technology consultant in her third year as president, said being involved with the fan club provides her and her husband, Brian (club treasurer), with a winter full of activity and a big circle of friends. (The club has about 400 members.)

“I used to be disappointed at the end of summertime. This gives me something to look forward to in the fall and winter.”

The team’s struggles don’t get her down.

“Being a (Cleveland) Browns fan, I’m an eternal optimist. Us Ohioans, we roll with the punches. I mean, the best games happen   when you least expect them, and that’s one of the things that keeps me going to games all the time.”

The club also organizes parties, charity events, trips and off-season activities.

• The takeaway: Having a social network makes winter more bearable.


Julie Verhoff Pipes

• Position: yoga instructor, runner

• How she beats the winter blahs: exercising (Her studio, V Power Yoga, 240 N. 5th St., teaches vinyasa, a strenuous form of yoga.)

• The routine: “It’s all about   moving, breathing, sweating. . . . It’s very much a workout.”

Pipes, 38, also runs in half-marathons and other races.

All that moving around helps her tolerate winter, which is not her favorite season. In particular, she said, the   combination of light and exercise offered by running outside is uplifting.

“As much as I don’t want to do it, when I’m done, I feel so much better.”

• The takeaway: Exercise, whether it’s winter or not.


Paige Ludwig

• Position: marketing and development director for Special Olympics Ohio

• How she beats the winter blahs: organizing plunges into freezing bodies of water

• The routine: Among her responsibilities, Ludwig (left in photo) plans and executes numerous Polar Bear Plunges to raise money for Special Olympics, the organization that stages athletic contests for people with intellectual disabilities.

She, too, must get wet at least once a winter.

“I believe that I can’t ask someone to do something that I am not willing to do. So when we started doing the plunges, I knew I had to do it myself. It really is not as bad as people make it out to be. And there is quite the adrenaline rush when you are through. . . . At the end of the day, I am willing to jump into cold water once or twice a year to raise money and encourage others to participate.”

• The takeaway: If you can’t avoid the cold, embrace it.


Chuck Davis

• Position: district governor of the Ohio Optimist clubs

• How he beats the winter blahs: overseeing 84 Optimist clubs – service organizations that emphasize youth activities such as sports and public-speaking contests – in Ohio

• The routine: Naturally, people expect an Optimist to be upbeat, which Davis, 57, said he is, even in winter. “I kind of like winter. Christmastime, snow, lights. . . . Winter doesn’t really bother me.”   For people of a different mindset, Davis, who is retired on disability, recommends serving others. “Try to find something positive and work toward a nice little goal during the winter.”

Coaching youth sports has been uplifting for him. “You have somebody you might not have seen in 15 or 20 years, and they come up and say, ‘Aren’t you Coach Davis?’ That makes you feel good.”

• The takeaway: Doing something for others is a mood elevator.


Liz Coverdale

• Position: horticulturist (display division), the Franklin Park Conservatory

• How she beats the winter blahs: going to work

• The routine: Coverdale, 50, takes care of the rain forest exhibit at the conservatory. It’s warm. Things are blooming (the annual orchid show has begun). Light pours in from the glass roof. “The whole conservatory, just the place itself, is so uplifting in the winter,” she said. “But getting to work in the plants is just unbelievable.” Of course, Coverdale can’t be there 24 hours a day, so she has other coping strategies. At home, she goes to bed early (to avoid being awake during long stretches of winter darkness), surrounds herself with plants and flowers (just the smell is uplifting) and gets outside as much as possible.

• The takeaway: Whether it’s houseplants or a hike in the woods, nature can be therapeutic.


This is kinda a quick way to show Congresswoman Giffords your support AS AN AMERICAN!



I have been getting some GREAT DEALS, find out how you can as well-IT IS FREE!



Weather Bug is PERFECT for Ohio’s Up and Down Weather!



4-pound Chihuahua survives owl attack

An owl attack has left a 4-pound Chihuahua with a healthy fear of the dark.

The attack happened when Chico the Chihuahua was out for a walk with his owner George Kalomiris in the Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake last week. Kalomiris says they were walking down the street when a great horned owl swooped down and tried to fly away with the 3-year-old dog.

Kalomiris says he kept a firm grip on Chico’s leash as the bird dragged the dog across the sidewalk, and he managed to scare the owl away.

Chico was treated for a puncture wound caused by the owl’s talons, and his owner says he’s still traumatized. Kalomiris says the dog now refuses to go outside at night.



Lulu The Gorilla Dies At Columbus ZooRelated


POWELL, Ohio –Lulu, a 46-year-old female western lowland gorilla, has died, according to Columbus Zoo staff.Zoo staff says that other than suffering from arthritis, Lulu was healthy until Saturday, when she had a seizure.Lulu was being prepared for an MRI on Monday, when she stopped breathing while being sedated.A necropsy is being performed.Lulu has been a staple at the Columbus Zoo since 1984, when she was moved there from the Bronx Zoo.


“Lulu was a favorite of Zoo staff and visitors” said Columbus Zoo President and CEO Dale Schmidt. “Easily recognizable by her pink tongue that was perpetually sticking out, she could be found surrounded by her gorilla family which always included youngsters.”Lulu was the mother of 5 gorillas born in captivity and a surrogate mother to 2 others. Taught by animal care staff to come to the mesh surrounding her habitat, Lulu would bring infants to gorilla keepers to be bottle fed.“When she came to the Columbus Zoo our first impression of Lulu was she was one tough lady” reflectedVice President Animal Care and Conservation Dusty Lombardi, “but it wasn’t long before she showed us her sweet maternal side. She was also fun-loving and enjoyed playing hide and seek with her keepers.”



Keith Olbermann is leaving MSNBC, the “Countdown” host announced on his show Friday night.

The liberal commentator told viewers he had been informed “this was going to be the last edition” of his show, but offered no further details.

NBC/Universal confirmed the news in a statement Friday night.

“MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast
of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” will be this evening. MSNBC thanks
Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in
his future endeavors.”

Olbermann made the announcement in his typical deadpan style, evoking scenes from the film “Network” and thanking viewers for keeping him on the air for eight years.

“In the mundane world of television goodbyes, reality is laughably uncooperative,” Olbermann said before launching into a story about his exit from ESPN 13 years ago.

“As God as my witness, in the commercial break just before the emotional moment, the producer got into my earpiece and he said, ‘um, can you cut it down to 15 seconds so we get in this tennis result from Stuttgart,'” he said, half-smiling, pausing for composure.

“So I’m grateful I have a little more time to sign off here. Regardless this is the last edition of ‘Countdown.'”

The news come two months after the prime-time host was suspended for a couple of nights in November for violating the ethics policy of the cable network after Politico reported that he had donated to three Democrats seeking federal office.

The contributions violated an NBC policy that requires employees of the news organization to obtain permission ahead of any political donations or activities that could be deemed as a conflict of interest.



Jack LaLanne urged good health just before death


Sad news to start the week: Jack LaLanne, who focused on health and fitness every day of his life, has succumbed to respiratory failure due to pneumonia.


The amazing iron-pumper, who preached strength training and healthy eating long before it was fashionable, died Sunday afternoon at his home in Morro Bay on California’s central coast. He was 96.


LaLanne, who was known for his jumpsuits as well as his muscles, showed off his abilities in stunts through the years, including towing boatloads of people in frigid sea water, and became known for striking a strongman pose, revealing his bulky biceps.


“What’s really fascinating is how far ahead of his time he really was,” John Eliot, an expert in the psychology of fitness and health, told USA TODAY in 2004. “At the time, coaches told [athletes] not to do weightlifting stuff because it was bad for them. It wasn’t until the late ’70s, when the Dallas Cowboys hired the first strength coach, that people paid real attention.”


The Jack LaLanne Show, which aired from 1951 to 1985, brought the fitness guru into homes. Often accompanied by his white German shepherd, Happy, LaLanne needed only a chair and towel to run through a routine and show housewives how to get fit. “Come on, now, girls. We’re going to work on” — he’d pat his rear — “reducing the old back porch.”


The last post in the Jack LaLanne blog, dated Jan. 20, 2011, starts this way:


Hope you all are keeping your New Year’s Resolutions to taking care of the most important person on this earth, YOU!!!!


“Happy Birthday” Bop Ba Bah


Neil Diamond Celebrates 70th Birthday by Induction to Hall of Fame January 24, 2011


Neil Diamond turns 70 years old today, and after spending 50 years in the entertainment business, he is finally going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Diamond who is known for his classic tunes and sequin shirts will officially be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March in New York City. He will join fellow entertainers Tom Waits, Alice Cooper, Dr. John and Darlene Love who will all be inducted into the prestigious club this year. Many wonder if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is right for Diamond, but during the early ‘80s he shifted his musical focus to a more adult contemporary style so it’s easy to forget that he was all about rock n’ roll in the ‘60s and ‘70s.


He may not make records that are topping recent charts, but there is no dispute that Diamond is a musical legend and it’s great that he is finally being recognized by the Hall of Fame. Happy Birthday, Neil!




Happy birthday, A.A. Milne


The week is the birthday of A.A. Milne (1882-1956), the British writer who created one of the greatest children’s characters of all-time: Winnie the Pooh.


Alan Alexander Milne started his career as a writer for the humor magazine Punch, and also penned plays, essays, short stories and a detective novel, according to the Just-Pooh website. A pudgy, gentle bear showed up in a 1924 book of poems, “When We Were Very Young,” and its success led Milne to write more of Christopher Robin, Pooh and their friends in the 100-Acre-Wood.


