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More empty the gas tank, the wallet, or something else?

GREETINGS from the home office in Dublin Ohio, I just got back from Atlantic City at The TRUMP Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino. It was kinda fun being out there with all the blinking lights and roar of the chimes of the slots. But I gotta tell ya, wanna feel better about yerself? Yer age? Yer health? Just go to a Casino in Atlantic City…you WILL feel better about yourself. I mean come’on it’s NOT Vegas…it’s Jersey!!!

So I was in Atlantic City at one of the establishments of The NEXT President of the United States, and I have been to events all over this GREAT Country, but I am most excited about this Saturday’s event.

This Saturday I get the honor and privilege to play for a GREAT group of young people. I get to be part of a special event many young people take for granted. This Saturday I will be doing the Central Ohio Special Needs prom. Many times young people with some disabilities are forgotten, or don’t feel welcomed at a traditional prom. The Knight’s of Columbus provide an event to assure these special kids get their own big night.

I truly enjoy this event! Yes…it is hard to understand some of these young people. Some are wound up a LIL TOO MUCH! And one tried to run me over in her wheel chair last year, but this is a great event. It could be said that it is an easy gig just because they don’t care what the he** I play…and yea that’s true. BUT to see the smile on their faces and the true appreciation for an event, and for one night knowing they are SPECIAL, and not just “special” is an amazing experience and makes me enjoy my own “special” moments of life even more!

These special moments and experiences of life were not always appreciated or realized how great they were. I reached tout to a friend this week to thank her for an experience she opened me up to. I let her know that the experience changed my life for the better, and I acknowledged that I may not have shown that at the time. The response I got was “I am glad you enjoyed” and “I was not sure at the time.”

How many times have I had a GREAT experience but did not show it. How many times have I received a gift like this, or even the friendship that went along with an experience…and not shown it? The email I received and this event on Saturday are not so subtle reminders that EVERY MOMENT/experience in life is special and should not be taken for granted. Also with dealing with some of the kids on Saturday, and for the times I spent with the person mentioned above; it is NOT (just) the moments, it is who you share them with. Enjoy the moment…and those who share those moments with you.

One moment we all are seeing on TV is the Royal Wedding. Did I watch? Nope…but not because it was not important, and not because of some cynical other reason…I was just tired and did not want to wake up. BUT this does not mean it was not an important part of history. This day was also THE MOST IMPORTANT day in the life of two young people. While it may not have an impact in our everyday lives (other than interrupting the Jerry Springer show for some). LOVE is an important aspect of life that gets lost in everyday activities, work, stress, and just minutes. If we all took just a moment to express love, friendship, or even just admiration for others we all may be happier? So no, it is not about 8 hours of TV coverage for a wedding across the pond, it is about love…and love can capture the imagination, can heal, CAN HURT, and can make life much more tolerable. While yes…in this case, can boost TV ratings.

Another piece of current events taking up TV coverage, and also impacting our lives; on a much more negative aspect, is current gas prices. I mean seriously “WHERE IS THE LOVE!?!?!”

I am a Capitalist, and I believe in profits, AND FINANCIAL SUCCESS. However, I also believe in being responsible, taking care of clients/customers, and being a responsible business. Currently gas prices are soaring to the $5.00 mark. This is far beyond our current inflation levels, and making it difficult to not only go from point A to point B, and very hard for me to keep my own costs down to my consumers.

While we as consumers are struggling for the current prices, the record companies have shown RECORD PROFITS. Again I believe in success, BUT, when we the consumers are struggling for gas prices that are labeled “due to conflict in The Middle East” and other factors-while the oil companies are making record numbers…there is something wrong.

The smart a** in me wants to say where is the media at that was blaming the President Bush for gas prices? Where is that same media to blame the current White House? Regardless WE The People, and WE the customers must find a way to remind oil companies we are in control! I also would encourage oil company strategists to be honest…it is NOT due to conflict in the Middle East, current prices are due to attempts to gain profits. I also would encourage oil companies to do what many of us in business have to do…take care of our clients!

If not, even this anti-tree hugging, non recycling, big vehicle driving, oil drilling supporter will…go GREEN and Hybrid!

Have a great week and I hope we all pour out as much love as we do cash to fill up our gas tanks.


You can’t be blessed unless you pass the Test Of people talking negative about you, And you overcoming with your positive-Rev Run

Two types of people, those who can handle stress, and those who need bail money

Life is like cooking; choose everything…before you choose what you love


This week feeling a lil laid back

…and I wonder why sometimes the first time happens often?

“For The First Time”

She’s all laid up in bed with a broken heart,
While I’m drinking jack all alone in my local bar,
And we don’t know how,
How we got in to this mad situation,
Only doing things out of frustration

Trying to make it work but man these times are hard,

She needs me now but I can’t seem to find the time,
I’ve got a new job now on the unemployment line,
And we don’t know how,
How we got into this mess
is it god’s test,
Someone help us ’cause we’re doing our best,

Trying to make it work but man these times are hard

But we’re gonna start by
Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
Sit talking up all night,
Saying things we haven’t for a while
A while ya
We’re smiling but we’re close tears,
Even after all these years,
We just now got the feeling that we’re meeting for the first time

She’s in line at the DOLE*
With her head held high (high)
While I just lost my job but
Didn’t lose my pride

But we both know how,
How we’re gonna make it work when it hurts,
When you pick yourself up,
You get kicked to the dirt,

Trying to make it work but,
Man these times are hard,

But we’re gonna start by,
Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
Sit talking up all night,

Doing things we haven’t for a while,
A while ya,
We’re smiling but we’re close to tears,
Even after all these years,
We just now got the feeling that we’re meeting for the first time.

Drinking old cheap bottles of wine,
Sit talking up all night,
Saying thing we haven’t for a while,
We’re smiling but we’re close to tears,
Even after all these years,
We just now got the feeling that we’re meeting, for the first time

ooooo…., yeahh for the first time
(ooooo….), oh for the first time,
Yeah for the first time,
(just now got the feeling that we’re meeting…
For the first time)

Oh these times are hard,
Yeah they’re making us crazy
Don’t give up on me baby


It is easy to get caught up into events in life, easy to get caught up and wrapped in others lives, easy to be catch yourself being jealous of others success, and easy to catch a cold, but…

Ask yourself a question, is your attitude worth catching-Zig Zigler


When kind to others it not only changes you, it changes the world-Harold Kushner

Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day

The time has come when we cannot just rely on others to make the world a better place – each one of us has to do our bit.

It is therefore time for people to be more and more aware about their Personal Social Responsibility (PSR).

PSR is all about doing to others what you would like others do to you. It is about recognizing how your behavior affects others, and holding yourself accountable for your actions. For example, contrast someone being well mannered and kind, with someone being rude.

And this brings me nicely to the theme of this post – being kind to others.

Kindness is contagious – and as part of Personal Socially Responsibility you might want to consider carrying out random acts of kindness on a daily basis.

It is truly a win/win/win situation. The person you are being kind to benefits through your help. You feel good for having helped someone. And the world is a better place through your kindness.

