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Greetings from Christmas Island…?



FIRST OFF If you are a DJ or IN A BAND-or know someone who is, I am booking for a LARGE event on THE MORNING of Sunday October 16th! Please e-mail for more info. Little WORK, DECENT PAY!



I have a weekend off this week, and in addition to enjoying a Christmas in July party with the neighbors, I am also going Safari Zip Lining on Saturday.


SATURDAY June 16th I am going down to The Wilds to Zip Line the Safari (scheduled 2pm); kinda like a short, stumpy, blond, pale Tarzan Boy? There are a couple spots left if anyone wants to go. Looks like a fun time zipping over the zebras, giraffes, and rhinos. If you wanna go or for more info on The Wilds go to


Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh…



Christmas is so much easier and more enjoyable with warm weather, no pressure from others, and GOOD FRIENDS! So I guess I am giving myself an early Christmas present with something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but I guess just as The “REAL” Holiday, most of us get time off.


I too am taking some time off from the road this weekend…just to enjoy and to reflect, look back and recharge.


CHOPPY SEAS lead to calm waters?

“As the song says…I took off a weekend last month just to try and recall the whole year.”




(Looking Ahead) This Pirate will be heading to the Island Of Margaritaville on Tuesday August 23rd on the Banks of The Ohio River…While it is not actually an Island-It is a “State” a state of mind. It REALLY is located off the Port of Indecision just South East of Disorder.


I plan on hitting the boat around 5:30-6 if anyone wants to fly the southern cross and have Capt Matty take you on an Island excursion 200 years too late.


While I know I am happy, I also know….”there’s a woman to blame!”
THAT IS A TONGE AND CHEECK JOKE!!! No hate mail! (even if true)




This week has had it’s ups and downs, PLUS the slap in the face with new technology and ways if doing things. I had a chick ask me to marry her..OVER TEXT! Am I old fashioned? Or should this be done IN PERSON, BY THE DUDE, and with someone you know better!?!?!


It’s been a busy week gaining and losing gigs, but as long as I am ahead of the curve…that is all I can ask. Plus my gigs are getting more high profile. I have just been asked to join season kick off events for The Detroit Red Wings (wonder if HE will be there?), and The Washington Capitals (YES JOE BO, I am invading your town…and your couch?)


BUT DID MAKE TIME TO GO SEE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS on Wednesday, The Goo Goo Dolls. With a silly name, the boys do ROCK. Johnny and my buddy Robby were on point even if it was the first date of the tour, and their new album this tour is supporting has not dropped yet. “The Goo’s” have gone through many personal struggles and some I can relate to. They also are undervalued and not respected in many circles-another area I can relate to. I remember the first time I heard their “first hit” ‘Name’ in 1995. The song floored me, and I knew it was hitting home, yet, was not sure why.


One of the lyrics (of many) is “scars are souvenirs you never lose, the past is never far…did you lose yourself somewhere? Did you get to be a star?” At the time I did not realize how much this verse would ring true in my life.


And as I re-read these things, and live my life there is someone “I think about all the time…but I won’t tell ‘em yer name!” But you CAN STILL “hide beside me, maybe for a while-but I won’t tell ‘e, your name”


I guess I am misunderstood at many times and some don’t understand there is more than an “image,” more than a standoff’ish dude…others only see (or interpret my past)


…don’t it make you sad to know that life 
Is more than who we are

You grew up way too fast
And now there’s nothing to believe
And reruns all become our history
A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio 


Another song that I have always liked is one that at one time I embraced…now looking back-I NEVER WANT TO BE LIKE THAT!


The song “Broadway” opens with “…see the young man sittin at the old man’s bar waiting for his turn to die.” The song later weaves a picture of the “Broadway Lights” going dark. Well no matter where this life takes me…MY FUTURE IS BRIGHT! And can be for ANYONE, ANY AGE, AND AT ANY TIME…if you just believe it!


And the video was a slap in my face at one time…running in the same old pattern, and not being who you want to be or are…just to get by!


One last song that brought tears to my eyes on Wednesday and well…did the FIRST TIME I HEARD IT. I can actually remember the first time I heard (during the credits to the movie ‘City of Angels’-yet another movie I relate to, but I regress)


When I first heard the song I only heard as a song about being misunderstood. This song too caused me to believe it would have more meaning at a later point in my life. AND THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS…WOW HAS IT EVER.


I will not go into any detail but will say concept of loving someone unconditionally has become very important to me, especially when someone who was “the closest to heaven” made me realize what the song was all about. While “I don’t want the world to see me Cause I don’t think that they’d understand,When everything’s made to be broken” I REALLY DON’T CARE ANYMORE…CAUSE “I just want you to know who I am!”




And I’d give up forever to touch you 
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be
And I don’t want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it’s over
I just don’t want to miss you tonight 

And I don’t want the world to see me
Cause I don’t think that they’d understand

When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything seems like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know your alive

And I don’t want the world to see me
Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

I don’t want the world to see me
Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am 




It is kinda funny that I realized a lot about judgments when I was writing that, and well…I too, unfairly judge.


Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.~Wayne W. Dyer

Last Saturday I did a party for a friend in Nerk. Now it is not a secret that I don’t necessarily fit in-in Nerk Ahia. While it was a GREAT place to be raised…I needed to and did GET OUT OF THAT TOWN! So anyone could probably see my “reluctance” to allow myself to enjoy this event-even before walking into it!


This party was full of a hodge podge of people (and no that is not a slam, it was just a lot of different social, economic, and age diverse folks.)


One staulky-hat on sideways,-needing a haircut,-pants down to the ground-white kid was asking for all kinds of VERY URBAN music. After a few requests I told him-I don’t have or play any of that kind of music. He then was very cool! Turned his requests into what I had and had a HE SEEMED TO HAVE GREAT TIME-and complimented me. Actually I enjoyed B.S.’ing with him and enjoyed his company. This was even after I got a “lil concerned” when he I asked him what he did and he said “aw man I just got out of the state pen last week.!” Wow I am no angel…but he was far from one, or at least as society has caused us to “judge.”


The dude made whatever mistake he made (you don’t ask), paid his dues and is going with life…and actually was a pretty cool dude. I, like many I guess, judged him by his appearance and past-unfairly.


But there was another dude, one who I REALLY DIDN’T want around me when I got there. He came “skipping” up to me and in a “friendly” drawn out “lisp” said “hiiiiiiieeeee, can I helpf carry any ting?”


