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Give Thanx, Eat a Bird…BEAT MEAT CHICKEN!

GREETINGS FROM The Home Office in Dublin Ohio. This will be my last weekend local for the next few weeks. While I am jonezing to get back out on the road (I mean come on…I have been home for a whole 3 days!), I am enjoying being home with the World Famous Pepper Dog! I am also looking forward to Dec 1st!!! 

Movember-Please donate to the link below

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November is almost over and I will be glad to get rid of this itchy, food trap under my nose, but still need help raising funds for Prostate Cancer Research in a movement called “Movember.”

This Movember I’ve decided to donate my face to raising awareness about cancers that affect men.  My commitment is the growth of a moustache for the entire month of Movember, which IS generating conversation, controversy and laughter. AND AN ITCHY FACE!

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Thank you. 



Turkey Day is here that means can put away all the Thanksgiving decorations (which really are just disguised Halloween pumpkins turned backwards, and dish towels turned inside out?)


This Holiday Weekend, I am Thankful for my health, and the position I am now in to help others. I am also “Thankful,” and full of “Joy” the Muppets come out this week!!!!



TODAY (and any day) is the day for Buckeye Nation to begin their preparations for the Game. It is not enough to wake up on Saturday and root for the Bucks. This game requires preparation from coaches, players, AND FANS. So get out your Buckeye necklaces and wear them to work, wear scarlet and grey to the Thanksgiving Table! Feel free to post banners, signs, and posters around your home, Turkey Day Table and office to let everyone know the Buckeyes are ready.


Send any scUM fans you know a notice of their pending DOOM (and feel free to subtly taunt). Belly up to a grill for some Pre-Game burgers, or just stay warm. OR JUST make sure you have arranged to watch the game with other Buckeye fans so your voice can be loud-Like I will be with my neighbors, and any other “transient” that may come along.

“How Firm Thy Friendship O-Hi-O”

It is not “JUST” Buckeye Week. It is also Turkey Day (or as some say 6 weeks into the Holiday Shopping Season!).

I am thankful for many things. In the past I had a hard time focusing on the good. I felt that when you appreciate you get complacent. While it is easy to focus on the negative, it is MUCH EASIER to be Thankful and feel blessed every day.

I am Thankful for the chance to sit here and type this thing week in and week out. This means I have abilities that allow me to, and job(s) that give me some free time. In many of these weekly rags of e-mail garbage I spin tails and tell where I am in this great country that I am thankful for and KNOW I AM BLESSED for the opportunities that come my way. While there is not a day that goes by that I don’t wake up with a HUGE smile on my face because I am happy…there also is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God that I have these chances, that are allowed by freedoms we have due to the actions and sacrifice of the BRAVE MEN & WOMEN of OUR U.S. Armed Forces.


I know I could not do many of the things I do if it were not for a STRONG network of folks that I am very lucky to have gotten to know and I THANK ANYONE WHO IS PART OF MY LIFE.

While not everyone has been positive, and not all relationships (working, friendly, etc) have been strong or even healthy, they all have allowed me some sort of growing opportunity and no matter how much some of them have hurt…I am thankful for EVERYONE I have met, and feel blessed to daily wake up and not (purposely) have ANY NEGATIVE WILL ON ANYONE (including myself…anymore).

Even to those who have been bad, and those who have been good to me, as well as, those who have hated, and those who have loved me-AND VICE VERSA…I am Thankful for having you in my life!!!


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While we should “give thanx” do we know the real history of this day?

Here is an insightful look at The Origin of Thanksgiving

This is THE SINGLE BEST Thanksgiving special EVER!!!  “I thought they could fly, as God as my witness…I thought Turkey’s could fly!”


I hope everyone has a Happy, Safe, and Blessed Thanksgiving as you eat stale bread out of a birds a**.  ENJOY YOUR TURKEY AND BEAT MEAT CHICKEN!



Why Can’t We Be Friends…why can’t we be friends?!


Is it too late to mow the grass?!




On game day it will be 2976 days since that team up North Beat
us (8 years!!!).

