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Hope this is not too long to read before the “end of the world”

GREETINGS FROM THE HOME OFFICE IN DUBLIN OHIO laying in bed dealing with some aches and pains and BATTELING MIGRAINS ALL WEEK, let me rephrase that…battling migraines all week (it hurts to yell)

This week I have had some weather blues, and some injuries have me down. I have not really done much and don’t want to get out of bed. The only exercise I have gotten has been fighting for space with The World Famous Pepper Dog who must also be down, cuase she thinks she belongs in bed also.

Even though I have not been out of bed much, I still have somehow managed to get a blister on my toe. I mean WHAT?!?!? Bed sores I could understand, but a blister with no activity?

Laying here I have been able to watch a lot of movies, and see quite a bit of coverage on the, alleged end of the world.

All of the movies I have watched this week were very good, and ALL made me think and hit home a lil bit. Two movies; ‘The 6th Sense’ and ‘No Strings Attached’ hit home. Both reminded me of getting my head out of my a**, quit being Billy Badd A** and let someone know how ya feel, cause a later time may be too late (plus no strings attached is good cause Natalie Portman is kinda cute)

A movie that was not only entertaining, but also VERY SCARY was ‘The Rite’ with Sir Anthony Hopkins. This flick allows the viewer to believe it is OK to question faith…however there is need to find faith, and how the faith can overcome some very real odds (or demons).

The last movie I watched was ‘Waiting on Superman.’ I was for HB5, due to my political views, after watching this movie…I AM CONVINCED HB5 is not only needed for the future of our schools, but WILL make them better. I say this as a person who has DOCUMENTED learning disabilities that were not found till I was in my 6th year at

The Ohio State University. Plus I had the moves put on me by a MALE ENGLISH TEACHER-but I was the bad guy when I let admin know about it.

NOT ALL TEACHERS ARE BAD…but those who feed the current monster are! No matter what side of the debate anyone is on, EVERYONE should watch this movie. If against HB5 or other “change incentives” you are supporting those not teaching, but just collecting a paycheck.

I have also seen a great bit of coverage of The End of the World at 6pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday.

A group claims the world will end Saturday, which is a shame because I wanted to see how Ashton Kutcher does on “Two and a Half Men.”

While I will admit I am thinking about this, I question these folks…

With the alleged end of the world this Saturday, and with all the recent rains, I was afraid of another flood; so I was getting 2 of all animals. Gathering some in the basement, then realized that according to the bible…

“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mark 13:32)

End of the world

Apocalypses That Weren’t

We’ve all heard of the prediction—loosely based on the Mayan calendar—that the world is slated to end on December 21, 2012. Now, members of a fringe religious group are preparing for an even earlier Armageddon, alerting their friends and neighbors that, according to the Bible, Judgment Day is just four days away. On May 21, 2011, they say, true believers will ascend to heaven while others will face destruction. While it is unclear how many people subscribe to this theory, it likely originated with Family Radio, a Christian network founded by Harold Camping. This is not the first doomsday prophesy for Camping, who warned of an apocalypse in 1994 and has made several similar predictions in the ensuing years. It is also not the first time individuals and groups have proclaimed the world’s impending destruction or the Messiah’s imminent return, only to grapple with the consequences when their forecasts prove incorrect. Find out more about some of
history’s most famous non-apocalypses below.

634 B.C.
According to ancient Roman legend, 12 mystical eagles told Rome’s founder Romulus that his great civilization would only last for 120 years. Panic gripped many Romans in the years leading up to their city’s 120th anniversary, which turned out to be entirely uneventful.

Pope Innocent III prophesied that the world would come to an end in 1284, 666 years—the number associated with the devil—after the rise of Islam. He died in 1216 and never saw his prediction invalidated.

February 1, 1524
In June 1523, several London astrologers warned residents that apocalyptic floods would engulf the city on February 1 of the following year, causing some 20,000 residents to flee their homes and others to stockpile food and supplies. The day came and went without a drop of rain.

Johannes Kelpius, leader of the Society of the Woman in the Wilderness, which believed the world would end in 1694.

In the late 17th century, the German theologian and astronomer Johann Jacob Zimmerman became convinced that the apocalypse would occur in the fall of 1694; more specifically, it would take place outside Germantown, Pennsylvania, known to be a haven for religious nonconformists. Just as Zimmerman’s followers prepared to cross the Atlantic and await the Second Coming in colonial America, their guru died, leaving his disciple, Johannes Kelpius, to lead the mission. Known as the Society of the Woman in the Wilderness, perhaps in reference to a passage in the Book of Revelation, the group settled near Wissahickon Creek, where they spent their days meditating, studying and practicing celibacy—even after Jesus failed to make an appearance.

An influential Puritan minister who played a decisive role in the Salem witch trials, Cotton Matherproclaimed in 1691 that doomsday would occur in 1697, basing the date on current events that he interpreted as the fulfillment of biblical prophesies. That year passed uneventfully, so he changed his forecast first to 1736, later to 1716 and finally to 1717. He died in 1728 without making any further predictions but still certain that the end was near.

Joanna Southcott, a self-proclaimed prophetess who said the world would end in October 1814.

October 19, 1814
In the late 18th century, an English domestic servant named Joanna Southcott grew convinced that she was a prophet with supernatural gifts destined to spread the word of Jesus Christ’s imminent return. Ignored by the established church and viewed by many as a lunatic, she began publishing her prophesies and amassing a growing movement of followers. At age 64 she announced that she was pregnant with the Messiah and that his birth on October 19, 1814, would herald the end of the world. Two months after that date passed without any sign of apocalypse, Southcott died.

October 22, 1844
During the Second Great Awakening, a Christian revival movement that swept the United States in the early19th century, a Baptist preacher named William Miller told members of his sect—known as Millerites—that Jesus Christ would return and the world would end in 1843 or 1844. One of his followers, Samuel S. Snow, refined the date to October 22, 1844. Some 50,000 Millerites across the country, some of whom had given away all of their worldly goods, eagerly awaited the event. Jesus’ failure to appear, which became known as the Great Disappointment, discredited Miller and drove many of his disillusioned faithful to join more mainstream denominations.

