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Greetings from The “Isle” of Dublin Ohio, with a gun toting “Island Boy”

GREETINGS from the Home Office in Dublin Ohio, in route to my weekend in the “Islands” well…at least a ‘Sand Bar” with friends and my buddy Uncle Kracker at Crew Stadium.

It feels good to be home for an extended period, but it has not been a relaxing week. I have been working on projects and landed 3 national contracts. I am not saying I deserve them, but I am happy to get them and know I am lucky!


What I do deserve is to feel safe in my own home…this was not the case this week. Well actually I did feel safe due to the small arsenal I own and collect. But I guess there is someone out there that did not know that. I guess the same person did not know I have a LARGE dog, who, while may want to have you rub her belly…she CAN eat your leg off. And from her recent size she put on at my parents, I think she could and still be hungry.


I had just come home from my parents from getting my dog after 6 long weeks. I came in, and went upstairs to unpack some of my new gear from PFI Western (by the way some amazing products, and a great staff! ANYWAY…I went upstairs to unpack and wind down my day , and Pepper who is usually snoring and asleep jumped up and began barking profusely. I assumed it was a bird (she thinks birds are her mortal enemy-yet leaves, cats, squirrels CHIPMUNKS, alone) or someone outside walking a dog late at night. She then sprinted down the stairs and…well I followed to yell at her to relax! As I came down stairs I wondered why I heard rain (it was storming, and I thought maybe I had a leak in my back slider door?). As I came down the stairs, the blinds were rustling and the door was open (it was NOT open when I came home).

I grabbed one of my pieces and surveyed the area, the potential perp got away, but it still startled me. I called Dublin PD and they arrived.


“We came by quicker than normal for a non emergency to make sure you didn’t go after them.” Hmm DPD knows me well LOL. We did a walk through, and nothing was gone, and made some jokes. I found it funny that DPD said “it’s a good thing your dog got to them before you did, they may have been scared, but at least alive.”


Yes I (and the perp) are lucky that the World Famous Pepper Dog were home for a whole 15minutes after 6 weeks. I was a lil startled to find out that after further review, there was no water, or “damp” areas on the carpet inside the door. Either the perp was inside when we came home and Pepper heard them leave, or she heard the door open.

I have always had an open door policy to all my friends. This is still the case, but to protect my dog, my property, and the safety of any attempted perp…my open door policy now requires a key (I have plenty and can get anyone who needs one a copy).


I am from a small town with Good Ole American Values. Those values include hard work, appreciating what you got, and taking care of those you care about. It is also about this GREAT Country and the freedoms and rights we

have. One of those is the Right to protection, and THE RIGHT to Bear Arms. All of these mean a lot to me.


I was thinking I will do anything I need to do to protect my house, my property, and my life. The question I ask is…Is a plasma screen TV worth your life? Cause protecting it is!


In the words of Charlie Daniels “If ya ever wanna try again son, come on back cause I’m the best there’s ever been!” To make official, my address is 6287 Tara Hill (wanna try me?)

Busy week and a busy weekend not just for me, but all of C-Bus. This weekend is ComFest. This could be a great event for the community of arts, crafts, unity, and music. BUT while it is thought of as this, it is truly not.


ComFest is an event that while labeled “open minds” the only “minds” who are welcomed are; artists who perform for free, those who are open to ALL Gay rights, and those who ONLY support Liberal Ideas. Wanna argue with me? Walk with me when I wear my Bush/Chaney 2004 T-shirt. See how “welcomed” I am by the “open minds.”


I don’t have a problem with ComFest, just label it what it is….closed minded Bi*ch Fest where no one is happy with anyone who does not share their same mindedness. But I will be there on Sunday to show support, cause while I have my own opinions…I am open minded and support all!!!

The Summer has officially come. The fireflies are out in full buzz, the days are longer with the days hot and the nights cool…and Chesney is here this weekend to make sure that “Summer time is finally here and that ole 

ballpark man is back in gear”


I am putting together my playlist for the Crew Stadium Parking Lot Pre-Party. I got my new hat, new boots, and a brand new attitude.


Listening to Kenny I am reminded of a few things, many things that Country Music does…life-CAN SUCK but gotta find the good and even appreciate the bad-NEITHER WILL LAST, and both will make you enjoy life to the fullest.


Even with all the heartache, bad times, and WAY TOO EARLY MORNINGS WITH LATE NIGHTS.

I am proud of my upbringing in Nerk! While listening to KC, I am reminded that while Nerk Ahia, did not provide the opportunities I needed for success it is not a bad place, and IT WAS THE PERFECT PLACE for me to grow up. The down home values of hard work and faith are finally coming to resolution in my life and I am very happy and proud to say I am from NERK AHIA.

Well in the town where I was raised,

the clock ticked and the cattle grazed

Time passed with amazing grace,

Back where I come from


You can lie on a river bank,

paint your name on a water tank

Miscount all the beers you drank,

Back where I come from


Back where I come from

Where I’ll be when its said and done

I’m proud as anyone

That’s where I come from


We learned in Sunday school,

who made the sun shine through

I know who made the moon shine too,

Back where I come from


Blue eyes on a Saturday night,

tan legs in the broad daylight

TV’s they were black and white,

Back where I come from


Back where I come from

Where I’ll be when its said and done

I’m proud as anyone

That’s where I come from


Some say it’s a backward place,

narrow minds on a narrow wage

But I make it a point to say,

that’s where I come from


Back where I come from

Where I’ll be when its said and done

I’m proud as anyone

That’s where I come from


That’s where I come from

Well Im proud as anyone …


Now I am not saying I get along with everyone in Nerk, I was home this week and lifted at a local gym. I heard all the “isn’t that…” and “he thinks he is so…” NOPE none are true and I am realizing that what makes Nerk (or any small town) the perfect place for me to grow up and leave…is also what holds some back and in a bubble of what they don’t understand. Getting out or staying in any small town is a matter of comfort zones, this does not make anyone bad and not all that different…cause any small town kid can say;


That’s where I come from!!!