Let’s recap the last few years…



First meeting

Michigan 36, Ohio State 0 (1897)

Last meeting

Ohio State 21, Michigan 10 (2009)

Next meeting

November 27, 2010

Number of meetings


All-time series

Michigan leads, 57–43–6

Largest victory

Michigan, 86–0 (1902)

Current streak

Ohio State, 7

Longest Mich win streak

9 (1901–1909)

Longest OSU win streak

7 (2004–present)




Michigan – Ohio State football rivalry

The Michigan – Ohio State football rivalry (also known as The Game by some followers) is an intense college football rivalry between the Wolverines of the University of Michigan and the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University. It has attracted particular national interest over the last four decades as most of the games have determined the Big Ten Conference title and the resulting Rose Bowl match ups, and many have influenced the outcome of the national collegiate football championship. The game was ranked by ESPN in 2000 as the greatest North American sports rivalry.


The annual matchup between the two Midwest state schools has been held at the end of the regular season since 1935 (with exceptions in 1942, 1986, and 1998). Since 1918, the game’s site has alternated between Columbus, Ohio, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has been played in Ohio Stadium since 1922 and Michigan Stadium since 1927. Through 2009, Ohio State and Michigan have decided the Big Ten Conference championship between themselves on 22 different occasions, and have affected the determination of the conference title an additional 26 times.


During 1835 and 1836, the State of Ohio and the Michigan Territory engaged in a brief and nearly bloodless border dispute known as the Toledo War. Some have proposed that the football rivalry is a modern manifestation of this historical tension.


Following the Big Ten’s addition of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, effective beginning in the 2011 football season, the conference will be split into two six-team divisions. Big Ten officials placed Ohio State and Michigan in separate divisions, but the Michigan – Ohio State rivalry will continue to take place at the end of the regular season every year. Conceivably, the teams may thereafter meet again the following week in the Big Ten Football Championship Game.


Early years (1897–1949)

The inaugural meeting between Ohio State and Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1897 resulted in a lopsided victory for Michigan, with the Wolverines posting a 34–0 win over Ohio State’s Buckeyes. The first game foretold a long Michigan winning streak, with Michigan winning or tying every match from 1897 to 1912 and thereby compiling a 12–0–2 record before the contest was postponed for several years. The Ohio State Alma Mater “Carmen Ohio” was written on the train ride home to Columbus following the 1902 contest, which saw Ohio State losing to Michigan, 86–0. The lyrics and melody (Spanish Chant) have remained largely unchanged since its conception.


Ohio State became a member of the Big Ten Conference in 1912. In 1917, Michigan rejoined the conference after a ten year absence. In 1918, the teams played their first conference matchup, with Michigan prevailing 14–0 and lodging its eleventh shutout over the Buckeyes. In 1919, the Buckeyes (led by legendary halfback Chic Harley) won their first game in the series, defeating the Wolverines 13–3. The Buckeyes won the following two contests as well, to bring the series record to 13–3–2.


Harley’s prowess spurred the university to campaign to build a stadium for Ohio State football. The stadium was completed in 1922, and the first of many historic games in Ohio Stadium took place on October 21, 1922, the day the stadium was dedicated in Columbus. In front of a record 71,000 fans, the Wolverines posted another shutout of the home team Buckeyes, 19–0. According to lore, there was a wager on the outcome of this game, and yellow flowers on a blue background still exist today in the upper part of the stadium’s rotunda. Michigan won the next five games before OSU picked up the final two victories of the decade. At the end of the 1920s, the series stood at 19–5–2 in favor of Michigan.


Michigan won three of four contests between 1930 and 1933, claiming the national championship twice. In 1934, Francis Schmidt came on as the head coach for Ohio State. The team had lost nine of the previous 12 Michigan-OSU contests, and when a reporter asked Schmidt if Ohio State could beat Michigan that year, he replied, “Of course we can win, Michigan puts their pants on one leg at a time just like we do”. The Buckeyes thereupon ran off four straight shutout victories against Michigan, outscoring the Wolverines 112–0 from 1934 to 1937. Schmidt’s quote spawned an OSU tradition – since 1934, every Ohio State player receives a gold pants pendant after a victory against Michigan.


Michigan won the three games from 1938 to 1940. The 1940 game, won by Michigan, 40–0, was the benchmark performance of what some consider to be the greatest Michigan team in history, and was the final collegiate game of the legendary tailback tandem of Tom Harmon and Paul Kromer.


In 1941, Michigan and Ohio State met for the first time with each team ranked in the AP Poll, which had started in 1936. The 14th-ranked Buckeyes played the 5th-ranked Wolverines to a 20–20 tie in Ann Arbor. Five more times during the 1940s, the teams were both ranked for their annual matchup. Michigan won five of the next seven games before playing to their second tie of the decade in 1949. The series record stood at 30–12–4 at the mid-century mark.