The stories were always favorites at bedtime with my children — and sparked lots of games of Pooh Sticks on the local streams. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the one book that came loaded on my iPad was “Winnie-the-Pooh.” Some things are truly timeless.


“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”


“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. i’ll always be with you.”


“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever”


“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What

about lunch?””


“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”


“Promise me you’ll never forget me because if I thought you would I’d never leave.”


“Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh,” he whispered. “Yes, Piglet?”

“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw, “I just wanted to be sure of you.””


“If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”


“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.”


“You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count.”


For a fat “slow” bear living in the woods…that bear was kinda smart!!!




DID YOU KNOW THERE WAS A THIRD “OLSON TWIN?” (yes I know that did not make scence but if I said Olson sisters you would have thought I was talking about Little House on the Prarie)


Elizabeth Olsen is this year’s ‘It Girl’ with 2 big films


Actress Elizabeth Olsen made her big-screen debut at the Sundance Film Festival Thursday night and she’s already the darling of opening weekend. The 21-year-old younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in two films that premiered within the first 24 hours: “Silent House” and “Martha Marcy May Marlene.”  In “Silent House,” Olsen plays a girl who returns with her father and uncle to fix up the family’s summer house that was trashed by squatters in the off-season, according to a Dread Central synopsis. As they work in the dark, the girl starts hearing sounds coming from inside of the walls of the boarded-up building.


The film kicked off Sundance’s new midnight series on opening night — and the place was packed. A full house of press and industry folks came to see the festival’s new “It Girl,” according to the Los Angeles Times.


“Martha Marcy May Marlene,” which screened on Friday afternoon at the Eccles Theater — also to a full house — stars Olsen as a girl who escapes from a cult and seeks refuge at her sister and brother-in-law’s lake house. Olsen told The Hollywood Reporter she was “obsessed with the script,” which was written by the film’s director, Sean Durkin. What Olsen liked best about the script is that the audience sees the story from the point her character, Martha.”They will see what’s the present and what’s the past through flashbacks,” Olsen told THR. “So what happened to her [in the cult] is slowly revealed, but what’s happening in the present is for the audience to decide whether it’s real or whether it’s a paranoia.”Olsen’s roles in both films involve girls slipping into madness. She said she’s fascinated with mental illness, but it wasn’t her intention to make two films in a row about losing her mind. “[‘Silent House’] actually made me physically sick because it was very exhausting to keep the momentum of the fear and terror in one shot,” Olsen said.The Sundance Film Festival continues through Sunday, January 30.



Sending thoughts & prayers to my hero and buddy, Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett Hospitalized After Sydney Stage Fall

Jimmy Buffett was rushed to a hospital in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday (Jan. 26) after the 64-year-old singer fell offstage and remained unconscious for several minutes, according to reports.


Australia newspaper The Daily Telegraph reports that Buffett was just wrapping up the encore of his concert at the Hordem Pavillion and singing the lines, “It’s been a lovely cruise, I’m sorry it’s ended,” when he collapsed into a pit at the front of the stage. Buffett lay on the floor with his head bleeding as paramedics made their way to the venue and concertgoers were urged to leave.


Follow Up:

Jimmy has been released from the hospital and is doing well. Fins up!!!



Local group makes it big…even if over 30 years plus later

Movie song that’s catching on has long-forgotten roots right here

There’s no other information on the You and Me reel-to-reel tape that tells who the singers in Penny & the Quarters are.

The search is on for a long-lost Columbus vocal group whose never-released song from the 1970s is drawing global attention in a movie soundtrack.

You and Me by Penny & the Quarters is featured in the critically acclaimed romantic drama Blue Valentine, starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The independent film, which has screened at festivals worldwide, is scheduled to open Friday in central Ohio theaters.

In the movie, Gosling plays the song to love interest Williams (both performances are generating talk of Academy Award nominations), helping to cement the couple’s on-again, off-again relationship.

Entertainment blogs and newspapers – including London’s Guardian and Times – have been buzzing about the doo-wop-style tune and its mysterious origins.

“It’s resonating with people in a way that’s truly amazing,” said Ken Shipley, 33, co-founder of the Chicago-based record label Numero Group, which specializes in finding obscure or forgotten music and several years ago secured the rights to the song.

“This song isn’t just stuck in my heart; it’s now stuck somewhere in my soul,” one person posted on YouTube after listening to the track a week ago. “Please, somebody offer me this song! I’d marry you.”

You and Me was probably recorded between 1970 and 1975, Shipley said, either at the since-defunct Harmonic Sounds Studio, 921 E. Broad St., or at the South Side home of studio co-owner Clem Price.

The singers, “Penny” and three or four male backup vocalists, were likely teenagers or maybe in their early 20s, and were invited to audition by the studio owners. They recorded three demo songs – sparsely produced with only a guitar accompaniment – that were put away and forgotten. No one knows who wrote the songs.

The work surfaced after Price’s death in 2006, when a box of recordings was purchased at his estate sale. The tapes and acetates found their way to Dante Carfagna, a musicologist, writer and Columbus native who moved to Chicago in 1998.

He took them to Numero Group, which is quite familiar with the Columbus recording scene during the era: Numero’s first compact disc, released in 2004, was a collection of 19 songs recorded between 1970 and 1974 at the Capsoul Recording Co., 3504 N. High St.

Capsoul, a Motown wannabe, produced rhythm-and-blues and soul singles under the leadership of Bill Moss, a disc jockey and longtime member of the Columbus Board of Education. Moss died in 2005.

“Most people don’t think of Columbus as a place where soul music was thriving,” Shipley said, “but it really was.”

Columbus musician Dean Francis, 59, who was recording locally in the early ’70s, said he can’t recall anyone using the name Penny & the Quarters. Yet the arrangement, he said, captures the spirit of the era.

“It was a simpler time with simple human messages. How could it not be beautiful?”

Before the Blue Valentine screenings, You and Me wasn’t a big seller for Numero – and how it ended up in the movie was happenstance.

Shipley said Gosling, a fan of the Numero label, fell in love with the song and recommended it to director Derek Cianfrance. Not expecting the movie to be a hit, Shipley licensed the song’s use for $750, he said.

Now, sales of You and Me are experiencing a jolt from the movie, and new money is coming in.

Shipley, who said he has visited Columbus at least 10 times in recent years to research Penny & the Quarters, said he’d like nothing more than to find the vocalists – who would be 60 years old or so – or their descendants, so he can distribute the royalties they’re due: roughly $1,000.

“It’s not a ton of money, but I’d love for them to know that the song means something – even though it’s taken 40 years,” he said.

“I’ll be curious until someone comes forward and says: ‘I’m Penny. I’m a Quarter.'”



‘Soulprint’-Mark Batterson

The classic Christian statement of faith asserts that “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”   Jesus’ Great Commission calls Christians to spread Jesus’ gospel by making disciples of Jesus whose transformed lives are used by God to make an impact for time and eternity.  The display of that glory and the potential impact that results comes through Christ-followers who live their unique lives for those purposes.  And that is often the struggle, because there is such pressure for Christians to be carbon copies of one another, as if there is only one way to live a God-honoring life.


Mark Batterson’s new book, Soulprint (Multnomah, 2011) is a kind and gracious encouragement for Christ-followers to courageously embrace and live their unique, God-designed life with passion.  He makes a case that no one can worship (glorify) God like you can because no one else is designed to live the life He designed you to live.  But many don’t know what that life is to be because “we are strangers to ourselves.”  So Batterson provides a guide to self- discovery and understanding that has the goal of unleashing a life that is not about the self at all, but about displaying God and serving His purposes.


Batterson, writing in his distinctive and inviting conversational style, uses the life of David as the framework for self-examination. He outlines five key defining moments in David’s life that every Christ-follower will also encounter.  Each defining moment provides a sometimes-hidden principle to reflect on and several practical disciplines to engage.   Holy Confidence encourages us to lean into our perceived disadvantages as a means of experiencing God’s strength. Lifesymbols notes that the well-considered memories of our life experiences can be the footprints of where we have been and the map to where we are headed. So Batterson notes, “My life is a story…God is writing through me.  It is His-story.  I need to identify the story lines that the Author of my faith is scripting for me…the inciting incidents, the places where the plot thickens, the defining moments, and the beginning of new scenes….The past is not circumstantial. The past is providential. ”


The Crags of the Wild Goats calls a Christian to live with “epic integrity” choosing to live under God’s authority and not compromise our priority commitment to Him in any circumstance.  Alter Ego is a fascinating exploration of settling our identity as God’s person and then the willingness to risk failure, vulnerability and even humiliation for the sake of spreading His glory. Batterson confesses, “.…I crave awkwardness….Why? Because it means I’m not settling for what is comfortable, what is acceptable….Comfort impedes spiritual growth. Our attempts to create comfortable environments often produce immature disciples.”  Finally, The Devil’s Workshop reminds us that it’s crucial to have people and processes in our lives to both guard against the blind spots of sin that can change the course of a life, and also to notice the joyous possibilities of what God may want to be doing in (and through) our lives.


In addition to exploring the Bible’s narrative, Batterson engages the reader with truths drawn from history, psychology and the arts.  He tells his own story with a transparent honesty that is compelling and invites the reader to bring their own stuff to the table as well.  The discussion questions at the end are a helpful reminder that this book would work exceptionally well in a small-group setting, especially with some people who know you and with whom you feel comfortable sharing the journey of your soul. In other words, this is not an entry-level small group choice.


Mark Batterson has provided a creative and helpful guide for spiritual formation.  Finding your Soulprint is a way to live the life that will bring a Christ-follower the most joy, bring God the most glory and the world the most blessing.



AFTER THE STATE OF THE UNION-Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 31% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Thirty-seven percent (37%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -6.


