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Many miles on the road and a few years under belt. I hope work ethic still hold more value than “Hope” & “Change”

GREETINGS FROM The Hotel Room in Washington DC, after sound checking for The Washington Capital’s Convention, kicking off the 2011-2012 Hockey Season. This will be the third NHL Franchise we have had the honor of being part of in this Pre-Season!


I really enjoy this town, and could…Love This Town, however it is not in the same way I like Nashville, Vegas, Phoenix, Naples, or even Charlotte. This town is very cool. BUT DRIVES ME UP A WALL! I guess I don’t like it, but I respect it. I guess my passions for this GREAT COUNTRY do not allow me to fully enjoy the history, charm, and power of this town. Over the last few years I have had the honor and privilege of seeing many parts of this great country.


Many of the cities while important to the makeup of this Great Union, none have the power of this city, but all allow me to enjoy, learn something new…and get paid to just have fun.

In many towns at events I change clothes many times and this weekend is no exception I was just fitted for 10 costume changes, and told to keep many items-Just what this Penguins and Jackets fan wants…Capitals gear?


But I get to go onstage and act like a court jester and have a blast. Some think I am immature, some not sure what I do (me included), some think just lucky (YES I AM!). In many ways the dude who tried to grow up too fast is now refusing to grow up and making his “Peter Pan” syndrome make him a few bucks! It is fun, but…I am ALWAYS working,


Well ALMOST, with the exception of when I was told I could not carry something, could not pick something up, and could not put something together…cause it was a “union job.”


The same “UNION” that stated “we will move that but it’ll be about 40 minutes till we get to it, cause we gotta take a break”…TAKE A BREAK BEFORE ANYTHING WAS STARTED!?!?

How about the SAME UNION that 12 people made sure a stage did not move anywhere (cause prior to setting it up…they were all sitting on it-BEFORE THEIR BREAK OF COURSE). So I have seen firsthand that work ethic will NOT get you anything with a Union, and the lack there of, will assure a pay check.


Wanna see productivity go up, prices go down? GET RID OF THE UNIONS! After this week and seeing first hand…I now know 1.) Why union shop items are expensive 2.) Why ticket prices to events are sky high (unions work load ins/outs) 3.) WHY HB 5 NEEDS TO PASS!!!


If working got a living and working hard to get ahead doesn’t pay off for these folks…at least there is that “Hope” & “Change.”


So needless to say some of what I saw this week bothers me, but I also got to have yet another one of those experiences that are only found “on the road.”


This week I got to be a tourist. I did the night photo thing (blocking traffic of course) of The Washington Monument (and with the crack in side it is like our Govornemnt. It looks nice but no one can go inside and use it-it is not functional and needs “fixed”), got to see the Bar that ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ was based on, it is called “The Tomb” and with the exception of the waiters wearing the same bow tie as Emilio Estevez…IT AIN’T NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIE…but just outside The Tomb is another famous movie site. I got to go to the stairs from ‘The Exorcist… unlike Father Karras…I didn’t beat the snot out of a lil possessed girl, nor did I fall down the stairs!


Why did I go? The Power of Christ Compelled me?


Or maybe it was just the Bud Light?!?!?


But the best part was hangin with an old buddy. I got to hang with one of my closest childhood friends, Matt Jacobs. Not only was it good to see him, share a few laughs, and A LOT OF BEER, but also to get together after 15 LONG years and see how he is doing. It was kinda funny how in many ways we BOTH have changed…but in many ways we are still the same. He even lost the car-typical Matt!


It truly as we said in an “impaired” conversation, Life really does go in circles and it is up to us to enjoy each stop on each go around. The friends I have, those that are true friends…it can be a day, weeks, and yes even 15 years in between chats that you pick right back up where you left off. I enjoyed this time around, and while hoping it is not as long next time with Matt (or any of my friends), I hope I too am thought of in the same light as I think of him (and all those other peeps I call friends).


I gotta run…gonna do the “other” things I do on the road, hit gym, and hit Hard Rock Café. Have a great weekend!!!


Well, maybe not…just found out my call time is 6:30AM on Saturday Morning for a 12 hour gig. Still think I have an easy, fun life?




FRIDAY NIGHT my buddy Chris O plays the customer appreciation night at The Filling Station

SATURDAY before the Buckeyes take on The Buffalo of Colorado join my buddy Michael Rill AKA DJ Big Ticket, aka White Mamba at AT&T FanZone on The St. John Arena Grass lot

SATURDAY for my friends in DC, join me at The Capitals Convention at The Washington Convention Center


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Ohio State Pre-Games at AT&T FanZone in front of St. John’s Arena prior to all home games


Hell Run Seattle October 1


Warrior Dash Virginia Oct 1


Yuengling Ohio Debut Oct 2 (details soon)


Columbus Blue Jackets Home Opener Friday October 7th


October 11-16 in Las Vegas Nevada at Las Vegas Raceway (sharing stage with Good Charlotte)


Sunday October 16 Columbus Nationwide Marathon


October 29th HarleyWeen at C&A Harley Davidson




A life of reaction is a life of slavery, mentally & spiritually. 1 must fight 4 a life of action, not reaction!