“Snow Bowl” and Woody Hayes (1950–68)

The 1950 contest, colloquially known as the Snow Bowl, is perhaps the most famous game in the rivalry. Eighth-ranked Ohio State, coached by Wes Fesler, was scheduled to host the game on November 25 in Columbus amidst one of the worst blizzards on Ohio record. The Buckeyes, who led the Big Ten, were granted the option to cancel the game against Michigan, which would have, by default, given the Buckeyes the Big Ten title outright and won them a trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl. Ohio State refused, and the game was set to be played. Amid howling snow and wind, in what was probably the most literal example of a “field position” game, the teams exchanged 45 punts, often on first down, in hopes that the other team would fumble the ball near or into their own end zone. Ohio State’s Vic Janowicz, who would claim the Heisman Trophy that year, punted 21 times for 685 yards and also kicked a field goal in the first quarter for the Buckeyes’ only points. Michigan capitalized on two blocked punts, booting one out of the back of the end zone for a safety and recovering another one in the end zone for a touchdown just before halftime. Despite failing to gain a single first down or complete a single forward pass, Michigan gained a 9–3 victory, securing the Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl berth. Heavy criticism of Fesler’s play calling led to his resignation and the hiring of Woody Hayes as his successor.


Between 1951 and 1968 under Hayes, the Buckeyes won 12 of 18 contests, including a 1957 victory in Michigan Stadium, the first game in the series attended by over 100,000 fans. In 1958, Ohio State had a 20–14 lead towards the end of the game. On the final play, Michigan fullback Gene Sisinyak ran the ball from the one-yard line for what might have been a game winning touchdown, but Ohio State defensive tackle Dick Schafrath hit Sisinyak, forcing a fumble. In the 1968 game, Ohio State won 50–14, outscoring its foe 29–0 in the second half and attempting an unsuccessful two-point conversion attempt on its final touchdown. When asked why he went for two points with an already insurmountable 50–14 lead, Woody Hayes is rumored to have said, “Because I couldn’t go for three.” The victory gave top-ranked Ohio State the Big Ten title for the first time in seven years en route to an AP national championship. The Buckeyes had also narrowed the series margin to 37–24–4.


“Ten-Year War”: Hayes vs. Bo Schembechler (1969–78)

Wolverines coach Bump Elliott resigned after the 1968 loss and Michigan hired Miami of Ohio head coach Bo Schembechler, who had previously been an assistant at Ohio State under Hayes, to revitalize its football program. On November 22, 1969, Hayes led his top-ranked Buckeyes into Michigan Stadium to face Schembechler’s Wolverines in the first matchup between two coaches who would come to define the rivalry between the two programs. The Buckeyes brought a 22-game winning streak into Ann Arbor, but behind an inspiring 60-yard punt return by Barry Pierson that set up a Wolverine touchdown in the second quarter, and a defense that intercepted Ohio State six times (three by Pierson), the Wolverines won a defensive battle (both teams were scoreless in the second half) for a 24–12 upset.


The contest was the first in the famous “Ten-Year War” between Hayes and Schembechler, which pitted some of OSU’s and UM’s strongest teams against one another. Four times between 1970 and 1975, Ohio State and Michigan were both ranked in the top five of the AP Poll before their matchup. The Wolverines entered every game during those years undefeated and won only once, a 10–7 victory in Ann Arbor on November 20, 1971. The Michigan graduating class of 1975 shared or won the Big Ten championship every season, yet went to the Rose Bowl only once, in 1972. They only lost or tied with Ohio State during the regular season in that period.


In 1973, both teams entered undefeated, with the winner guaranteed a trip to the Rose Bowl. The rivals played to a 10–10 tie in Ann Arbor on November 24, and the athletic directors of the other Big Ten institutions were forced to vote on the Big Ten representative for the bowl game. In a secret ballot, Ohio State won the vote, to the outrage of Michigan athletic officials and fans. Schembechler argued that Michigan was robbed of its on-field achievements, and for months afterward, Ohio State newspapers were flooded with angry Wolverine letters and threats of lawsuits.