Again I am happy where I am in life and know that I am truly blessed to have the chances to do whatever the hell it is I do! My life is great, but not perfect-


Everybody thinks I’ve got it all

Nobody really does, do they?

I’ve got more than I deserve, more than I ever dreamed

But there’s always a price you pay

It’s been an amazing road

I’ve been blessed, I know

But at the end of the day I go home alone


Regardless I wake up every day happy…and working hard to either accomplish what is needed for my own perfection…or move on to what is needed and in the plans of the Big Dude above. But no matter what I want to bring some joy to someone

I was wastin her time, waitin on dreams that just weren’t comin true

And this old highway seems to understand

Leadin me on to somewhere that no one knows my name

I got the window rolled down, I got the radio up

I’m doin all that I can to get my mind off us


Now the sun’s goin down on my broken heart

Lord, I gotta go bak before I get too far-Kenny Chesney


So this “Tin Man” is off to enjoy the weekend of “Islands in the Sun” Sipping on Tequila and Cruzan Rum, and yes I will be in My “Old Blue Chair” maybe even take my Tractor…I am a PROUD “Ohioan” but yet in my mind I am an “Island Boy” who is “French Kissing Life” while “Wanting to go to Heaven”…just enjoying “The Good Stuff.”


Yes I may want to “do a lot of things different” but “life is good” and I WILL find out how “forever feels.”


Well the Sun is going down on this week. Make it a great one!


Finally…there is a NASTY ear infection going around. I have had 3 friends in the hospital in the last 4 weeks. If you start feeling bad, get to the DR quickly! This thing is sneaking up on folks and they are ending up in the Hospital.




Cocktails at the Commons

Friday, Jun 24, 2011 — 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Enjoy happy hour and music at Columbus Commons and start the weekend off right!

DJ Matt Sexton, Challenge Inflatable’s and Rock Climbing Wall

($5 All-Access Pass)

Complimentary Beer Tasting – While supplies last!




Wink 107.1/ 95.5 The Hawk Kenny Chesney Tailgate Party

Saturday, June 25 · 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Crew Stadium parking lot


Look for Wink 107.1 & 95.5 The Hawk in the parking lot of Crew Stadium Saturday starting at 4pm with our RV and HUGE Kenny Chesney tailgate broadcast with Sandbar tickets, ticket upgrades and BACKSTAGE passes plus music from DJ Matt Sexton!!! Brought to you by the Herb & Garden Center, Alum Creek RV & Marine, Dream Seats, Subway, Miller Lite, the UA Pub & your Country Concert Combo! 95.5 The Hawk & Wink 107.1!




Great Food, and GREAT drink specials. What goes better than Hogs with Hog?




Long St Boom Stage at Red White and Boom

presented by the U.S. Army

Friday, July 1 · 12:00pm – 11:30pm

Kaplan Artists Group LLC and Central City Recording have partnered with Red White and Boom in 2011 to bring you the entertainment for this year’s Long St. Boom Stage Presented by the U.S. Army.


You will see and hear a “WOW” factor from Columbus Ohio’s best local performers like you have never seen before!! Come early to get the best seat that you can as the view of the fireworks is PRIME from this location as well!!!


MC/DJ All Day: Matt Sexton


12:00p Alex White

1:00p Maza Blaska

2:00p Misfit Toys

3:00p The Forties

4:00p She Bears

5:00p Alleyes Path

6:00p The Compressions

7:00p Ghost Shirt

8:00p Phantods

9:00-9:45p Mr. Fahrenheit & The Lover Boys


10:30p Mr. Fahrenheit & The Lover Boys


Red White and Boom!!!




4th of July before the Fireworks. Bring your family to Thomas Worthington High School


Thomas Worthington HS, Worthington, OH 43085

Mon: 4:00 pm      –        12:00 am

4th of July before the Fireworks.

Bring your family to Thomas Worthington High School

4pm through the Fireworks.


Parking Lot

Public Transit-COTA bus route 2X to SR-161. Buses are not scheduled to run after the fireworks.



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To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are. – Unknown


“Stop, look around and realize just how many people are using your light to illuminate their path.” ~ David Carrizales




Feelin this way the last few weeks-I may be “The Highwayman” BUT I’M STILL ALIVE!


I miss my mullet, I miss the 80’s!


Classic! They were AWESOME last week at The Show Me Fest


I have new admiration for this band…but this song kinda hit me last Sunday (My friends in “fill in the blank”)


This week was the Summer Solstice, and HE is in town this Saturday-It’s Summertime!!!