There have been three, and one I wish…but I am thankful for all and know that God gave me each for a reason. Good song, Good Message, GREAT VIDEO



The Foo Fighters were in Columbus and I missed it, due to rockin my own out of town gig…and Dave Grohl is from DC where I am at now. So gotta chare this AWESOME video. The boys turned one around on The Westboro Baptist Church. AWESOME!!!


JUST heard this on PA in venue…and thought, YEP!!!




Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It, by John C. Maxwell

What’s your dream? Do you remember it? Have you tried to achieve it? (Or have you neglected that because achieving it means that you longer have a dream?)


Whatever your dream, you might want to check out Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It, a new book by John C. Maxwell. Ten powerful and revealing questions:
1. The Ownership Question (Is my dream really my dream?)
2. The Clarity Question (Do I clearly see my dream?)
3. The Reality Question (Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?)
4. The Passion Question (Does my dream compel me to follow it?)
5. The Pathway Question (Do I have a strategy to reach my dream?)
6. The People Question (Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?)
7. The Cost Question (Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?)
8. The Tenacity Question (Am I moving closer to my dream?)
9. The Fulfillment Question (Does working toward my dream bring satisfaction?)
10. The Significance Question (Does my dream benefit others?)




Hillbilly Medical Vocabulary-Maybe posted at Lickin’ Memorial? Sorry Nerk Ahia!

Benign …………….. What you be after you be eight.

Bacteria …………… Back door to cafeteria.

Barium …………….. What doctors do when patients die.

Cesarean Section ……. A neighborhood in Rome.

Catscan ……………. Search for Kitty.

Cauterize ………….. Made eye contact with her.

Colic ……………… A sheep dog. Coma ………………. A punctuation mark.

D&C ……………….. Where Washington is.

Dilate …………….. To live long.

Enema ……………… Not a friend.

Fester …………….. Quicker than someone else.

Fibular ……………. A small lie.

G.I.Series …………. World Series of military baseball.

Hangnail …………… What you hang your coat on.

Impotent …………… Distinguished, well known.

Labor Pain …………. Getting hurt at work.

Medical Staff ………. A Doctor’s cane.

Morbid …………….. A higher offer than I bid.

Nitrates …………… Cheaper than day rates.

Node ………………. I knew it.

Outpatient …………. A person who has fainted.

Pap Smear ………….. A fatherhood test.

Pelvis …………….. Second cousin to Elvis.

Post Operative ……… A letter carrier.

Recovery Room ………. Place to do upholstery.

Rectum …………….. Damn near killed him.

Secretion ………….. Hiding something.

Seizure ……………. Roman emperor.

Tablet …………….. A small table.

Terminal Illness ……. Getting sick at the airport.

Tumor ……………… More than one.

Urine ……………… Opposite of mine.

Varicose …………… Near by/close by.



“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.




Weekend At Bernies Denver Style
Two Denver men are facing charges after an adventure eerily similar to the comedy classic “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

Investigators say Robert Young and Mark Rubinson spent a night out on the town with the body of Young’s roommate.

Young and Rubinson are accused of carting the corpse of Jeffrey Jarrett to bars, a restaurant and a strip club, using his debit card to pay their way.

Police haven’t released Jarrett’s cause of death, but have said they don’t think his friends are to blame.

Young told investigators he found Jarrett on the floor and unresponsive at the apartment they shared.

Instead of calling 911, he allegedly found his friend Rubinson, returned to the apartment and loaded Jarrett’s corpse in the Rubinson’s vehicle.

After a few stops they took the corpse home, but went back on the town with Jarrett’s debit card.

After visiting a strip club the men flagged down a police officer and reported Jarrett’s death.




I had a funny R.E.M. break up thing to put in here until I learned about the passing of a good friends mother. Matia thoughts and prayers to you and all of your friends and family, as well as ALL of the loved ones of your mother. While it does hurt, she is not longer suffering and can rest after all the fighting she has been doing so valuently!




I hated it then, and HATE IT NOW!

Nirvana’s Nevermind turns twenty this Saturday

The forthcoming twentieth anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind isn’t just an observance of the release of the 1991 record; it is a tangible marking of a shift in popular culture.