Woody coined the phrase “That state up north” and “That team up north”, so he would not have to say the word “Michigan”. He was famous for his intense hatred of all things Michigan and according to legend, once refused to get gas in an empty tank, saying: “No, goddammit! We do NOT pull in and fill up. And I’ll tell you exactly why we don’t. It’s because I don’t buy one goddam drop of gas in the state of Michigan! We’ll coast and PUSH this goddam car to the Ohio line before I give this state a nickel of my money!”


During the “Ten-Year War,” Ohio State and Michigan shared the Big Ten title six times. Between 1976 and 1978, Michigan won the game each year, and Ohio State failed to score a touchdown in each of those contests. Woody Hayes was fired at the end of the 1978 season after punching an opposing player during the Gator Bowl, which ended the “War.” The 1978 game was won by Michigan, 14–3, giving Schembechler a record of 5–4–1 against Hayes. At the end of the Hayes tenure, the series stood at 42–28–5.


The War’s aftermath: Schembechler vs. Earle Bruce (1979–87)

Earle Bruce took over for Hayes and led the Buckeyes to a 5–4 record against Schembechler’s Wolverines between 1979 and 1987, perhaps the most balanced stretch of the storied rivalry, during which neither team won more than two consecutive games. In 1987, Bruce was fired in the week before the Michigan game due to a poor season record, but was allowed to coach anyway, and the inspired Buckeyes won an upset over the heavily favored Wolverines. After the game, Bo Schembechler told Bruce, “I always mind losing to Ohio State but I didn’t mind so much today.” After 1987, the series stood at 46–33–5 in favor of UM.


John Cooper era (1988–2000) THE DARKEST DAYS!

The 13 games during John Cooper’s tenure as Buckeye coach were dominated by Michigan, as the Wolverines went 10–2–1 during the stretch. Schembechler coached Michigan through the 1989 season and then turned over the reins to one of his assistants, Gary Moeller, who led the team for five seasons before another longtime Michigan assistant, Lloyd Carr, became the head coach in 1995.


The most notorious matchups of the era took place in 1993, 1995, and 1996, in which Ohio State entered the game each year undefeated. The Buckeyes had a 9–0–1 record heading into the 1993 game and were looking to claim an outright Big Ten title against a Michigan team that had already lost four times. Michigan receiver Mercury Hayes and running backs Jon Ritchie, Che Foster, and Ed Davis each scored a touchdown as the Wolverines shocked the Buckeyes, 28–0. After the game, Cooper said: “This is one of the most embarrassing games I’ve ever been involved with.” “They outplayed us on offense, on defense, and in the kicking game. If you’d told me we would come up here and get beat 28-0, I’d have probably stayed home.”


In 1995, #2 Ohio State was led by eventual Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George and future NFL stars Orlando Pace, Terry Glenn, Mike Vrabel, Shawn Springs, and Rickey Dudley. Glenn insisted there wasn’t anything special about the Wolverines: “Michigan’s nothing,” he said.[12] Perhaps inspired by this remark, the Wolverines manhandled the Buckeyes at the line of scrimmage from the very first play. Michigan senior running back Tim Biakabutuka amassed 313 yards rushing in Michigan’s 31–23 upset.


The Buckeyes had high expectations again entering the 1996 contest. They boasted an unblemished 10–0 record and were ranked #2 in the nation as they entered the finale with 8–3 Michigan. When Ohio State jumped to a 9–0 halftime lead, the OSU crowd sensed a special finish and perhaps a rise to #1. The Wolverines’ defense shut the Buckeyes out in the second half while Brian Griese replaced the struggling Scott Dreisbach and led Michigan to 13 unanswered points and another victory over their rivals, 13–9. The game would turn out to be the Buckeyes’ only loss of the season and ended up costing them a chance at a share of the national championship.


In 1997, Ohio State hoped to return the favor: the 10–0 Wolverines sat atop the AP Poll entering their matchup with the 10–1 Buckeyes, who were ranked #4. Spearheaded by the play of eventual Heisman winner Charles Woodson, who ran a punt back for a touchdown, intercepted a pass in the Ohio State end zone, and caught a 37 yard pass that set up freshman running back Anthony Thomas’ touchdown run, the Wolverines prevailed, 20–14. The Wolverines then defeated Washington State in the Rose Bowl by a 21–16 score, winning their first national championship since 1948.