May 18, 1910
Celestial phenomena have triggered apocalyptic hysteria many times throughout history, perhaps most famously in 1910, when astronomers announced that the planet would pass through the tail of Halley’s Cometin May of that year. Alarmists and tabloids spread the fallacious rumor that poisonous gas within the comet could spell doom for the world’s population. Entrepreneurs capitalized on the resulting terror, selling “comet pills” and “anti-comet umbrellas” that could allegedly counteract any noxious effects (of which there were none).

Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the movement that would give rise to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, told his followers that Jesus Christ had returned to earth—albeit imperceptibly—in 1874, and that the world would end in 1914. When that did not happen, other prominent Jehovah’s Witnesses issued ever-later predictions for the year of Armageddon, including 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975 and 1994.

December 17, 1919
Albert Porta, a respected American meteorologist, caused widespread panic—including mob violence and a handful of suicides—when he announced that the conjunction of six planets on December 17, 1919, would blast the Earth into oblivion. The world remained intact, but Porta’s reputation went up in flames: He spent the rest of his career writing a weather column for a local paper.

December 21, 1954
In the early 1950s, a housewife named Dorothy Martin with a longtime interest in psychic phenomena founded a cult known as the Seekers. She told her followers that extraterrestrials from the planet Clarion had sent her a message that cataclysmic floods would destroy the world beginning on December 21, 1954. On that day, the Seekers gathered at their leader’s home to await rescue by flying saucer. As it became apparent that neither torrential rains nor alien saviors were on the horizon, Martin assured her followers that the Seekers’ faith had persuaded the “God of Earth” to spare the planet, but the cult broke up soon after. Unbeknownst to Martin, psychologists had infiltrated the group to conduct a field study on apocalyptic beliefs, later writing the seminal text “When Prophecy Fails” about what happens when people’s strongest convictions are disproven.

July 1999
The 16th-century French astrologer and physician Nostradamus is best known for his numerous predictions, some of which people have linked to pivotal events in history. In one of his most famous doomsday verses, he wrote that a “king of terror” would descend from the sky in July 1999, which some contemporary theorists interpreted as a deadly meteor. The month went by without incident.

How about a playlist for the end of the world?


2.)  I don’t like hippies…but this is such a fun song




At least we know that according to the Bible, contrary to what we have been seeing in the skys…the next Armageddon will not be from another flood.

So on that note, I started smashing the spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. While letting the squirrels, raccoons, and cats outside…The World Famous Pepper Dog is glad the deer are no longer sleeping in her bed. However, the wolverines had to be put down though.

With the exception of Friday, THE WEATHER HAS BEEN HORRIBLE, with all this “flooding rain” and I am wondering if I am battling Migraines or I have some type of mutated, rare black mold growing in my sinus’.

Who’ll stop the rain

But even with the rain, we can make this best of it, The Baseball teams of Davidson and Clemson had some AWESOME antics during a rain delay!!!

With all the joking aside…yes I am thinking a lil about Saturday being the end. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. BUT I don’t think any “man” will know when it is. Plus we have not had a “second coming,” regardless of what The Obama supporters believe. I do know that while I am not perfect in my thoughts or actions. I am at peace with myself and past…I hope to be looking forward to my future after Saturday however!

I think we all have many more mistakes to make, wrongs to right, and journeys to be traveled.

Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. Benjamin Disraeli

So let’s ASSume we make it through 6:01pm Saturday Night…lets all try to do more for others, and in turn ourselves. This can be found in the easy places like charity work, but more importantly in relationships. YEA the easy romantic ones, maybe the easy friendships that will always last, OR MAYBE a relationship that is strained and needs just a little work, or some give and take by both people involved. It can be hard to give, however for some…it can be even harder to allow someone to give.

When giving & receiving become equal in your life, fairness will be established in all your relationships.

Always give without remembering, and always receive without forgetting. Brian Tracy

Hope we all are having a great week, even better before and after 6:01pm Saturday. Now I covering the windows, turning on the air, turning off ALL LIGHTS and SOUND, and trying to shake this Migraine I feel creeping in. If the world ends…at least that is one headache I won’t have anymore 😉



  • Commons Grand Opening (opening night) \”Rock The Commons\” live+local music showcase Food-Drinks-Give-a-Ways-Wonderland Games- Hot Air Balloon Rides, Picture on the Field b/t 6-7pm

FREE Event 4-11PM Plenty of parking off 3rd, Rich Street & Main Street Location 160 S. High Street at the corner of High and Rich more info visit

  • Columbus Band Showcase Schedule
  • Open 4-4:30PM DJ and Radio Station 97.9 WNCI with host Jimmy Jam and Angela An from Channel 10
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  • 10:00PM – 11PM Naked Karate Girls 25-50+ age range
  • DJ’s Matt “The Hat” Sexton and DJ Nobody



Park Street Festival is back and better than ever this year! With activities and entertainment fit for any age, Park Street Festival is fun for the whole family.

This year’s activities include Bike Night, Autograph sessions with local athletes, Kids Fair, 9 live bands, and much more!

Benefiting the Second and Seven Foundation, The Park Street Festival merges food, entertainment, and family fun all in to one event. The festival is a joint effort among the bars on Park Street and runs the length of the street. Admission is free, so make sure to come out to Park Street Festival for a great weekend.

Music Schedule:

FRIDAY (opening at 5pm)

The 17th Floor

Travelers By Dawn

Johnny White

Six Panel Driver

Dot Dot Dot

DJ Nobody

SATURDAY (opening at 3pm)

Relive the Thriller (Michael Jackson Tribute Show starring Corey Melton)

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Accept your own beauty and your limitations. No sense in trying to be who you are not.

No 1 can achieve fulfillment on your behalf. What u experience is the life you create yourself

“If your words are not kind, honest or necessary, keep them to yourself.”


All too true…but I try

TOO MANY DAYS…especially Sundays here in grey/gloomy O-H-I-O I am relating to this one

“Something about a Sunday it’s a most peculiar grey”

Just a simple request

This kid is amazing! He is only a freshman at Marysville and has come along way from being bullied. He has turned his experiences into positives!

This one goes out to all the nuns who told my parents I should be “committed to a facility.” You know what? I AM crazy. Crazy about life, Crazy about livin, Crazy about finding success, Crazy about helping others, and Crazy for a special someone. I dedicate this to all the nuns from Newark Catholic (many of whom are probably burning in hell for being such mean-nasty, aggressive-judgmental waste of “cloth”) who are now burning in hell!