Yes, the record was important. It still is, as evidenced by not only the thousands of bands that have been influenced by Nirvana’s discography, but the undying interest in a phenomenon labeled “grunge” (though many fans and critics — this one included — wouldargue heavily against the weight, meaning and origin of the word). Dozens of books — like this month’s release of Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History Of Grunge — have been devoted to dissecting exactly how and why this music came along at the right time.



Must Watch: Awesome ‘The Muppets’ Trailer Riffs on ‘Dragon Tattoo’

“But one trailer made us stop ‘Dragon’ our feet.” Hahaha yes, this is just brilliant! Disney has unveiled their latest parody trailer for The Muppets, following up The Fuzzy Pack (The Hangover), Being Green(Green Lantern) and Kermit’s Green With Envy (first teaser). This time they’re riffing on that first The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer with a teaser called The Pig With The Froggy Tattoo, that has plenty of random Muppets scenes and that bold flashing text that, in this, is packed with tons of self-referencing jokes. Oh and they even wrote their own cover song, too. 



R.E.M. breaks up…yet I feel Fine!

A post on R.E.M.’s website yesterday signaled the legendary band’s retirement. It said:

“To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and of astonishment at all we have accomplished. To anyone who ever felt touched by our music, our deepest thanks for listening. R.E.M.”

It has been over three decades since the alternative rock band formed in 1980. Singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry (who left the band in 1997) wrote and performed songs that will forever be engrained in our memories, like “Radio Free Europe” (their first single), “The One I Love” (which we sang after every breakup in 1987) and “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).”



Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President The hidden history of Wall Street and the White House comes down to a single, powerful, quintessentially American concept: confidence. Both centers of power, tapping brazen innovations over the past three decades, learned how to manufacture it.

Until August 2007, when that confidence finally began to crumble.
In this gripping and brilliantly reported book, Ron Suskind tells the story of what happened next, as Wall Street struggled to save itself while a man with little experience and soaring rhetoric emerged from obscurity to usher in “a new era of responsibility.” It is a story that follows the journey of Barack Obama, who rose as the country fell, and offers the first full portrait of his tumultuous presidency.

Wall Street found that straying from long-standing principles of transparency, accountability, and fair dealing opened a path to stunning profits. Obama’s determination to reverse that trend was essential to his ascendance, especially when Wall Street collapsed during the fall of an election year and the two candidates could audition for the presidency by responding to a national crisis. But as he stood on the stage in Grant Park, a shudder went through Barack Obama. He would now have to command Washington, tame New York, and rescue the economy in the first real management job of his life.

The new president surrounded himself with a team of seasoned players—like Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, and Tim Geithner—who had served a different president in a different time. As the nation’s crises deepened, Obama’s deputies often ignored the president’s decisions—“to protect him from himself”—while they fought to seize control of a rudderless White House. Bitter disputes—between men and women, policy and politics—ruled the day. The result was an administration that found itself overtaken by events as, year to year, Obama struggled to grow into the world’s toughest job and, in desperation, take control of his own administration.

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ron Suskind introduces readers to an ensemble cast, from the titans of high finance to a new generation of reformers, from petulant congressmen and acerbic lobbyists to a tight circle of White House advisers—and, ultimately, to the president himself, as you’ve never before seen him. Based on hundreds of interviews and filled with piercing insights and startling disclosures, Confidence Men brings into focus the collusion and conflict between the nation’s two capitals—New York and Washington, one of private gain, the other of public purpose—in defining confidence and, thereby, charting America’s future.



Perry slams Obama for ‘endangering’ Israel
Texas Gov. Rick Perry accuses President Obama of “appeasement” and “endangering” Israel.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry blamed the Obama administration for Israel’s crises in the Middle East and said he recognized all of Jerusalem as Israeli.
Perry, the Texas governor who is leading in the GOP race to challenge President Obama next year, appeared Tuesday at a news conference in New York timed for the U.N. General Assembly opening along with a number of pro-settler Jewish leaders and Danny Danon, a settler leader and Knesset member who backs annexing parts of the West Bank.



It sure as hell ain’t the Union that I have the displeasure of working alongside this week. These guys went from complaining about working (I didn’t know leaning on a stage was work), to complaining we were working too hard. YET another reason HB 5 needs to pass. If you are a victim and “scared” of reform…MAYBE YOU SHOULD ENCOURAGE CO-WORKERS TO WORK A LIL HARDER?!?!?


Man Protests California’s ‘Mexican Independence Day’ Celebration

On “Mexican Independence Day” in Sacramento, the state capital is routinely turned into a giant Mexican flag for the celebration. Davi Rodriguez of Save Our State did what he so frequently does around California, tows and parks his sign calling for illegal aliens to leave America. That didn’t sit too well with the Mexican revelers…




What the hell is up with the new facebook layout?