Reminds me of Nerk, not only a kid with Rock & Roll dreams stuck in a small town like “Ren” from Footloose, but also hangin at Tony’s Bar with my “fake ID”



Fear does not come from yourself; it comes from those that think themselves above you. Do not fear. Do not live in fear. Stand up to fear, and be who you are. All anyone can ask from you is your best, and that is what I’m going to give. Are you?-Luke Fickell





Meal Groups at

Ronald McDonald House


Families at the Ronald McDonald House depend on the generosity of people like you in the community to provide, prepare and serve meals each and every night.


We currently have 3 open dates in early July, and our families need your help. Those dates are:


July 4 – Dinner

July 7 – Dinner

July 8 – Dinner


By providing a meal for our guests at the Ronald McDonald House, your group will make a direct impact on the families of seriously ill children being treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and other area hospitals in Columbus. The stress of having a child in the hospital can be very challenging. That is why it is so important that we have friends like you who can alleviate stress by providing our guests with a home cooked meal every night. Please consider how you can help us fill the gaps in our meal schedule this summer. To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Meal Program, please call the Meal Line at 614-227-3769. Thank you for your support.


Please Provide a Meal

Call 614-227-3769





Yuengling finally coming to Ohio


D.G. Yuengling and Son will enter the Ohio market later this year — possibly as early as October.


“It’s going to be so exciting,” said Pat Noone, the brewery’s business development manager and the one spearheading the move into the Buckeye State.” The launch in your state is going to be huge. It’s probably going to be the most successful launch in Yuengling’s history.”


Yuengling is the oldest operating brewery in America and has a cult following for its popular brands, which include Traditional Lager, Original Black & Tan, Porter and Lord Chesterfield Ale. The company — which is in 14 states now — isn’t distributed in Ohio, forcing hardcore fans to drive to neighboring Pennsylvania to stock up.


“The reason we haven’t been in the state is because we haven’t had the beer to service the state,” Noone said. “Ohio is one of largest states in the country and in terms of beer consumption, and we needed to make sure that when we did come, we were able to service the state properly.”


The company, based in Pottsville, Pa., is expanding its Mill Creek brewery in Pennsylvania to handle the move into Ohio. No one recently traveled around the state meeting with potential distributors, retailers and customers.


“The level of excitement across the entire state is high, very high,” he said. “They want us and they can’t wait until we get here.”


The company is shooting for an October launch. It may be later than that, though, depending on the expansion and time involved setting up a distribution network, Noone added. Yuengling is the fourth-largest brewer in the U.S., according to the Brewers Association.



‘Jackass’ star Ryan Dunn dies in fiery Pa. crash

“Jackass” star Ryan Dunn, who along with his cast mates made Americans cringe and snicker through vulgar stunts in their multimillion-dollar TV and movie franchise, was killed early Monday in afiery car crash. He was 34.

Dunn, a daredevil who gained notoriety for diving into a sewage tank and performing other unsavory stunts, was driving his 2007 Porsche in suburban Philadelphia when it careened off the road, flipped over a guardrail and crashed into the woods before bursting into flames. A passenger, Zachary Hartwell, 30, of West Chester, Pa., was also killed, and speed may have been a factor in the crash, West Goshen Township police said.

The force of impact shattered the vehicle into several twisted and blackened pieces, leaving the Porsche 911 GT3 unrecognizable except for a door that was thrown from the crash and not incinerated. A 100-foot-long tire skid marked where the car left the roadway.

Both Dunn and Hartwell were severely burned. Police said they were able to identify Dunn through his tattoos and hair.

Dunn appeared on MTV shows “Jackass” and “Viva La Bam” and the three “Jackass” big-screen adaptations. He also was the star of his own MTV show, “Homewrecker,” and just began hosting the show “Proving Ground” on the G4 cable network.

G4 spokesman Dave Welch said “Proving Ground,” which premiered June 11 with the second episode slated to air Tuesday, was being pulled for now until the network can discuss the show’s future.

Dunn’s longtime friend and fellow “Jackass” daredevil Johnny Knoxville tweeted on Monday afternoon, “Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie. RIP Ryan, I love you buddy.”

Dunn also starred in the yet-to-be-released film “Living Will.” The film’s website describes Dunn’s character as a “party bum slacker (who) returns from the dead as a mischievous and perverted ghost.”

In a statement, MTV praised Dunn’s humor and enthusiasm and said he would be missed.

“We are devastated by the tragic loss of Ryan Dunn – a beloved member of the MTV family for more than a decade,” said Van Toffler, president of MTV Networks Music/Films Group. “The Jackass brotherhood will never be the same.”

Dunn was born in Ohio and moved at age 15 to Pennsylvania, where he met Bam Margera on his first day of high school, according to a biography posted on his website.

Dunn, Margera, Christopher Raab (known as Raab Himself) and Brandon DiCamillo, under the moniker CKY for “Camp Kill Yourself,” started making videos that featured them skateboarding and performing stunts.

Dunn was working as a welder and at a gas station when Knoxville, a friend of Margera’s through the skateboarding circuit, asked the crew to allow their videos to be part of the series “Jackass,” which became a hit on MTV and ran from 2000 to 2002.

Perhaps his most famous stunt, in 2002’s “Jackass: The Movie,” involved inserting a toy car into his rectum and going to an emergency room, where he made up a story that he was in mysterious pain after passing out at a fraternity party. Dunn’s X-ray from the hospital became a popular T-shirt for “Jackass” fans.

That first movie, filmed on a budget of just $5 million, went on to make more than $60 million in the United States alone. The most recent installment, released in 3-D in 2010, brought in $50 million on its opening weekend alone.