“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? ” -Winnie the Pooh



“until you start believing in yourself, you ain’t gonna have a life!”-Rocky

Lately I am hearing a lot of “oh woe is me,” “I can’t,” or “blame” on everyone/everything…even shadows. I have also fallen into this. BUT these are coward statements. Find some “sunshine and rainbows in this clip worth watching.” Watch-take the hits and get back up, if WE are willing to take the hits?


You are not here to save the world but you are here to touch the hands that are within your reach.~Kathleen Price

Each of us has a fire in our heart for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit.-Mary Lou Retton

A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed. – Henrik Ibsen

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Program For Grand Finale:
6:30 – 8:00 – Hors d’oeurves, cocktails & silent auction
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Not sure where I stand on this

91-year-old stands by “exit kits” despite suicide furor

A 91-year-old California woman selling do-it-yourself asphyxiation kits for $60 apiece says business is booming since a depressed but otherwise healthy young man used her product to kill himself in Oregon.

Notoriety surrounding Sharlotte Hydorn’s home-based mail order operation near San Diego and the December suicide of one of her customers, Nicholas Klonoski, 29, has also sparked a move in Oregon to outlaw sales of such devices.

Oregon and Washington are the only two states with laws on the books legalizing physician-assisted suicide for people with incurable, fatal illnesses.

The Oregon Senate earlier this week passed a bill to make it illegal to sell or market products like Hydorn’s in the state. The chief sponsor, Democrat Floyd Prozanski of Eugene, expects the lower House to vote on the measure by next week.

Prozanski said he worries about individuals who impulsively order a suicide kit “as a permanent solution for a temporary problem,” and was especially concerned about minors.

He stressed that his bill would leave intact Oregon’s landmark 1997 Death with Dignity Act, which allows physicians to prescribe life-ending medication to terminally ill patients. A key provision of that law, however, requires patients to be physically capable of administering the drug to themselves.

State records show that 525 Oregonians have ended their lives under the act since 1997.

Hydorn says her product, consisting of a plastic hood that closes around the neck and tubing that connects the hood to a tank of helium or other inert gas, is intended to help terminally ill people end their lives with dignity in their own homes. Patients have to acquire the helium themselves.

A tall, sturdy woman for her age, with sun-worn skin and lively brown eyes, Hydorn acknowledges that she does not screen or ask questions of those ordering the kits, which she sells with instructions.

She confirmed from her records that Klonoski did purchase one of her kits last June, though he gave no reason.

But she rejects criticism that she is indiscriminately peddling death to people who may be emotionally vulnerable rather than terminally ill.

“I don’t call them suicide kits, I call them exit kits,” Hydorn said. “They’re for people who want some control over their lives, including control over how their lives end.”

She sells the kits under the brand name GLADD, which stands for Glorious Life and Dignified Death. She declines to say how much she earns from her business but denies that she makes as much as $98,000 a year, as some reports have suggested.

A retired science teacher who collects a pension and income from several rental properties, Hydorn said she became interested in helping the terminally ill after losing her husband to colon cancer in 1977.

“I’m not in it for the money — I have a huge number of checks I didn’t even cash,” she said.

Hydorn had been quietly selling the kit for about 20 years and said she is uncomfortable with the recent burst of publicity. Sales have risen sharply as a result of the media attention stemming from Klonoski’s death and reaction to it in the Oregon Legislature.

“I had two or three orders a month, maybe 25 a year, until all this happened,” she said. In the past month, “all hell broke loose, and I’ve gotten more than 100 orders, 70 or 80 of them from Oregon.”

Klonoski’s younger brother, Zach, sees the situation differently.

“With the sale of these helium-hood kits, the GLADD company smashed my family into a million pieces,” he said in recent testimony before the Oregon state Legislature.

Hydorn said she delved into the subject after reading Derek Humphrey’s book, “Final Exit.”

“We treat animals better than we treat dying people,” she said. “They keep people alive and do terrible, painful things to them because we can’t let go and patients just become cash cows.”

Hydorn said she adapted her “exit kit” from designs she first saw at a Hemlock Society meeting in the 1990s.

Hydorn said she will use one herself if it’s called for.

“I don’t want to end up helpless,” she said. “It’s all right if people don’t understand.”



I like this one!



Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage dies in car accident

Wrestler Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage, the Slim Jim pitchman known for his raspy-voiced “Ohh yeah” catch phrase, died in a car accident today in Seminole, Fla., possibly after suffering a heart attack, WTSP reports.

TMZ, which broke the story, reported that Savage lost control of the Jeep because he had a heart attack.

WTSP quotes the Florida Highway Patrol as saying Savage was driving a Jeep Wrangler that veered out of control, jumped a concrete median and hit a tree.

It says the accident report indicates that he may have suffered a “medical event” before the crash, but that a final ruling would depend on the results of an autopy.

His 56-year-old wife, Lynn, was a passenger in the car and suffered minor injuries, according to the accident report.

Savage, whose real name was Randall Mario Poffo, began wrestling with the WWF in 1985.

Another wrestling superstar, Hulk Hogan, tweeted Friday: “I’m completely devastated, after over 10 years of not talking with Randy, we’ve finally started to talk and communicate.”

In another tweet, Hogan says “He had so much life in his eyes & his spirit, I just pray that he’s happy and in a better place and we miss him.

The Donald’s Bid for President

Election 2012: Donald Trump Losing Favor Even Before He Enters the Race

Is Donald Trump’s White House dream over before his campaign can even begin?

The casino mogul and reality-television star says he’s nearing a decision about whether to plunge into the 2012 presidential race. But the most recent polls contain some ominous signs for “The Donald.”

Trump’s numbers are so problematic that winning the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency, might be out of reach, several independent pollsters and analysts say. “The numbers are very daunting,” David Birdsell, dean of the School of Public Affairs at Baruch College in New York City, said.

Marist College Poll director Lee Miringoff said, “The incline is very steep. He has all kinds of problems that would take a lot of undoing if he is really serious about it.”

Many pundits believe Trump’s testing-of-the-waters is nothing more than an effort to burnish the Trump brand. He has toyed with running twice before, in 1988 and 1999, but quickly decided against a candidacy.

Trump, 64, has said his most recent flirtation is no marketing ploy. He already has made two high-profile pilgrimages to New Hampshire, which will hold the nation’s first presidential primary, and he’s scheduled to appear in another early presidential proving ground, Iowa, headlining the state Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner June 10.