Only women, kids allowed into Turkish soccer game
Women and children fill the stands in Istanbul’s Sükrü Saracoglu stadium on Tuesday night.

Soccer authorities in Turkey may have hit on the perfect solution for unruly fans: Ladies Night!

The Turkish Football Federation had planned to make Istanbul favorite Fenerbahce play two games in an empty stadium after fans invaded the pitch after a friendly against Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk during the summer, according to a Turkish Weekly report.



Gonna Be a Long Season



Oft-quoted King James Bible turns 400
They are some of the most popular expressions in the English language:
“To see eye to eye.”
“To pour out one’s heart.”
“Labor of love.”
All three were coined or popularized by the same book. Shakespeare? Chaucer? Nope: the King James Version of the Bible.

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the King James translation. Assembled by 54 scholars from existing English Bible translations, it’s not just a landmark in Judeo-Christian theology, it’s a landmark in the English language’s development.

“There have been more allusions, more references to the King James Version than any other work,” said Larry Brunner, an English professor at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. “It’s central to any understanding of English literature.”

Hardin-Simmons has a special interest in exploring that history because the school boasts two donated Bible collections that feature four of the earliest editions of the King James Version, created between 1611 and 1613.




LET ME HELP YOU GET YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE OUT TO CONSUMERS!!! How does over 20,000 EMAILS sound to your come company. We have a list of over 20,000 and can assist you in getting YOUR MESSAGE/BRAND/IDEA directly to consumers. The Hyatt has even recently booked our services. WE GET MESSAGES OUT TO CONSUMERS! This is a unique and inexpensive chance to brand your services, and reach beyond your current clientele list. My current list of customers has indicated that this unique form of FREE advertising has helped their brand and ID name. If anyone provides me a lead, and I can close the lead…I will pay 100% of first week revenues received. You make 100% of what I make, just for referring me to someone. For more info, or a list of current ecstatic customers e-mail


BOOKING WEDDINGS for 2011! FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SUMMER (Until September 6th) I AM OFFERING 3 HOURS FOR $500.00, WITH NO DEPOSIT (with signed contract) If you or someone you know is getting married, please feel free to refer our services to them. We have been in the entertainment and wedding industry for over 25 years. Our expertise will make you or your friend’s wedding, a moment to remember. Refer us and receive 15% of contracted rate.




A family of success!!! Legacy lives on!!!




Where hope grows, miracles blossom.” ~ Elna Rae




@RevRunWisdom: You’ll never be anymore successful than your goals. Hoping & wishing is not a strategy!!!!!


Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.-Wally ‘Famous’ Amos

The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it. ~Woodrow T. Wilson
“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” Franklin D Rosevelt
We are product of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” Rick Warren

“What other people think about me is not my business.” -Michael J. Fox

What we say is important… for in most cases the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.-J.Beggs


“Real Magic in Relationships means an Absence of Judgment of Others.” ~Wayne Dyer


Technique and body control must be mastered only so that the body does not stand in the way of the soul’s expression.



“What appears to be the end of the road may simply be a bend in the road.” – Robert H. Schuller 




Woody: His Life, Times and Teachings at The Ohio Theatre

Columbus Oktoberfest at The Ohio Expo Center. For more info

The New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix & Family Day at The  Wexner Residence. For more info

The home of the Lil Brown Jug, the Delaware County Fair. For more info,

The Hillarious, Bobby Lee,  plays The Funny Bone Comedy Club in Easton Town Center

Taylor Lautner stars in ‘Abduction’ rated “PG-13.”
My pick of the week, the true story, ‘Dolphin Tale,’ staring Morgan Freeman Harry Connick Jr., Kris Kristopherson, and Ashley Judd, rated “PG.”


Robert De Niro, and Jason Statham star in ‘Killer Elite,’ rated “R.”

The other pick of the week, the true story of the Oakland A’s, ‘Moneyball,’ rated “R.” and starring Brad Pitt, and the fat kid from ‘Superbad.’

A movie for the ladies, that even I enjoyed,  ‘Bridesmaids’ rated “R.”

Gavin DeGraw releases  “Sweeter”

Pearl Jam  releases, “PJ20 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]”


Ohio State Pre-Games at AT&T FanZone in front of St. John’s Arena prior to all home games


Hell Run Seattle October 1


Warrior Dash Virginia Oct 1


Yuengling Ohio Debut Oct 2 (details soon)


Columbus Blue Jackets Home Opener Friday October 7th


October 11-16 in Las Vegas Nevada at Las Vegas Raceway (sharing stage with Good Charlotte)


Sunday October 16 Columbus Nationwide Marathon


October 29th HarleyWeen at C&A Harley Davidson




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