In a 2000 stunt, he dived into a tank at a raw sewage plant wearing flippers, a mask and a snorkel.

A few hours before the 3 a.m. crash, Dunn tweeted a picture of himself drinking with two friends. The photo has since been removed.

Autopsies were to be conducted Monday, though it was unclear when the results would be released.

According to court documents, Dunn was charged in April 2005 with driving under the influence after crashing his car in West Whiteland Township, about 2 miles north of Monday’s crash site. The documents show he successfully completed a program designed for first-time, nonviolent offenders that allows charges to be dismissed after defendants finish the program.



Penn Badgley Cast As Late Singer Jeff Buckley In Biopic

According to Deadline, the “Gossip Girl” star will play the late rocker in the upcoming “Greetings From Tim Buckley.”


The film is based on the true story of Jeff attempting to come to grips with his father, Tim, abandoning him and is centered on the days leading up to the famed 1991 tribute concert to the elder Buckley in 1991, which launched Jeff’s career before he died in 1997 at the age of 30.


“To play a man who was singularly gifted as an artist, greatly misunderstood and mythologized as a human being… it’s something very special and sacred. I’m going to give all I can to this project,” Penn said in a statement.


According to Patrick Milling Smith of Smuggler Films, the company producing the film, the search for right actor to play the singer took time.


“We had been searching well over a year for an actor that can come close to Jeff’s spirit while also having the serious musical chops required to authentically tell this story. Penn’s audition blew us away and we knew we found our star,” Smith said.


Badgley’s project is not the only movie in the works about Jeff Buckley. According to the Los Angeles Times, a different biographical film is being developed about the late singer that will be directed by Jake Scott (“Welcome to the Rileys”). Buckley’s mother will serve as an executive producer on that movie.

“Greetings from Tim Buckley” is slated to start shooting in August in New York City.




Tone Loc Arrested For Domestic Violence
‘Funky Cold Medina’ MC released on bail after alleged altercation with a woman on Saturday.

Rapper Tone Loc was arrested on Saturday afternoon for suspicion of felony domestic violence, following an alleged physical altercation with the mother of one of his children.

The 45-year-old Los Angeles MC (born Anthony Terrell Smith), best known for his late 1980s rap hits “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina,” was arrested around 2:45 p.m. on Saturday at an apartment complex inBurbank, California, according to TMZ.

At press time, it was reported that the sometime actor had posted the $50,000 bail and was released from jail after three hours. Police did not reveal who the alleged victim in the incident was.

Best known for his gravelly voice and laid-back attitude, Loc’s two best-selling singles came from his 1989 debut, Loc-ed After Dark, which was followed by the less-successful 1991 disc Cool Hand Loc. After his music career cooled off, the rapper used his unmistakable voice to launch a second career as a voice-over star and sometime movie actor, appearing in films such as “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane” and “Posse.”

He’s also lent his voice to the movies “FernGully: The Last Rainforest,” “A Cool Like That Christmas” and “Titan A.E.,” as well as the TV shows “King of the Hill” and “C-Bear and Jamal.”

Last December, Loc was arrested for DUI, but his manager told TMZ that his client does not drink and it was a seizure that caused him to drive erratically.


Like its multi-hyphenate author, Jay-Z, Decoded is many things at once. At its core, Decoded is an eloquent and candid memoir detailing the story of a man who was born in a Brooklyn housing project, spent his teen years dealing drugs on the streets of Trenton, New Jersey, and grew up to be one of his generation’s most successful artists and businessmen. But Decoded is much more than a memoir: it is an intensely personal homage to hip-hop, as written by a man who so clearly adores the art form; it is a rare glimpse of the unexpectedly deep meanings behind the most recognizable rap lyrics of the last decade; and it is a truly moving collection of essays on topics ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the decline of the music industry. Unconventional type design, line drawings, and photographs visually emphasize the author’s message that rap is a form that transcends and defies easy categorization. There’s not much in the way of celebrity gossip here, but what we get, instead, is a gritty and enormously compelling look inside the cultural phenomenon of rap, from one of the men who contributed so much to its shape. 

When you’re famous and say you’re writing a book, people assume that it’s an autobiography–I was born here, raised there, suffered this, loved that, lost it all, got it back, the end. But that’s not what this is. I’ve never been a linear thinker, which is something you can see in my rhymes. They follow the jumpy logic of poetry and emotion, not the straight line of careful prose. My book is like that, too.

Decoded is first and foremost, a book of rhymes, which is ironic because I don’t actually write my rhymes–they come to me in my head and I record them. The book is packed with the stories from my life that are the foundation of my lyrics–stories about coming up in the streets of Brooklyn in the 80’s and 90’s, stories about becoming an artist and entrepreneur and discovering worlds that I never dreamed existed when I was a kid. But it always comes back to the rhymes. There’s poetry in hip-hop lyrics–not just mine, but in the work of all the great hip-hop artists, from KRS-One and Rakim to Biggie and Pac to a hundred emcees on a hundred corners all over the world that you’ve never heard of. The magic of rap is in the way it can take the most specific experience, from individual lives in unlikely places, and turn them into art that can be embraced by the whole world. Decoded is a book about one of those specific lives–mine–and will show you how the things I’ve experienced and observed have made their way into the art I’ve created. It’s also about how my work is sometimes not about my life at all, but about pushing the boundaries of what I can express through the poetry of rap–trying to use words to find fresh angles into emotions that we all share, which is the hidden mission in even the hardest hip-hop. Decoded is a book about some of my favorite songs–songs that I unpack and explain and surround with narratives about what inspired them–but behind the rhymes is the truest story of my life.