These results are based upon nightly telephone surveys and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. As a result, the overwhelming majority of interviews conducted for today’s update were completed prior to last night’s State-of-the-Union Address.


Just 10% say Congress is doing a good or excellent job. Forty-eight percent (48%) say poor. Despite the GOP winning control of the House, Democratic voters continue to give the legislature better marks than Republicans.


Data from the Rasmussen Consumer Index shows that 35% of Americans now rate their own finances as good or excellent. That’s the same as when President Obama took office.  Before Lehman Brothers collapsed in the fall of 2008, 43% rated their own finances as good or excellent. Over the past couple of years, the number who were that upbeat fell as low as 26%, but there has been a recent reduction in pessimism about the economy.


Most voters (52%) continue to blame George W Bush for the nation’s economic woes while just 37% blame President Obama. The bailouts were approved during the Bush Administration and most voters continue to believe they were a mistake.


The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern.


Overall, 50% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. Forty-eight percent (48%) disapprove.


Eighty-eight percent (88%) say it’s important to cut the federal budget deficit in half but only 22% believe that’s likely to happen.


A Wall Street Journal   profile called Scott Rasmussen “America’s Insurgent Pollster.” The Washington Post calls him “a driving force in American politics.”  If you’d like Scott to speak at your conference or event, contact Premiere Speakers Bureau.


In a book released earlier this year, Scott observed that, “The gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and politicians who want to rule over them may be as big today as the gap between the colonies and England during the 18th  century.” He added that “The American people don’t want to be governed from the left, the right, or the center. They want to govern themselves.” In Search of Self-Governance is available at


MAD AS HELL: How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System, the new book by Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen, can be ordered at, Barnes and Noble, Borders and other outlets. It’s also available in bookstores everywhere.


It is important to remember that the Rasmussen Reports job approval ratings are based upon a sample of likely voters. Some other firms base their approval ratings on samples of all adults. President Obama’s numbers are always several points higher in a poll of adults rather than likely voters. That’s because some of the president’s most enthusiastic supporters, such as young adults, are less likely to turn out to vote. It is also important to check the details of question wording when comparing approval ratings from different firms.


Rasmussen Reports has been a pioneer in the use of automated telephone polling techniques, but many other firms still utilize their own operator-assisted technology. Pollsters for Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have cited our “unchallenged record for both integrity and accuracy.”


The Pew Center noted that Rasmussen Reports beat traditional media in covering Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts earlier this year: “It was polling-not journalistic reporting-that caught the wave in the race to succeed Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy.” Rasmussen Reports was also the first to show Joe Sestak catching Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary race last year.


Once again in 2010, Rasmussen Reports polling once again provided an accurate preview of Election Night outcomes.


In the 2009 New Jersey Governor’s race, automated polls tended to be more accurate than operator-assisted polling techniques. On reviewing the state polling results from 2009, Mickey Kaus offered this assessment, “If you have a choice between Rasmussen and, say, the prestigious N.Y. Times, go with Rasmussen!”


In 2008, Obama won 53%-46% and our final poll showed Obama winning 52% to 46%. While we were pleased with the final result, Rasmussen Reports was especially pleased with the stability of our results. On every single day for the last six weeks of the campaign, our daily tracking showed Obama with a stable and solid lead attracting more than 50% of the vote.


We also have provided a summary of our 2008 state-by-state presidential results for your review.

In 2004 George W. Bush received 50.7% of the vote while John Kerry earned 48.3%. Rasmussen Reports polling projected that Bush would win 50.2% to 48.5%. We were the only firm to project both candidates’ totals within half a percentage point by.

Sour note at Hu fete

WASHINGTON — Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang gave a musical shout out to America-hating patriots in his homeland when he played at the White House state dinner last week.

During his performance, Lang tinkled the ivories with the famous anti-American propaganda tune “My Motherland” — the theme song from the Chinese-made Korean War movie “Battle on Shangangling Mountain.”

Chinese President Hu Jintao, the guest of honor at the dinner, surely recognized the melody. The song has been a favorite anti-American propaganda tool for decades.

Lang apparently knew exactly what he was playing.

I think playing the tune at the White House banquet can help us, as Chinese people, feel extremely proud.’ — Pianist Lang Lang, pictured here at a New York event

A White House spokesman declined to comment on the song selection, instead directing questions about Lang’s performance to theNational Security Council staff, which was not available to comment.

The 1956 film “Battle on Shangangling Mountain” depicts Chinese troops pinned down under enemy fire on the mountain. Then reinforcements arrive and the troops attack the US soldiers, whom the Chinese refer to as “jackals.”

The song Lang played in front of Hu and President Obama includes the verse: “When friends are here, there is fine wine/But if the jackal comes/What greets it is the hunting rifle.”

Lang said in a TV interview that he played the song to reflect Chinese pride.
“I think playing the tune at the White House banquet can help us, as Chinese people, feel extremely proud of ourselves and express our feelings through the song,” he told the Chinese network Phoenix TV.

“I think it’s especially good. Also, I like the tune in and of itself. Every time I hear it, I feel extremely moved.”

Lang, who performed for the state-dinner music program that the White House billed as “quintessentially American,” was more blunt in a blog.

“Playing this song praising China to heads of state from around the world seems to tell them that our China is formidable, that our Chinese people are united; I feel deeply honored and proud,” Lang wrote, according to a report by Epoch Times.

The anti-US musical interlude at the White House touched off some patriotic chest-thumping on Chinese blogs.

“Those American folks very much enjoyed it and were totally infatuated with the melody!!! The US is truly stupid!!” wrote one blogger.


I had the HONOR of playing the 174th Ohio National Guard Ball last Saturday. THANK YOU for all you do, and for allowing me to be part of your big night!




THIS IS F*%*IN AWESOME (get your mind out of gutter-that is FREAKIN AWESOME)



Not Seen on MTV: “17 & Miss America”

Teresa Scanlan is more than just the latest Miss America; she’s not out-spoken, but she actually speaks out about being a conservative. The 17-year old from Nebraska is also one of the youngest Miss America winner in almost 80 years. She earned the crown Saturday night, when she won over the crowd, the judges, and her fellow-contestants with her gracious personality, her articulate manner, her poise and beauty, and her performance “White Water Chopsticks” on the piano. To view a YouTube video of Teresa Scanlan playing “White Water Chopsticks” in a pageant two years ago, click here.

But I think she won by telling the audience that when it comes to Wikileaks, national security comes before public access to government information. “You know when it came to that situation it was actually based on espionage, and when it comes to the security of our nation, we have to focus on security first and then people’s right to know, because it’s so important that everybody who’s in our borders is safe and so we can’t let things like that happen and they must be handled properly,” she said.

She had my vote right then and there.

The recent high school graduate plans to attend Patrick Henry College, a conservative Christian institution in Loudon, County, Virginia. You read that right – a conservative school… Apparently Miss America judge Joy Behar is recovering fine from last night’s winning moment.

Here is a biography of the New Miss America… or as I like to think of her – one of the only positive role models for teenage girls that you could have found on the entire television last night.

Teresa Scanlan is the daughter of Mark and Janie Scanlan and is from Gering, Nebraska. She was born in Colton, California, and then grew up in Gering. As the middle child of seven, Teresa was homeschooled through her junior year of high school, when she attendedGering High School part-time, and then attended Scottsbluff High School full-time for her senior year, graduating from SHS in May of 2010.

After being crowned Miss Nebraska 2010 in June and becoming the youngest woman to wear the Miss Nebraska crown, she deferred enrollment to Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, where she is now set to attend in the Fall of 2011. She plans on majoring in Government: American Politics and Policy and then attending Law School to become a Trial Attorney in Criminal Prosecution. Hoping to become a judge and eventually become involved in the political arena, her highest career goals are to become President or a Supreme Court Justice. As a Christian in the political arena, she hopes to break down the stereotype of crooked and dishonest politicians, operating instead under character and integrity.

As Miss Nebraska 2010, Teresa is working to promote her platform, Eating Disorders: A Generation at Risk, which is a personal issue to her because of a close friend’s struggle with bulimia. She hopes to educate children and adults alike as to the signs and risks of eating disorders, as well as how and where to get help for themselves or a loved one. As a partner with the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, or ANAD, and the National Eating Disorders Association, or NEDA, Teresa will advocate their cause and work to implement positive attitudinal and behavioral change across the state. Throughout her year of service, she will work to inspire adolescents to make healthy choices in every area of their life in order to be the best person they can be and to achieve their goals. She hopes to help others regain confidence in themselves and challenge them to redefine beauty, based on inner qualities rather than outward appearance.

As God’s children, every person is unique and incredible in every way, and should embrace who they were made to be, rather than hurting themselves in an effort to change.

In her spare time, Teresa enjoys singing, acting, dancing, playing piano and guitar, composing songs, baking, participating in activities with her local church, and making clothes out of duct tape, among many other hobbies.

Teresa shared with me a prayer that she has prayed since her pageant activities began… a prayer that she says she will continue for the rest of her life. It was inspired by 2 Timothy, chapter 2, verse 15:
Dear God, please help me to be a diligent servant not only today but from here on out. Give me the strength and wisdom to accurately handle your word of truth and the diligence and perseverance necessary to be a worker who is not ashamed. I wish to be a shining light for you, a glowing example of who you are, and a grain of salt in a tasteless world. Whether or not this is achieved through a position, crown, title, or job, please place me exactly where you need me to be an effective ambassador for you. I am clay in your hands, your humble servant, willing to do whatever you wish for me in your perfect plan. I love you so much and thank you for blessing me so tremendously and bestowing such outstanding opportunity on me. My greatest wish is to exemplify your love through my words and actions in order to bring others to you.

