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Slapped at Birth, slapped daily, dirt kicked on when all over. What goes on in between is all that matters


Jason Aldean Pre-Party at Boston’s Pizza on Nationwide Blvd. GREAT Pizza, and ICE COLD drinks to fill ya for the show. Dream Seats will be on hand giving away a pair of tixx to THE SOLD OUT SHOW! Plus I will be spinning all your favorite Rockin’ Aldean and Hick Hop to make it “you’re kinda party.” 5-7pm

Next week my B-Day Party with T-Pain at Mansion (yes I really did say that!) AND I AM BRINGING MY WHOLE CREW WITH ME!!!

Caribbean Jerks Caribbean Idol every Wednesday (1262 East Powell Road). Every week I host, ala Ryan Seacrest (he has better hair, is a better dresser-but I AM taller!) the top singers in Central Ohio go head to head in an effort win a chance to go to next year’s ‘American Idol’ try outs. Great food, fun entertainment, and prizes for those attending OR singing! Hope to see you Wednesday

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GREETINGS from rainy, cold, snowy, windy (and whatever adjective fits that hour) O-H-I-O. I am sitting here working/typing while listening to my Jason Aldean Pandora station. WOW I am reminded that life can suck…and let’s face it, COUNTRY MUSIC puts it all in writing. BUT there is also a grace, and lessons learned with all the bad…and we MUST ENJOY EVERYDAY AND EVERYTHING EACH NEW MORNING BRINGS!


I don’t have much to say, I am VERY TIRED. I have been volunteering a lot, working out 2wice a day (only 5 pounds from my goal weight on my birthday next week), training clients, and just trying to keep up while booking the remainder of the year.


With everything we all go through (and my own self induced busy schedule and pains), I am reminded-Life though it is not easy if we are upbeat, stay positive, find the “little moments that matter” and make sure we try to help others we can at least enjoy this thing called life.


I mean let’s face it…if life were to be easy, why would we be born crying. AND! Life will beat us up…many of our first physical interactions with another person is getting slapped on the a**! All while we get dirt thrown at us when it is all over.


It is the laughter/tears, hugs/punches of life and all the dirt we can cultivate in between that makes it worth it.


So there it is my brief look at this thing called life.


Next week…a mailer/blog 36 years in the making.


“The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car, it’s the one who refuses to lose.” – Dale Earnhardt


Looking for an early B-Day present for me?

REALLY WANT TO GO SEE Michael W Smith on Friday February 25th

OR I have always wanted this print for my office


Next week…if/when I make my “goal weight” (after doing 13.1 miles) on my birthday I am planning on going to McCormick & Schmidts for Oysters and Vodka. The over to Smith Wholensky for dinner, probably hit Fado for a dessert drink. If anyone wants to meet me, I am hitting Easton around 6pm next Thursday. NO I AM NOT ASKING ANYONE TO BUY, I just don’t go out much, and would be fun to be around some friends…



“Choose to align yourself with people who are like-minded in their search for simplified inspiration. Give those who find fault or who are confrontational a silent blessing and remove yourself from their energy as quickly as possible.

Your life is simplified enormously when you don’t have to defend yourself to anyone, and when you receive support rather than criticism.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer


RevRunWisdom: Being happy is a form of courage


Did you know the average human being carries around 20 pounds of waste inside the body, due to studies no matter what we say we are all full of sh*t-Chad OchoCinco




Since doing Jason Aldean Pre-Party how about the 2 songs that “HIT ME”

Very True

This one has been the “Truth” for me for about 3 years…

Guess I am on an OAR kick?


If you do not create the life you desire…who will?



The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. – Mark Twain


JMI-someone who changed my life, and me, (for the better) celebrates 30 GREAT years this week. She is a person that I think about daily, and every thought not only makes me smile, but also makes me want to be a better person.

Many times in these mailers/blogs I find myself subtly reaching out to her, and in turn TRYING daily to allow my actions to silently scream to her that I want her in my life.


I am not with her to share in the candles being blown out…but she does “burn” in my heart!

The loneliness I feel when I think of her is offset by the joy I have in my heart…just from her memories. It reminds me, that Love Conquers all.