Never underestimate the impact of a single act of kindness. I still remember, after many years, the time someone stopped and helped me after my car had broken down down. Since then, I have stopped on the road myself and helped stranded motorists a number of times. All because of that single act of kindness by a stranger.

Also, it is important to carry out your acts of kindness without expecting anything back.

So where do you begin?

To get you started, I have listed 29 ideas below. And why the number 29? Because it is as good a number as any – and also because I couldn’t think of idea number 30!

Put them into practice and also create your own:-

Send someone a hand written note of thanks.

Make a card at home and send it to a friend for no reason.

Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.

Put some coins in someone else’s parking meter.

Buy a coffee for the man on the high street selling

The Big Issue magazine.

Cut your neighbor’s hedge.

Walk your friend’s dog.

Give a compliment about your waiter / waitress to his / her manager.

Send someone a small gift anonymously.

Stop and help someone replace their flat tire.

Let someone jump the queue at the bank.

Pay for the drinks on the next table at a café.

Treat a friend to the movies for no reason.

Give a huge tip to someone when they least expect it.

Hold the train door open for someone rushing to get in.

Give up your seat for someone, not just an elderly person.

Write notes of appreciation at least once a week.

Talk to a homeless person and have a “normal” conversation.

Pick up some rubbish in the road which would otherwise be lying around.
Compliment a work colleague for their excellence.
Recommend a competitor to a potential client.

Give another driver your parking spot.

Give a piece of fruit to a delivery person.

Help an elderly neighbor carry the rubbish out.

Tell all your family members how much your appreciate them.

Leave a copy of an interesting book on a train / bus.

Buy an inspirational book for a friend.

Send a thank you note to a person who has helped you in the past.

Smile a lot.

What goes around is sure to come around – happy helping 🙂

Please apply these ideas in your life from today – and share your own ideas and how you get on with spreading kindness in the world in the comments. That way I won’t have to think up idea number 30 myself!


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Obama’s Top Six Gas Price Myths Busted

The same Washington press corps that hammered President George W. Bush relentlessly when prices were still well under $3 a gallon—well before the $4 a gallon peak, which lasted only six weeks in 2008—have given President Obama a pass thus far on the recklessness of his energy policy.

In fact, in the first two years of his presidency, as gas prices steadily rose to over $3 a gallon, the press corps never asked the President about gas prices in any of his press briefings. Even when he called a press briefing specifically on gas prices last month, he was asked only one question on the subject, which was historic in itself, being the first question on gas prices of his presidency.

According to the Media Research Center, in the past year, just 1 percent of stories related to oil prices or the Gulf oil spill on the network evening news even mentioned the President’s energy policy.

President Obama has been more than happy to feed the media alternative narratives. But the myths created in the White House don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Myth #1: Speculators Are to Blame

Ah, speculators. Nobody worries about pesky market investors when gas prices are rising from $2 to $3, but when prices hit $4 they are the only people to blame. But the economics of supply and demand don’t back up the argument.

Heritage energy expert Nick Loris explains: “Speculators could marginally increase the price of gasoline if it led to oil inventories building up while sellers waited for higher prices—but even then it would be only in the short run, because businesses have to unload these inventories.” And those inventory build-ups do not appear to be happening.

The Cato Institute’s Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren explain: “While crude inventories in the U.S. are increasing, they always increase at this time of year, and this year’s increase is well within the normal range. More important, gasoline inventories are decreasing and decreasing much more rapidly than normal. Hence, there’s no evidence that speculators are reducing the supply of crude or gasoline through increased storage.”

Craig Pirrong, a finance professor at the University of Houston who specializes in commodity prices, told Fox News: “This is a transparently political fishing expedition that insinuates that fraud or manipulation is distorting oil prices without providing even the flimsiest factual basis for such a suspicion.”


Myth #2: Price Gouging Is to Blame

Price gouging certainly sounds menacing. Who wouldn’t be against someone “gouging”? But it’s not the reality of markets. As Reuters White House correspondent Steve Holland recently tweeted: “Presidents typically stage fraud probes when gas prices spike. Fraud is almost never found.”

Heritage expert Diane Katz explains: “In the case of oil and gasoline, higher prices induce producers to increase supply—precisely what’s needed to alleviate shortages. But, with the threat of fines and jail time if they charge ‘too much,’ producers will be reluctant to respond to the higher market prices. Consequently, the shortages persist or worsen.”

This type of government price control, via heated presidential rhetoric, usually makes the situation worse, not better—as we saw in the Carter Administration, when artificially low prices caused shortages and gas lines. Yes, consumers need to be protected, but price gouging is not the cause of the high gas prices, and the President knows it.


Myth #3: The Solution Is Alternative Energy

This is President Obama’s favorite line. We simply need to “invest” more in alternative energy. Notice, though, that he never says this action will lower gas prices. Because it won’t. Oil fuels, among other things, our transportation needs, while solar and wind are electricity-generating energy sources. An affordable electric-only car simply does not exist on the market today.

While the President may want to spend billions of dollars subsidizing the costly solar and wind industry, it will not even slightly impact high gas prices. Having an idealistic vision of our energy future is not a short-term solution to the economic pain Americans are feeling.

Several weeks ago, President Obama mocked a man for having 10 kids and told him he needed to buy a (non-existent in the U.S. market) hybrid van. Since that revealing misstep, Obama has backtracked, acknowledging that most Americans cannot afford a new $40,000 vehicle.


Myth #4: The President Wants Lower Gas Prices

If we are to take President Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu at their word, they desire higher gas prices in order to wean Americans off of oil. In September 2008, Chu told The Wall Street Journal: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” which are currently nearly double the price in America. Two months later, the President chose him to be his Energy Secretary.

In June 2008, President Obama was asked by CNBC’s John Harwood if high oil prices “could help us.” Then-candidate Obama responded: “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.” In other words, prices need to get higher, but not so fast that it causes political problems.


Myth #5: More Biofuels Will Solve the Problem

The President has called for increased biofuel production. As Loris again points out: “The most popular subsidized biofuel, ethanol, produces less energy per unit volume than does gasoline, contributes to food price increases, costs taxpayers billions of dollars, and has dubious environmental effects.” In fact, a few large oil rigs in the Gulf would replace all of the energy produced by biofuels. The President also fails to mention the 54-cent tariff imposed on cheaper and more environmentally friendly Brazilian ethanol.


Myth #6: There Is Nothing President Obama Can Do About Gas Prices

On April 6, President Obama told an audience, “I’m just going to be honest with you. There’s not much we can do next week or two weeks from now.” There is actually plenty President Obama can do immediately.

He can start issuing drilling permits in the Gulf. Obama’s Department of Interior went nearly a year without issuing a new permit, to the point that a federal judge held them in contempt of court. Obama’s Energy Information Agency projects that these permitting delays are costing us 240,000 fewer barrels of oil a day, along with the billions of dollars in government revenue in royalties. A Louisiana State University study found that at least 19,000 jobs across the nation were destroyed just by the Obama drilling “permitorium.”

He can stop the EPA from imposing costly new regulations on refiners. He can reverse the political EPA decision to stop Shell from tapping into 27 billion barrels of oil in the Arctic Ocean. Simply put, he can send a strong signal to the markets and oil cartels that the U.S. oil industry is back open for business.