“The polls I have seen demonstrate that Mr. Trump is a top GOP contender,” Trump aide Michael Cohen said.

“If Mr. Trump elects to run … I believe he would win the Republican primary and would be the only candidate that could defeat [President] Obama in 2012.”

Trump has done little of the organizational work one might expect of a candidate sizing up a White House race.

In South Carolina, for example, one top Republican operative told ABC News, “Is he doing less than other potential candidates here? Yes. …Others are having conversations with prospective staff. Is Trump doing that? No.”

Trump began stoking speculation he might run with a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in February. After a whirlwind of publicity, Trump climbed into a tie for first in polls of Republican voters by CNN and Gallup in early April.

Since then, he has slumped.

Falling Poll Numbers

The most recent numbers by Gallup, a sampling of Republican voters from April 25 through May 8, found Trump supported by 16 percent of Republicans; tied for first place with former Arkansas Mike Huckabee, who has since announced he will not enter the race.

The poll also found that Trump is the most well-known of the potential GOP candidates, recognized by 98 percent of Republicans.

But the same survey found that the number of Republicans who dislike Trump has grown to 44 percent, higher than Sarah Palin’s unfavorable rating (25 percent) or Newt Gingrich’s (also 25 percent).

The combination of high negative ratings and high name recognition suggests it will be difficult for Trump to build support, pollsters say, because nearly every Republican already has formed an opinion about him.

“It’s a very, very steep challenge,” Birdsell of Baruch College said. “Not only do you have to create new perceptions, which is hard enough, but you have to change old perceptions, which tend to be entrenched. It is very, very difficult to create a new storyline.”

By contrast, potential candidates such as former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, are relatively unknown, which “gives them an opportunity to craft an image that is positive,” Gallup Poll editor-in-chief Frank Newport said.

The most recent Gallup poll also found Trump last among 13 potential Republican candidates in a new measure of voter enthusiasm called the “positive intensity score.”

A ‘Terrible Handicap for Trump’

The score is calculated by determining the percentage of voters who have a strongly favorable view of a candidate and subtracting the percentage of voters who have a strongly negative view of that candidate. Trump’s rating fell to zero in the most recent Gallup survey.

By comparison, Huckabee topped the field with a score of 24. Palin and Gingrich had scores of 18 and 11, respectively.

“It’s a terrible handicap for Trump,” Newport said. “It’s not a good position at all for someone trying to get his party’s nomination.”

Added Birdsell: “Trump’s numbers might not be insurmountable if he didn’t have all the problems he would encounter in a campaign; opponents pointing out the massive flip-flops on social issues, on tax issues, on a whole host of policy questions, on abortion.”

First No Donald, now I will never be taught to Dougie

“Dougie” Rapper M-Bone Killed in Drive-By Shooting

M-Bone, a So-Cal hip-hopster with the Dougie-happy Cali Swag District, has died after being gunned down in a drive-by shooting late last night.

Police in Inglewood confirm that a man was killed by two gunshots to the head around 10:30 p.m. The victim was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when another vehicle pulled up alongside and unloaded “at least two rounds” into the car, according to Lt. Michael Marshall.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. He was just 22.

Was there a motive?

“It looks like they knew each other,” says Marshall. “It was not a traditional drive-by.” However, investigators don’t have any suspects and are asking for tipsters to call in.

Police didn’t immediately identify M-Bone (aka Mante Talbert) as the victim, pending notification of next of kin.

But a publicist for the group has confirmed to E! News that indeed the performer, who was the group’s comedic presence, was the one killed—and claims he wasn’t being purposely targeted

“Cali Swag District member Mante ‘M-Bone’ Talbert was the victim of a random act of violence last night,” the rep says, calling M-Bone “an inspiration to his family, friends and fans.”

Formed last year by M-Bone, C-Smoove, Yung and JayAre, Cali Swag District immediately hit the charts with the huge crossover hit “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

Says the group’s publicist of M-Bone: “He was a hardworking, passionate artist and dancer that will be deeply missed.”

…and another house that Sinatra built dies

Slots go quiet as Sahara closes 59-year run on Las Vegas Strip

The Sahara saw many celebrities

The 59-year-old Sahara is officially closed, removing from the Strip one of the last Rat Pack-era hotel-casinos.

The Sahara, which has been owned by Los Angeles-based SBE Entertainment since August 2007, was closed at about 1:40, 20 minutes ahead of schedule, with an announcement over loudspeakers. All slot machines were then turned off. The last hotel guests had checked out around noon.

Much of the hotel-casino closed down in phases over the weekend.

Dozens of former Sahara employees and customers crowded the casino in anticipation of closing.

Debra Burgos of Las Vegas, who’s father, Samuel Kitterman, was a Sahara casino executive from 1952 until 1995, came back for one last visit. She carried an employee newsletter with an article about her father which dubbed him, “Mr. Sahara.”

“I grew up here,” Burgos said. “I would wait for my father to get off work and the bartender would make me Shirley Temples. Las Vegas was such a different place and the Sahara was the place to be.”

SBE Entertainment announced the Sahara’s closing in March, saying “it was no longer economically viable” to operate the 1,720-room hotel-casino.

The Sahara opened in 1952 and became a haven for many of the Strip’s legendary performers in the 1960s and 1970s.

As development moved south on the Strip, the Sahara was left behind.



‎Bob Dylan and old rockers: will we still love them when they’re… 70?

Once upon a time, rock music was young – and its stars were, too. Now, as Bob Dylan nears 70, Neil McCormick asks whether an old rocker can still deliver the goods.

Bob Dylan will be 70 years old next Tuesday, May 24. Seventy! From one perspective, looking through the prism of youth-obsessed pop culture, it seems such an extraordinary thing. Pop freezes its icons in moments in time, and Dylan will always be there at the explosive birth of the modern pop age, manning the barricades of the Sixties revolution, captured in black and white: a skinny, grave-faced, curly haired, visionary twentysomething, strumming his acoustic guitar, blowing bony notes through his harmonica, warning the adult establishment to get out of the way (“Senators, congressmen, please heed the call/ Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall”) because the times they were a-changin’.

Well, the times have changed all right and Dylan with them. This year, he has toured the once mysterious and inaccessible land of China, allegedly submitting his set list to censorship by the powers that be. He didn’t play The Times They Are a-Changin’ but he did play his world-weary postscript from the year 2000, Things Have Changed, in which he growls with a defeatism that borders on defiance: “People are crazy, times are strange/ I used to care but things have changed.” Yet he ended his set in Beijing with his beautiful 1974 hymn Forever Young, in which he elegantly celebrates the most positive virtues of youth: “May your heart always be joyful/ May your song always be sung.”