I may not have the chance to share that love, but, the feelings I have, allow me to grow everyday and to want to be a better person, and make me at least a little bit like the person I care so much for.


So Cal Couple Killed By Pirates Remembered By Church


SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Masses at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica were dedicated today to the memory of a Southland couple who belonged to the parish and were kidnapped and killed by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.


Jean and Scott Adam — former residents of Newport Beach who were based in Marina Del Rey in recent years — were fatally shot late Monday aboard their 58-foot sailboat Quest off the coast of Somalia, authorities said. The couple were kidnapped by pirates Friday, along with a Seattle couple, Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle.


The Adams, a retired couple, had been sailing around the world for more than seven years distributing Bibles.


According to their website, the couple planned stops this year in Sri Lanka, India, Oman, Djibouti, the Suez Canal and Crete.


“Jean and Scott were faithful people,” Father Lloyd Torgerson, pastor of St. Monica Catholic Church, told reporters.


The Adams were active in the church, with Jean even singing in the choir.


“They were people who had, you know, worked hard all their lives and decided in their retirement that they wanted to do something to make a difference in this world,” Torgerson said.


The couple were members of the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina del Rey.


On Friday, the couple had broken away from a yachting group and sailed toward Oman. That’s when they were attacked by Somali pirates. U.S. Navy warships spotted the vessel and began shadowing it, and officials made radio contact with the pirates.


Late Monday, however, pirates fired a rocket-propelled grenade toward the U.S.S. Sterett, a San Diego-based warship that was closed to the Quest. Gunfire was also heard aboard the Quest. A Naval special-forces team rushed toward the yacht.


“U.S. Naval reaction forces closed in on the Quest in small boats and boarded the yacht,” Navy Vice Adm. Mark Fox said from Bahrain. “As they responded to the gunfire, reaching and boarding the Quest, U.S. sailors discovered that all four hostages had been shot by their captors.”


The Adams, Macay and Riggle were all killed. Two pirates were already dead aboard the Quest, and two others will killed by U.S. forces, according to various reports. An estimated 15 other pirates were taken into custody.


“She has a ton of friends and family,” Macay’s niece, Nina Crossland, told reporters in San Francisco. “Our family is big. Our family is close. We love her and we are devastated.”


Parishioners at St. Monica Church told KCAL9 they were saddened by the news.


“It was just very, very sad. Sad that this tragic type of thing has to happen in this day and age,” parishioner Joanne Brown told the station.


Another parishioner, Isabelle Keenan, said she was surprised to hear the couple and their friends were sailing through such a dangerous area.


“When I first knew that they were captured I said, `What were they doing going into Somali waters, four people in a boat? Crazy,” she said. “But I’m sick about people being killed, no matter where they are or who they are.”


AND TO ADD…why is Obama administration involving themselves in STATE ISSUES (ie Collective Bargaining) instead of sending sharp shooters to do what they do so well, and have done in the past-taking out Somoli Pirates, and saving innocent AMERICANS!?!?!


Oscars 2011 Poll: Will Natalie Portman Win Best Actress?


The Oscars are just three days away now, and as the race draws to a close, it feels like it’s getting tighter than ever.

In the Best Supporting categories, “The Fighter” co-stars Christian Bale and Melissa Leo were long considered the frontrunners for their categories. Lately, however, some potential spoilers have emerged. And it’s like that for a lot of this year’s categories — like Best Actress, an award that many believed belonged to Natalie Portman months ago.

But is she really a shoe-in for the top prize? Can someone stand in Portman’s way? We’re fielding that question past the jump, and asking you to join us by voting on YOUR pick for Best Actress!


As the overworked and overly competitive Nina Sayers, Natalie Portman delivered the performance of her career in “Black Swan.” And that’s saying a lot: at only 29 years old, Portman already has a huge list of acclaimed roles to her name from “Garden State” to “Brothers” to “Closer” and more. Can’t forget “The Professional,” either, her debut performance that immediately proved she was a talent to keep an eye on.


Portman hasn’t disappointed those expectations — don’t you think it’s time we put the “Star Wars” prequels past us? — but let’s face it: she’s young, and she’ll be in this industry for many years to come, barring disaster. She’s certainly the favorite for the award, but if Portman loses, it’s likely she’ll have another shot in the very near future.