As Congressman Dan Boren (D–OK) recently said: “President Obama is completely uninformed about the oil and gas industry. The industry is not made up of just major companies. … For every CEO of a major company, there are literally thousands of blue collar jobs that are affected by his administration’s energy policy. It is a policy that is very inadequate and has left so many on the gulf coast unemployed. Americans are tired of empty rhetoric on both sides and want a real plan. If the President doesn’t want to stand up and be a leader, then his silence would be appreciated from people who are trying to find solutions.”




My $200.00 at The Blackjack tables in Atlantic City.


TD, Happy B-Day “Kid” hope you do whatever you want to do this weekend to make it a great one!

Dutch club signs One year old

YouTube videos have led to a number of footballers getting signed by clubs around the world, but this might be the first time it’s worked for an 18-month-old. It’s very much a publicity stunt, but the popular YouTube clip of young Baerke van der Meij kicking balls into his toy chest caught the attention of relegation-threatened Dutch top flight club VVV-Venlo and prompted the club to sign him to a 10-year professional contract. Though, it is made clear that the contract is a “symbolic” one.

From the Telegraph:

The toddler joined VVV’s star midfielder Ken Leemans during a training session in De Koel Stadium on Tuesday before being offered the “symbolic” contract.

“The toddler’s favourite position has not yet been determined. However, we can speak of a right-footed player with a very good kicking technique, perseverance and, importantly: football genes via his grandfather,” said a VVV Venlo press release.

Baerke’s grandfather used to play for the club and his family still lives in the city of Venlo.

As silly as this whole thing is, VVV-Venlo really did a great job of selling it, even going so far as to have the little boy attend a press conference and sign a contract. Well, scribble on one, anyway. Here are some pictures from the event…

Between the fauxhawk, the runny nose, and the satisfied look on his face, I’d say little Baerke has a bright future ahead of him.

Of course, Arsenal has long been the subject of jokes about signing young players, so we’ll have to wait and see how it reacts to seeing an 18-month-old signed by another club. Someone is probably trying to figure out how to have a fetus sign a contract right now.


Taco Bell Demanded Before DUI Arrest, Police Say

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio — Police in Ohio say a woman insisted on picking up some fast food before she allowed an officer to charge her with drunken driving.

The Plain Dealer newspaper of Cleveland reports police in suburban North Royalton got a call about a car weaving and going off a road at a little after 1 a.m. one day earlier this month. A patrolman tracked the vehicle to the drive-thru of a Taco Bell restaurant and pulled up alongside.

The police report says the driver had sunglasses on and her speech was slurred. She was ordered to get out of the line, but first she proceeded to the second window to grab her order.

Police say the woman’s blood-alcohol level tested at nearly twice the legal limit.


Do You Feel The Need For Speed? ‘Top Gun’ Is Headed Back To The Mall Cineplex!

Do you feel the need for speed? Or at least a warm, fuzzy 1986 feeling…? Then you’ll be thrilled to hear that, in celebration of Top Gun’s 25th anniversary, AMC Theatres plans to run screenings of the ‘80s classic, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, and co-produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (who went on to produce TV’s CSI series and The Amazing Race).

The press release sent out states that “fans of the film and newcomers alike can take in the digitally remastered classic for two shows only.” It’s a chance to see the film with a little historical perspective… It appears to me that just as Star Wars was in the 1970s, Top Gun was the movie targeted specifically at teenage boys in the 1980s. I mean, seriously — who didn’t want to be Maverick, Goose, or Iceman?

VH1′s I Love the ’80s even featured Top Gun in its 1986 episode, alongside such cultural milestones as Teddy Ruxpin, Alf, and “Baby On Board” car signs. How could we know then that we were living through a golden age of American masculinity — what with Ronald Reagan in the White House and a movie that defined the term “blockbuster”? Top Gun worked because a 2-hour military recruitment (with an amazing soundtrack) was something people respected in Reagan’s America. How could you not love a movie that featured the macho students of an elite U.S. training school for advanced fighter pilots who were all competing to be best in the class… and with one in particular who swept the female instructor off her feet (and into the air)? And did anyone really care that every guy’s teenage crush (Kelly McGillis) later announced she was a lesbian? By then (it took until 2009) she had already been married twice and had two daughters.

Screenings will be held in AMC Theatres across the country on Saturday, April 30 at 12:30 p.m. and Monday, May 2 at 7 p.m. Guests will receive a theatre-sized commemorative poster (while supplies last). No mention made of whether wearing your Ray-Bans will get you a chance to make a MiG 28 do a 4g negative dive…


Couric leaving news anchor post

Katie Couric is leaving her anchor post at “CBS Evening News” less than five years after becoming the first woman to solely helm a network TV evening newscast.

A network executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity because Couric has not officially announced her plans, reported the move to The Associated Press on Sunday night. The 54-year-old anchor is expected to launch a syndicated talk show in 2012 and several companies are vying for her services.

Couric’s move from NBC’s “Today” show was big news in 2006, and she began in the anchor chair with a flourish that September. She tried to incorporate her strengths as an interviewer into a standard evening news format and millions of people who normally didn’t watch the news at night checked it out. But they drifted away and the evening newscast reverted to a more traditional broadcast.

After those first few weeks, the “CBS Evening News” settled into third place in the ratings and is well behind leader Brian Williams at NBC’s “Nightly News” and second-place Diane Sawyer at ABC’s “World News.”

No departure date has been set for Couric. Her CBS News contract expires on June 4.

“We’re having ongoing discussions with Katie Couric,” said CBS News spokeswoman Sonya McNair on Sunday. “We have no announcements to make at this time. Until we do, we will continue to decline comment on rumor or speculation.”

Said Matthew Hiltzik, Couric’s spokesman: “Ditto.”

Still, discussions are already under way about who will replace Couric on the evening newscast. Russ Mitchell, Scott Pelley and Harry Smith are among the internal CBS candidates, and new CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager is also expected to look outside the company.

Couric, who was on vacation last week, was reluctant to talk about her future when she appeared on fellow CBS host David Letterman’s show on March 22. “Once you take that anchor chair, that’s what you do,” Letterman told her.

“Really?” Couric answered.

“Look at Walter Cronkite, look at Tom Brokaw, look at Brian Williams, look at Peter Jennings, look at all these people,” Letterman said. “They get in it, they saddle up and they ride into the sunset.”

Couric smiled widely and said she loved doing the evening news and was proud of her work, but made no future commitments. Despite the ratings problems, the “CBS Evening News” won the Edward R. Murrow Award as best newscast in 2008 and 2009. Couric’s interview with then-Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008 was a memorable moment in the campaign after Palin couldn’t or wouldn’t answer Couric’s question about books or magazines she regularly read.

Even with those high points, broadcast news economics had changed markedly since she signed on with CBS and her reported $15 million a year salary became increasingly hard to justify for a third-place telecast. Fager, the “60 Minutes” executive producer, was installed as CBS News chairman two months ago and new executives frequently like to put their own stamp on newscasts.

Rome Hartman, Couric’s first executive producer at the “CBS Evening News,” said that while Couric’s tenure clearly didn’t work out as well as CBS hoped, “I don’t think it’s right to think of it as, or call it, a failure.”