Your Loving Daughter, Teresa

So now that a conservative has been crowned Miss America, what other boundaries are left in the pageant to break-down? Maybe an evening gown competition where the gowns are made of duct tape?

The man suspected of assaulting a deputy and stealing his cruiser with a K-9 deputy inside has been apprehended, according to the Vinton County sheriff’s office.

According to Sheriff David Hickey, the incident began when Vinton County Deputy Bill Bowden noticed a car in a ditch from an earlier attempted traffic stop on Thursday evening.


The deputy said the people in the vehicle were trading seats and a man exited the vehicle, argued with Bowden and jumped in the deputy’s cruiser, a 2001 Ford SUV. The suspect fled the scene in the cruiser with a K-9 deputy inside.

The sheriff said the deputy was dragged approximately 200 yards before he fell from the moving vehicle.


According to the sheriff, deputies and police set up a road block and tried a maneuver on the stolen cruiser. Law enforcement officers shot out the tires and the back window and the suspect fled on foot.


Officials said the suspect was followed by a K-9 from the Gallia County sheriff’s office that was assisting in the search. The suspect allegedly stabbed the K-9 deputy twice in the back and escaped, the sheriff said.


The suspect was identified as 31-year-old Kelly Krebs, of Meigs County.


Krebs was located Friday morning by a K-9 trooper from the Ohio State Highway Patrol and taken into custody. He was transported to O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens to be treated for possible frostbite.


According to The Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital, the injured dog, Jeck, was taken to the hospital, where he was in surgery.


The Vinton County K-9 deputy, Dooley, was later found when someone notified the sheriff’s office of an unknown dog on a home’s front porch.


He was taken to the Mt. Zion Animal Clinic in Jackson for the day. He is stable and doing well.


The extent of the injuries to the deputy who was dragged remained unclear.


I like the hot tubs at the hotels. I like to go there when there’s a people in there already, I say “hey, you guys mind if I join you?” They says no. Then I go and I turn the whirlpool heat up, then I go by and I add some carrots and onions. Then I say “hey man, just simmer for a while- I mean, sit there.



Woman hangs up on $10,000 call from Apple

Technology facilitates intrusion.

People weasel their way into our lives in order to sell us cable TV, a zoo membership, or enhanced reproductive organs.


So who could be surprised when Gail Davis, a woman in Orpington, England, picked up the phone, listened to someone offering her a prize, and immediately replied, “Thank you very much; I’m not interested”?


The only problem was that the caller really was someone from Apple and Davis really had won a prize. For her household was, indeed, the one from which the 10 billionth app had been downloaded from Apple’s app store.


As the Cult of Mac tells it, Davis was brought to her senses by her daughters, one of whom had downloaded the free PaperGlider app, which is so utterly useful to humanity that Warren Buffett is probably playing it as we speak.

The 10 billionth app. One of the finest.


Davis was distraught when she called Apple back and somehow the person on the company’s helpdesk reportedly proved to be less than helpful. Perhaps Davis was already a marked woman. Perhaps it had been Apple COO Tim Cook himself calling to tell her she had won a $10,000 gift card.


Davis was mired in shame. As she told the Cult of Mac: “The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a genuine call. The girls were getting quite tense. They never would have forgiven me. They would have held it against me for all eternity.”


Children hold all sorts of things against their mothers for all eternity, from looks to luck. But this would have been too much to bear.


Her eternity was made sweeter when she received another call from Apple. This time it was a colleague of Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of iTunes.


You might wonder why Cue himself didn’t make the call. It could have been because it had, indeed, been Cue, rather than a telemarketer, who had made the original call and received a polite British brush-off.


So now Gail Davis and her family can download more apps and enjoy their fame. And Apple can content itself that it is now only Toshiba being rude to the company, rather than the woman whose family downloaded the 10 billionth app.


Actually I am not sure I don’t agree with this tactic. Kids listen more when they are involved…and well-


Teachers told terrified primary school children World War Three had broken out then led them to cellar and set off fireworks and a siren


Headteacher Mike Richards told his primary school pupils in morning assembly that Britain was at war

Stunned primary school children were told in their morning assembly that World War III had broken out.


Staff at St Mary’s RC, Bacup, Lancashire, came up with the idea to help children understand what it was like to live during wartime and decided to make them believe war had been declared.


The terrified youngsters were also told that London – where some of them have relatives – was under bomb attack.


They were led to a cellar when an air raid siren sounded and a firework was let off to simulate a bomb.


Headteacher Mike Richards announced in the morning assembly but abandoned the project at around 1.30pm after some of the children became upset. He has since apologised for the exercise.


He said some of the pupils had since had nightmares.


The project began with a radio playback of Neville Chamberlain’s 1939 war address.


Mr Richards admitted teachers were ‘very upset’ that pupils had been left distressed and suffering from nightmares.


One parent said her children, in particular her daughter who is in Year One, were ‘terrified’.


Mr Richards explained: ‘We were doing World War Two as a topic and we saw advice from schools that basically suggested that we introduced the topic as if it was really happening. We didn’t foresee these problems.


‘We did a simulated air raid and talked about evacuation, but we said children would probably be evacuated to Bacup as it was safer than Manchester or London.


The children were shown footage of the Blitz and were told that London – where some of them have relatives – was under attack


Teachers at St Mary’s RC, Bacup, Lancashire, led children to a cellar when an air raid siren sounded and a firework was let off to simulate a bomb


‘The idea of it was to get the children to empathise with what it was like.


‘The big concern we had was that the children wouldn’t believe it.


‘Unfortunately we made it too real. After that we spent all the rest of the afternoon explaining to them that it wasn’t.’


He added: ‘The bulk of the boys thought it was great but a few of the girls were upset and had a sleepless night.’


The headteacher said he had spoken to around ten parents with concerns about the exercise, although the school has not received any written complaints.


He added: ‘We have changed the curriculum to being much more creative and informal and towards creating memorable experiences. On this occasion we realise that we went too far.


‘The school apologises for any distress that was caused but we don’t come to school with the idea of upsetting our pupils.’


A mother of a pupil at the school, who asked not to be named, said: ‘They’re scared of leaving their dad and me now,’ she said.


‘It was really unpleasant. I was told they were shown pictures of the Blitz, bombed houses and fires.


‘The kids were upset as soon as they were told and yet the school let this thing continue.’

She added: ‘There’s certainly some very angry parents.


‘You send your child off in the morning and then they are told that there is a war.

‘Nobody with an ounce of common sense would have put them through it.’


The Local Education authority declined to comment.



Project PARTY critics call taxpayer-funded group sex study risky behavior


Fenway Institute’s Project PARTY, funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, employs controversial research methodology and has already drawn criticism from members of the gay rights community.


Two men familiar with Project PARTY, critics who chose to report their experience on a condition of anonymity, have strong opinions on the group sex parties monitored by Fenway.


The first man, a former Fenway volunteer, says Project PARTY has gone astray from Fenway’s mission to promote healthy practices.  “At best, Project PARTY is misguided and wrong-headed,” the volunteer critic said.  “At worst, it is completely unethical.”


The volunteer critic calls into question Fenway’s practice of paying participants to attend and report on the sex parties while ruling out of the study participants who practice safe sex.  “I understand why they ruled out those who use condoms, they want a different study population,” the former volunteer said.,  “I accept that as a legitimate part of the study protocol.  But, by doing that and then paying,  they are financially rewarding risky behavior.  Take away the money and then the Fenway mission will not be compromised.”


However, another Project PARTY critic, a patient of Fenway Health clinic, considers himself to be a sex party “casualty” and thinks that Fenway’s promotion of its group sex party study is a disservice to the gay community saying:  “I really resent seeing my doctor’s office promoting group sex in the clubs.”


“Fenway should be a good role model and be promoting safe sexual behavior,” the sex-party critics says.  “By adding their name to the club posters they give group sex parties respectability and make them seem normal.  I ended up in harm’s way at one of the parties.”


The second critic also disputes Fenway’s assertion that only beer and wine are available:  “At the party I attended there was a full bottle of vodka,” the sex-party critic said .  “I got drunk and that is when I got in trouble at the party.  If they say there is no hard liquor at the parties it proves they do not know what goes on.”


“Fenway seems more interested in the epidemiology than  the community,: the sex-party critic continues.  “When Fenway Community Health Center dropped Community from its name a couple of years ago it seems like they dropped the community as well.”


Fenway Institute director Dr. Ken Mayer bristles at such a charge:  “Ludicrous!….We run everything past our ethical review board, we are trying to help the community.”


Unconvinced by such answers, the casualty critic says that the number of group sex parties has increased in Boston since Fenway began working with party hosts and that Fenway itself is to blame for the increase in the number of group sex parties.


Not true says Fenway spokesman Chris Viveiros:


“Sex parties are a phenomenon that came to our attention precisely because they were on the increase locally.


Because Fenway is so involved in providing care and services to the LGBT community, we often pick up on early trends from our patients and try to understand them in order to decrease disease transmission and acquisition.  Our aim is not to judge, but rather try to understand, and help people stay safe.”


However, the sex party “casualty” disputes Fenway’s explanation based on his observation of online advertising for the orgies and says that while there may have been a slow growth of the parties he has noticed a recent spike in online invitations since Project Party recruiting began.  “It’s not as  if sex orgies are new and the increase in frequency and attendance is clearly because of increased on-line postings and emails,  not to mention the

professional, provocative style of the marketing.,” the sex-party critic said.