Sgt Reckless – Korean War Horse Hero

Here is a video about a warrior you may never have heard about. Sgt. Reckless was a Korean War veteran of a different kind. She was a Marine with the 5th Marines Recoilless Rifle Co. SSgt. Reckless was wounded twice in action and went through some of the toughest campaigns of that war.  Reckless was an American icon at the time of the Korean War, but is, sadly, unknown today. There will never be another story like this one. Enjoy and pass it on.



Community helps two women with disabilities move into place of their own

Moving out of her parents’ house might be scary at first, but Chelsea Babione is excited as part of her new house arrives in Marysville.


The first half of the 1,450-square-foot home rolls out of a warehouse where about 50 Marysville High School students in a construction-trades technology program and other volunteers had spent two years building the home.


Like most other 21-year-olds, Chelsea Babione dreamed of one day moving out of her parents’ home.

A disabling birth defect made that a challenge. The Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities and dozens of volunteers made it a reality.


“I’m so excited to move in and get out of my parents’ house,” said Babione, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. Soon, she’ll be sharing a new house with a roommate, Elaine Pope, who has Down syndrome.

After more than two years and 18,000 man-hours of labor, half of the 1,450-square-foot home was moved to its foundation at 310 W. 8th St. yesterday. About 50 people cheered as police escorts led the flatbed truck carrying the half-house out of the parking lot of the warehouse where it had been built.

Construction began in January 2009, after the board received $160,000 from the Federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program, said Kim Miller, superintendent of the board.


The home was built with the help of 50 Marysville High School students involved in Ohio-Hi Point Career Center’s construction-trades technology program, said Carol Scheiderer, spokeswoman for the board.

The students and others built the two sections inside a warehouse about five minutes from the home site to keep it out of the elements. However, when it came time to move each section, neither would fit through the warehouse doors.


So, a bigger door was installed, one with a $66,000 price tag.

Everyone knew the original doors were too small, but “there was commitment from all that it would be worked out,” Miller said. “Everyone went forward in faith.”


To pay for the new doors, Developmental Disabilities used $33,600 from its general fund; the warehouse owner, U-Co Industries, a sheltered workshop, kicked in $25,000; and Delaware Creative Housing contributed $8,000, Miller said.


The final construction cost for the home was $105,000, so the board had money left over from its federal grant, said Mike Corbett, executive director of the Delaware Creative Housing. The nonprofit corporation works with Developmental Disabilities to find housing for those with developmental disabilities.


After moving the first half of the home to its foundation, workers decided the ground was too wet to move the second half to the site and join them together. Still, Babione and Pope should be able to move in next month. They’ll pay $350 a month in rent.


Yesterday’s move drew curious neighbors as workers maneuvered the truck around trees and cars and under power lines. Babione recorded every second with her BlackBerry.


“Isn’t this cool, Chels?” said Babione’s father, Steve, hugging his daughter.


Mr. Babione said he initially was worried about her moving into the home without his supervision, but now he is comfortable with the arrangement.


The two women won’t be entirely on their own; caretakers will be available around the clock if problems arise.

“It might be a little scary at first,” Chelsea said, “but I’ll get the hang of it.”



The entire staff at PFI Western in Springfield Mizzouri. I had the chance to work with this group, and their store last week at The Show Me Festival. Not only is it an amazing staff…but also a GREAT place to order all your tack, and Western Swag from. They hooked me up, and I suggest ANYONE check them out on the web!



Minn. woman hides stolen $6,500 mink coat in her underwear for three days

A woman inMinnesota has admitted to stealing a $6,500 mink coatand hiding it in her underwear.

Stephanie Moreland, 46, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of felony theft of property after being arrested on New Year’s Eve,  reports CBS station WCCO.


Police reportedly detained Moreland after the Alaskan Fur Company reported that a short mink coat was stolen by a woman who had been in the store acting suspiciously.


According to police, a sales associate accused Moreland of taking the coat, but she denied it and left. The sales associate took down Moreland’s license plate number and called police, reports WCCO.


When police located the car, they say they found the coat’s hanger but no coat.

They searched Moreland for weapons and booked her into jail for the weekend on possible theft charges. Three days later, a detective interviewed Moreland who then admitted she stole the coat but claimed she had already sold it.


When the investigator informed Moreland he would be sending her to the Hennepin County Jail downtown, he was shocked when she lifted up her dress and pulled out the mink coat from her underwear.

It turns out Moreland had apparently hidden the coat in her underwear for three days while being questioned by police in jail.


“She had modified her underwear. She actually cut the rear of the underwear out so that from the back it appeared she was not wearing underwear and then stuffed it down the front,” said Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik, at the time of the incident, reports WCCO.


Moreland’s sentencing has been set for Aug. 8.


 Don’t sue Mark Cuban right before the Mavs win a title
By Kelly Dwyer

If you own a small part of the Dallas Mavericks, a team that has won over at least 50 games for 11 straight years and ended up winning a title in 2011, it’s probably best not to term the team’s outspoken owner “reckless” in a lawsuit that can be thrown back in your face.
Minority partners in the Mavericks, the Hillwood Investment Properties, had sued Mark Cuban, alleging that he spent too much money on the team and should have instead paid out to the partners. These were the minority owners who owned the Mavericks before Cuban when the team was one of the worst in the league.
And what did Cuban do? Well, he tried to end the lawsuit against him by using a photo of the team .