For the first time in many years, a network tried to increase the number of viewers watching the evening news instead of trying to steal a bigger slice out of an ever-shrinking pie, said Hartman, editor of “BBC World News America.”

“There are people who love Katie and those who don’t love her and that was a factor,” he said. “But it was the overall dynamics. There was a rock that we couldn’t move and I don’t think it would have mattered who we would have put in there.”

Although Couric will leave the evening news, she might not leave CBS. The CBS Corp. is a powerful force in the syndication business as owners of “Dr. Phil” and “Judge Judy,” and the upcoming departure in May of Oprah Winfrey will leave a huge void in the talk show marketplace. Through CBS-owned stations, the company could give a big head start to a Couric show. Due to the sales calendar, such a show would not likely begin until fall 2012.

A syndication deal with CBS is seen as the only possibility that Couric would continue as evening news anchor on a temporary basis past June, if she were to agree to stay during an extended search for her successor.

Other chief contenders for Couric’s services are NBC and Telepictures. NBC is her old home, but is not considered a big player in the talk show business. It tried and failed to launch a show for Jane Pauley, one of Couric’s predecessors on “Today.” Telepictures is bigger in the marketplace, producing “Ellen” and a new show with Anderson Cooper debuting in the fall, both of which could take potential time slots away from Couric.

Each of the companies has related news divisions where Couric could have some visibility before starting a talk show – at CBS, NBC or CNN, through Telepictures.

The personality that Couric could be expected to readily display on the talk show circuit could be seen last week in a video posted by Couric, who has actively encouraged Americans to get colonoscopies since her husband died of colon cancer, took a humorous look at undergoing her own test. Her doctor jokingly noted that he had found a Batman doll while looking at Couric’s internal organs


My Buddy Bobby

Why Kid Rock Thinks His Name Is Dumb

Say what you will about Kid Rock, but the 40-year-old Detroit rapper/rocker — who still lives in Michigan — is one of the few celebs out there who seems to have stayed true to his roots and keeps it real. In the May issue of Esquire, Kid Rock (aka Bob Ritchie) reveals a few of the lessons he’s learned thus far in life, as well as why he’s not a fan of the stage name he chose for himself as a teen. “It’s the worst name in the world,” he laughs. “The only person that had a dumber name than me was the Fresh Prince. Hey, it sounded like a cool rap name when I was sixteen. But it stuck, and now it’s me. I’ll be an 80-year-old man — ‘call me the Kid.'”

The “Born Free” singer has also come to the realization that life is too short to waste your time hanging out with losers. “Surround yourself with good people,” he advises. “Whether they’re the best or not, people are capable of learning if they’ve got good hearts and they’re good souls.”

He imparted these words of wisdom at his alma mater, Romeo High School in Romeo, Michigan, on Wednesday, where he made a surprise appearance at the school’s pep assembly. “Be true to yourself,” he told the kids. “Be who you are in your heart. Don’t hang out with idiots. If you surround yourself with good people, you’ll go far. If you start hanging out with knuckleheads, you’ll be right in the knucklehead section the rest of your life.”

In addition to autographing shirts and CDs for the students, Kid Rock donated a signed guitar to be raffled off, and presented the school with a $5,000 check for its music program. Interestingly enough, he admits in Esquire that he is fully aware of the fact he is not the most talented musician in the world. “I know I’m not the best. I’m not the best singer, I’m not the best songwriter, I’m not the best player. But I know that what I [expletive] do, I’m the best at.”

You might be surprised to know that Kid Rock is also pretty good at being a dad — he has a 17-year-old son named Robert Jr. — when he’s just being Bob Ritchie. “Kenny Chesney called me — we were talking about a tour or something,” he recalls. “He texted me real early in the morning. It must have been six in the morning. And I texted him back. And he asked me, ‘Were you up all night?’ I said, ‘No, no, I’m getting up for my son.’ He said, ‘Holy [expletive], don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anybody you were up this early, because it’ll ruin your image.’ I go, ‘You can’t ruin my image.’ Make no mistake: Bob Ritchie’s up early in the morning taking pictures of his son on the first day of his senior year. Kid Rock is passed out in a hotel room somewhere with four scantily clad women.”

As for what he’d be doing today if he hadn’t hit it big as Kid Rock? “It’s simple: I’d be broke Kid Rock,” he cracks


‘God wants you to be Happy’-Father Morris

In God Wants You Happy, Father Jonathan Morris replaces the unsatisfying, fleeting solutions we receive from the New Age self-help industry with the simplicity and depth of authentic Christian spirituality. In his work traveling the world for FOX News and in his parish work in New York City, Father Jonathan could not understand why people were choosing the vague and sometimes harmful advice of the self-help gurus and ignoring the tested and true help the Christian faith offers. He discovered that part of the problem was packaging: people thought the church dealt only in sin and guilt and not help and healing. But what if we reframed God’s good news in the same terms as the self-help world?

Morris argues that self-help can only take you so far; what we need is God-help. God Wants You Happy offers a life-long spiritual program that teaches you how to open yourself up to God’s loving presence in order to become everything he created you to be—joyful, flourishing men and women. In other words, God wants you to be happy.

Illuminated with biblical passages and filled with case studies and exercises, God Wants You Happy helps you to:

Open your mind and heart to the all-loving God who wants to help and empower you

Work through the Faith-Hope-Love Cure to rid yourself of self-destructive and self-limiting habits while forming new habits for receiving grace, forgiveness, acceptance, and love

Tap into the natural mechanisms of self-improvement God has already put within you

Discover your divine mission

A lifetime of happiness is at your fingertips and the Creator of the universe wants to help you achieve it.

“The path to happiness and a just life is complicated. Father Morris offers a way forward that people of faith will find refreshing and relevant.” (Bill O’Reilly, Anchor, Fox News Channel )

“Father Jonathan understands that your true self is connected directly to God. When you honor that connection, you honor Him and the result nothing short of miraculous. I’ve seen it happen in my own life and, with this book, it can happen in yours.” (Glenn Beck )

“Father Morris has succeeded where many others have failed, both in clarifying the much-abused notion of happiness and, more importantly, setting our natural desire for self-fulfillment firmly in the context of our, just as natural, search for God. This is a book, I think, that will change lives.” (American Spectator )

“In this wonderful book Father Jonathan Morris explains exactly how God, through the Word of truth, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, can transform your life in ways that no self-help book can do. Read this book and begin the journey of transformation.” (Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life )

“Father Jonathan Morris’s inviting, accessible, and personal new book is a reminder of an overlooked truth: faith leads to joy, … show[ing] us why joy is the surest sign of God’s presence in our lives.” (James Martin, SJ, author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything )

“My friend Father Jonathan Morris elaborates with color and care the mysterious balance between our work and God’s grace, and the welcome result could open up a new section in our bookstores: God’s self-help programs.” (Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York )

“Father Jonathan Morris has love in his heart for every human being, including every person lucky enough to read his powerful new book. Here is a plan for making God your partner in seeking the life you deserve, filled with happiness, hope and success.” (Keith Ablow, MD, Co-author of The 7: Seven Wonders that Will Change Your Life )


The weather has been nasty, but, It’s always sunny in Life Town
The mocked-up village square allows children with disabilities to learn the skills they need in daily life.