It was hot outside, I was tired, AND I CARED EVERYTHING MYSELF! I didn’t want him (or anyone like that around me). The dude just wouldn’t leave me alone, and was wanting all kinds of music (but I liked the songs he requested, and had so I didn’t mind this). BUT I WAS STILL UNCOMFORTABLE, due to his “feminine” demeanor.


Anyone can probably understand when he asked about what I was doing in Nashville a few weeks prior, and then asked about the event I am doing in a few weeks-The Deerassic Classic; my thought being “oh great Tinker Bell is going to give me a lecture about Country Music, and guns.”


After I told him in kinda a “crossed demeanor” his eyes lit up and he told me he was a HUGE Hank Williams Jr. fan, and then we swapped stories about our arsenals and all the hunting trips we have done.


This kid who I thought could not hold a gun, let alone use one…totally threw me off, and made me feel bad for criticizing.


There was another dude there. He was an A**HOLE, but also made me reconsider my judgments. He had his nails “did” in black nail polish, and had on guy liner (now I have and do wear that stuff-BUT ON STAGE NOT A TOGA, HOUSE PARTY!). Oh…and he also asked for the following; Madonna, The Cha Cha Slide (pronounced SHA SHA slide), and Electric Slide-ALL NIGHT. So in addition to his really bad taste of music outside of a wedding (ok…I DO like Madonna), and his appearance…I didn’t like him. Add he was a FREAKIN PRICK!


So I didn’t like him for a lot of reasons…most unfairly. Why? Cause I was then introduced to his SMOKIN’ HOT WIFE! So again I judge someone unfairly…but left still not liking him cause he really was an A**! (…and left really wanting to get to know his wife)


That was not the only lesson I learned this week. After a brief chat via e-mail. I got some news that bothered me, not for any reason other than my own issues. I did find out though that CARING FOR SOMEONE MEANS BEING HAPPY FOR THEM, EVEN WHEN IT BREAKS YOUR OWN HEART.

I no sooner started to evaluate my feelings and came to the realization even with the pain I had…I was NOT MAD (as I have been in the past). The anger was not there, while the hurt was. BUT the hurt was overcome by being happy…for someone else!


“A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force . . . beware of the dark side. Anger…fear…aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight.”-Yoda


Anyone who knows me, and well…anyone still reading this KNOWS I have ADHD. Having ADHD cause me some issues, that have been frustrating, and caused for (a temporary) lack of success.


After I realized my “issue” (and let’s face we all have an issue or another!) I became much happier, and was able to start and focus on my journey of success-even if there a LOT OF PIT STOPS!


I don’t want anyone to go through any of the sh*t, or feelings of hopelessness I have. If you or someone you know thinks they may have ADHD (or any other issue) FIND HELP! For those dealing with ADHD like me…




AND for the record, one of the reasons I type these things…is to deal with my own difficulties with concentration. It then became a way to get people to my events, and then morphed into a blog about my life, then…life in general.


I don’t take myself seriously, but do hold myself accountable…and hope others will do the same to help me!


I have NO secrets and PLUS as the song says;

“My life’s like an open book for the whole world to read…seems sometimes nothing keeps me together at the seams.”


Next week is the halfway point to New Years-and a Look back at The New Year’s Resolution List!


BUT RIGHT NOW, LIST/NO LIST I AM TRULY BLESSED, and HAPPY for this life: all the good, all the bad, all the heartache and all the “almost success”…I am enjoying it all!!!


“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.”-Richard Bach




This weekend is Jambo Weekend, for those going you will not see “The Coal Miner’s Daughter.


Country music singer Loretta Lynn will not be performing at Jamboree In The Hills on Sunday.


According to Live Nation, Lynn was hospitalized for dehydration.

Live Nation said in an interview with NEWS9 that they wish her the best and are saddened she will be unable to perform.


Sammy Kershaw has been added to Sunday’s lineup, in addition a blues band, Straight Shot, will perform.


While Sammy is a good guy and become a friend…thoughts and prayers go out to Loretta for a speedy recovery!




In closing, go LADIES of The USA Women’s team! It is fun to watch some patriotic pride on a day OTHER than The 4th of July. Since they are back in the World Finals in 12 years, I guess it is true…they are gonna party like it’s 1999!!!





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It’s hard not to love you, not to care and to live w/out you. But I have to try ‘cause its harder to bear the pain of knowing u don’t feel the same.


“Live the life you love and love the life you live” ~Bob Marley


I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. E.B.White


No revenge is so heroic than that which torments envy by doing good. ~ Unknown





THIS IS AN AMAZING COVER of Adele’s Rolling in The Deep!!!




THIS IS NOT, a depressing song. But it is a song that is a song that caused some growth…and all too true! Whenever everything’s meant to be broken…I just want you to know who I am

and done a LOT of gigs outside in the rain this summer, a few with my good friend Sam Dunn! Kinda fun to make the MISERABLE wet rain shows…into a pretty good freakin time!


So I said I was happy for you…and given the chance I’d lie again, JUST TO SEE YOU SMILE!


Some songs hit a lil too close after a conversation

Been hearing this for the Women’s Soccer Games.
Truly an uplifting and inspirational song…and if you don’t agree, JUST TRY NOT TO TAP YOUR FEET! WE ARE ALL ON THE EDGE OF GLORY!!!




If carrots are so good for your eyes, why are there so many dead rabbits on the roads?


Convince someone to want to be here on earth?
Make someone feel essential?
Love someone enough to change how they feel about themselves?
Delay or prevent family/friends heartache?
Talk someone into life?
Talk someone out of giving up?

Do you feel like once someone makes a decision to be gone, that’s it? I’ve always thought that people who leave early due to their own choice couldn’t be helped. In my life experience, the ones I’ve lost this way surprised everyone. Whether they were never happy or depressed or suffering or hopeless, they never let anyone know.

Convincing someone to be happy seems as likely as convincing someone to fly. It’s easy to help someone carry something but so crazy hard to ask someone to carry on.

The thought of taking my own life came and went once or twice as a teenager but was instantly met with all sorts of reasons to stay and search for answers and joy.

Some people claim to have never been happy. I wish I could wipe away the darkness that some people live in.

Humans are so delicate, so awful, so beautiful, so broken and so perfect. Oh how I wish there was a way to bring joy to everyone, even just everyone in my small circle of life.