Ohio State came back with a win in the 1998 contest, but Michigan went on to win in 1999 and 2000. Senior quarterback Tom Brady hit sophomore receiver Marquise Walker for the game-winning touchdown pass with five minutes to go to for a 24–17 victory in 1999. In the 2000 game, Michigan grabbed a 31–12 lead and held on to win, 38–26. Michigan junior quarterback Drew Henson went 14 for 25 passing for 303 yards and three scores and added a touchdown run. At the end of the 2000 season, Cooper was fired. While he consistently fielded strong teams, his 2–10–1 record against Michigan, including his failure to ever win in Ann Arbor, was, along with disciplinary problems and a losing record in bowl games, a major contributor to his dismissal. Michigan students held a “John Cooper Day” celebration in Ann Arbor on February 10, 2001 in mock celebration of Cooper’s record in the rivalry.


Enter Jim Tressel (2001–2011)

In 2001, Jim Tressel took over as Buckeye head coach. Unlike his predecessor John Cooper, Tressel put a special emphasis on the rivalry. In his introductory speech at halftime of a January basketball game, against Michigan, he said “I can assure you that you will be proud of our young people, in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the football field.” In his first year, Tressel registered the Buckeyes’ first defeat of the Wolverines in Ann Arbor in 14 years, by a 26–20 score. Led by senior running back Jonathan Wells, the Buckeyes raced to a 23–0 halftime lead. With Wells out, Michigan mounted a second half comeback that fell just short. The next year, Tressel achieved what Cooper could not: Beating Michigan in consecutive years with a 14–9 victory. The game was decided on the last play when defensive back Will Allen intercepted a pass in the end zone as time expired to clinch the victory. The Buckeyes were led by freshman running back Maurice Clarett, who ran for 119 yards and one touchdown. He also had a key reception to set up Maurice Hall’s game-winning score. The Buckeyes went on to win the national championship that season, as they defeated Miami in the Fiesta Bowl.


In 2003, Michigan struck back and won the 100th meeting between the historical rivals by a score of 35–21 in Ann Arbor. Senior running back Chris Perry, a Heisman finalist, had 154 yards rushing and two touchdowns to lead the Wolverines to the victory. Braylon Edwards contributed seven catches for 130 yards and two big touchdowns. The game’s attendance was 112,118, the largest crowd ever for an NCAA football game.[13] In 2004, the 6–4 Buckeyes defeated the heavily favored 9–1 Wolverines, 37–21, behind the leadership of quarterback Troy Smith and true freshmen receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. The Buckeyes added another win in the 2005 game by overcoming a 21–12 deficit with less than eight minutes in the game. In the closing minutes of the game, the Buckeye offense scored two touchdowns to claim a 25–21 victory. Smith threw for 300 yards and completed 73% of his passes. Ginn had a game high nine catches for 89 yards.


On November 18, 2006, Ohio State and Michigan met for their annual showdown, each carrying an 11–0 record. The day before the epic match up, legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler died. For the first time in the history of the rivalry, the two rivals faced off while holding the top two spots in the Bowl Championship Series rankings. Ohio State won the game by a score of 42–39 and became the outright Big Ten champion, earning the right to play for a national championship at the BCS National Championship Game in Glendale, Arizona. Michigan struck first blood with a touchdown run by junior running back Mike Hart, but the Buckeyes then scored 21 unanswered points, and at halftime, they were up 28–14. However, the Wolverines weren’t ready to back down. Thanks to an interception and a fumble recovery by junior defensive tackle Alan Branch, Michigan made it 35–31 Ohio State with 14 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. But after appearing to have forced Ohio State into a fourth down situation with six minutes to go, junior outside linebacker Shawn Crable was called for roughing the QB, giving the Buckeyes a fresh set of downs. Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith then passed to Brian Robiskie for a touchdown, increasing the Buckeyes’ lead to 42-31 with five minutes remaining in the game. The Wolverines still had fight in them, and after Ohio State was called for pass interference on a failed 4th down attempt, giving Michigan an automatic 1st down, junior quarterback Chad Henne found senior tight end Tyler Ecker for a 16-yard touchdown with two minutes to go to cut the OSU lead to 42–37. Senior wide receiver Steve Breaston caught the two point conversion to bring the Wolverines within a field goal. Michigan needed to recover the ensuing onside kick, and they failed to do so. The Buckeyes ran out the clock for the victory, and a trip to the BCS national championship game. Troy Smith completed 71% of his passes for 316 yards and four touchdowns, essentially clinching the Heisman trophy. Ginn caught eight passes for 104 yards and a touchdown. Ohio State running back Antonio Pittman ran for 139 yards on 18 carries for a 7.7 yards-per-carry average. Michigan running back Mike Hart carried the ball 23 times for 142 yards and three touchdowns against a stout Buckeye defense. Chad Henne also turned in an excellent performance with 267 yards, two touchdowns, and no turnovers on a 60% completion percentage. Neither performance was, however, sufficient to turn the tide in favor of the Wolverines. The game was highly touted by ESPN/ABC (there was even a game countdown clock for a week before kickoff) and was viewed by the largest television audience for a regular season college football game since 1993, averaging 21.8 million viewers. The victory marked the first time in 43 years that the Buckeyes had won three consecutive games in the series. The game gained even more significance when, on the eve of the meeting, legendary Michigan head coach and former Ohio State assistant coach Bo Schembechler died. Schembechler was honored with a video tribute at Ohio Stadium as well as a moment of silence before kickoff. Half an hour after the game ended, the Ohio Lottery PICK 4 evening drawing was 4-2-3-9, matching the final score of the game and paying out up to $5,000 per winner, for a total payout of $2.2 million.