Siobhan Amette, 15, left, enjoys getting her fingernails painted by Becky Armstrong, center, and Cindy Phillips at the Salon in Life Town.

Special-needs children learn life skills as they move through the shops that make up Life Town at the Lori Schottenstein Chabad Center for a Jewish Tomorrow.

While winter briefly returned last week, no traces of snow could be found on the bank, the movie theater or the pet shop in Life Town.

Children wore no coats and smiled widely as they visited the bank, viewed movies and petted the gentle snake named Sid in the pet shop.

Life Town is a mock-up of a village square, in a gymnasium-size room, at the new Lori Schottenstein Chabad Center for a Jewish Tomorrow, a spiritual and community center that serves the central Ohio Jewish community.

The town is where children with disabilities from all religions can practice the skills of daily life, said Rabbi Areyah Kaltmann, head of the Chabad Center. “Life Town gives children the skills to interact in society, the skills to become independent. Kids learn by doing things for themselves.”

A normal day includes withdrawing $12 from the bank so the children can buy real things and attend real events from plans they make with their teachers, said Esther Kaltmann, who is Kaltmann’s wife and the director of Life Town. “We try to make it as real as possible,” Rabbi Kaltmann said, although, in Life Town, you can get a movie and popcorn for about $4.

Students practice handling money, being on time to events and avoiding hazards such as ladders and yellow floor signs. They make crafts for other students, to practice friendship-building.

The town was conceived by Bassie Shemtov, the director of the first and only other Life Town, which is in Detroit. She created 40 lesson plans that special-education teachers can chose from before taking their classes to the town.

Seventy-six central Ohio schools, most of them in Columbus, use the program; nearly 50 students visit the New Albany Life Town every weekday.

“It’s a great way to work on skills in an authentic environment,” said Jessie Zimpher, who has taught special education at Hastings Middle School in Upper Arlington for five years.

For example, students can hone their time-management skills by making sure they aren’t late to movie showings, said Julie Fishman, who has been volunteering at Life Town since it opened, in 2008, at the former Kent Elementary School on Gault Street.

The New Albany location, at 6220 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., is more elaborate, with the shops all in one room rather than in separate classrooms, as they were at the school.

The endeavor requires about 20 volunteers each day, who come from all walks of life, Mrs. Kaltmann said.

Leah Carmean, who volunteers at the pet shop, said she has seen it help children overcome their fears. One boy who had trouble managing his anger stopped by the pet shop in poor spirits until Carmean let him put a lizard on his shoulder.

He left in great spirits, she said, and a supervisor told her, “I have never seen him like this.”

YOU DA MAN: (or dog)

Family dog kept missing SC boy warm

ELGIN, S.C. – Authorities are crediting the family dog with keeping a missing 2-year-old South Carolina boy safe and warm as he spent a night outside.

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says Tyler Jacobson was found with the dog behind a house across the street from his home Saturday morning.
His mother reported Tyler missing Friday night after the boy left the room where the family was watching a movie and didn’t return. Deputies used bloodhounds and a helicopter to search until after midnight but found nothing.

Matthews says the family’s part-Labrador retriever apparently found the boy and kept watch over him as temperatures dipped into the 40s.
The woman who lives in the house where Tyler was found said she heard barking outside but ignored it until she heard crying, too.


I read this JUST after I had a run in for the SECOND straight week with WorthlUSAIR employees

When the Customer Is Wrong: Airlines
It’s one of the oldest adages of the retail world: “The customer is always right.”

Of course, very often the customer is wrong. Every day customers behave in ways that make the lives of waiters, cashiers, customer service reps and other retail workers miserable. And in many cases, these customers don’t even realize how annoying they’re being.

To rectify this, we’ve decided to talk to the people on the other side of the desk, with the hope of educating consumers on what sort of behavior makes life difficult for the people serving them. In the first part of the series we spoke to people in the restaurant industry, and in part two we asked hotel workers how to be a responsible guest. We turn now to the airline industry, where we asked flight attendants and customer service representatives for tips on keeping the skies friendly.

Get Off the Phone

This is a common complaint in most retail industries, but it bears repeating here: It’s rude to talk on the phone while interacting with the person behind the counter. And when you’re at the airport checking your bags, it slows things down for everyone, says Mary Ann DeVita Goddard, a former customer service representative for Continental Airlines.

“Passengers would walk up, stand in front of you, continue their conversation, and expect you to know where they were going and how many bags they were checking,” she recounts.

Respect the people behind the counter enough to put your phone away when you’re speaking with them. And if not for their sake, do it for the people behind you who are delayed by your chatty ways.

We Don’t Want Your Germs

If there’s one thing worse than seeing a passenger approach with a phone glued to his ear, it’s seeing a passenger approach with a ticket in his mouth.

“When they had to show their ID, they would walk up with it in their mouth,” recalls Goddard, who worked at both baggage check and at the gate. “It was the same with the boarding pass. And they would expect you to take it.”

We’ve all been there — you’ve got your hands full with bags, and you want easy access for your ID or boarding pass, so you wind up holding it in your mouth. But handing someone a ticket that was just in your mouth is extremely gross. Put it in your pocket.

The Tray Table Is Not a Changing Table

Speaking of gross, please note that the tray tables are for eating, not for changing diapers.

“There are passengers that are traveling with babies who don’t realize the airplane has changing tables in the lavatory, so they’ll try to change babies on the seat or tray,” says Bobby Laurie, a flight attendant who blogs about his experiences on the Inflight Team blog network. “People will eat off that table, and it’s not cleaned after every flight.”

We repeat: The tray tables are not cleaned after every flight, and even if they were, changing a diaper on a surface that someone is going to eat off is not OK. Be considerate of future passengers, and don’t put the flight attendants in the position of having to stop you mid-diaper change.

Speaking of Babies …

There are few air travel topics more controversial than babies and small children on planes, and if it’s a headache for passengers, it’s a safe bet that it’s a major headache for the flight attendants who have to deal with both the crying babies and the passengers complaining about said babies.

Laurie acknowledges that there are no good solutions to the problem, short of RyanAir’s (probably fake) plan to offer child-free flights. He does recommend bringing ear plugs if you don’t have noise-canceling headphones, and suggests that passengers traveling with babies bring a supply of earplugs for surrounding passengers.

Most importantly, he says to recognize that flight attendants aren’t babysitters.

“Some people just pass their babies off to you when they go to the bathroom, but we’re not here for that,” he says. “[And] realize that airlines don’t have stuff to keep kids occupied, so come prepared with games and books.”

Everyone Has to Be Somewhere

When flights are delayed or overbooked, the customer service representative manning the gate can quickly become the most put-upon person in the terminal. And that’s especially true if there aren’t enough passengers willing to be voluntarily bumped from the flight, which means that someone with a ticket isn’t getting on.

“Some people come up and bang on the counter and scream and yell,” recounts Goddard, who says she always had a lot of sympathy in these situations. “If I thought I was going on vacation and I got bumped, I would be disappointed, too.”