And so I will wait. I will hope. I will pray my own kind of prayer. I will love and want all good things for all of us and let the universe take who she needs and leave the rest to clean up and move on and grow and teach and cry and remember and still after all that not know one thing about how to have done any of it differently.-Pat Monohan




The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. – David Viscott









Saving 1 penny and double it every successive day, (day 2 you have 2 pennies and day 3 you have 4 pennies?), after 30 days you’ll have $5,368,708!


30 Days to a Better Husband


This month, Aaron Traister pledged to transform himself into the man his wife deserves: thoughtful, physically fit, and sexually patient. She got two out of three — not bad!


During a recent argument, my wife, Karel, told me I needed to “grow up,” so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’d spend four weeks making myself over, and I wouldn’t tell Karel, just to see if she was paying attention. Among other things, I changed up my clothes and returned to my teenage wrestling workouts — because nothing says maturity like playing dress-up and trying desperately to relive high school. Here’s the whole rundown.


I bought her flowers.

When Karel and I started dating, I was a bouncer at a bar in New York City. After every shift, I’d grab daisies (her favorite) from a 24-hour bodega near the bar so Karel would wake up to fresh flowers in the morning. I gradually slacked off, blaming it on the fact that our cat loves knocking things like flower vases over. But I know that’s a lame excuse. So I started buying Karel flowers again and kept a close eye on our chaos-loving cat. I put the first bouquet on the dining room table in our “fancy vase,” and Karel noticed immediately. She couldn’t stop talking about it and kept asking me what she’d done to deserve random flowers. Clearly, this needs to happen more often.


I unplugged.

Karel and I hang out together every night, but I surf the Internet while I’m sitting next to her, so she gives me static about only being present physically. To be with her more completely, I scaled back my Internet time and, in my mind, was very successful: Instead of surfing mindlessly for two hours, I answered emails for 15 minutes. No dice for Karel, though. It irks her every time I touch my laptop after the kids are in bed, and maybe she’s right to police my cyber habits. Next time I’ll try no computer at all after 5 p.m., but only if she quits BlackBerrying after work too.



I tried not to pounce on her.

Karel complains that I never let her initiate sex. She says I seize every opportunity for action I see: a hug has to turn into sex; folding laundry has to turn into sex; getting back from the vet has to turn into sex. I don’t let things develop “organically” or let her make the first move and show me how “sex-positive” she can be. So I took a step back. The first week went well: I don’t know if Karel noticed my restraint, but she did take the lead. (And, by the way, organic sex doesn’t feel that different from conventional or processed sex.)


The trouble started in week two, when Karel announced she was cutting me off sexually until I finished a book proposal that should have been done a year ago. Of course, after that, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting some, and the next thing I knew I was all over her, hoping to find a weak spot in the blockade. Ultimately, I finished the outline, at which point she immediately normalized relations between our two great nations. I’ve gotta tell you, I don’t know if I learned anything from this one.


I got in shape.

I haven’t really worked out since I wrestled in high school, so as part of my man makeover, I revived my ancient gym routine. Karel noticed — mainly because I’d wake her up in the morning doing jumping jacks and mountain climbers in the living room. I ran or exercised for at least half an hour every day (except two) last month. Karel complimented me on my rapidly improving physique, and I discovered that my newfound core strength paid off in other (ahem) areas of our life. But the biggest impact was on me alone: I felt healthier, stronger, more alert, and just generally better. Even if Karel hadn’t noticed, I’d try to stick with this one for me… and the better sex.


I dressed like an adult.

I wear lots of flannel, jeans, and thermals — I’m like a refugee from a 1993 Alice in Chains concert. REDBOOK’s fashion director came to the rescue, sending me a box of crisp button-down shirts, fashionably slim-cut pants that most guys would probably wear on Casual Friday but for me counted as black-tie, and shoes made of something leathery with pointy tips and a bit of a heel. The fancy khakis and pointy shoes gave me away. I wore them into the kitchen one morning, and Karel asked if I was going on a job interview or appearing before a judge. She said I looked weird. Then she squealed and pointed at my crotch. I swatted frantically at myself to get whatever she was freaking out about off me. Then she told me I had to change, and that I was not allowed to take the kids outside wearing those pants.


“But why?” I asked.


“First of all, you’re too scruffy to wear clothes like that, and more importantly, if you go out in those pants, the neighbors will be able to tell that you’re circumcised.” Upon closer inspection, I discovered that she was terrifyingly correct. I immediately changed into a pair of baggy Levis. It felt good to be back in the ’90s.


After the pants fiasco, I told Karel about my makeover project for this column. With the exception of the clothes, she seemed genuinely surprised that all my new habits were staged for an assignment — and after some reflection, I could see why. I’d been meaning to make all of these changes; I just hadn’t gotten around to them. I know how lucky I am to have an amazing wife and kids, and I don’t want to take them for granted by treating my body like crap and checking out early, or failing to show them how much they mean to me. I sent the clothes back to REDBOOK — they just don’t fit, literally and figuratively. But I’m going to keep after the other improvements, the ones I’ve had percolating inside me for a while now, plans for the man I’d like to become.





News of the World staff mocks Rebekah Brooks in final crossword clues
Orders from the top of News International allegedly tried to “ensure there were no libels or any hidden mocking messages of the chief executive” in the final edition of News of the World, the Daily Mail reports. But that didn’t stop the paper’s wily, bitter, and freshly unemployed staff from hiding clues mocking Rebekah Brooks in the crossword puzzle in the final issue of the paper.

Clues to the Quickie puzzle included: “Brook,” “stink,” “catastrophe,” and “digital protection.” Answers included “stench,” “racket,” and “tart.” The Cryptic Crossword had clues ranging from “criminal enterprise,” “mix in prison,” and “string of recordings.” If these still seems like mere coincidences, note the clue for 24 Across, which reads “Woman stares wildly at calamity.” The Telegraph speculated that it was a reference to the photo of Brooks staring from the window of a car as she left News International’s Wapping headquarters following the announcement the News of the World was to be shut down. The answer to that clue? “Disaster.”

The paper’s staff has been expressing their fury against Brooks, with one journalist scolding her for her “arrogance” in a brief speech, and another secretly making a recording of that off-the-record meeting. No doubt Brooks was on her guard: a source told the Daily Mail that she had ordered two “very senior” Sun journalists “to go through every line on every page with a fine toothcomb.” But the source added, “But they failed and we’ve had the last laugh.”




Former first lady Betty Ford dead at 93


Betty Ford, the outspoken former first lady whose candor about breast cancer and addiction broke societal taboos and made it safer for public figures to talk about their personal problems, died Friday night. She was 93.