We are still singing Dylan’s songs, in all their poetry, wisdom, contradiction and complexity. His sombre, gospel-tinged ballad Make You Feel My Love from 1997 has just spent more than 40 weeks in the British top 40, delivered with worshipful authority by 23-year-old star of the moment, Adele.

Shift the pop-culture prism, and Dylan at 70 starts to make a different kind of sense, because he has been here, right in front of us all this time, hair greying, jowels sagging, wrinkles spreading across his face, voice slowly turning from the barbed wire ululations of a youth in thrall to the ageless depths of folk to a rubbed raw bullfrog croak of an old man giving it whatever his ragged vocal cords still can.

And he is not alone, out there on the geriatric frontline. Paul McCartney (68) is on tour, and planning a new album. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (both 67) are considering another Rolling Stones tour. Brian Wilson (68) is currently on tour in Britain, no longer a Beach Boy, but still a celebrated musical genius. Paul Simon (69) has a new album and tour this year. Roger Daltrey (67) has been performing the Who’s rock opera, Tommy. Rock and roll once revelled in its youthful flash of energy, delighting in anti-adult sloganeering like “Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse” and Pete Townshend’s aggressively nihilistic “I hope I die before I get old” (he is 66 today), but those who survived its first hedonistic impulses inevitably did get old, and along the way made some vital new discoveries. Music is for life. And life is long.

It is a good time to be a veteran rock musician. Bob Dylan’s last album, 2009’s Together Through Life, was number one on both sides of the Atlantic, his first British chart topper since Desire in 1975. Neil Diamond (70) had his first ever number one studio album in Britain in 2008. Leon Russell (69) staged a critically acclaimed comeback last year with The Union, made with Elton John (a mere stripling of 64).

Other spring chickens enjoying a second wind of recording and touring success include Greg Allman (63) and Robert Plant (a youthful 62), who, when challenged about being a sexagenarian rock star in a radio interview, smartly retorted “old people do it better”. Perhaps that could be a new slogan for our times. But it would be a mistake to get too carried away by the apparent triumph of age over beauty. As recorded music sales collapse and musical activity migrates towards the internet, it is older consumers still romantically attached to the notion of the long-playing record as a cohesive work of art who are keeping the album alive. Bob Dylan fans, in other words.

The young are still with us, illegally downloading Lady Gaga, Rihanna and provocative art rapper Tyler The Creator. And if you haven’t heard of him, then all it shows is that the generation gap is still wide open. But veterans are cleaning up on the still thriving live circuit, too, trading on reputations built over time. According to a recent report on the live music industry by Deloitte, a full 40 per cent of the frontmen of the top 20 highest grossing live acts in the States will be 60 or over next year.

Rock got old, and so has its audience. This is our music, and it still speaks to us, still tells us things about our lives, still brings us joy in the moment, still carries our spirits aloft. Because it turns out that we didn’t, as we perhaps might have once imagined in more innocent times, all slip into pipes and slippers and start listening to Mantovani and trad jazz. Certainly, we may have shifted the dial from BBC Radio One to Radio 2, but only to find the DJs were getting older with us, and are still playing our songs. And even if veteran artists are only talking to their own generation, we should celebrate the very fact that they are still talking.

Paul Simon, an artist working at the very heights of lyrical singer-songwriting, has spoken of being on “a new frontier”: the frontier of age. Prior to the Sixties, popular songs were essentially show tunes, dance tunes, novelty songs and love songs. Dylan and his contemporaries introduced the notion of the songwriter as a poetic chronicler of his life and times, they were artists of their own interior worlds, making pop music that aspired to the same heights as other art forms.

This remains the challenge, as Simon would have it: “The struggle of Dylan and the Stones and McCartney and Neil

Young is to see the possibility of talent continuing to evolve, as is the case in other arts. Nobody says you should stop painting when you’re 60.”

Dylan at 70 makes sense to us, because he is still helping his listeners make sense of the world. The final track on his most recent album is a masterpiece every bit as beautifully wrought and challenging as The Times They Are a-Changin’, even if its message might sound sour in the mouth of a firebrand youth. It’s All Good simultaneously rails against and accepts the injustices of life, juggling with the great and small in an almost mocking spirit, eyes fixed on an even bigger picture. “Big politicians telling lies/ Restaurant kitchens, all full of flies” barely seem to move Dylan at 70, as he declares he “wouldn’t change a thing, even if I could”.

It’s a song no child could have written, magnificent in its ambiguity, the great bard of pop culture barking out his indifference over a rattling rock and roll rhythm, snapping “throw on the dirt, pile on the dust”. It is, as he wryly notes, “all good”.

As we mark Dylan’s shifts from the raging fires of youth to the slow-burning embers of old age, we should celebrate not just his extraordinary legacy, but the even more extraordinary fact of his continuing creativity, reporting back from what may turn out to be popular music’s last unexplored frontier.


List of festivals and events in Central Ohio this summer


I have been honored to share a stage with Josh Turner, and he was less than friendly to me…actually boarderline rude. Maybe I took him wrong; maybe he was having a bad day. BUT when I see him on stage bum rushing this kid, I wonder if he didn’t want to have someone else sing his song…didn’t want an up and coming “new guy” outshine his own light?

Scotty McCreery Surprised By Josh Turner At Homecoming Concert

Top 3 “American Idol” finalist Scotty McCreery first made an impression auditioning with, and then repeatedly singing, “Your Man” by Josh Turner, aka the “baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low” song. As Scotty’s “Idol” star has soared, his audition song choice has turned out to be the best publicity Josh could ask for. So when Scotty returned to his hometown of Garner, North Carolina, this weekend for his big homecoming event (an “Idol” top 3 tradition), Josh repaid the favor by bum rushing the stage during Scotty’s welcome-home concert, giving Scotty the surprise of his life.

Scotty had started to sing “Your Man”–his first time performing it with a band–when Josh appeared unannounced onstage. When Scotty turned around he sort of experienced a delayed reaction, at first reaching out to grasp Josh’s shoulder, before suddenly realizing just who he was sharing the stage with. Observe his hilarious reaction below:

Josh’s band then came out to complete the song as a Josh/Scotty duet. Seventeen-year-old Scotty could barely contain his boyish excitement over getting to sing with his idol, yet still performed like an old pro and held his own.