Cuban can be annoying, though we wouldn’t term him “reckless.” He performs on reality TV shows. He enjoys wearing T-shirts that wouldn’t look out of place on online scribes that ask LeBron James(notes) about “shrinking” in the fourth quarter, after James had spent an entire fourth quarter initiating a potent offense and dominating on defense. Cuban is full of conspiracies, frailties, and he hardly respects what people like me do for a living.

He’s also a fantastic team owner. He lets the people he’s hired do the job he’s hired them to do, without attempting to do that job for them. And though he probably (read: definitely) knows the on/off court per-possession stats of particular players more than any other owner, and though he had a strong hand in his team’s first wave of trades and signings after taking over as Mavericks owner in 2000, Cuban has by and large meddled less than most other owners in his decade-plus of running the team. And earlier this month, his team medal’d, winning its first NBA championship.

Which is what makes a Mavericks’ minority owner’s lawsuit against a “reckless” Cuban so ill-timed. Which is also why Cuban took great joy in handing in a response to the minority owner Wednesday in a Dallas court. This isn’t a humblebrag, my friends. This is an owner that wants you and his minority shareholder and the court to know exactly what the Dallas Mavericks did a week and a half ago.

Sorry, the “World Champion Dallas Mavericks.”

Has there ever been a legal case decided by a judge yelling “SCOREBOARD” while he or she slams their gavel?



Ohio State University president Gordon Gee apologized to a group of Toledo nuns for remarks he made last year comparing smaller universities to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Gee made the public apology at the Ohio Statehouse where the organization was recognized by the Ohio Legislature.

Last fall, Gee suggested that college football teams like Boise State were not worthy of playing for a Bowl Championship Series title because major schools like Ohio State don’t play the “Little Sisters of the Poor.”

“Having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools,” Gee said last year. “We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.”

Gee’s remark made national headlines and even spurred retaliation.  In January, a Texas Christian University interest from outside Ohio purchased 20 electronic billboards across Columbus that read, “Congratulations to TCU for their BCS Rose Bowl Victory.  From the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

“I made the unfortunate comments about the fact that I compared some other football teams to the Little Sisters of the Poor,” Gee said on Tuesday.

“He didn’t know we were real,” said Sister Cecilia Sartorius of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The Toledo-based group is on a mission to care for the poor elderly across Ohio.

“I am delighted about the fact that Sister Cecilia and I have now developed a wonderful relationship,” Gee said.  “I understand her work and value it deeply.”

Gee said that he will visit the Little Sisters of the Poor on Aug. 17.

“We’ve got some great new friends who are helping us,” Sartorius said.  “We won’t work him too hard when he comes to the home, maybe just cleaning here and there.”



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No matter what you eat, no matter what you lift, no matter how far or fast you run…it is not about the look, it is about HOW YOU FEEL!

You already have every characteristic necessary for success.



Near the end of his running career, Fairfield County farmer pushes through pain to chase Olympic berth one last time


When Rob Myers returned home in 2009, he traded his spikes for boots to work on the family’s Fairfield County farm. It eased his frustration with running, and the hard work reinforced the value of being resilient and optimistic. The next year he signed with a sponsor and started running again, training in the morning and working on the farm in the afternoon.


Rob Myers knows he might not make it to London, but whatever the outcome, a good life on the farm awaits.

The roar of thunder drowned out church bells ringing nearby, and lightning sliced the sky as Rob Myers tugged on his hat, rain dripping off its bill.


“I put my ball cap on to see where I’m going,” he said.


Torrential rain be damned, one of America’s most successful middle-distance runners was set for a 50-minute training run through downtown Lancaster.


Myers has forever burned to run, first pounding the fields and country roads as a child on his family’s farm in nearby Rushville, about 40miles southeast of Columbus.


The farm was on his mind this wet April morning. Locals will long recall the spring of 2011, when the heavens opened for two months of rain, fertile land turned to ponds, and farmers muttered with apprehension.

“We’re losing money by the day,” said Myers, whose stress and uneasiness were intensified by his other trade.

Pain and disappointment define running, especially for those who try to make a living at it.

Myers has won three U.S. indoor championships in the 1,500 meters since graduating from Ohio State in 2004, but his recent years have been strained by injuries and inconsistency.

Since 2008, he has been dropped by a sponsor, changed coaches three times and moved twice. He has dealt with the frustration of his body breaking down and had to ignore the devil of doubt whispering in his ear.


At 30, Myers is old for his event. Retirement looms. Yet, so does the 2012 London Olympics, his dream.

So Myers stepped out into a cold, hard rain. His right Achilles tendon ached. Lightning flashed.

He pulled his hat low and took off running toward a swollen creek, its current carrying the flotsam of daily life to who knows where.


Room with a view

Every day counts! 2012 Olympic Team!


The words are scribbled on paper and taped to a chest of drawers next to a Remington shotgun and a bed with no frame in the 107-year-old house Myers rents from his parents in Rushville.

Beneath the words, Myers wrote the number 57 four times, signifying the split times he hopes to run on each of the four laps in the 1,500 on Thursday at the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Ore.

The specter of Myers’ career fills his room.