But it’s not just about age: Portman is in a very contentious category this year alongside an overwhelmingly deserving pool of candidates. Jennifer Lawrence is my personal favorite of this year’s nominees, though a nomination for the “Winter’s Bone” actress is a big enough victory as it is. Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams turned in fearless, gut-wrenching performances in “Rabbit Hole” and “Blue Valentine” as well.


Then there’s Annette Bening. Somehow, she has yet to win an Oscar despite three powerful and previously nominated performances. Like Portman in “Black Swan,” “The Kids Are All Right” gifted Bening with the role of a lifetime as Dr. Nic Allgood. After a series of disappointing losses, now might be the time for Bening to earn the prize. Certainly, she’s Portman’s fiercest competitor.



There are a lot of BIG Acts coming to Columbus, and on tour period. We have the ability to “announce” before anyone else. We make those announcements at


The art of war by Sun Tzu, Sunzi, Samuel B. Griffith

Like Machiavelli’s The Prince and the Japanese Book of Five Rings, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is as timely for business people today as it was for military strategists in ancient China. Written in China more than 2,000 years ago, Sun Tzu’s classic The Art of War is the first known study of the planning and conduct of military operations. These terse, aphoristic essays are unsurpassed in comprehensiveness and depth of understanding, examining not only battlefield maneuvers, but also relevant economic, political, and psychological factors. Indeed, the precepts outlined by Sun Tzu regularly applied outside the realm ofmilitary theory. It is read avidly by Japanese businessmen and was touted in the movie Wall Street as the corporate raider’s bible. Providing a much-needed translation of this classic, Samuel Griffith has made this powerful and unique work even more relevant to the modern world.



Guess Who’s NOT Coming To (The Wedding) Dinner?

So you still haven’t received your invitation to the Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding yet? Don’t feel too badly… neither have the Nobel-prize-winning President and First Lady. The decision to exclude the U.S. President and his wife from the celebrations is a clear break from tradition – and for good reason. Perhaps that’s what happens when the President of the United States gives the Queen of England a gift as undignified and pathetic as an iPod with his speeches on it. I wonder if she’s “re-gifted” it yet? Maybe she passed it on to Obama’s buddy Mahmoud Abbas for President’s Day.

There’s just not room for tacky Americans at such an event; about 1,900 more-deserving guests have been invited to the wedding at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29th. The invitations were sent out via Royal Mail last week. The conservatively designed white card is stamped with (grandmother-of-the-groom) Queen Elizabeth’s golden insignia, and requests a dress code of military uniform, morning coat or lounge (business) suit.

There are about 40 heads of state from around the world who were personally invited by the Queen, including the King of Jordan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the Sultan of Oman, the King of Bahrain, the Sultain of Brunei and the King of Saudi Arabia along with the Emperor of Japan, the King of Malaysia, the King of Tonga, and the King of Thailand. More than 50 members of the Royal Family are also on the invite list, as well as more than 200 members of the British Government, Parliament and diplomatic corps. On the same no-go list as President Obama is French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his jet-setter (that means she’s been around a few rock stars before finding her current gig) wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Some “Obam-apologists” have concluded that the wedding is not an official state event, and that’s why Barack and Michelle aren’t on the list. But let’s not forget that Prince Charles and Princess Dianainvited then President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy to their 1981 ceremony (though she came alone because the President was too ill to travel following the recent assassination attempt). Mrs. Reagan also attended the wedding of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson in 1986. A senior courtier has said: “It is certainly not the case that all foreign heads of state will be excluded. The guest list is still being drawn up and could change, but as things stand it’s right (to say Mr. Obama will not be invited).”

So I guess it’s just a quiet affair for real friends and family… and American presidents who sell British nuclear secrets to the Russians in order to get support from the Russians for the START Treaty will have to stay home. If there’s one thing that a good royal knows, it is that one never puts one’s personal interests before the country’s,

which is exactly what Obama does. So here’s to the wedding of a future leader of England… and God save the

Queen (from the likes of our leader).