Still, she urges travelers to understand that shouting your way onto the plane means someone else gets bumped instead — someone who could have an even greater need for getting to their destination on time.

“Everyone has to be somewhere, but some people really need to be somewhere, like if they’re visiting a sick family member or going to a funeral,” she says.

Situations like these aren’t fun for anyone, and passengers have a right to feel aggrieved. But screaming will only make someone else’s day worse, and if you have a pressing need to depart on time, your best bet is to politely state your case.

Take Your Seat …

Not all seats are created equally, and if you’re on a flight that isn’t sold out you might be inclined to stake out better real estate — say, a seat that’s further from the lavatory or that has more leg room. But wait until the plane is in the air and the seatbelt light is off to go searching for greener pastures, because the plane can’t take off until you’re seated.

“There is tremendous pressure on gate agents and flight attendants to get flights out on time,” says Erik, a flight attendant for a major airline who asked that we didn’t use his full name. “We have to answer for it later if the flight is late, so someone wandering around the plane looking for that first-class experience that they didn’t pay for when everyone else is ready to go … is obnoxious.”

… And Listen to the Flight Attendants

Sure, the flight attendant said to stow your carry-on bag under the seat in front of you. But as long as it’s out of the way, it doesn’t matter where you put it, right?

“Let’s say you abort the takeoff and come to a screeching halt on the runway, or skid off the edge of the runway and come to an abrupt stop — the bags are going to move forward,” explains Erik. “No one is going to want another persons’ or their own carry-on bag sticking out and blocking their egress in a smoke-filled cabin.”

In other words, it’s for your own safety. The same holds true for putting your tray up (“Nothing like getting snagged on a tray table while trying to escape from a burning airplane,” he says) and turning off your cell phone. That last one has plenty of dissidents, who argue that a single phone can’t interfere with the plane’s communications. But phones can also serve as a distraction during take-off and landing, when accidents are most likely.

Overhead Etiquette

“The overhead bin is shared space, and each bin should fit three people’s luggage in it,” says Erik. “But sometimes that one passenger will put their jacket, briefcase, and roll-aboard suitcase in there. What about the other two people in that row?”

Hogging the overhead bins is not only inconsiderate to your fellow fliers, it also makes things tough for the flight attendants, who get blamed by the other passengers when they can’t find room for their own luggage.

And when it comes to actually loading your luggage, don’t just set your bag down and expect the flight attendant to do it for you. Laurie says that workplace safety regulations dictate that flight attendants are only supposed to help you guide the bag into the compartment — not lift it for you.

“Passengers will pack their carry-on to the point where they can’t even lift it, then expect us to lift it for them,” says Laurie. “Technically we’re not supposed to lift it unless you’re disabled or elderly.”


Oil Companies Spin Billions In Profits While Charging More For Gas: It’s Good For America!

As the oil companies prepare to report massive first quarter profits this week–expected to be in the billions–the oil industry’s largest trade group got out ahead of the profit reports with some pre-emptive spin: look, America, we may be making billions, but don’t be mad. Six bucks a gallon’s good for you! According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, the American Petroleum Institute, “the oil industry’s largest trade group on Monday rolled out a study revealing that those gains translate to big benefits for teachers, firefighters and other state pensioners.”

The report implies that plans to cut tax deductions for oil companies amid record profits doesn’t make sense–and could cause even worse misery for families who drive:

Kyle Isakower, the group’s vice president of regulatory and economic policy, said API would “educate Americans about the study’s findings” and will “provide this information to policymakers.”

The message, Isakower said, is that “everyday Americans,” including teachers at public schools, firefighters and state government workers, benefit from oil and gas industry profits – and stand to lose from federal policies that hurt the companies’ bottom lines.

“As proposals are raised that would hurt the economic viability of the oil and gas industry in the United States, it is important for policymakers to understand who it is that gets hurt,” Isakower said.

The White House, meanwhile, says the big oil companies simply don’t need tax breaks–and their profits prove it. “When Americans are going every day of the week to their local gas stations and filling up and seeing a tank of gas cost $60, $70, $80 or more, I think they would be appalled to learn that major oil companies … will be announcing record profits this week,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney.


Pub singer arrested for racism after Chinese passers-by hear him perform Kung Fu Fighting

Later that night, he was phoned at a Chinese restaurant and then arrested

A pub singer has been arrested on suspicion of racism for singing the classic chart hit Kung Fu Fighting.

The song, performed by Simon Ledger, 34, is said to have offended two Chinese people as they walked past the bar where he was singing.

The entertainer regularly performs the 1974 number one hit, originally by disco star Carl Douglas, at the Driftwood Beach Bar in Sandown, on the Isle of Wight.

Entertainer Simon Ledger was singing Kung Fu Fighting as a Chinese man and his mother walked past which later prompted the complaint to the police

Everybody was kung fu fighting …

But after one of the passers-by reported his routine on Sunday afternoon, Mr Ledger was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated harassment.

‘We were performing Kung Fu Fighting, as we do during all our sets,’ he said.

‘People of all races were loving it. Chinese people have never been offended by it before.

‘But this lad walking past with his mum started swearing at us and making obscene hand gestures before taking a picture on his mobile phone.

‘We hadn’t even seen them when we started the song. He must have phoned the police.’

Officers later called Mr Ledger while he was eating in a Chinese restaurant to arrange a meeting.

The singer assumed it was a prank – but he was later arrested and is still under investigation.

‘They seemed pretty amazed but said the law is the law and it was their duty,’ he is reported to have said.

‘It’s political correctness gone potty. There are plenty of Welsh people at our shows – does it mean I can’t play any Tom Jones?’

More…Farmer menaced with death threats by gang of travellers dials 999… and police turn up to confiscate her shotguns

Bar owner Sean Ware told the Sun newspaper: ‘The song is in no way racist and nor is Simon. There is no way he would abuse anyone.

‘He didn’t start the song just because Chinese people were walking past. He had already started playing it.’

Mr Ledger, who was later bailed, wrote on Facebook: ‘If the lad who phoned the police is reading this, what is wrong with you?’

A Hampshire police spokesman last night said a 32-year-old man of Chinese origin had claimed he was subjected to racial abuse.

He added: ‘If a victim believes that an alleged crime is racially aggravated, the police will treat it seriously. Investigations into this incident are continuing.’

The spokesman said a 34-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing harassment, alarm or distress under section 4a of the Public Order Act 1986.

The man was not taken to the police station at the time, but was released on bail.

He will visit Newport police station today where he will be interviewed.


Proverbs 16:9

9 The heart of man plans his way,but the Lord establishes his steps


Fire Tress, I am sorry…but he needs to go


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70 Ways to Improve Every Day of the Week

You have 365 days (an occasionally an extra one) each year. That’s 365 opportunities to improve your fitness, health, love life, career, diet—anything! And, best of all, you can take chances—if something doesn’t go the way you hoped, you have plenty more “at bats” to try again.

Here’s how to take charge and get the most out of every day.


Start Off Right

1. Crank the Tunes

Blast out of the gate on Monday by listening to up-tempo music before your workout. Israeli scientists say this can raise your heart rate, rev you up for an intense exercise session, and temporarily boost muscle power by 10 percent.