A framed USA jersey that he wore in a World Championship meet hangs above his bed. Two other world championship jerseys are in a closet, along with a tangled mass of medals.


Those relics of accomplishment remind Myers of his younger self, the kid who finished third at the Olympic Trials in 2004, back when the world seemed an open path.


Running has taken Myers to 15 nations around the world, an odyssey once unimaginable when he was an Opie Taylor in spikes winning three state titles at Fairfield Union High School in 1998 and 1999.

Running took him home again in August 2009.


Myers was miserable at the time. He had left his longtime coach the previous year and moved to Michigan, only to have a hamstring pull sour his 2009 outdoor season and torpedo his self-confidence. Myers, a natural worrier, saw his inner compass going haywire.


“You train so hard to do everything you can to dedicate your life to perfection in something,” Myers said. “When it doesn’t work out, it’s hard to handle. Sometimes you feel like you’re wasting your life if it doesn’t pay off. It can crush you.”


Nothing seemed to make sense in the blur of competition, training and travel.

“I was running for all the wrong reasons,” Myers said. “It was my identity, and it wasn’t going well.”

Off the track, Myers struggled from the 2006 annulment that ended his two-year marriage to his high-school sweetheart. He also knew Reebok, his sponsor since turning pro, planned to drop him when his contract expired.


“Am I done?” Myers said to himself.


Seeking the answer, he returned to Rushville and moved in with his brother, Ben Myers, up the road from his parents on part of the 2,000 acres of farmland the family has owned since 1834.


“I missed being in the country and the way I was raised,” he said. “I wanted to get back to my roots.”


He taped a fortune cookie saying on his dresser:

Your home will be a pleasant place from which you draw happiness.

Outside the window lay the land of his youth, where Myers went searching for himself.


Digging in the dirt

The old runner looked a lot younger behind the wheel of his Jeep, the mud-splattered green machine with 33-inch tires on 15-inch rims.


“Not too redneck,” Myers said with a smile.


Loretta Lynn was singing about being a coal miner’s daughter as Myers stomped the gas pedal and tore down his farm’s gravel road, flooded in spots by the spring’s relentless rain.

Mud flew, bullet shell casings bounced off the dash and Myers laughed.


“I am a little kid,” he yelled. “This is what it’s all about.”


His eyes shined under the cloudy April sky, as if he had rediscovered paradise at home.

Shady Maple Farms has been in the Phillips-Bope family for seven generations. Darrell Myers, Rob’s father, grew up on a nearby dairy farm, and married Nancy Bope in 1968. The couple still lives in the house where they raised three sons.


“There’s history with the farm, and it teaches you trust and faith,” said Chad Myers, Rob’s older brother and coach.

Darrell Myers still runs the farm, which switched from livestock to grain in 1975. Ben, his middle son, is a full-time employee.


“Being able to spend time with your family is a great way of life,” Darrell Myers said.

Returning to that life reminded his youngest son of who he is and why he runs.


Rob first ran the back roads of Fairfield County as a fifth-grader trying to emulate his father and brothers. They ran track or cross country in college, but nobody pushed Rob into running.


“He has a competitive edge, and he wanted to beat us,” Ben Myers said.

The older brothers would tell Rob that they would time him if he’d run up to the barn and fetch a soda, and off he’d go like the wind. Soon, the mix of talent and drive had him crossing finish lines first in high school.


“I succeeded early on, got addicted to that success, and wanted more,” he said.


The desire flickered with uncertainty, though, when Rob returned home in 2009. He put training aside and volunteered to work on the farm, just as he had through high school. Perhaps some dirt under his fingernails could give meaning to the blisters on his feet.


“As soon as I started, I felt happy,” Myers said. “It’s a way of life that I missed.”

He plowed the fields and planted corn and soybeans. He did odd jobs around the machine shop, dug ditches and harvested.


Trading track shoes for work boots eased his frustration with running. He went on the farm’s payroll. For the first time in his career, Myers skipped the indoor track season in the winter of 2009-10.


“A resiliency comes from farming, and that carries over into running,” Chad Myers said. “It’s very tough not to be pessimistic when you’re a farming family. You learn to become more optimistic.


“That’s something Rob needs a reminder of: ‘This is a tough day, but you got to move on.'”


In the spring of 2010, Myers signed a sponsorship deal with the shoe company Saucony. He trained in the mornings and worked the farm in the afternoons.


Then another calf injury ended his season last June. The question rose again:


“Do you have the courage,” Myers asked, “to take the risk that you might fail?”

Pain for gain


A spring morning began with so much pain in each of his Achilles tendons that it took Myers about three minutes to descend the steps at home – sideways.


“That means less bending on my calves and arches,” he said.

After stretching, Myers ran 3miles to warm up, 3more miles in times of 5:08, 5:09, and 5:09, jogged for 10 minutes, then ran a 4:49 mile, before concluding his workout with a mile cool-down.


The morning ended with Myers lying face-down on a therapy table at Focused Fitness Pilates in Columbus, his body poked by acupuncture needles – six each in his lower back and right leg, three in his lower left leg, two in his upper back and two in each Achilles.

Minutes earlier, Myers endured a manual therapy massage from Dr. Robin Hunter that was so strenuous his fists sometimes clenched and ears turned red.


“The public looks at elite athletes as bulletproof, like how can they be hurting?” said Hunter, a chiropractor who has worked with Myers for 12 years. “The athletes who hurt the most are the elite athletes because they put the most stress on their bodies.”