A family spokeswoman says Ford died of natural causes at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage.


The “ordinary woman who was called onstage at an extraordinary time,” as she wrote of herself, was last in the spotlight after her husband of 58 years, Gerald Ford, died Dec. 26, 2006, also at the age of 93. During a week of ceremonies for the 38th president, a frail, arthritic Betty Ford was seen mourning at ceremonies stretching from California to Washington, D.C. to Michigan. It is there that she will be laid to rest beside her husband at his presidential museum in Grand Rapids.

She was “the most important first lady of the post-World War II period,” says historian and Betty Ford biographer John Robert Greene. “Her influence on American society in general and American women in particular transcends even Eleanor Roosevelt as well as Hillary Clinton.”


“We know that organizations such as the Betty Ford Center will honor her legacy by giving countless Americans a new lease on life,” President Obama said. “Today, we take comfort in the knowledge that Betty and her husband, former President Gerald Ford, are together once more.”


Former first lady Nancy Reagan called Ford an “inspiration.”

“She was Jerry Ford’s strength through some very difficult days in our country’s history, and I admired her courage in facing and sharing her personal struggles with all of us,” Reagan said.


Betty Ford was thrust onto the national stage unexpectedly when President Richard Nixon chose her husband, then the House minority leader, as vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned. In August 1974, she became first lady when Nixon resigned. The Fords moved from their modest home in Alexandria, Va., across the Potomac River to the White House.


In his first presidential address, Gerald Ford said he was ” acutely aware” that he had not been elected and said, “I am indebted to no man, and only to one woman — my dear wife — as I begin this very difficult job.”


The new first lady didn’t believe her new role should prevent her from speaking her mind, and it did not. Although she was the wife of a Republican president, she thumbed her nose at his party by campaigning for the Equal Rights Amendment and speaking in favor of abortion rights. She shocked many when she admitted having a facelift and having seen a psychiatrist, confessions unusual at the time.


When Barbara Walters asked the new second lady for a reaction to a Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, Betty replied it was “time to bring abortion out of the back woods and put it in the hospitals where it belonged.”


With that, “My reputation for candor was established,” Ford wrote in her autobiography.


Coming after the cover-ups of the Watergate scandal, Ford’s honesty proved refreshing.


“She shot from the lip and the hip,” Greene says. “She broke the mold as first lady.”


But she sometimes got her husband into trouble.


In 1975, she famously told CBS’ 60 Minutes that if she were younger she’d probably try marijuana and said that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if her daughter Susan, then 18, had had premarital sex because “she’s a perfectly normal human being, like all young girls.”


Protesters picketed the White House and editorials criticized her for being too liberal, especially given the upcoming presidential election of 1976. Ford said her husband later quipped, “Well, honey, there goes about 20 million votes, but we’ll make it.”



He lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter, but it’s unlikely she was to blame. “To have a first lady so comfortable in her own skin and own viewpoints and having a husband comfortable with her that way may have gained him 20 million votes,” says former White House press secretary Ron Nessen.


Betty Ford first won over the public soon after becoming first lady, when she went into Bethesda Naval Hospital for a biopsy after the White House doctor found a lump in her breast during a routine examination. When tests proved it malignant, doctors decided to perform an immediate mastectomy.


That reputation grew after Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal. Six weeks later, a doctor found a cancerous lump in Ford’s breast during a routine checkup.


A mastectomy was advised and Ford was forced to deal with the Watergate-empowered media’s right to know on a subject not often talked about in many parts of the country.


She held a family meeting and decided to go public with her decision. She invited the media into her hospital room and let them photograph her in a housecoat.


Suddenly, it was OK to discuss cancer warning signs and how to perform self-examinations.


“Before I was ever out of the hospital, there were, on television, women checking in to have mammograms,” Ford said at the Gerald Ford Museum in May 2001. “It was kind of like, if the first lady can have breast cancer, anyone can have breast cancer.”


“She was awake and she insisted that we announce that while she was still on the operating table,” Nessen recalls. “It reflected her openness and outspokenness”


Ford’s decision to speak out about the disease and the chemotherapy she later underwent helped remove the stigma from cancer. Thousands of women rushed to doctors for breast exams. Two of them, Happy Rockefeller, whose husband Nelson would later be appointed Gerald Ford’s vice president, and Nessen’s own mother, would learn of their own breast cancer and catch it in time to be successfully treated.


Before Ford spoke out, “People got cancer, they closed their doors and that’s the last anyone heard of them. There was no public discussion,” says Barbara Brenner, former executive director at Breast Cancer Action in San Francisco. “She showed people that you can live with cancer, that it’s not a death sentence.”


It was Ford’s own life that needed saving in 1978 when, after leaving the White House, she began to lose a lifelong battle with alcohol and prescription pills. Her husband and four children confronted her with her addiction and demanded she seek help. As in the past, Betty Ford gave her personal pain a public face.


She announced she was an alcoholic and checked into the U.S. Naval Hospital in Long Beach, Calif. There the former first lady shared a room with three other female substance abusers. In 1982, she co-founded the Betty Ford Center, the first treatment facility with equal numbers of beds for woman and men.


“That’s something we take for granted now, but it was brand new then. She broke that mold,” says Greene, noting that most substance abuse programs at the time were aimed at men.


Although the center mostly treats non-celebrities, in its early days everyone from Mary Tyler Moore to Johnny Cash to Elizabeth Taylor came through. Today, its namesake “has become a noun,” Greene says. “-‘Where ya going?’ ‘To Betty Ford.’ ‘What are you doing?’ You don’t have to explain.”


Ford went her own way early. Born in Chicago on April 8, 1918, Elizabeth Anne Bloomer grew up in Grand Rapids, Mich., but developed a love of dance that would take her to New York City. There she worked as a fashion model and studied modern dance with the legendary Martha Graham, who became a lifelong friend. Betty, as she was known, moved back to Michigan and married a furniture salesman whom she divorced five years later on the grounds of incompatibility.

They had no children.


In 1947, she met a young lawyer and World War II Navy veteran, Gerald Ford. They married the next year, just two weeks before Ford was elected to the first of 13 terms in Congress. They took a short honeymoon in Ann Arbor, where they attended a football game at Gerald’s alma mater, the University of Michigan, and then drove to a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Thomas Dewey.