“Thanks for singing my songs,” said Josh, to which Scotty answered, “Thank you for singing them first!” The duo then performed another Josh song Scotty once sang on “American Idol” (during Hollywood Week), “Long Black Train,” with both guys playing guitar.

“It’s good to see someone waving the country music flag out there in Hollywood,” said a torch-passing Josh, as what appeared to be the entire population of Garner cheered. It seems pretty obvious who Josh will be voting for next Wednesday night.


Rucker shows he’s country to the core at Sunset Cove

Darius Rucker performs at Sunset Cove Amphitheater.

True to country style, Darius Rucker first came out on stage at the Sunset Cove Amphitheater in torn jeans, cowboy boots, Chevrolet T-Shirt, and ball cap. After all, though he may have been the lead singer of a rock band like Hootie and the Blowfish, Rucker has serious country roots.

Originally born in South Carolina in 1966 (hence his recent album title Charleston, SC 1966), Rucker turned to country after first dabbling in R&B after leaving Hootie and The Blowfish. Whatever the genre, Rucker gave a performance with such heart you couldn’t help but want to get on your feet to watch for more.

He was more than happy to allow fans to look back at Hootie’s brightest moments, slipping popular songs like “Let Her Cry”, “Only Wanna Be With You” and “Hold My Hand” into his song list for the night.

As the show went on it was apparent Rucker was at his most comfortable by turning back to his roots. Rucker’s singing was undeniably coming from the core — even if he did slightly lose his wind in the middle of a few songs.

Singing crowd favorites such as “Come Back Song”, “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It”, “All I Want”, and

“Southern State of Mind”, Rucker gave Southern lovin’ folk a show to remember.

Rucker then went on to show pictures of his family in the background, and dedicating his song “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” to all the parents, creating an excited buzz from the crowd. He then went on to announce his new single “I Got Nothin’”, which basing on the crowd’s reaction will soon be a popular single if it isn’t already.

Being the ever-pleasing entertainer, he then slowed things down a bit by singing “She’s Beautiful” and couples across the amphitheater were more than happy to dance.

In 2009, Rucker was the first African-American to win the New Artist Award from the Country Music Association. If he keeps going strong, it won’t be a surprise when the awards keep coming and rightfully so.

Opening for Rucker was Tom Jackson. Even though this Jupiter-based singer and his band aren’t that well-known nationally, their attempts at getting the crowd hyped did not go unnoticed. Singing favorites such as Eddie Rabbitt’s

“Driving My Life Away” was a gold star attempt at trying to get the crowd up and active, albeit with little to no success. Other songs that did catch the crowds’ attention were “All About You”, and “Southern Thank Y’all”. Jackson’s show went a little short in my opinion; it was still a satisfying show nonetheless.



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In The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan, Dr. Breus delves into the science behind this sleep–weight-loss connection, explaining exactly how sleep boosts your metabolism, ignites fat burn, and decreases cravings and overall appetite, and he presents a realistic action plan to help you get your best sleep—and your best body—possible. He shows how you can overcome your personal sleep obstacles with a slumber-friendly evening routine, stress management techniques—even recipes for healthy meals and snacks—to help you fall asleep more easily.

If you are ready to stop tossing and turning night after night, if you are done downing coffee to conquer nagging fatigue, and if you have bounced from one diet to another in an effort to find one that really, finally helps you lose the pounds you want, The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan has the information, advice, and practical strategies you need to get deep, revitalizing sleep—and achieve a slimmer, healthier body in the process.


DA*N IT!!! I may start liking John Stewart after this one…

Jon Stewart Vs Bill O’Reilly Common Clash: Who Won?

FOX News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly and Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart have battled it out over the White House’s decision to invite rapper ‘Common’ to a poetry reading, despite his open support for two cop-killers and his celebration of Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur, a member of the Black Liberation Armywho was convicted of killing a New Jersey State Trooper in 1977.

Jon Stewart poked some fun at O’Reilly over his stance on the issue, also taking a shot at many conservatives who are upset over President Barack Obama’s invitation to Common to a poetry reading at theWhite House. “I’m not saying he’s promoting cop killing,” O’Reilly says. “Celebrating a cop killer, yes.”

Stewart counters, “What I think he’s doing is not celebrating, but honoring someone he thinks was wrongly convicted of cop killing. I think he believes she was convicted unjustly.”

O’Reilly shot back, “That’s fine. And if Common, who wasn’t even born when this crime took place, thinks that based on nothing because the evidence is overwhelming, he’s entitled as an American to do that.”

“The President of the United States though, takes him into the house, thereby validating him. Come on, that was a bad decision.”

“It elevates him as a poet or whatever. Do you know how many poets would have liked to be there?”

Stewart comically and rightly countered O’Reilly’s points by pointing out that Bono, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen have all written songs about convicted killers – all of whom have been to the White House.

He also tells O’Reilly he’s got “mad love” for him that he’s something that shoots right into his “a*s.”

Bernie Goldberg later came on the show and both O’Reilly and Goldberg praised Stewart as a “smarter than most” liberal who is also very funny. And that he is. Watch the debate below.




Have a boat, wanna help a Brave Soldier? Nothing is better than fishing and swapin’ (or just listening) stories!

The FLW Outdoors Wounded Hero program connects wounded veterans with volunteers that wish to host a wounded veteran for a day of fishing on the water. If you are a wounded veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom,

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Loud Cell Phone Talker Arrested

A loud woman who was yapping loudly for hours on an AmTrak quiet car has been arrested after getting belligerent. She’s also gone viral.

A woman who was escorted off an Amtrak train by police this weekend after she allegedly refused to stop talking loudly on her cell-phone has the Internet cheering her fate.

Civilians and quiet-car champions are supporting her ejection for violating policy at high volume during the 16-hour journey. It doesn’t help her cause that she became belligerent when confronted about it by one of her fellow passengers.

KOMO News reports that Lakeysha Beard says she felt “disrespected” by the incident, though passengers said it was Beard who was being rude by refusing to stop yapping while sitting in one of the train’s designated quiet cars. She had not stopped talking since the train pulled out of Oakland, California, 16 hours before it reached Salem, Oregon, when a passenger confronted her about the talking. That’s when Beard got “aggressive,” KATU reports, and conductors stopped the train so that police could remove her and charge her with disorderly conduct.