Myers knows well the toll of pushing his 5-foot-8, 140-pound body to the limit. He has had hip and back problems, a stress fracture in his leg, pinched nerves in his feet and multiple muscle issues. Once, he ran so hard that two of his ribs popped out of place. “Thought I was having a heart attack,” he said.

His pain tolerance is legendary. As a junior at Ohio State, a blister tore open on Myers’ foot and a staph infection traveled through his entire leg.


“It looked like they were going to have to amputate,” Robert Gary said. “He said it was like that for five days, but he didn’t want to say anything because he wanted to get in his workouts.”

Gary, coach of the OSU cross country and men’s track teams, said Myers is the toughest athlete he’s ever worked with.


“Probably 98 percent of the runners, if they had to go through what he’s gone through physically in the last two years, wouldn’t have stayed with it,” Gary said. “It’s a credit to Rob that he’s kept himself in the game.”

Myers doesn’t run for riches. Only about 20 American 1,500-meter runners have a sponsorship deal. Saucony provides Myers with gear, travel money and a quarterly salary from a bonus-structured contract. Some appearance fees and prize money help.


Myers makes enough to pursue his passion, but money has nothing to do with his desire to make the 2012 Olympic team.


“I want to finish my career on my own terms,” he said.

So with his family’s support, Myers cut back on his farm work in April to focus on training despite the tendinitis he developed in both Achilles tendons after the U.S. Indoor Championships in March.

Some days, he ran at Ohio State. Others, he stayed home and took off down the road, past the flooded fields, and hurt the way an elite athlete must.


“Pain is the purifier,” Myers said. “The more you can handle in training, the better you’re going to do in a race, and the more you can handle in a race, the better you’ll do. That’s what running is – pain. It’s all about how you handle it.”


So at the end of another gray morning, Myers laid on a table, physically spent, 19 needles in his body.

A Japanese saying tattooed on his left side was visible: Fall down seven, stand up eight.


Here comes the sun

Rain continued. Thirteen inches fell in April and May, until water covered the fields, soil turned to quicksand, and nerves frayed at Shady Maple Farms.


By the end of May, the Myers family had planted only 350 acres of their 1,000 acres of corn fields, and only 50 acres of beans instead of 800.


“Everyone is stressed out,” Rob said.

Weather and crops were good the previous two years. This year, the family hopes to break even.


“You pray for a break in the weather,” Myers said. “You can’t do anything about it.”


A day in late May gave reason to smile despite estimates that the spring rains could cause losses of nearly $1 billion for the state’s corn and soybean farmers. Early-morning clouds burned off, and the sky turned spectacular blue.


The weather reflected Myers’ training outlook. He was healing in body and spirit, gaining confidence by the day, miles passing faster under his feet.


“Things are coming around,” he said, tying his orange running shoes.

Looking fit and with sweat glistening on taut muscles, Myers headed down the hill from his parents’ home, turned left, and started running up Bope Road, past his grandparents’ home, and on to other country roads that he has known forever – Gun Barrel, Coonpath, Snake Run.


He grew up in these fields and forests, camping, hiking, hunting and riding four-wheelers. Home is in his blood, like running.


One day, he and his younger brother will take over the farm when their father retires. Until then, Myers will keep running, the 2012 Olympics in London as his beacon.


“I felt good today,” he said, his 11-mile training run finished in 68 minutes. “I was clocking off 5:40s (each mile) and I thought, ‘Man, I’m moving.’ I love that feeling.”


He might not make it to London. The U.S. has a deep and talented field in the 1,500 meters, a race that rewards young legs.


Myers will be 31 in August, and in the past three Olympics, only two of the nine U.S. runners in his event were older than 26.


No matter the outcome, the journey satisfies. That was evident as Myers sat outside a cabin built by his father and looked over a pastoral scene from one of Fairfield County’s highest points.


“Ah, it’s beautiful,” he said.


He could see for miles.



Nobody can go back & start a new beginning, but anyone can start today & make a new ending. -M Robinson


There’s only one thing a man can do when he’s, suffering from a spiritual and existential funk …… go to the zoo, flip off the monkeys?



Great White is still “twice Shy” at The Alrosa Villa

The Monkees at The LC, Lifestyle Communities

Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington, and my buddy Uncle Kracker play Crew Stadium-and I will see you for the parking lot party!

Umphrey’s McGee, and Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears play The LC The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion


Chris Tucker is at Veterans Memorial
Bret Ernst performs at The Funny Bone Comedy Club in Easton Town Center

Lightning McQueen and the gang are back with Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’ starring Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy , Tony Shalhoub, Cheech Marin, Michael Caine

Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel star in the HILARIOUS ‘Bad Teacher’ rated “R.”

Matt Damon stars in ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ rated “PG-13”


‘Unknown’ staring Liam Neeson , rated “PG-13”

LMFAO   has  “Sorry for Party Rocking”


Matt Nathanson releases “ Modern Love”

Weird Al Yankovic has “Alpocalypse”

Justin Moore rocks with  “Outlaws Like Me”


Weekly Tuesday Night Bike Nights at Hoggy’s Polaris


Red, White & Boom Long Street Stage Friday July 1st


Worthington Family Picnic Monday July 4th (Worthington High School)


Good Guys Car Show at The Ohio Expo Center July8-11th


Tough Mudder Wisconsin July 22nd-24th

Pro-Football Hall of Fame Festival July 30-31


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