Together they had four children — Michael, John, Steven and Susan — and seven grandchildren, who survive her. It was Betty who was “really responsible for raising” the children while Gerald climbed the ranks in Congress, Nessen says. And by September 1975, when her husband survived the second of two assassination attempts in California within weeks of each other, the First Lady has taken on an air of “unflappability,” he says.


Recalling the scene aboard Air Force One right after the San Francisco attempt, Nessen says Betty came into the president’s cabin, “smiled and said to Ford, ‘So, how was your day, dear?’- Obviously nobody had told her. (Chief of Staff Donald) Rumsfeld said, ‘You mean, you didn’t hear?’-” When somebody finally filled her in,


“She never changed expression,” Nessen says. “It was just one more thing that had happened in their life together that she was able to absorb it and go on.”


Says biographer Greene: “He understood who she was and loved who she was. A true love story.”




Toby Keith Films New ‘Made in America’ Video

No one could ever doubt that Toby Keith — who celebrates his 50th birthday last week, July 8! — is a proud, card-carrying American, but the country superstar is putting his money where his mouth is with his upcoming video for ‘Made in America.’


Keith didn’t utilize a set in order to shoot the clip. Rather, he made use of real, red-blooded Americans, filming scenes in the heart of Cedarburg, Wisc., during the town’s Fourth of July parade last weekend. According to local station WISN, the town’s parade is actually the largest in the state, boasting 100 units, and it offers his video a slice of American life and reality.


Keith’s crew also filmed footage during his Summerfest performance that Friday night, but something tells us that the parade footage from this little town nestled in the southeast portion of the state will lace the video with a down-home, authentic Americana feel.


It was not coincidence, accident or serendipity, either. The video’s director is based in Los Angeles, but is originally from the Whitefish Bay area. “When he found out that Toby was performing in Milwaukee, he said we should shoot the whole video in the Whitefish Bay and Milwaukee areas,” a crew member revealed.


The video for ‘Made in America’ will be complete and viewable at the end of the month. If you life in Cedarburg and were at the parade, perhaps you will be immortalized in the video



141 Years of Graeter’s Ice Cream and HAPPY 18th B-Day to Chipotle!!!



This kid is awesome




Bruce Springsteen’s Little League Baseball Teammate Subject Of 1984 Hit ‘Glory Days’


Bruce Springsteen’s Little League baseball buddy, Joe DePugh, had no idea that the entertainer wrote a song about him being a star athlete.


But one of DePugh’s co-workers was familiar with the story of the 1967 graduates running into each other at a New Jersey bar in 1973 and catching up on old times. He immediately recognized the scenario when he heard Springsteen’s 1984 hit “Glory Days” and told DePugh about it.


In the opening of the song from Springsteen’s “Born In The U.S.A.” album, the Boss sings, “I had a friend was a big baseball player back in high school, he could throw that speedball by you, make you look like a fool boy, saw him the other night at this roadside bar.”


DePugh discussed his days of playing baseball with Springsteen and even nicknaming him Saddie in a recent interview with the New York Times.


DePugh said he was hesitant to believe that Springsteen sang about their chance meeting until a radio station played the song at his request.


“My wife starts bawling,” DePugh told the New York Times. “That’s how I knew exactly that it was me.”


Dick Enderly, another former Little League player who attended school with Springsteen, said the rock star confirmed that the song is about DePugh at their 30th high school reunion in 1997. “I got it straight from the horse’s mouth,” Enderly told the New York Times.


In 2005, 21 years after the release of the top 5 pop song, another classmate, Don Norkus, arranged for Springsteen and DePugh to meet for lunch.


“Bruce pulls in and I point at him and he points at me, and that’s when the hugging started,” DePugh said. They spent hours talking. They met again a few years ago.


DePugh said he was dumbfounded by Springsteen’s humility. “He said, ‘Always remember, I love you,’ not like some corny Budweiser commercial, but a real sentimental thing,” DePugh said.


DePugh, who played alongside Springsteen in the Babe Ruth League, began calling Springsteen Saddie because of their comparative baseball skills.


Springsteen’s boasting about DePugh’s talent as a pitcher wasn’t exaggerated. During his senior year of high school, he received an invitation to try out for the Los Angeles Dodgers.


DePugh seriously entertained thoughts of becoming a professional athlete. “I was like, ‘I’m going to be a pitcher for the Dodgers. No, I’m going to college. No, I’m going to be a pitcher for the Dodgers.’ Well, the tryout cleared that all up.”


DePugh, who also played basketball, earned a degree in English from King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. DePugh, who was unable to find full-time work as a teacher, is a self-employed contractor. He lives in Vermont.




‘A Pirate Looks at Fifty’-Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy is always a summer rite of passage for me, and many others. Each year I read this book, and well…try to live this life


APL@50 is a travel-diary-cum-autobiography, features Buffett behind the wheel of his Grumman Albatross seaplane, safely piloting family and friends through a three-week trip around South and Central America and the Caribbean. He blends gentle scenic narration with rambling, unplugged life stories meant to convey that he’s made peace with the whole aging process. For Buffett, turning 50 “can be a ball of snakes that conjures up immediate thoughts of mortality and accountability. (`What have I done with my life?’) Or, it can be a great excuse to reward yourself for just getting there. (`He who dies with the most toys wins.’) I instinctively chose door number two.”


On this tack, Buffett plans an opulent, laid-back trip for his brood and goes into so many details about his favorite possessions (three pages on knapsacks!) that the cheerful vagabond in flip-flops is nearly eclipsed by the rich, domesticated businessman/dad he’s become. In addition, stinging losses and limitations–his dad’s Alzheimer’s disease, his own terrifying solo plane crash in 1996–creep into his cozy yarns. Yet Buffett’s infectious, grinning attitude towards life eventually finds resurrection in extended riffs on fly-fishing, solo piloting over water, and surfing. In such passages, he earns his claim to a “saline psyche,” a legacy inherited from his grandfather, skipper of a five-masted barkentine that ferried lumber from New Orleans to the Caribbean. Sailing and soaring over Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific seas, Buffett looks at 50 and sees a very good life.