Amtrak created quiet cars in 2001 when a group of passengers who rode the Philadelphia to D.C. route every morning asked if they could reserve a car where cell-phone loudmouths weren’t welcome. Ever since, the rare havens of quiet have become a battlefield between silence-loving rule-followers and rebellious cell-phone addicts. Gawker suggested, not without a dose of sincerity, that the cops who removed Beard from the train were heroes, and that Beard should be charged with “unspeakable crimes against humanity and sentenced to life on some distant planet where there are no reception bars, ever.”

According to a very scientific reader poll at The Huffington Post, 77 percent of people were happy the woman was hauled off the train. And CNN personality Anderson Cooper blasted the woman on his “ridiculist” last night, asking

“What could someone possibly talk about for 16 hours?” He even compared being stuck on the train with a person who would do such a thing to the “fifth circle of hell.”

GMA’s report is amusing–and the artistic rendering quite kind:

It’s bad enough that these people are so inconsiderate of their fellow passengers to necessitate the creation of “quiet cars” to begin with. It’s simply unconscionable to then get on one of these cars and behave in this manner.



Cleveland and Nick Gilbert: What’s Not to Like?
A new hero and new catch phrase was born yesterday! Fourteen year old Nick Gilbert, son of Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert,  selected the number #1 and #4 draft pick for the Cavs and gave Clevelanders a much deserved smile. Later in the press room, when the ESPN reporter Heather Cox asked him: “You’re the ambassador for the National Children’s Tumor Foundation and you’ve been dealing with a nerve disorder since you were born.  Your dad called you his own personal hero. How’s that make you feel?”

Nick replied: “Well, I mean, what’s not to like?”


Paralyzed student walks at graduation with help from robotics

When a car crash in 2007 paralyzed Austin Whitney, he promised himself that at his 2011 graduation, he would walk again, and pick up his diploma without a wheelchair. Luckily for the 22-year-old, he attended UC Berkeley, a school with one of the top robotics research programs in the nation, and made good on his promise with the help of a specially-designed robotic exoskeleton.

Working to build an affordable robotic helper for the young student, the UC Berkeley robotics design team was able to produce the exoskeleton many orders of magnitude cheaper than any before it. In all, the “Austin Exoskeleton” carried a $15,000 price tag, and while that might still seem like a hefty amount, most other options range upwards of $100,000.

As futuristic as robotic exoskeletons might seem, they are becoming more and more popular for applications ranging from everyday assistance (as is the case with the Austin model), to use in rehab clinics. And while we’re likely many years away from seeing exoskeleton technology as an easily affordable option, the advancements seem to be coming at an exciting and rapid pace.



Carlos Santana’s Immigration Law Rant During Phillies-Braves Game

During the Phillies-Braves game on Sunday, rock legend Carlos Santana was given the Beacon of Change Award prior to the 5th Annual Atlanta Braves Civil Rights Game.

When Carlos Santana took the podium to accept the award, that’s when things got really political and downright nasty.

Santana, lashed out about a new immigration bill that Governor Nathan Deal signed on Friday which mirros some of the immigration laws adopted by Arizona late last year. The law mandates that employers check the status of new hires for immigration status and it allows officers to check the status of some suspects.

Santana exclaimed, “The people of Arizona, and the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

He went on to say , “It’s a cruel law, actually…This is about fear. Stop shucking and jiving. People are afraid we’re going to steal your job. No, we aren’t. You’re not going to change sheets and clean toilets … I am here to give voice to the invisible.”

They say there is a time and a place for everything. And, it was ill-advised for Carlos Santana to exploit this stage for his political agenda. He was being honored by the Atlanta Braves for making a difference. And, rather than take the high road he decided to exploit the moment and insult Atlanta citizens.

It can be argued that Arizona and Georgia’s immigration laws are extreme, but it’s insulting to Atlanta citizens to group them all together as right-wingers who are against immigrants.

Santana should be ashamed of himself for exploiting this ceremony for political purposes.



Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has acknowledged that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff, a revelation that apparently prompted wife Maria Shriver to leave the couple’s home before they announced their separation last week.


Brandon Phillips shocks Twitter follower by showing up at his game

When it comes to youth baseball, players are sometimes responsible for bringing postgame drinks and snacks for the team.

Connor Echols, however, recently put a new spin on the tradition and brought an All-Star from his localMajor League Baseball team, instead.

In what may well represent the pinnacle of modern technological achievement, the 14-year-old CincinnatiFlames third baseman (@cecholzz) was able to lure Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips(notes) (@datdudebp) to his U-14 select team game last week by issuing a simple suggestion over Twitter …
“@DatDudeBP should really come watch the 14u Cincy flames in West Chester tonight”

… and then by providing some directions after Phillips showed some initial interest (he had been eating at a nearby restaurant when he received Echols’ tweet).
A few hours and many autographs later, Echols was the most popular kid in the eighth grade and Phillips had increased his reputation around Cincinnati as one of the fan-friendliest players in the bigs.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:
It was about 5:45 p.m. when Phillips received Echols’ invitation on his off day, the only one he and the Reds will have until June 2. Phillips said he was wondering what he was going to do with the rest of his day.

“I said, ‘Let me think about this,’ ” Phillips said. “His game was at 6:15. When I got finished eating, it was like 6:10 and I thought, well shoot, I’m going to go to his game. I had nothing else to do. I thought, ‘Let me go out and support the little man.’ I went out there and he had a great game. I met all his teammates. I met everybody in the park. It was fun. I had a great time.”

What makes this story even better is the fact that Echols had a great performance in front of one of his heroes, going 3 for 5 at the plate.  “I don’t really get nervous a lot, but that’s the most I ever had butterflies in my stomach in my life,” Echols told the Dayton Daily News. “I just didn’t want to embarrass myself.”

Man, if only it had been that easy to contact Ryne Sandberg when I was in Little League …

But what goes unsaid here, of course, is that many of today’s athletes get hundreds of requests via Twitter every day. It takes someone like Brandon Phillips — whose dedication to fans has been personally witnessed by BLS — to actually take it to the next level and do something that will forever leave a positive impression on those who buy tickets or spend their time watching the game on television.

It’s a sign of appreciation from Phillips that even a St. Louis Cardinals fan has to love.