Following the game, there was a chance of a rematch in the BCS title game, but Florida was chosen over Michigan to be Ohio State’s opponent, ultimately defeating Ohio State for the BCS Championship.


Sea change at Michigan: (2008–2011)

Lloyd Carr retired as coach at Michigan following the 2007 season and another loss to Ohio State. Tressel had compiled a 6–1 record against Carr’s Michigan teams, leaving Carr with a 6–7 career record against Ohio State. In December 2007, Michigan hired West Virginia head coach Rich Rodriguez to take over the football program. Rodriguez, known for his expertise in the spread offense, represented a significant departure from the Wolverines’ traditional offensive style. Furthermore, both Carr and his predecessor Gary Moeller had been apprenticed by the now-legendary Schembechler, and Rodriguez’s hiring marked the first time in 40 years that a Michigan football team would not be coached by a member of the “Schembechler school.”


The 2008 game, Rodriguez’s first against the Buckeyes, featured an Ohio State team that needed a win to secure at least a share of the Big Ten championship for the fourth straight year. Michigan by contrast entered the game with a 3–8 record, having already suffered more losses than in any other season in its history. The Buckeyes posted a 42–7 win. OSU scored its largest margin of victory over Michigan since 1968 and pushed its winning streak against the Wolverines to five games, their longest in the rivalry’s history.


Ohio State beat Michigan 21–10 in the 2009 game to extend their winning streak against Michigan to six games and improve Jim Tressel’s record versus Michigan to 8–1. Ohio State wore throwback uniforms to commemorate their 1954 national championship team. The 2009 meeting also saw Buckeye guard Justin Boren, who had transferred to Ohio State from Michigan in 2008, become the third player in school history to play for both teams (J. T. White and Howard Yerges, Jr. being the others) and only the second to play for both teams in the rivalry game.


Two schools, two new coaches (2011–present)
Rodriguez was fired following Michigan’s 2010 season, ending
Michigan’s flirtation with the spread—and with non-“Michigan Man”
coaches. Rodriguez was succeeded by Brady Hoke, who served as Michigan’s defensive line coach from 1995 to 2002. Hoke held head coaching positions at Ball State from 2003 to 2008 and San Diego State from 2009 to 2010 before returning to Michigan.

In early 2011, Ohio State’s football program came under NCAA
investigation for an incident in which several prominent players were
discovered to have traded memorabilia for tattoos. Evidence thereafter surfaced
that Tressel had known about situation but had not reported it to school
compliance officials, and that the abuses were more widespread and longstanding
than originally reported. On May 30, 2011, Tressel resigned as head coach and
former Buckeye player and assistant coach LukeFickell was appointed interim
head coach for the 2011 season. Tressel ended his career with a
9–1 record against Michigan, including his final seven in a row. In July 2011,
in response to the ongoing NCAA investigation, Ohio State vacated all wins from
the 2010 season, including the 2011 Sugar Bowl win. If the vacated wins are not
counted, Tressel’s record versus Michigan would stand at 8–1, with a win streak
of six.


NEXT UP…Urban Meyer! (Announced Tuesday during the OSU vs Duke Basketball Game?)