The breezy pop craftsman of “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise” famously spends most of his time sailing, trotting out 1970s chestnuts on the summer tour circuit and writing. Buffett’s bestselling Tales from Margaritaville (1989) and Where Is Joe Merchant? (1992), among other books, created a world of sun-baked characters whose doings bore some resemblance to those of their author. This memoir draws back the curtain between fact and fiction, and genially takes stock in a manner likely to appeal to the Me generation. Though he rambles, repeats himself and may even raise hackles (“I have been too warped by Catholicism not to be cynical”), Buffett is earnest and unapologetic in his hedonism, seeing his mock pirate’s life as the antithesis of the conformity foisted on him as a child in Alabama. In a series of loosely chronological vignettes, Buffett quickly takes us from his bar-band beginnings to a brush with death when he crashes one of his fleet of seaplanes. A lower-latitude voyage with his family (in a newer, bigger plane) to celebrate his 50th birthday makes up the bulk of the book, and takes them from Florida to the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Colombia and the Amazon. The diaristic logbook that Buffett keeps along the way provides endless opportunities to muse on the music business; his older, wilder ways; navigation and, on the horizon, approaching mortality. Buffett’s prose won’t itself win him more “Parrotheads” (as his fans are called), but those with enough patience or reverence to wade through long descriptions of beloved gear, favorite books or “fuc*ing tikki pukki drinks” will find beneath these amblings a disarmingly direct character. Simultaneous audio, CD and large-print edition; author tour.




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Mila Kunis Accepts Marine’s Invite to Corps Ball

Mila Kunis and Sgt. Scott Moore, Mila Kunis, reporting for duty!


When Sgt. Scott Moore posted a YouTube video last week inviting the Black Swan actress to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball on Nov. 18, it probably seemed like a long shot. But at the urging of her Friends With Benefits costar, Justin Timberlake, Kunis agreed to head to Greenville, North Carolina to be Moore’s date!


In the video, Moore addressed the actress directly from Afghanistan. “Hi Mila, I just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the Marine Corps Ball with yours truly,” he said. “So take a second to think about it, and get back to me.”


When FOX411 asked the actress if she knew about the invitation, Timberlake, 30, made certain that Kunis would go. “Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?” he asked her. “You need to do it for your country!”


“I’m going to work on this, man,” he said in a message to Scott. “This needs to go down!”


“I’ll go. I’ll do it for you,” Kunis said, before asking Timberlake if he was going to attend as well.


“They don’t want me!” he exclaimed. “They want you.”


Check out Sgt. Scott Moore’s invitation below:







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Kid Rock Covers Men’s Journal July 2011

Kid Rock goes shirtless on the cover of Men’s Journal’s July issue.


Here’s what the 40-year-old singer had to share with the mag, on newsstands now:

On drinking without drugs: “Whatever your thing is, if it’s pills, cocaine, smoking weed, when you slow that down – which I’ve done a lot of – you’ve got to relearn how to drink. That’s the f—— hardest part. You used to be able to go all night. Finding that balance has been interesting. I still black out here and there, but nothing too serious.”


On caring about what people in Detroit think of him: “I really care about what people think of me in this town, because my son is here, my family is here, my roots are here. I don’t give a shit anywhere else, but here I’m very conscious of it.”


On his least favorite type of movie: “The Hilary Swank movie where you walk out of there with tears and just feel terrible. I can’t handle it. I just want to see somebody fall off a ladder, the boy and girl go home to a big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and feel great about myself. I don’t want any drama in my life – not even in a f—— movie. Not even when it’s … What’s fake? Is it fiction? Even if it’s fiction, I don’t want it. I just want to be happy and have fun.”




Cheating scandal will make APS accreditation harder, says SACS chief

The CEO who oversees the firm that will determine whether or not Atlanta Public Schools will regain full accreditation says the APS cheating scandal is the worst ever seen in the U.S. — and will make it harder for the system to redeem itself by September.

Mark Elgart, president and CEO of AdvanceEd, parent firm of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, made his remarks in an interview with Denis O’Hayer of WABE (90.1FM). Listen to it here.

Among Elgart’s points:

– The APS scandal “is probably more extensive and broad-based than we’ve experienced any place else in the country.”

– “We’re very concerned with the ability of the school system to effectively move forward. It’s critical that the leadership of the system take strong and decisive action to guide it through this very difficult period of time….Leadership by this board – unified, focused and strong – must be demonstrated in order to help this system move forward.”

– Elgart also said that SACS will be looking at how the Atlanta school system addresses elementary and middle school students who were moved, unprepared, into high school. “This is certainly a new wrinkle,” he said.

– The head of AdvanceEd said APS will lose no points for deciding last night to abandon its search for a superintendent to permanently replace Beverly Hall. Elgart described former university chancellor Erroll Davis, who was given a one-year contract, as “very capable.”

The bottom line for the Atlanta school board: “The challenges ahead of them are far greater today than they were before this report came out, and that includes accreditation. This is a very unusual event, in that it was such a wide span of inappropriate decision-making and inappropriate actions,” Elgart said.

On a related note, Gov. Nathan Deal late Thursday reversed himself and said a probe into CRCT scores inDougherty County schools would continue. From the press release:

“After completing the Atlanta Public Schools report, we had hoped that we were at a stopping point,” said Deal.

“Unfortunately, I have received word today that the investigators’ review of their preliminary results in Dougherty County has raised grave concerns. We owe it to the children of Dougherty County to get answers, and our commitment to equal protection under the law requires us to treat all jurisdictions equally.

“In other words, the state simply cannot single out Atlanta if strong evidence suggests similar patterns elsewhere.
“I have instructed the investigators to present me with a complete report of their investigation into the Dougherty County School System as quickly as possible.”

The quote from one of the investigators:

“After reviewing the preliminary results of the investigation in Dougherty County on Wednesday and today, contrary to my initial impression, I do not believe the investigation should be terminated,” said formerGeorgia Attorney General Mike Bowers in a message sent to the Governor’s Office. “Given those preliminary results, it is my recommendation that we complete the investigation in Dougherty. We will do this expeditiously with as little intrusion into the school system as is possible.”

Those municipal contests in Macon have become a true pot-boiler. From the Macon Telegraph:

Macon City Council candidate Chris Horne filed a complaint Thursday asking that the local and state Democratic Party look into and publicly dismiss allegations by his opponent, incumbent Councilwoman Elaine Lucas, that there is a “Republican conspiracy to take over local and state government, supposedly involving (Horne), Mayor Robert Reichert, and other well-known Democrats.”

…Lucas has accused Horne, who qualified with the county board of elections to run as a Democrat, of being backed and financed by Republicans.

Lucas posted on her Facebook account Sunday that “my opponent and my husband’s are bought and paid for by Repubs.”
Her husband, David Lucas, is running against Republican Bobby Gale and Democrat Miriam Paris in a special election to fill the state Senate District 26 seat that became vacant when former Sen. Robert Brown resigned to run for Macon’s mayor.