He continues:  “Project Party is wrong on so many different levels;  paying people to attend, the sensational advertising promoting the group sex study, the failure as an institutional role model, the presence and use of alcohol, and  the introduction of participants to potential exploitation under the Project PARTY illusion of safety.“


Not all of the attendees to Project PARTY orgies are in the research study.  “Before the club posters, they used Craig’slist to attract men to sex studies,” the party casualty said.   “Only Project PARTY participants get paid but are outnumbered by men not in the study.”


The casualty critic insists the tax-funded study is wrong:


“Project PARTY advertises for 18 to 50 year-olds.  Younger participants are still developing their sexual identity, they may still be in the closet, and now they will be developing their own Project PARTY community identity.  By being paid by Fenway to attend the group sex parties,  inexperienced youth that get recruited may develop a false sense of intimacy, part of the Fenway family.  That false sense of intimacy is the slippery slope to unprotected sex.”


Mayer denies the criticism claiming that, despite the eligibility of 18 year-olds, the youngest Project PARTY participant is 22 years old with the average age of 35.


“These guys are already going to parties,” Mayer explained.


However, the sex party critic says that was not his experience:  “The majority of the people who were at the party I attended were first-timers,,“ he said.  A curious, naïve-to-the-scene twenty-something should not be classified as a party-goer who ’needs’ some safer orgy made available frequently and have group sex labeled as his normative way or typical behavioral need just because he stumbled on an email or saw a poster and showed up at an event.”


Project PARTY chief researcher Dr. Matthew Mimiaga cites safety as a justification for the research, “We are not interested in reducing sex–We want to reduce risky behavior,” Mimiaga said.


Unconvinced, the party “casualty” says Fenway is wrong to expand orgy opportunities:  “I want to see the posters come down; I don’t want to see Fenway promoting group sex in the community,“ he said.  “They  [ Fenway Institute] should be promoting safe sex instead.  Fenway owes the community an apology.





UMMM…20 years ago these kids COULD NOT LISTEN TO HIM, now he is coaching them?!?!?

2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke becomes coordinator for national power

Earlier this year, Prep Rally wrote about former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell’s reformation from his racy, colorful past to linebackers coach at Miami (Fla.) Central High. Well, according to RivalsHigh senior analyst Dallas Jackson, Uncle Luke is moving up in the high school coaching world, leaving his Miami Central position to become defensive coordinator at perennial national power Miami (Fla.) Northwestern High.

It should be noted that this is no small promotion. While both Central and Northwestern are state and national powers, the jump from helping coach linebackers to running an entire defense for a major program is a significant shift. Yet Campbell has the time — he’s retired from the music and porn biz — and he showed plenty of dedication both to the job and his athletes at Central, where he was known to take in and feed a handful of players who needed help.

However, it has to be noted that Northwestern also has one of the nation’s more high-profile female football prospects in its ranks. Just this year, Northwestern made Jaline DeJesus the first female player at a non-kicking position to participate in a Florida Class 6A football game. The move — which came in a 38-12 rout of Hialeah Miami Lakes — was seen as a watershed moment for the state and, in some circles, for girls playing high school football as a whole.

How will DeJesus, who is slated to be a part of the varsity team full time in 2011, respond to being coached by a man most well known for penning the epic rap hit “Me So Horny”? She plays cornerback, where she’ll be reporting to Campbell, who will also be running all her positional meetings, etc.

Of course, Campbell is keeping himself incredibly active for a retiree. Just last week he announced that he would run for mayor of Miami, if current mayor Carlos Alvarez is ousted. Alvarez is facing a recall election set for March 15.

Campbell insists the mayoral run isn’t just a publicity stunt, either. He says as mayor he would turn the city’s front office into a “reality show,” installing cameras so that every move would be captured and streamed live as the nation’s preeminent exercise in civic transparency.

That sounds like an impressive pledge. Of course, Campbell will have plenty of responsibilities to his new players, too. Just another new duty for Uncle Luke to work on in his rapidly changing world.


Oversigning offenders won’t be curbed by NCAA’s toothless rule

The SEC is home to some of the nation’s most notorious oversigners, including LSU’s Les Miles.


Two years ago, Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt defended signing 37 players to national letters-of-intent with a statement he probably intended as a joke.


“There’s no rule that says that we can’t sign 80,” Nutt said at his 2009 National Signing Day press conference. “All I know is we have to have 25 ready to go in August.”


With an assist from the embarrassment produced by Nutt’s bounty, there now is a rule.


When Football Bowl Subdivision schools across the nation begin signing football players on Feb. 2, they’ll have to adhere for the first time to an NCAA bylaw that limits them to 28 signees between Signing Day and May 31.


Unchanged is the rule that declares schools can bring in only 25 new scholarship players each academic year. Also unchanged is the rule that allows schools to have only 85 total players on scholarship at a given time. So now that a nationwide rule governs signee totals, the morally shaky practice of oversigning should end. Shouldn’t it?


Not even close. The rule isn’t worth the paper on which it’s printed, and everyone in college football knows it.


The NCAA rule was sponsored by the SEC, home to some of the nation’s most notorious oversigners. The SEC passed its own rule in 2009, and that rule was in place last year when Auburn signed 32 players and LSU signed 29.


Thanks to a lingering numbers drought in the Loveliest Village on the Plains following coach Tommy Tuberville’s 2008 ouster, Auburn managed to squeeze every academically qualified player onto the roster. That wasn’t the case at LSU, where coach Les Miles already had tried to clear the decks by cutting quarterback Chris Garrett. Miles misjudged how many of his academically shaky signees would qualify, and by summer’s end, Miles had two more qualified newcomers than he had available scholarships.


So Miles had to tell signees Elliott Porter and Cameron Fordham — who had turned down other schools to accept LSU’s promise of a football scholarship — that there wasn’t room in the class for them. Porter already had been taking classes in Baton Rouge. He already had a dorm room.


Fordham accepted an offer to walk on at LSU. Porter instead went to Kentucky on scholarship. He didn’t like it in Lexington, and now he’s back at LSU, where he’ll have to be a walk-on for two years before he can finally get the football scholarship LSU promised him when he was a high school senior. Should he have known better than to return to Baton Rouge? Maybe, but that isn’t the point. LSU promised him that scholarship and didn’t deliver.


In spite of NCAA bylaw, more players will get caught in a similar scholarship crunch this year because the 28-signee limit is so toothless. The reason? The dates. Auburn could sign 32 players last year in spite of the SEC rule because the Tigers brought in five players — including Heisman Trophy-winning junior college transfer quarterback Cam Newton — in January. Only 27 players signed between February and May, one under the limit.


More than likely, some signees will be told this summer that there isn’t a scholarship for them. Some players currently on scholarship will be forced to accept medical hardships or will be cut outright — scholarships are awarded annually under NCAA rules; they are not four-year deals — because so many coaches can’t help themselves in the pursuit of the next big thing.


The SEC receives most of the scorn for oversigning, but it isn’t the only place where programs embrace the practice. In the past five years, 25 of the 120 FBS programs have averaged more than 25 signees a year. That list includes eight of the 12 SEC schools (Ole Miss, Auburn, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina), half the Big 12’s current 10-team membership (Kansas State, Iowa State, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech) and six of Conference USA’s 12 schools (Southern Miss, Tulsa, Houston, Marshall, UAB, UTEP).


The Big Ten has no issue with oversigning because it banned the practice in 1956. The conference actually loosened its rule in 2002 to allow schools to oversign by three players, but even that rule is drastically different from the NCAA rule now in effect. According to Big Ten associate commissioner Chad Hawley, schools are allowed three over the 85-man limit, not the annual 25-man limit. If, for example, Michigan ends a season with 20 open scholarship spots, then Michigan may sign 23 players. No more.


If a Big Ten program chooses to oversign, Hawley said, it then must document exactly how it came under the 85-scholarship limit. That way, coaches are less likely to cut a player who has done nothing wrong other than fail to live up to his recruiting hype. “If you’ve oversigned, you’re going to have to report back to the conference,” Hawley said. “Come the fall, you’re going to have to explain how you came into compliance.”


Contrary to popular belief, the SEC does not endorse oversigning at the conference level. Associate commissioner Greg Sankey said the conference began studying the issue in 2007. That study led to the 2009 rule, which is a baby-step toward real reform. Sankey said conference athletic directors formed a working group in August 2010 to further study the issue and the ancillary issue of grayshirting (asking a player to delay his initial college enrollment until the following January), and Sankey expects more discussion of potential legislation at the conference’s spring meeting in late May. In spite of the conference’s reputation, there are quite a few people in SEC country who want to see an end to oversigning.


It isn’t lost on Sankey, who has studied this issue for years, that oversigning has received more public attention lately. examined the issue two years ago. ESPN investigated it last year and produced detailed pieces on and Outside the Lines. A Web site,, has popped up. Its mission? Track and shame the programs that sign too many players each year.


“It was kind of a cultural thing that’s developed,” Sankey said. “Now, there’s probably a critical mass at play that has increased the level of scrutiny.”


The question of regulation is two-pronged. First, is oversigning harmful to the welfare of the student-athlete? When a player is told in July that the scholarship he was promised almost a year earlier has evaporated, it absolutely is harmful. It also harms the welfare of athletes who become victims of offseason purges to clear scholarship spots for new signees.


Second, does oversigning offer a competitive advantage by allowing coaches who oversign to make more recruiting mistakes than their colleagues who refuse to engage in the practice? Ohio State fan site produced a fascinating post in December that examined the differences in players signed between Big Ten and SEC teams and their bowl opponents. In the Sugar Bowl, Ohio State faced an Arkansas team that had signed 30 more players than the Buckeyes in a four-year period. In the BCS title game, Oregon faced an Auburn team that had signed 19 more players than the Ducks over a four-year period.