Urban Meyer Ohio State: Report Says Meyer Has Agreed to Coach Bucks  

The Buckeyes have reportedly signed Urban Meyer to a long-term contract to become the next coach at the Ohio State University.

After the Turkey leftovers are eaten, and THE GAME is over…it is “Officially” the Christmas Season. For the record, I am allowing all media outlets and stores to then play “Christmas Music.”  AND if anyone is interested, I have a few things that may help with your Holiday shopping for me:


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Filling Station NYE Party
Blue Jackets NYE Game

5 Black Friday Myths The Media Wants You to Believe

The alarms start going off at 3:30 in the morning. Soon-to-be shoppers stumble angrily out of bed with fanny packs of coupons strapped to their waist. Coffee begins working its way through the Thanksgiving themed traffic jam in your entrails. Showers are neglected. Puppies are kicked. Bleary-eyed motorists start pulling out of driveways, and it becomes official. The Holiday Shopping Season has begun.

Even if you don’t make the trip to the mall every Black Friday, you probably assume everyone out there is fighting through waves of toy riots and security guards to be the first ones in line. In reality, most of what you believe about Black Friday is a myth, right down to the day it falls on.

#5. It’s the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year
What You Think:
Why else would the local news cover something as boring as shopping? You also may have heard, or just assumed, that online shopping was taking a bite out of Black Friday’s lead over every other day of the year. This makes sense because it offers an alternative for people who don’t want to suffer through long lines and threats of death-by-stampede. Just shop from home on any other day of the year, right?

“I’ve already been at this two hours and I’ve only had to gouge one person’s eyes out!”

But Actually:
Actually, Black Friday wasn’t the biggest shopping day of the year until the advent of online shopping. Before that, it was rarely even in the top 5.

So why was the media paying so much attention to the fifth biggest shopping day of the year? Well, partially because it’s a slow news day. With most people off from work and spending time at home with their family, the media has a captive audience and approximately nothing to talk about. So they began reporting on the one sector of the economy that was actually working (instead of pretending to work while totally mailing it in, like the media).

“I’ll be honest, guys, I’m not even sure what city this is.”

Of course, stories about how everyone’s out spending money weren’t drawing complaints from the advertisers.

Black Friday finally did become the top revenue earner in 2003 by giving people who would rather stay home with their family a way to get at the deals. Weirdly, eight years ago is right around when the media started reporting the idea that Black Friday was in trouble, and telling us about new players in the game like Cyber Monday — the Monday after Thanksgiving, when online sales (or “cyber sales,” as they’re called by absolutely no one) supposedly spike.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If someone you know regularly uses the term “cyber,” punch them and never stop.

So the story that the media had been reporting for years that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year finally came true, and suddenly they want to complicate it with a bunch of other days when you have to remember to wear riot gear to the mall.

This is because of a new strategy among retailers to make holiday shopping into a four-week period. While Walmart holds the record for earliest holiday promotion with a special roll back on October 1, the majority of stores begin their bargains the first week of November.

This picture was actually shot in July.

Cyber Monday was created in 2005 as a crafty marketing plan from, an association for “e-tailers.” encouraged their members to create special ads for that Monday, and after a few years it caught on. In 2010, Cyber Monday took in over a billion dollars in online revenue, the largest amount for any day in history.

Presumably, when Cyber Monday officially takes the biggest shopping day title from Black Friday, we’ll start hearing about how Cyber Monday is in danger of losing its spot as the hottest shopping day of the year to “Tip Jar Tuesdays,” when consumers just empty their wallets into jars by the cash register.

“Dump your cash on the pile and piss right off.”

#4. It Turns Americans Into Sale-Crazed Lunatics
What You Think:
Before going near a retail store on Black Friday, you should make sure your life insurance is paid up. If the news is any indication, you’re going to be dealing with a bunch of feral materialists. Every year brings more tales of shoppers fighting or killing each other. It’s as if the entire country is driven CRAZY by these great deals, but instead of slashing prices like the owner of Crazy Eddie’s mattress emporium, they’re taking it out on each other.

“I’ll cut you so hard!”

But Actually:
It seems like people are more violent on Black Friday because the national media doesn’t pay attention to violence at retail stores until it happens on Black Friday.