I can honestly say. I HOPE the secret service inflict BODILY HARM on these guys! There is a TIME AND A PLACE for everything. This memorial is NOT the time OR place!!!


Westboro Baptist Church to picket Betty Ford’s funeral

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket this week’s funeral services for former first lady Betty Ford in California and Michigan.


The website of the Topeka, Kansas-based church said the fringe group will demonstrate at Ford’s funerals because she divorced her first husband William Warren prior to marrying the late president Gerald R. Ford.


In Westboro’s eyes, that makes Ford an adulterer who “loved to sit with tawdry reporters and blather about sex.”


The group plans to picket at services at Saint Margaret Episcopal Church in Palm Desert, Calif. on Tuesday (July 12) and at Grace Episcopal Church in East Grand Rapids on Thursday when her casket will travel by motorcade for burial at the Ford Museum.


The extremist church — mostly a collection of Fred Phelps’ extended family and friends — formally won the right to picket funerals in March after an 8-1 Supreme Court decision ruled it is protected by the First Amendment.


Fan almost falls from Chase Field stands at Home Run Derby

After what happened at the Home Run Derby on Monday night, we as a baseball-loving nation need to run a check on our priorities.

Wherever “catching a baseball” ranks — and it’s high, apparently — it ought to be made less important.

Keith Carmickle — the man pictured above hanging on by his right arm, with his baseball glove dangling from his left hand — almost fell about 20 feet to a pool deck below at Chase Field after he chased a home run hit to center by Prince Fielder.

Thankfully, he didn’t catch the ball. Or fall. But he almost went over completely. As the Associated Press reports, he was saved by his brother and a friend.

“I thought: I’ve lived a good life,” Carmickle said about dangling.

Seated in a small section of seats above the right-field fence, Carmickle, of Kingman [Ariz.], and his group had already grabbed home-run balls by Robinson Cano(notes) and Adrian Gonzalez(notes) and were looking to add another to their collection when Fielder came up in the second round of the derby.

Trying to snare a towering shot by Fielder, Carmickle stepped up onto a metal table about 18 inches wide and reached down to catch the ball. It hit a wall several feet below Carmickle. His momentum carried him forward, headfirst over a short railing at the back of the table.

Carmickle was headed for a hard landing when his friend, Aaron Nelson, grabbed his legs and his brother, Kraig, grabbed him around the arms. Carmickle dangled briefly over a deck where a couple of cameras were positioned behind Chase Field’s pool before being pulled back up to his seat as the crowd above and below gasped.

Carmickle’s good fortune came on the same day as a memorial service for Shannon Stone, the man who fell at Rangers Ballpark on Thursday and died that day as a result of his injuries after trying to catch a ball. Stone’s story must have slipped Carmickle’s mind.



ESPN and B1G/Ohio State- Grudge Match?

Here Come The Judge

With the news on Monday that the Worldwide Leader has decided to sue The Ohio State University, it’s probably a good time to review the relationship that Disney’s Sports Network has both with the school in Columbus and the entirety of the nation’s first collegiate conference.


For our Cornhusker readers- consider this a warning.


First, let’s review the latest- ESPN has filed suit against Ohio State in the Ohio Supreme Court, holding that the University (and particularly the Athletic Department) are in violation of the state’s open record laws.


The details, as  articulated by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, are that the University rejected several sets of Freedom Of Information requests regarding emails and other documents surrounding the recent investigation into both Tressel’s failures and into other allegations raised both by ESPN and Sports Illustrated. This suit follows what has been described as a lengthy attempt to dig information in Columbus by the network.


To be fair, this is quite an interesting case. The University’s rationale for not releasing the requested documents are twofold- First, emails related to Ted Sarniak were rejected based on the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, meaning that the University believes that these qualify as “educational records” because of their easily identified connection to a student or students (in this case Terrelle Pryor and/or Jordan Hall).


Educational records, which might include everything from grades to student ID numbers to student housing assignments or disciplinary records, are legally protected until the death of the student; most institutions maintain these records for seven years following the student’s dissociation with the institution. “Legally protected” means that these cannot be shared with outside parties unless subpoenaed or unless the university has documented approval from the student. In addition, the definition of these “documents” within the institution can be fluid as well, and may not include items which might be defined as “personal notes.”


ESPN’s argument is that

The documents requested do not qualify as educational records (and they use several cases to support this supposition)

The University publicly lists a number of identifying factors for it’s student athletes, including academic (as a part of All Conference honors) so the University is being arbitrary with their usage of FERPA

FERPA should not apply, since Sarniak is not a legal guardian or member of the University community- Along these lines, the argument may also exist that Jim Tressel also violated FERPA by forwarding Cicero’s emails to Sarniak.


The FERPA angle interests me the most, since I’m invested in higher education as a profession. It’s also intriguing given the Dispatch’s article earlier regarding their frustration with the University’s use of FERPA as a shield. It should also be noted that the Dispatch is pursuing some of the same documentation that ESPN’s suit includes.


The University’s second refusal to release information regarding ticket lists, secondary violations and other items are due to their perception of the “broad” nature of the requests. The director of media relations defends this decision, saying-While the university often receives media requests that are overly broad, given Ohio’s public record laws, we generally try to work with reporters to help them find the information they are seeking, working within the boundaries of the applicable laws.


In the email attached to the suit, Jim Lynch does seem to be willing to work with ESPN’s request, and goes through a very thorough reflection on each point; most of which are granted or in progress. One area, though, that the University will not provide information refers to documents directly related to the NCAA’s investigation, stating “We will not release anything on the pending investigation”.  This sounds familiar, since it’s the same response given by ESPN to 97.1 The Fan as they were looking for a follow up interview.


From my (no legal training) experience, this one seems to be more of a valid issue for ESPN, and one that may be easily rectified, at least in terms of a compromise. I doubt the University would change their stance on investigation related correspondence, but the other items could be easily obtained, in my opinion.


It’s quite possible the the four letter network has a legitimate case here- that Ohio ‘s laws were violated, and that the documents in question are an important part of the ongoing story regarding our favorite squadron. It’s also possible that this is not unusual for ESPN; they sued Texas for the same reason and access after UT agreed to partner with them to create the Longhorn Network. With friends like that, it seems…


But there is a bit of a disconnect here- Where was this same strategy when USC was under the gun for several years? Why at that time did the good folks at Bristol choose to let Yahoo! do all the heavy lifting rather than pursuing some investigation of their own, particularly when they themselves often noticed the numbers of folks “hanging around” the Trojan program? Granted, Southern Cal has a different set of expectations as a private institution, but we certainly didn’t hear about any vehicle or housing issues, as our friend Tom Orr reminded us today.