Iwo Jima Flag Raising: 65th Anniversary


The Iwo Jima Flag Raising celebrates its 65th Anniversary on February 23rd 1945. On the small Japanese Pacific Island of Iwo Jima in 1945 during the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945 five US Marines and Navy corpsmen raised the flag of the United States on the top of Mt. Suribachi – an iconic moment in U.S. military history.


The Battle of Iwo Jima was a tough, hard fought battle, part of the United States Island hoping strategy after the fall of the Phillipines. Mt. Suchibari was a key strategic point on Iwo Jima.


The famous photograph that captures the Iwo Jima Flag raising is actually the second flag raising on top of Mt. Suchibari. The first flag raising occurred earlier in the day but it was too small to been seen.  A second crew was sent so along with Joe Rosenthal the photographer (who went on to win a pulitzer prize for the image).

Rosenthal, along with Marine photographers Bob Campbell and Bill Genaust (who was killed in action nine days after the flag raising) was climbing Suribachi at this time. On the way up, the trio met Lowery (the man who photographed the first flag raising). They had been considering turning around, but Lowery told them that the summit was an excellent vantage point from which to take pictures.


Rosenthal’s trio reached the summit as the Marines were attaching the flag to an old Japanese water pipe. Rosenthal put down his Speed Graphic amera (which was set to 1/400th of a second shutter speed, with the f-stop between 8 and 16) on the ground so he could pile rocks to stand on for a better vantage point. In doing so, he nearly missed the shot. Along with Navy Pharmacist’s Mate Second Class John H. Bradley, the five Marines began raising the U. S. flag. Realizing he was about to miss it, Rosenthal quickly swung his camera up and snapped the photograph without using the viewfinder.


The battle of Iwo Jima was by no means over after the raising of the flag. In fact of the six men depicted in the raising of the flag three were killed in battle.


The three remaining soldiers returned to the United States and became instant celebrities. The image and accompanying film footage became so of the most reproduced images of all time.


The Iwo Jima flag raising photograph went on went on to become the model for the US War Memorial


Marketing Activations Group. This is the group I am with when on the road. I am excited about yet another area I will be involved with. Please add them on facebook.


5-year-old boy helps save grandmother


BELLVILLE — A 5-year-old displayed maturity well beyond his years when he dialed 911, helping save his grandmother and setting an example for those of all ages.


Logan Miller was dropped off at Sally Young’s house around 8 a.m. Wednesday.


A few hours later, the pair sat in the family room watching television.


“I was on the black recliner and she was in the red recliner,” Logan said of his grandmother. “Then all the sudden I saw her start to slip down in the chair. She was talking to me but I couldn’t understand her.”


Keeping a careful eye on his grandma, Logan said he ran to grab her cell phone off the charger.


“I knew she was having a seizure ’cause I saw her have one before,” Logan said. “I was kind of scared.”


But like all heroes, Logan didn’t let fear stand in his way.


“I called 9-1-1,” Logan said in a very matter-of-fact tone. “I told (the dispatcher) everything I saw and that she was having a seizure.”


Bellville Police Chief Ron Willey said he was blown away by the boy’s action.


“It was awesome,” Willey said. “He was just as calm as a cucumber and so descriptive in the details he provided us with. I got there and he came over, still on the phone with 9-1-1, and told us everything we needed to know.”


Willey said although Logan provided the dispatcher with his own address, the dispatcher was able to recognize the difference by tracing the cell phone he was using.


“He did just what he was supposed to and gave his address,” Willey said. “Fortunately, our dispatcher recognized what had happened. It was just the perfect case scenario.”


Jefferson Township EMS transported Sally Young to MedCentral Hospital, where she is recuperating.


Impressed, Willey handed Logan a teddy bear that has yet to leave the boy’s side.


“I was amazed,” said Sally’s husband and Logan’s grandpa, Greg Young. “I was trying to reassure (Logan) on the phone, and he was like, ‘I’m fine.'”


Logan’s mother Abbie Miller came and picked her son up shortly thereafter.


“When he got in the car I said, ‘So you had a bad day, huh?'” Abbie said. “He said, ‘Uh, uh. I’ve been good today.’ I said, ‘Do you like your bear?’ He said, ‘I love my bear. I’m going to take it everywhere with me.’ ”


Logan also has another plan for the bear, which he named Bear Bear.