2. Pump out the Anger

Repeat your workout on Wednesday and Friday. A University of Alabama study found that men who completed three weight workouts a week for 6 months improved scores on tests of tension, anger, and overall mood.

3. Hug Her Before You Shower

The smell of male hair and skin makes women less tense, nervous, and negative, according to University of Utah scientists. So start her week off right.

4. Don’t Talk with Your Thumbs

Strive for quality social time this week by talking, not texting. Frequent texters are more likely to experience loneliness and social anxiety, says an Alliant University study.

5. Dump Your Bacn

This is the term for e-mail newsletters you’ve subscribed to. Kill them off Monday morning. A study by MessageGate estimates up to 30 percent of e-mails are bacn. A huge inbox slows searches and makes your head hurt.

6. Turbocharge Your Turkey

Commit yourself to healthy, varied lunches, and start by topping your turkey club sandwich with broccoli sprouts. Compared with mature broccoli, these have up to 100 times the potent compound sulforaphane, which is shown to fight cancer.

7. Seek the Truth by E-mail

That’s the best way to find out why your colleague skipped the Monday meeting. A Cornell study suggests that people are more than twice as likely to lie over the phone or face-to-face than in an e-mail.

8. Channel Your Lunch

If you feel drawn to the vending machines on this hectic day, British researchers suggest you think about what you ate at lunch. Recalling a recent meal may enhance awareness of how satisfying the food was, helping you eat less.

9. Buy Her a Latte

Sow the seeds of some stress-busting sex with a well-timed coffee buzz. A Southwestern University study found that female rats wanted more sex after a shot of caffeine. (Don’t mention the rat thing to her, though.)

10. Clear the Air

Women who keep the tension corked are more likely to die of heart disease, say Boston University researchers. If you think she’s percolating about something, ask what’s on her mind.


Hit Your Stride

11. Stretch Like a Cat

It’s like hitting a reset button when you roll out of bed. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching improves posture, promotes bloodflow, and relieves body tension.

12. Write It Down

Think about how the prospect of your own death makes you feel. Now express that feeling in writing. A study in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Physiology found that this simple act can boost your motivation to exercise.

13. Break Some Eggs

Wayne State University researchers found that eggs at breakfast put the kibosh on hunger and reduce calorie intake later in the day.

14. Clear the Decks

Hit critical projects early. A Harvard study indicates you become progressively less alert after lunch, so keep nonessential meetings for day’s end.

15. Psych Yourself Up

Lifting at lunch? In a British study, men who mentally focused on an exercise for 20 seconds prior to lifting could hoist 12 percent more than those who didn’t focus beforehand.

16. Add a Light Set

Japanese researchers found that going easy at the end of your heavy strength workout causes your body to pump out more fat-burning and muscle-building hormones. Do 20 reps with 50 percent of your 1-rep max.

17. Slam Some Go Juice

Big project this afternoon? In stressful situations, glucose-rich drinks improve mood and mental performance, say Dutch researchers.

18. Pack in the Produce

Australian researchers found that men felt as if they were using less effort while exercising on an antioxidant-rich diet than when on a diet low in the disease-fighting chemicals.

19. Tie Her Up

Give yourself some assertiveness training. Seventy-four percent of women said they’d be up for mild bondage.

20. Use Your Pelvis

You’ll last longer in bed if you press your pelvic bone against hers and rock your pelvis instead of thrusting in and out, according to Psychology Today.


Survive Hump Day

21. Make a Mad Dash

Burn off negative energy with a 30-second sprint. British researchers found this can reduce tension, anger, and confusion for 75 minutes.

22. Say “We,” Not “You”

If midweek stress leads to a fight, use the collective pronoun (“I think we will be happier if your mom stays at a hotel”), which inspires compromise, according to a study in Psychological Science.

23. Chat Up the Foxy New Staffer . . .

Liven up the morning with some playful flirting. Two-thirds of bosses are likely to allow the relationship, perhaps because more than 50 percent of dating colleagues end up in a long-term relationship.

24. . . . But Keep Your Eyes Off Her Cleavage

Feeling easily distracted today? Resist the urge to check out your coworkers. Belgian scientists found that men exposed to sexual cues experienced testosterone spikes that impaired decision making.

25. Call Her For a Fight

If relationship stress lingers, discuss a sticky situation on the phone. This reduces tension, say University of Florida researchers, because eye rolling and head shaking are offline.

26. Eat Something Gross

Sardines, anyone? Try one food you hated as a kid. Our palates change with age as our 9,000 tastebuds’ reactions to stimulants mature.

27. Make Her Your Appetizer

Tame midweek stress the fun way. Have each other before dinner to reconnect after a long day.

28. Spice Up Dinner

Keep the energy level high with an exciting evening meal: Make a dish like chili with 10 different spices and herbs, which are full of disease-fighting chemicals. Capsaicin in cayenne is even thought to boost mood.

29. See the TV Docs

Go ahead and take your mind off the workday by vegging out with ER. A USC study shows that watching well-crafted medical dramas improves health habits in men.

30. Spank It Lefty

She out late? Use your nondominant hand when partying solo. Harry Fisch, M.D., a professor of clinical urology at Columbia University, says that robotically masturbating can hinder your performance with your mate.


Keep Your Momentum

31. Pop Some Chocolate

You’ll stay sharp and focused for that final lunge toward the weekend. Milk chocolate has been shown to boost verbal and visual memory, impulse control, and reaction time.

32. Sign Up for a Race

If you find a better reason to work out than pure weight loss, you’ll be more likely to maintain an exercise program, found a University of Michigan study. Find an event at

33. Take a Few Deep Breaths

The less your brain is occupied by dealing with stress, the more time it’ll have for creative thinking. Studies show that slow, deep breathing is probably the best anti-stress treatment we have.

34. Stay at the Office

If you’re dragging, resist the urge to work from home. Bantering with the guys at work is better for your performance and morale.

35. Play a Symphony

Listening to works that aren’t familiar or have a lot of transitions (try Beethoven’s 6th) snap your brain out of wandering and help you focus, say Stanford researchers.

36. Pick Your Battles

Select three or four tasks and set the rest aside for late afternoon. Too many choices in front of you can stop you from focusing on any of them, say University of Missouri researchers.

37. Take a Nap

Stay fresh by backing off a bit. Greek researchers say a midday snooze can protect you from bad health and heart-related illnesses.

38. Book a Trip

It’ll give you an emotional boost. Besides, men use less vacation time than women do, because of schedules and job-insecurity fears, say University of Cincinnati researchers.

39. Invite Her to Play with Your Wii

You’ll both break a sweat and she’ll improve her spatial skills, say Canadian researchers.

40. Sleep On It

German research shows that our sleeping brains continue working on problems that baffle us during the day. Get a good night’s sleep and your eureka moment may arrive while you’re in the shower.


End the Week Strong

41. Step on the Scale

Do it just after you’ve gone to the bathroom but before you eat breakfast. If you’ve eaten and exercised well this week, you’ll be pleased with the results. Repeat every Friday. People who weigh themselves regularly are less likely to gain weight.