Could there be another motive behind these decisions? Well… funny that you mention that.


And here come the grudge

First, let’s jump in the old wayback machine to the end of April, 2004. As the Chicago Tribune so recently exposed, this is when the wheels fell off of the relationship between the Big T1e1n and their partners in Connecticut.  At a meeting outside of Chicago, Commissioner Jim Delany was in the midst of re-negotiating the Conference’s television rights when “(ESPN’s team) lowballed us and said: ‘Take it or leave it. If you don’t take our offer, you are rolling the dice.’ I said: ‘Consider them rolled.’ ”


Delany had warned ESPN officials that without a significant rights-fee increase, he would try to launch a new channel that would pose competition both for TV viewers and the Big Ten’s inventory of games: the Big Ten Network.


“He threw his weight around,” Shapiro said in a telephone interview, “and said, ‘I’m going to get my big (rights-fee) increase and start my own network.’ Had ESPN stepped up and paid BCS-type dollars, I think we could have prevented the network. In retrospect, that might have been the right thing to do. Jim is making a nice penny on that.”


Said Delany: “If Mark had presented a fair offer, we would have signed it. And there would not be a Big Ten Network.”


Without this conversation, there would be no BTN- without the BTN, there would be no conference realignment last summer, and we wouldn’t have been blessed with opportunities to enjoy runzas. But you’d have no idea that the Big Ten once again was the driving force behind significant change in the college sports landscape if you listened to ESPN last year (huge ht to Tony Gerdeman)-


That 2004 date is an important one to remember- Buckeye fans will recall that November 2004 saw the “Clarett Issue” come to light via ESPN, and will also remember the 2004 Alamo Bowl (where Troy Smith was suspended) being a game where the commentators (including Kirk Herbstreit) spent much of the second half discussing the “problems” with the program; again re-hashing the Clarett story (none of which was cited by the NCAA, and much of which has since even been recanted by Clarett).


While that narrative- that the Big T1e1n’s signature program had irreparable problems- continued for the next year, it wasn’t until 2006 that the tide began to turn. During Ohio State’s dream season, ESPN had changed their tune and were wholeheartedly behind what Coach Tressel and the team were doing. After the debacle in the desert, though.. the “slow” and “plodding” storyline returned for the entirety of the conference, even shaping the discussions of Bowl successes for all eleven teams. And then, in 2009, ESPN discovered two billion reasons to ensure that another product, the SEC, was perceived as the pinnacle of college athletics.


To be fair, this is not a critique of the SEC- their successes, particularly head to head against the Big T1e1n, speak loudly for themselves. But when the APR numbers continue to suffer, when others are shaping the national story regarding the SEC’s practices regarding roster management, and when stories and rumors continue to swirl about the recent successes of Southeastern programs, you have to wonder if there’s as much energy being spent in Bristol to seek “justice” in these situations as there is to seek legal action in Columbus.


The same question can be asked when ESPN’s newest partner is possibly accused of having issues similar to what Ohio State is being lambasted for (on an ESPN show, no less), and the story slips into the background within a day or so.


Or think about the story regarding Oregon, and who it was that brought this to light- Did you also realize that the same “recruiting service” has also been tied to several SEC schools? If you’re waiting on the news to be on ESPN’s ticker, then you probably are going to be waiting for a while.


Yet another example- we’re still only hearing bits and pieces of the situation behind the Pirate Cap’n’s termination at Texas Tech, but more and more is coming forth regarding the ways that ESPN employees overstepped their roles in a story they were too close to. Even ESPN’s own management has acknowledged that the coverage of the story, through the Alamo Bowl, was flawed.


Clearly, what’s happening at Ohio State is a story, and may be THE story right now- it would be wise for ESPN to continue picking at the scraps that Yahoo! and others have left. But until they grab a hold of the idea that they can discover rather than just “cover” and create stories by seemingly following a corporate narrative, the scraps from others will be all that they will be left with.


Remember… this isn’t always about what’s “right” or “fair”, but the bottom line and the economic realities of sports that have expanded well beyond the “co-curricular” model. Particularly for an institution that has no problem working to “expose” a student athlete to then turn around and make him the center of a revenue-producing entity on their network.


As someone who gave up watching ESPN for Lent and never went back (except for NBA playoffs… watching LeBron lose is always fun), I can tell you that it’s possible to get multiple sides of the story without even using your expanded cable package. In this day of wall to wall media coverage and expose, the issue isn’t that ESPN is possibly showing their bias, it’s that they’re missing such a great opportunity to push for major reform for the sport- reform which would be economically and ethically sound for every one involved. But, it could be that they have their own problems to deal with.


Instead, it’s sad that the “Worldwide Leader” has placed themselves in a situation where their integrity is in question… although, since they drive the story, the “question” doesn’t seem to come from those who are captivated by the shiny graphics and pretty packages.




Be patient with God! After all he’s been patient with you-Rev Run


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Life is a roller coaster. You can either scream every time u hit a bump or u can throw your hands up in the air n enjoy it


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AQHA Regional Championship Show at The Ohio Expo Center.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, rated “PG-13.” The entire entertainment world has seemed to shut down for Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint to return from this finale’. I am not a huge fan (probably will watch on a plane this fall), BUT considering going….cause the world preview premier of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises will be shown during previews.


AND THE MOVIE I WANT TO SEE, and NO I AM NOT KIDDING,-the coolest bear ever, and a dude that we ALL CAN LEARN FROM, ‘Winnie the Pooh,’ rated “G.”




‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ starring Matthew McConaughey rated “R.”


A Movie that scared the bagevvies out of me! ‘Insidious’ rated “R.”




Ashton Shepherd releases “Where Country Grows”


Blake Shelton’s much anticipated “Red River Blue”

My buddy, Chris Young has “Neon”


The Gorgeous, Colbie Caillat releases “All of You”


Rockers, Incubus give us “If Not Now, When?”

The SMOOTH Brian McKnight states “Just Me”





Weekly Tuesday Night Bike Nights at Hoggy’s Polaris


Tough Mudder Wisconsin July 22nd-24th
Pro-Football Hall of Fame Festival July 30-31


Deerassic Classic August 4-6th



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