Just a few degrees,

AND MORE GOOD NEWS regarding bad news

Nightclub tries to get OSU in more trouble

As if Ohio State isn’t having a hard enough time keeping itself out of trouble, now nightclubs are trying to get the school hit with NCAA violations. A nightclub in Huber Heights, Ohio was planning on having a graduation party of sorts for Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller and his high school teammate Tre Moore. Both players graduated from high school earlier this year and enrolled early in college for spring practice, though Moore is attending Northern Illinois.

The club, Heat, had advertised the party on Facebook and since it used both Miller and Moore’s names, it was an NCAA violation and one that both players had to distance themselves from.

Even though [Miller and Moore] said they had no part in the planning of the event, they moved quickly to disassociate themselves from it after being questioned about their involvement by Wayne coach Jay Minton.

“I was coming home from Illinois after spring ball at Northern Illinois, and coach Minton gave me a call when I was in the airport trying to get to Ohio,” Moore said. “And then Braxton gave me a call and said, ‘We have to find out who did this and get it taken care of.’

“I’m guessing they found some people who knew me and Braxton, probably some Wayne kids. I don’t how they picked me and him, but I’m glad we can clean this mess up.”

The bar had been planning on charging $10 at the door for guys, and $7 for ladies.

Making things more interesting, the club was supposedly throwing a party for two 18-year old kids when it’s a 21-and over establishment. Local police said that it would be illegal for the club to even let Miller and Moore inside. Not that this club is averse to breaking the law, as the story points out that there have been 15 incidents with police, including arrests for drug possession, gun possession and an assault of an officer, at the club since it opened in December.

And it’s only open on weekends.


A buddy of mine who is a Youth Minister recently “tweeted;” “People are dying and going to hell and you are worried about the parking lot!”

This got me thinking and why I had turned my back on organized religion for so long. I grew up Catholic, and let’s face it…even the most devout Catholic cannot argue that the Catholic Faith (and many more) is about “image.” My buddy is not a Catholic, but it is still the same concept. Who cares about image? I do when I am onstage, but it is NOT important in the long run of this short life. I have found that religion is what is important not what “religious” people think.

John 7:24

“Stop judging by mere appearances”


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“Success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone.”

The only thing that separates successful people from the ones who aren’t is the willingness to work very hard. Helen Gurley Brown

It isn’t hard to be good from time to time in sports. What is tough, is being good every day. – Willie Mays

“Ppl with PRIDE tough to beat. If one has 4 D’s in Life watch out! DESIRE-DETERMINATION – DEDICATION – DISCIPLINE”-Dickie V

When you change how you feel, this is a powerful indicator that you have gained a level of control that you simply did not have before.


“I said, ‘Somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realized I am somebody.” — Lily Tomlin

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf – Jon Kabat

Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.” ~Joe Paterno

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.~ Jim Ryun

“Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees” ~J. Willard Marriott


“Anyone who proclaims that he is enchanting, by definition, isn’t. It’s like bragging that your modest”

“Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that’s no reason not to give it” -Agatha Christie

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. ~Lao Tzu

Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. ~

Stevie Wonder

“The two most powerful warriors in life are time and patience” -Unknown.

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile.“ -Author Unknown

Be happy in the moment – that’s enough. Each moment is all we need – not more.  Mother Teresa

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.



“It is never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Elliot

“I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people and I require the same of them.” -John Wayne

“You’re alive. Do something. The directive is life, the moral imperative, is so uncomplicated. It can be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounds like this: Look. Listen, Choose…Act.”

“Everything you do matters. Every move you make, Every action you take MATTERS! Be prepared to conquer the incredible if your ideals are threatened..”-Chad OchoCinco (just before he got on The PBR Bull Deja Blu)

A hungry dog hunts best. A hungrier dog hunts even better. Norman Ralph Augustine

My simple rule for an extraordinary quality of life: Anticipate problems & decimate them before breakfast!-Tony Robbins



Local Boys, and my buddies, O.A.R. play The LC, The Lifestyle Communities



“Rock On The Range” DAY I at Crew Stadium

Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Staind, Alter Bridge, Hinder, Sick Puppies, Rev Theory, Finger Eleven, Danzig, Escape The Fate, My Darkest Days, Crossfade, Asking Alexandria, Trust Company, P.O.D. , AND MY BUDDIES Downplay

God Rock is also represented this weekend at Fredricktown High School with Seventh Day Slumber and Stellar Kart


Dierks Bentley, Uncle Kracker, Josh Thompson, and UNION ROSE play “The Miles for Miracles Festival” at The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

DAY II. “Rock On The Range” at Crew Stadium

A Perfect Circle, Disturbed, Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains, Black Label Society, Saving Abel, 10 Years, Hollywood Undead, A Day To Remember, Trapt, Cavo, Pop Evil, The Damned Things, Fu Manchu, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus                       




Martin Lawrence (He’s so crazy) plays Veterans Memorial


Brian Posehn performs at The Funny Bone Comedy Club in Easton Town Center


Columbus Beerfest at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Over 75,000 square feet of beers from over 175 different vendors. For more info

75,000 square feet of beer tasting greatness! This year’s celebration of all things hoppy and malty has over 175 craft beers for beer fans to try and enjoy.

The 44th Annual All American Youth Horse Show at The Ohio Expo Center

Asian Festival at Franklin Park. For more info


Johnny Depp is back as Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ rated “PG-13.”

MY PICK OF THE WEEK, ‘Bloodworth’ the story of it is never too late to make right, rated “R;” staring Val Kilmer, Kris Kristofferson, Hilary Duff, Dwight Yoaka, and Reece Thompson



Jason Statham stars in the action flick,’The Machanic,’ rated “R.”

Sir Anthony Hopkins stars in the AWESOME ‘The Rite’ rated “PG-13.” Yes it is one of those scary flicks…but will also make you think about your faith (ALL DEMONIATIONS)


John Rich releases two albums “For the Kids” and “Rich Rocks”

Seether rocks “Holding onto Strings”

Sick Puppies release “Tri-Polar”

Warrant has “Rockaholic”


THURSDAY May 26th Columbus Commons Grand Opening

Mt. Vernon Schools Event May 27th

Warrior Dash June 3-4-5

Park Street Festival June 9-10
Byers Auto Car Show June 11th


Starting June 7th Weekly Bike Nights at Hoggy’s Polaris

Show Me Fest, Springfield Mizz. June 17th-19th

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