The coaches who signed more players had a chance to erase their mistakes. The coaches who signed fewer had to live with their mistakes. That certainly seems like a competitive advantage. “It hasn’t really been a conversation, the competitive aspect of it,” the Big Ten’s Hawley said. “If you look at the numbers, if I had to pick yes or no, I’d have to say yes.”


Tuberville, now the coach at Texas Tech, doesn’t need to see any numbers to know oversigning offers a competitive advantage. “Sure it is,” he said. “But hey, nobody told [the Big Ten] they had to do that.”


Tuberville, who coached at Ole Miss before Auburn, believes oversigning can benefit certain players. It’s no coincidence that most of the schools that engage in oversigning are either in states or border states that allow junior college football. A coach will sign players he knows have no chance of qualifying academically and then place those players in junior colleges. In return, the junior college coaches will feed the best of their players back to the

FBS programs when those players are ready to transfer. Tuberville believes the practice allowed some players to reach college when they might have otherwise slipped through the cracks.


“I always liked to oversign seven or eight just to sign kids, to motivate them, and then we’re going to put you in junior college,” Tuberville said. “Once you sign, then we can continue to call you and motivate you to go to class, get your grades higher. Then you go to junior college, and you’ll be in a lot better shape. Now, you’re not going to be able to do that.”


One of the signees Tuberville’s Auburn staff placed in a junior college was defensive tackle Nick Fairley. After a stint at Copiah-Lincoln Junior College in Wesson, Miss., Fairley went to Auburn, where he helped the Tigers win a national title. He now is considered the top prospect in the 2011 NFL draft by many analysts.


Ohio State’s Jim Tressel has signed just 99 players over the past five years.


But what happens when a scholarship isn’t available? Ohio State coach Jim Tressel could oversign by three a year, but he has signed just 99 players in the past five years. “If you oversign and then get yourself caught in a predicament where a guy [doesn’t have a scholarship], what are you going to do when you’ve got too many?” Tressel asked earlier this month while discussing the issue at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Dallas.


Troy coach Larry Blakeney asks himself that question every year. Blakeney is the Stephen Hawking of oversigning. Blakeney has signed more players than any coach in the country, and in a 2009 interview, he claimed he always had a scholarship for every academically eligible player he signed. “If you ever balk on one, you won’t have many more opportunities,” Blakeney said.


If that were true, the problem would solve itself. But it isn’t. Even after LSU’s much-publicized math problems last year, the Tigers have 21 players committed for the class of 2011 and are still recruiting in spite of having only 18 open scholarship spots — and that’s assuming Fordham still hasn’t received the scholarship he was promised before he signed in 2010. Players still line up to sign with Alabama even after a Wall Street Journal investigation into the tactics Coach Nick Saban uses to get under the 85-scholarship limit each year.


Give Saban credit. At least he tells recruits they might get cut to clear space for newer signees. When the Myrtle


Beach (S.C.) Sun-News interviewed seven participants in the Offense-Defense Bowl about the topic of the one-year, renewable scholarship, only one, Alabama commitment Christion Jones, knew his scholarship had to be renewed annually.


“Coach Saban told me it’s a one-year scholarship you have to work for,” Jones told the paper. “Some coaches don’t tell some kids. Some kids have to find out the hard way.”


Former Rice football player Joseph Agnew is currently suing the NCAA over the one-year scholarship rule, but changing that wouldn’t eliminate oversigning. Besides, coaches do need some wiggle room to cut players who aren’t holding up their end of the bargain either through a lack of effort of through misbehavior.


What’s the best way to eliminate oversigning? That working group of SEC athletic directors is seeking a solution now. Here are a few suggestions:


• Look to the Big Ten. That conference has no trouble with oversigning because of its longstanding rules. Maybe everyone else should simply institute the same rules. The Big Ten hasn’t tried to push its rules on everyone else, but it might be time for the conference to start. “It’s just something we haven’t been evangelical about,” Hawley said. “It’s so ingrained in our culture. It’s just the way we’ve always operated. It hasn’t been an issue that we’ve pushed.”


• Take away the Letter of Intent. Membership in the National Letter-of-Intent program is a privilege, not a right. If a school doesn’t deliver on the scholarship it promised in an NLI, don’t allow that school to take part in the NLI program the following year. The NLI binds a signee to a school for an academic year. If a player hasn’t signed one, he can still be recruited by anyone. In other words, without the NLI, even players who have signed scholarship agreements are fair game for other schools until the second they set foot in a college classroom.


• Hit them where it really hurts. Though they seem careless with their offers, nothing is more sacred to a coach who oversigns than the scholarship itself. So take away those scholarships. If a coach fails to provide a promised scholarship to a signee, he gets one mulligan. Everyone makes mistakes. Do it again, and the program loses five scholarships for a year. Do it a third time, and the program loses 10 scholarships. Use the same rule if a coach is found to be manipulating the medical hardship rule to clear the decks for new signees — except without the mulligan. A coach whose own stupidity costs his program 10 scholarships also will cost himself his job, and there will be one fewer oversigner to offer scholarships he can’t ultimately deliver.



NUFF SAID! I actually got a lil choked up and teary eyed “How Firm Thy Friendship O-Hi-O”



Things are not GREAT but, was redirected to The Book of Psalms, for guidance and maybe some inspiration.

Psalm 4

For the Chief Musician; on stringed instruments. A Psalm by David.


4:1 Answer me when I call, God of my righteousness.

Give me relief from my distress.

Have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.


4:2 You sons of men, how long shall my glory be turned into dishonor?

Will you love vanity, and seek after falsehood?



4:3 But know that Yahweh has set apart for himself him who is godly:

Yahweh will hear when I call to him.


4:4 Stand in awe, and don’t sin.

Search your own heart on your bed, and be still.



4:5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness.

Put your trust in Yahweh.


4:6 Many say, “Who will show us any good?”

Yahweh, let the light of your face shine on us.


4:7 You have put gladness in my heart,

more than when their grain and their new wine are increased.


4:8 In peace I will both lay myself down and sleep,

for you, Yahweh alone, make me live in safety.



Psalm 7


A meditation by David, which he sang to Yahweh, concerning the words of Cush, the Benjamite.


7:1 Yahweh, my God, I take refuge in you.

Save me from all those who pursue me, and deliver me,


7:2 lest they tear apart my soul like a lion,

ripping it in pieces, while there is none to deliver.


7:3 Yahweh, my God, if I have done this,

if there is iniquity in my hands,


7:4 if I have rewarded evil to him who was at peace with me

(yes, if I have delivered him who without cause was my adversary),


7:5 let the enemy pursue my soul, and overtake it;

yes, let him tread my life down to the earth,

and lay my glory in the dust.



7:6 Arise, Yahweh, in your anger.

Lift up yourself against the rage of my adversaries.

Awake for me. You have commanded judgment.


7:7 Let the congregation of the peoples surround you.

Rule over them on high.


7:8 Yahweh administers judgment to the peoples.

Judge me, Yahweh, according to my righteousness,

and to my integrity that is in me.


7:9 Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end,

but establish the righteous;

their minds and hearts are searched by the righteous God.


7:10 My shield is with God,

who saves the upright in heart.


7:11 God is a righteous judge,

yes, a God who has indignation every day.


7:12 If a man doesn’t relent, he will sharpen his sword;

he has bent and strung his bow.


7:13 He has also prepared for himself the instruments of death.

He makes ready his flaming arrows.


7:14 Behold, he travails with iniquity.

Yes, he has conceived mischief,

and brought forth falsehood.


7:15 He has dug a hole,

and has fallen into the pit which he made.


7:16 The trouble he causes shall return to his own head.

His violence shall come down on the crown of his own head.


7:17 I will give thanks to Yahweh according to his righteousness,

and will sing praise to the name of Yahweh Most High.




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I LOVED THIS-I am tired of most of these people (can’t everyone be perfect in the gym like me? LOL)

Annoying people you can’t avoid at gym


Losing weight? Toning up? Pain and sweat? Please. That’s the easy stuff. The real challenge isn’t learning how to perform a cable crossover; it’s completing an entire set while the guy next to you is grunting at a decibel level somewhere between train whistle and snowmobile.


At the gym, as in life, hell is — thanks, Sartre! — other people.

No right-thinking general would send troops into battle without a map. No football coach would send players onto a field without a scouting report. And yet, every January, millions of unsuspecting Americans become health club members without so much as a warning about the annoying, archetypal individuals who lurk within.


No longer.

As a public service, here a field guide to eight of the most irritating types of gym-goers. Beware:


The Camper

Species: Squat Rackus Torpeo

Signature behavior: Appearing to be finished with his or her turn at a piece of exercise equipment when, in fact, he/she has approximately 47 sets and/or descending hills remaining.


Distinctive markings: A vacant, murderously intense or just plain oblivious 1,000-yard stare into the vast, imponderable middle distance that lies somewhere between you and the water fountain; earbuds.


Natural enemies: Everyone else who also would like to use the squat rack before his or her two-year gym membership expires.


Mating call: A long, mournful, exasperated sigh containing the passive-aggressive fury of 1,000 suns, delivered like skunk spray in response to outside aggression such as “How many sets do you have left?” and “Mind if I work in?”


Give Campers credit: They don’t actually bring temporary frames, plastic tarp and portable propane stoves into the exercise area. No, their base-camp-establishing tool of choice is the humble white towel. Towels over the Olympic bar. Towels across the bench. Towels hanging from each side of the treadmill. The towels are a combination of Sir Edmund Hillary preparing to scale Everest and a dog marking its neighborhood territory: I’m here. This might take a while.