“I’m going to write 9-1-1 on the back of him in case I ever forget the number,” Logan said.


“I don’t think there’s any danger of that,” Willey said, smiling fondly at the boy.


Abbie expressed her gratitude of the Bellville Police, her family and the Jefferson Township EMS.


Logan will start safety town next year — perhaps only because it’s mandatory.


“Next year, you can help me teach the other kids,” Willey told him. “Logan, answer me this, ‘You only need to call 9-1-1 when?’ ”


“When I really need it,” Logan responded.


Logan, who will be in kindergarten next year at Bellville Elementary, said he wants to become a fireman to continue helping others.


“You set an example to all boys and girls,” Willey said, high-fiving the boy. “That’s what it’s all about right there.”



W.Va. cousins stopped with carload of jerky, Slim Jims

SOMERSET, Pa.  — Two West Virginia cousins are in the Somerset County Prison awaiting a hearing on charges they were caught with a car full of stolen beef jerky Wednesday evening.


Channel 4 Action News’ Jennifer Miele reported Chief Randy Cox said the men were pulled over in the 100 block of Plank Road in Somerset because their license plate appeared to be falling off. That is when an officer noticed the jerky.


Police say in an affidavit they saw “a large amount of boxed and packaged beef jerky” and socket sets on the car’s rear seat.


Police told Miele the men planned to sell the stolen jerky to finance a trip from West Virginia through Somerset to New Stanton, where one of the suspect’s relatives was having car trouble.


Police said the men acknowledged stealing the items from auto parts stores and gas stations. Detectives are now trying to track down gas stations missing hundreds of dollars worth of jerky and even the display accessories, including giant mugs filled with packaged jerky and Slim Jims.


Michael Allen Graham, 37, and John Edward Barry, 35, both of Milton, W.Va., are charged with receiving stolen property. Their bond is set at $20,000.


Graham and Barry face a preliminary hearing Feb. 22.


Miracle on Ice

Believing in Miracles: Why We Still And Awlays Will, 31 Years Later

…why is it that I get chills down my spine and feel tears forming every time Al Michaels asks if I believe?

It is because this moment on February 22, 1980, in Lake Placid is a perfect example of why sports are so big and simultaneously so small. Perhaps even more important and relevant to us today is the fact that this game is one of several answers to the question “What does it mean to be an American?”

The beauty of a sports competition is that it is an outlet of emotion. Fans pour out emotion watching, players pour emotion for the goal of winning. Cities and countries are pitted against each other within the confines of an arena, stadium or even the chalk lines of a pasture. Factually, this game was the American National Hockey team versus the Soviet National Hockey team.

To everyone who had an ounce of current affairs knowledge on either sides of the Pacific however, this was America versus the Soviets. Democracy versus Communism.

No other outlet allows for such emotions or ideas to just simply be created universally in the way sports do. This game was almost too perfectly representative of the feelings that everyone had about these two nations.

The Soviets, trained for this singular purpose, were dominant and did not mind being the enemy of all, because that’s how the USSR felt. The Americans were a bunch of scrappy, young, and idealistic kids gathered under a rather quiet coach with a temper who stood head and shoulders over the rest. The Americans were led by a goalie, ignoring the millions of the professionals to honor a since passed mother’s wish. They were captained by a scrappy player from Massachusetts who knew that this was most likely his last chance to ever play meaningful hockey.

Give me another event that causes and encourages this.

This game, like so many other great games before it, in the simplest sense, became more than just a game, it was the battle that would never be fought.

At the same time, this game showed how small sports can simultaneously be.

This game didn’t solve anything. The troubles and issues still existed. The players moved on from this game like any other. They all faded out after the Olympics and temperatures at Lake Placid were not as cold as the tensions between the two nations.

This game of such passionate emotion has lumped with “the Immaculate Reception,” “the Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” and Michael Jordan’s “Shot,” games that are not even on the same level in terms of the passion and meaning to fans and players.