42. Hook Up at Lunch

Escape from the office and meet her for some quality face time. The Harvard Business Review reports that 46 percent of successful men admit that their jobs get in the way of strong relationships.

43. Mow Through a Salad

Eating nutrient-dense, low-calorie vegetables before a main course can keep calorie intake in check, say Penn State researchers.

44. Recover from Being a Dumbass

Did you tell her at lunch that only an idiot would pay $90 for a manicure? Give her five reasons why she’s brilliant. Experts say that for every negative statement you make to your partner, it takes five feel-good comments to undo the damage.

45. Have Some Joe

Week’s almost over—now bring it home. Austrian researchers found that a cup of java resulted in a 45-minute boost of brain activity in the regions responsible for attention, concentration, and short-term memory.

46. Quit Procrastinating

Now that you’re juiced, tee up a strong Monday. Use 30 minutes to work on a task you’ve been dreading for the past month. You may find you can do it in 15.

47. Shuck Some Oysters . . .

Skip the nachos and wings and hit an oyster bar with your buddies after work. Oysters are the best source of zinc, which may boost your immunity and increase testosterone levels.

48. . . . Then Dump the Crew for Dinner

Men take in 35 percent fewer calories when eating with their significant others than when eating with their buddies, says a State University of New York at Buffalo study.

49. Pretend It’s Your First Date

A University of British Columbia study shows that partners feel better about themselves when meeting their mates as if they were total strangers, and it makes for more fun and romantic dates.

50. Have Her Keep Her Socks On

Even a slight chill can hold off an orgasm. A Dutch study found that women were 30 percent more likely to orgasm when their feet were covered.


Make It Count

51. Wake Up Early

Australian scientists found that dozing late on weekends leaves you more tired on Monday.

52. Work Out Fast

Cap your session at 30 minutes—you have the whole day to stay active. YMCA researchers found that men are twice as likely to follow through with shorter workouts than longer sessions. They also gained more muscle and lost more fat, because they were training at a higher intensity.

53. Go for a Drive

Improve your golf swing by taking your mate to the driving range. If you’re good, you can show off and give her some tips. If you stink, play it for laughs.

54. Tell Her She’s Gotten Way Hotter

If she believes you, she’ll want more sex and enjoy it more, reveals a Pennsylvania State University study.

55. Watch and Learn

Simply watching professional athletes will help you perform better at the same sport, say Brandeis University researchers.

56. Flip a Disc

What piece of athletic gear sells more than baseballs, basketballs, and footballs combined? Frisbees. You can burn 330 calories in 30 minutes playing Ultimate Frisbee.

57. Diversify Your Pantry

Go to the gourmet market and pick up three foods you’ve never tried before. Variety can help stop food boredom—a big reason healthy eating often falls by the wayside.

58. Check Your Pillow

A good pillow supports your head as you move during the night. Fold your pillow in half; if it doesn’t return to its original shape when you release it, go shopping.

59. Sneak in Some Red

Smuggle a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a corkscrew into a long matinee. Red wine is rich in life-extending antioxidants, and the caper will add zest even to a bad movie.

60. Go Deep

By entering her from behind as she bends way over, your gearshift will stimulate her cervix. This sends pleasure signals to her brain through the vagus nerve, according to research performed at Rutgers University.


Relax and Unwind

61. Wake Her with a Woody

If you both got a good night’s sleep, more testosterone will have built up in your bodies than if you were up late partying, says sex therapist Patti Britton, Ph.D. Because weekday dawns are too rushed, weekends are golden for some morning nookie.

62. Pray

Studies show that people who attend church regularly live 3 years longer on average than heathens do.

63. Order Pancakes

Reward yourself for a week of healthful eating with breakfast at a greasy spoon. Nutritionists say an occasional cheat meal can make it easier to stick with a healthy diet.

64. Root for Buffalo

Enjoy the game with a bison or ostrich burger. These lean meats are packed with muscle-building nutrients and are tasty alternatives to ground beef.

65. Do the Laundry

A survey of 2,000 people revealed that sharing chores ups your odds of having a happy marriage.

66. Dig for Dirt

Ask your parents to tell you a story you haven’t heard yet. You’ll make their day and maybe uncover more ammo to use on your siblings.

67. Give Zeus a Bath

Wash off whatever your dog rolled in over the weekend. It’ll freshen up your house and you’ll burn about 100 calories.

68. Toss the Air Guitar

Playing a musical instrument could protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease, says an Albert Einstein College of Medicine study. Set aside an hour to learn guitar or piano.

69. Kick Back, Hombre

Stuck at a dinner party with a bunch of gasbags? Lean back and relax to show you’re the alpha male. Women perceive laid-back posture as a sign of dominance, says Rutgers anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D.

70. Train for Change

On Sunday night, assess what change you can tackle in the next week. Take little steps. “Change is disruptive and requires effort,” says Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D., a psychology professor at the University of Maryland and the coauthor of Changing for Good. “Small successes are always better than large failures.”

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Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to


“Most of the important things in the world were accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Carnegie


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Winners have the habit of doing thing losers don’t want to do

You are emotionally healthy to the exact degree to which you can freely forgive others for anything they may have done that has hurt you in any way.


“Judgments Prevent Us from Seeing the Good that Lies Beyond Appearances.” ~Wayne Dyer



MercyMe is at The Grove City Church Of The Nazarene (Grove City)


“Hanover Git-R-Gun Festival” with Bryan Lewis, and Sammie Kershaw

The Knights of Columbus


Featuring DJ Matt Sexton!

St. Leonard Church, 57 Dorsey Mill Road E, Heath, Ohio

(Dorsey Mill Road is off SR 79S, at the traffic light where Bob Evans Restaurant and Heritage Bank are located)

Reservations are required

Please RSVP no later then Tuesday April 26th, 2011 : Jim or Mary Ann Grady, 323-2200. Or e-mail: When making your reservation, please let us know if there are any medical conditions which might prohibit certain lighting effects used by national touring act DJ Matt Sexton.



Jon Stewart plays The Palace Theatre


Jim Norton performs at The Funny Bone Comedy Club in Easton Town Center



I hope my friend JMI will enjoy, The Women of Faith: Imagine at Nationwide Arena

Broadway Across America: Mary Poppins at The Ohio Theatre


A Movie I couldn’t care less about, ‘Fast 5′ as in Fast and Furious starring The Rock, Vin Diesel and the rest of the cast that I don’t want to see. F5 is rated “PG-13.”

The animated, ‘Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil.’ Rated “PG” staring the voices of Hayden Panettiere, Bill Hader, Glenn Close, Amy Poehler, Martin Short.

I admit, I like this…Thomas McDonnell and Aimee Teegarden star in Walt Disney Pictures’ ‘Prom’ rated “PG.”

‘Atlas Shrugged,’ rated “PG-13.” How do I explain this one? I won’t…JUST GO SEE IT!


Sara Evans releases “Restless”

Steve Earle is back with “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive”


Opening for Darius Rucker Midland Theater May 5th (Pending)

Capital City Half Marathon May 7th

Wedding Season starts May 14th

Ronald McDonald House Awards @Columbus Zoo May 21

Warrior Dash June 3-4-5 (CONFERMED)

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