Does it ever.


The Camper pumps out a set of cable flys. Followed by a set of reverse cable flys. Followed by a set of torso twists. And that’s just his warm-up. … She presses pause on the elliptical machine — not to stop, but to switch from a 45-minute hill climb to 30 minutes of interval training.


Between sets?


The Camper does not stretch. Or get water. Or move, for that matter — not until his or her own private workout is done, no matter how (a) much you’re paying for your stupid membership; (b) pressed for time you are, given that you’re on your lunch break; (c) forcefully you place your hands on your hips and shoot him a thoroughly annoyed look. Although the Camper’s unawareness seems to indicate a parental failure to teach rudimentary sandbox sharing and/or a cognitive delusion that a public fitness facility is actually one’s garage gym, recent scientific research indicates that Campers might simply possess a regressive optic gene that blinds them to other gym-goers and signs reading 30-MINUTE LIMIT.



The Personal Non-Trainer

Species: Homo Unsolicitus

Signature behavior: Noticing that your knee is bending beyond your toes, your elbows are dipping below 90 degrees and — basically, you’re doing everything all wrong. Not that you were wondering, of course.


Distinctive markings: Neither particularly fit nor sweaty; does not wear a name tag or health club-branded moisture-wicking shirt; come to think of it, lacks all outward indicators of physical competence and credibility.


Natural enemies: Anyone working with an actual personal trainer; everyone wearing earbuds.


Mating call: “Hey, do you need a spot?”


The Personal Non-Trainer seems friendly enough: an offer of a spot, a kind word about the amount of weight you’re lifting, a curious query about where you got those cool running shoes. Don’t be fooled. If you encourage additional conversation — or, worse yet, pause your music — you’ll be stuck with the fitness coach you never knew you wanted, and with good reason because if you did want one, you’d shell out hard-earned cash for the genuine, trained-and-certified article. Or at least someone with a name tag. Although the Personal Non-Trainer knows a little something about getting buff — that is, we assume; he does have a subscription to “Men’s Health” and probably even reads it — he mostly comes across as the living embodiment of the saying that “those who can’t do, teach.”


The Personal Non-Trainer will teach you to add an unnecessary, possibly harmful squeeze at the top of your lift. (Activate all the muscle fibers!) He will teach you that your diet is all wrong. (Nobody eats carbs anymore! You need a lemon juice-and-paprika cleanse!) Mostly, he’ll leave you confused, bogged down in yammering about super-sets and thinking about your running stride instead of, you know, working out. Ask him why he isn’t reaping the awe-inspiring rewards of his foolproof fitness tips? He’ll mention something about a torn rotator cuff.


Worst of all are the Personal Non-Trainer’s efforts to spot. The gym is a place for forgetting, a stress reliever, an escape into your own body and away from the hell of e-mail and office politics and other people, only here’s some dude standing six inches from your face, unwittingly making your lift unbalanced, exhorting you like John Lott at the NFL combine, and all you’re left with is a single thought: Seriously, who the heck asked you?



Ms. Awesome and Mr. Uninspired

Species: Peppius Gung-Hous; Homo Neglectus

Signature behavior: Making you feel bad about yourself, through either (a) envy or (b) osmosis.


Distinctive markings: On her: bobbing ponytail, sports bra, form-fitting shorts and/or yoga pants made from the same light-refracting, radar-absorbing composite used to skin Stealth bombers. Did we mention the ponytail? On him: threadbare old T-shirt, canvas shorts, black and/or argyle socks that go to midcalf.


Natural enemies: Regular people.


Mating call: Her, “seven, eight, nine, eight, nine and 10! All right, good set!” Him, “No, that’s OK, really, you can have the Smith press, I’ll just do something else.” (Wanders off aimlessly in general direction of the stretching mats.)


The fitness equivalent of the theater world’s happy/sad, comedy/tragedy masks, Ms. Awesome and Mr. Uninspired are less a study in contrasts than the diametric poles of going to the gym. She teaches an aerobics class. And cardio-kickboxing. And spinning. And 15-minute abs blast. (Not that she needs it.) All on the same night. Although she’s never been spotted with coffee — or any sort of energy enhancer, except for a suspiciously high-tech, supplement-company-branded water bottle that isn’t available in stores — she’s never, ever tired. Or even very sweaty. Not when she’s yelling at encouraging you to power through another set of 15 (read: 25) squat lunges. Not when she’s subsequently chatting with her soaked, winded, exhausted students. Not when she then hits the exercise floor for her personal workout, her triceps pushdown form so flawless, so exaggeratedly perfect, you’d swear she was posing for a magazine cover shoot. (Actually, that was last week, and it was for a kettlebell/Swiss ball routine.) Indeed, Ms. Awesome used to work as a fitness model more regularly until it interfered too much with her goal of completing triathlons in all 50 U.S. states, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. By day, Ms. Awesome works as an investment banker and is starting her own cupcake bakery on the side. In your heart, you will try very, very hard not to resent her. But you will fail.


Mr. Uninspired, on the other hand, radiates the positive vibes and boundless, crackling energy of Droopy Dog. Because of his appearance, Mr. Uninspired is often confused with the Hapless Hotel Guest Who Forgot His Workout Clothes; because of his activity, he is easily mistaken for the Guy Who Never Actually Touches Anything and Appears to Be on Walkabout. In reality, Mr. Uninspired wants to work. Only not too hard. A biceps curl here (fifteen-pound maximum.) A treadmill jog there (aka: the warm-up portion of the pre-programmed course.) A copious amount of water drinking and towel-to-forehead wiping, never mind that watching closed-captioned CNN while standing kinda sorta near the decline press rack isn’t exactly T.E. Lawrence crossing the Nefud Desert. Should Mr. Uninspired end up on the rowing machine next to yours, you’ll want to slow down, give up and quit early; should he end up on the adjacent curl machine, you might have visions of placing your skull between the plates. Such is the contagious nature of his torpor. Of course, Mr. Uninspired flitters like a hummingbird from faux crunches to bogus sessions on the heavy bag, making him inescapable, a walking reminder of John Wooden’s warning to “never confuse activity with accomplishment.” Mr. Uninspired has never heard of John Wooden.



The Yakker

Species: Gabbius Nonstoppus



Signature behavior: Moving lips; emitting sounds that are unrelated to both the theory and practice of exercise; squinting at/tapping on portable electronic device.


Distinctive markings: Dry clothing; drier mouth.


Natural enemies: Anyone profoundly unconcerned about (a) Tom Brady’s passing proficiency and leadership qualities and their effects on a football game that will be played four days from now; (b) whatever it is you do for work at your office, and why it’s so important that you are still doing it at the gym; (c) that cute guy who said he would call back, then he didn’t, for like weeks, and last night you ran into him at a friend’s party, and he was acting like nothing happened, only you’re really tired of playing games, so is he gonna call this time or what?


Mating call: Specific to individual; measured in volume, both auditory and word count.


The Yakker does not need a personal trainer and a bench. He needs a therapist and a comfy couch. The Yakker doesn’t need a running partner, either. She needs a mug of steaming Taster’s Choice house blend and two treadmills that face each other. Because the Yakker talks. And talks. Yammers through sets. Gabs during class. Simply will not shut up. Ever. Not when her trainer is giving important instructions. Not when he has 200-plus pounds of rubber-coated, diaphragm-crushing iron an inch from his chest. No chance. After all, the Yakker came to work out — to work out his or her issues, interests and general life outside the gym, whether or not you’re actually listening.


(You’re not actually listening, are you?)


Much like Mr. Uninspired, the Yakker is often confused with two closely related species: the Pulldown Pick-Up Artist (trolling for dates, one awkward, sweaty introduction at a time) and the Social Network-Outer (the health club is his “Cheers,” and he’s Norm Peterson). The difference? Although the latter two are concerned with others, Yakkers are concerned only with themselves. Their lives are just that interesting! How else to explain someone who pays a trainer $60-plus per hour to hear a bottle-by-shot-glass account of each and every drink he or she downed Friday?


Or is willing and eager to render not only their workout but also the routine of their partner utterly worthless because if you can giggle and converse coherently while supposedly running a 45-minute hill course, it means YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRY SOMETHING HARDER THAN LEVEL 2.


Who else brings their smartphone to the exercise floor — for non-musical voice and text use — just in case no one feels like talking to them?


Also akin to Mr. Uninspired, the Yakker can sap your will to exert yourself through sheer force of bad example; in certain creationist theological circles, Yakkers are believed to be the reason God invented MP3 players with volume controls.



The Mirror Maid

Species: Summa Ego Amor



Signature behavior: A permanent state of being blithely unaware that although it isn’t polite to stare, it’s even less polite to stare at your own reflection with the locked-in focus of a jeweler, the better to determine whether six weeks of single-legged lunges have added an ecstasy-inducing three millimeters of lift to one’s buttocks or merely a clinical-depression-inducing two.


Distinctive markings: Hey, whatever they are, the Mirror Maid will know them way better than you ever will.


Natural enemies: Objects positioned between a light source and a reflective surface; brushed metal elevator doors that are just reflective enough to make someone look fat; malfunctioning tanning booths.


Mating call: “Yeah.” (Distracted nod.) “Um-hmm.” (Looking at self in mirror.)


First things first: The Mirror Maid can be a man. Gender isn’t relevant. What matters is sheer narcissism. On the inside, Mirror Maids ride a fearsome psychological roller coaster between the ebullient high of feeling like the fairest one of all — look at the cut on my triceps! — and the terrible, gnawing emptiness of suspecting otherwise.


On the outside, they mostly spend a lot of time looking at themselves.