Sports may give us an outlet but at the end of the day, they are just games. Yet all of these things together are why when you ask me to explain what it means to be an American, I will tell you to simply watch the movie or game film. This nation rallied behind a group of 20-somethings as they took on a superior team. This nation came together behind a hockey team.

There are certain events that you look and say, that is America. I lived through a day when terrorists blindsided us, two separate wars are still being fought, and unemployment is dangerously high. The lives lost in all of these moments far outweigh any sporting event, no matter what the context. Innocent lives were given up, yet as a nation we regrouped, came out the stronger, and showed why we take pride in wearing the red white and blue.

This hockey team showed another kind of pride. America has always seemed to find little ways to inspire a nation toward a great cause. Patrick Henry’s “Common Sense” comes to mind as a small way to inspire and unite the future American People to achieve something great. This hockey team united a nation. They wore the colors and the American people recognized this kind of patriotism. They were a team that always came from behind, came from rivaling backgrounds, and were always the underdogs.

They were America’s team in every sense of the term.

So 31 years later as we look back at what this team accomplished and represented in defeating the Soviets, anyone from any generation can appreciate this team. They did so much without ever really saying anything. They played an Olympic hockey game and pulled off the upset. Most importantly, they made us believe.




Don’t get gassed! (“God opposes the arrogant but gives grace to the humble.”) -James 4:6 By Rev Run

You got talent? GOD is holding auditions. Get On Your Knees-Chad OchoCinco



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“Keep in mind that neither success nor failure is ever final.” – Roger W. Babson


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.~ Zig Ziglar



Optimism is the one #quality more associated with #success and #happiness than any other.” ~ Brian Tracy


Every day is a new chance to choose.
Choose to change your perspective.
Choose to flip the switch in your mind. Turn on the light and stop fretting about with insecurity and doubt.
Choose to do your work and be free of distraction.
Choose to see the best in someone, or choose to bring out the worst in them.
Choose to be a laser beam, with focused intention, or a scattered ray of light that doesn’t do any good. – Ishita Gupta



“We seriously undervalue the passion…a person brings to an enterprise. You can rent a brain, but you can’t rent a heart.”- Mark McCormack


I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying” ~Michael Jordan

If you don’t have someone calling you on your shit, you’re lost.


“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
– Napoleon Bonapart


“If you Meet Someone whose Soul is not Aligned with yours, Send them Love & Move Along” ~Wayne Dyer

Enjoy life! This is it and it is not a dress rehearsal.


Letting go of all negativity. Life is good. I wake up thankful every day. 2 many perfect moments that I would be a fool 2 take 4 granted.~ David Harris


True genius is the ability to make everything easy. Life is actually easy, but we as humans make it hard. A stroll in the park, a laugh with some friends, a black dress, white pearls, a black suite and white tie. Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance!~Rex Crain


Told to me by my good friend and mentor, Doug Pricer. And here I thought he made it up himself…still a good one though “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” – Oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller

RevRunWisdom: Men of God fear not, :::When you have standards you intimidate those who don’t #keep doing the right things


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin ‘NUFF SAID


I’m Matt Sexton here’s what’s happening in Central Ohio

Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant at The Grove City Church Of The Nazarene (Grove City)

Jeffrey Gaines is at The Midland Theatre (Newark)

Jason Aldean with Eric Church and JaneDear girls at Nationwide Arena
SOLD OUT (But can tixx at The Pre-Party I am spinning at, at Bostons courtesy of Dream Seats)

Trey Anastasio (PHISH) is at THE LC, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

The Ready Set play The Newport Music Hall

Julianne Hough is at The Clark State Community College Performing Arts Center (Springfield)

Rodney Crowell plays The Columbus Maennerchor


Shane Mauss & Ryan Hamilton, is at the Funny Bone Comedy Club at Easton.


Madagascar Live at The Palace Theatre. For more info:

Winter Safari Tours at The Wilds. For more info

‘Hall Pass’ (movie FOR GUYS) staring Owen Wilson, rated “R.”

‘Megamind’ rated “PG”


‘Due Date’ starring Robert Downey Jr., rated “R.”



Caribbean Jerks “Caribbean Idol” Now until April 20th


My Birthday Party with T-Pain @Mansion


St. Patrick’s Day Events (all over Central Ohio)


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