To a casual observer, a Mirror Maid can come across as someone who is simply concentrating on having good form. Uh-uh. Good form does not require working out in the middle of the weight area walkway — thereby inconveniencing everyone else — just because the lighting is better. Nor does it necessitate posing down between sets. More to the point, repeatedly looking over one’s shoulder to assess the state of one’s traps does not qualify as actual exercise. (That said, it’s a medical miracle the Mirror Maid has never pulled a neck muscle.)


Loading up for a heavy squat? Need to see yourself in the mirror to avoid, you know, slipping a disc? Be forewarned: Just as you’re about to lift, a Mirror Maid will invariably set up shop directly in front of you, exercise band in hand. Enjoy the view. They’ll be doing the same.



The Grunter

Species: Wheezimus Maximus



Signature behavior: Loudly reminding the world that although reps No. 7-10 on the leg extension machine were not included in the original Labors of Hercules, they probably should have been.


Distinctive markings: Bulging forehead veins; gritted teeth; budding hernia.


Natural enemies: Gyms that ban grunting.




The difference between working out next to a Grunter and watching, say, Maria Sharapova play tennis on television? Only the latter responds to a mute button. Grunters are loud, primal and largely annoying; that said, their slaughterhouse-shaming bleats are hardly primitive. To the contrary, grunting is a complex, nuanced form of verbal communication, rife with subtle meaning:


• A quick, explosive, surprised-sounding grunt, followed by relieved exhaling: Holy [expletive], this is heavy!


• Regular, rhythmic grunts, not quite as loud as the Robert Tepper song leaking from the Grunter’s earbuds: C’mon, stallion, one more set.


• Taut, focused, machine-gun grunts, same volume as the Danzig tune blaring from the Grunter’s earbuds: If my cheapo employee health plan covered gym memberships — or anger management therapy — maybe I wouldn’t hate my job so much.


• Eye-bulging grunt/scream, followed by throwing giant, weight-loaded Olympic bar to floor: The Winstrol is kicking in.


• The above, bookended by a soft whimper: The Winstrol is wearing off.


• Grunt takes place in lowest point of squat, accompanied by wrinkled nose: I hope no one heard that fart I just ripped.


• Nonsensical, multisyllabic grunt delivered in Austrian accent: What is best in life is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women.


• Nonsensical, multisyllabic grunt delivered sans Austrian accent: I just tore a pectoral muscle.



The Hands-On Trainer

Species: Touchus Feelus Creepus



Signature behavior: Providing health and fitness instruction to clients via borderline sexual harassment real-time biofeedback.


Distinctive markings: None, but hands are surprisingly warm and nimble.


Natural enemies: Female gym-goers who have seen his tired act before; the same people who are currently upset with the TSA.


Mating call: “Wait. Stop. Bend at your waist. Like this.”


The Hands-On Trainer is exactly that: hands on. Like, on your hips. Your stomach. Your shoulders. Your chest. The small of your back. Inevitably, your glutes. You know those Show Me Where He Touched You dolls used in child protective services cases? That doll is pretty much you. Only this is for your own good.


You want to get fit, right? Shed those holiday pounds? Trust the Hands-On Trainer. He knows what he’s doing. He’s a pro! Relax, already. Good. This is one of his favorite stretches. Touch your knee to your forehead. Keep breathing. Ha ha. This is a little embarrassing for him, too! Feel loose? Great.


Today, you’re going to do some straight-legged deadlifts. Followed by squats. Don’t worry. He’ll be there to guide you through the motion. In case you drop too low. Like … right there! Feel that? That’s too far.


Good squeeze, though. Very good. One more time? Excellent. Oh, sure. Of course you’ll firm it up. That’s why you hired him, right?


But first, time for some triceps pushdowns. It’s always time for some triceps pushdowns. No. Not quite right. Let the Hands-On Trainer stand behind you. Closer. Closer still. Like that. Keep your elbows in. Knees bent. Hey, did he have something with garlic for lunch? It sure smells like it …



The Future Chiropractic Patient

Species: Discus Slippus



Signature behavior: Making a mockery of human biomechanics; performing lifts of superheroic size-to-weight proportions despite not having been bitten by a radioactive spider.


Distinctive markings: Facial expressions convey earnestness, cluelessness.


Natural enemies: Anyone with the gall to gently point out that one shouldn’t be able to fit a 20-pound frozen turkey between the bench and the curved small of one’s back while doing bench presses; health insurance adjusters.


Mating call: “It’s just a slight twinge. Nothing to worry about.”


A tragic figure, the Future Chiropractic Patient is less a victim of gravity and basic physics than his own pathological competitiveness. If he sees you lifting 50 pounds, he’ll immediately hoist 80; if you’re running at level 10, he takes it to 11. In a sense, this is admirable: His heart is pure. He tries hard. Gives everything he has. Problem is, he has no idea what he’s doing. He views exercise the way unintentional overdose victims view prescription medication: If one pill is good, 10 must be better! Blessed with the physique of an NFL front-office statistician, the Future Chiropractic Patient overloads every bar and machine with the zeal of an NFL combine participant, throwing himself into full-body biceps curls, leaping squats and probable traction.


Oh, and if you can’t spot the Future Chiropractic Patient at your gym, bad news: It’s probably you.



Worst of the rest

• The Space Invader: Exercise class attendee who inadvertently elbows you, fails to realize this isn’t the Tokyo subway.


• The Hoarder: Underfoot collection of every dumbbell from 20 to 50 pounds would be more impressive if you didn’t need to use them, too.


• The Circuit Jerk: Like the Camper, but ties up three machines instead of one, moving to and fro. Hey, I’m still working on that! Didn’t you see my towel?


• The Cheapskate: Won’t spring for a personal trainer; won’t stop bugging you for fitness tips.


• The Wannabe MMA Guy: Shaved head, sweatshirt, spends 50 minutes elbow-striking and shin-kicking the heavy bag.


• The Guy/Gal Who Only Looks Like Someone Famous: You mean that isn’t George Clooney?


• The Halley’s Comet: The celestially hot girl (or guy) you see once but never again, no matter when or how often you return to the gym.


• The Gym Fashion Plate: Wears expensive, coordinated exercise outfits from a brand you’ve never heard of, but will be super-popular among moms pushing strollers a year from now.


• The Throwback: The guy who still uses the StairMaster. Religiously.


• The Earbud DJ: You can hear his music over yours … and you’re wearing earbuds, too.


• The Meathead: Looks scary and ‘roid-ragey but is actually the single nicest and most helpful person at the gym because, unlike everyone else, he’s genuinely happy to be there.




Want to meet your New Years Resolution for health/weight loss/more income? Try the products of Visalus.


To learn more or to check out some of the products from Visalus OR have the chance to make an extra income… Or



When failure starts to kick in on a set, I don’t simply accept it: I fight and fight until I hear the fat lady bawling her head off.”~Lee Priest


Think tall dream big and you’ll never fall short! – Jim Tressel


A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

Whatever good things we build end up building us ~ Jim Rohn




A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.” – Charles M. Schwab

‎”Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchhill

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

‎”Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett



A compliment is the best gift that costs the least & if it’s returned holds even more value!!!


“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.” – Jim Rohn

Why wait to memorable? Find a way to touch the people you meet on a deeper level & the richness of your life will multiply geometrically!


RevRunWisdom: I expect good,, I just do! #Law of expectation




I’m Matt Sexton here’s what’s happening in Central Ohio


Kid Rock brings his buddy Jamey Johnson to The Schott. You can join me before the show as I host the Kid Rock Pre-Party at (My Old Stompin Grounds) The Varsity Club on Lane Ave from 5-7pm


Stayin in Nerk? One of the BEST LIVE BANDS YOU WILL EVER SEE…The Kaked Karate Girls bring their unique stage show to Captain Jack’s in Heath


The Hill Billy Rocker…David Allen Coe plays Screamin’ Willies


The Grateful Dead’ish Band, Dark Star Orchestra plays The Newport Music Hall


Lovesick Radio play The Basement (391 Neil Ave., Columbus, 43215)

For more info:


A Huge “God Rock” show, with Newsboys, David Crowder Band, Francesca Battistelli, Red, Kutless and many more at The Schott


Getting Married? Know someone who is? Stop by The Alladin Shrine Temple 3850 Stelzer Rd Columbus, Ohio 43219(by Easton). I will be there meeting and greeting prospective Brides to Be, and letting them know how my services will make their day unique due to how we cater to their every need to personalize their BIG DAY!


Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt come to the Midland Theatre in Nerk Ahia. I TELL YA WHAT FOLKS…THIS IS THE MOST TALENTED LINEUP TO PLAY THIS HISTORIC THEATER!!!



J. Medicine Hat, is at the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton



Winter Safari Tours at The Wilds. For more info

and this weekend,  Winter Safari Goes to the Birds. Learn about raptors – birds of prey like hawks, eagles, kestrels and owls – during this program designed to help sharpen your birding skills. Activities begin with a live bird presentation by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


BUT I am scared to death of birds…so I won’t be there!


‘The Mechanic’ an action packed buddy movie staring Jason Stathon as an “assassin for hire.” “Mechanic is rated “R.”


‘The Rite’ with Sir Anthony Hopkins in his scariest performace, since HANNIBALE Lector! Based on “true” events ‘The Rite’ is rated “PG-13.”


The true life inspiration based on the 1973 Triple Crown winner, ‘Secretariat,’ rated “PG.”


Have a great weekend, I will see ya at The VC for Kid Rock Pre-Party, and on Sunday at The Shrine Auditorium for The Bridal Show! For Wclt, T-100, your hometown country station I’m Matt Sexton


Schedule to be released soon


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