Wesley Strellis walked into a Walmart a little after noon, picked up a metal bat from the sporting goods section, carried it to electronics and methodically destroyed 29 flat screen TVs. There’s the case of the 55-year-old man who punched a 72-year-old store greeter in the face for asking to see his receipt, and the guy who walked into a Walmart and pissed on a case of steaks. And who can forget the man who lit three racks of clothes on fire in the men’s department when Walmart wouldn’t let him return an item. There are crazy people in this world who do crazy things. Often times at Walmart. CNN didn’t report on any of those stories because why would they?

“Ho-hum, just another March gunfight at the mall.”

There’s also the fact that the story has a tendency to change in the retelling. Like all news stories about crazed shoppers, Neatorama’s five entry list of Black Friday Bloodshed includes the 2008 shooting at a Toys “R” Us that started with a brawl between two women and left two men dead. You have to click through to their source to find out that the initial brawl was caused by a pre-existing personal dispute, and that the shooting was believed to be gang related.

For some reason, CNN decided to report the gang killing in the same story as the one and only death ever linked to the shopping rush, though even that isolated incident is hard to pin on the shoppers. It happened at a Walmart door buster sale — a retail stunt specifically designed to create a spectacle of frenzied competition over a fixed number of big deals. Retail chains like Best Buy and even certain Walmart outlets hold these every year without anyone getting hurt. If everything is handled properly, it’s a good way to get your store on the local news. That year, the Walmart at Green Acres Mall in New York decided to see what would happen if everything was handled in the worst way possible.

“This year, we’re going to try something new and just stop giving a shit.”

First of all, it wasn’t the ideal place to hold a stunt that is designed to foster aggressive competition. In addition to being known as the “car theft capital of Long Island,” the mall’s other claim to fame was a shooting in which two groups of teenagers opened fire on each other during a screening of Godfather III. Instead of hiring security to help police the free for all they were holding in the dark at their crime hotspot of a shopping location, the shoppers who camped outside the store all night were taunted by a handful of inexperienced Walmart employees who were put on crowd control duties. As the sale was about to begin, the crowd outside began pushing against the sliding glass doors, and employees on the inside began pushing back to keep the doors from bowing inward. The combined force of the crowd shattered one of the doors, and the crowd poured in, crushing a 6′ 5″ employee trapped under the door.

It was a horrible tragedy, and it could have easily been prevented. But on any other day of the year, it would have been a story about a horribly run store and the terrible power of crowds. But since it was on Black Friday, it has been used as a way to infuse the moral of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with the post-apocalyptic violence of The Road Warrior.

It would take a shotgun and sleigh to get through this.

#3. Black Friday Is the Day After Thanksgiving
What You Think:
OK, this is clearly not a myth. Thanksgiving happens, and then Black Friday. But you probably think Black Friday is determined by the date that Thanksgiving falls on. All the cooking and eating is out of the way, and as an unintentional side effect of that, we get to start Christmas shopping.

The Reality:
Actually, the day we celebrate Thanksgiving is determined by the day the retailers decide will make a good Black Friday. The start of the holiday shopping season is both more official and harder to move than the holiday it follows. That means when ranking their order of importance to our country, a national day of shopping beats a national day of gratitude. Not quite as surprising when we put it like that, right?

“I can’t wait until we ditch all this family togetherness bullshit for some new electronics.”

Thanksgiving originally didn’t have a set date. George Washington proclaimed the first one on November 26, 1789, but the dates and even months changed for almost a century. Abraham Lincoln gave it a regular berth in 1863 as the last Thursday of November. It never occurred to Honest Abe that November sometimes has five Thursdays, and that this would create a problem down the road.

You’d think a man with a head that large would have some foresight.

One of those Novembers with five Thursdays happened in 1939, when the United States was recovering from the Great Depression. At that time, waiting until after Thanksgiving to start the holiday shopping season was seen as almost holy, but Thanksgiving fell on the very last day of the month. A short number of Christmas shopping days, starting on December 1, could hurt the recovering economy. That’s why President Franklin Roosevelt had to put Turkey Day in its place.

A Presidential proclamation was issued moving Thanksgiving to the second to last Thursday of November. Thirty-two states went along with FDR and issued the same proclamation, while the other 16 states said “f*ck that.” For two years, a third of the U.S. celebrated Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November, while the other two thirds of the country celebrated it on the second to last Thursday. For family members living in opposing states, this was a very short, lethargic version of the Civil War.

“And may the Lord protect us from our decadent neighbors.”

In 1941, Congress told FDR to knock that shit off and passed a resolution setting a fixed date for Thanksgiving as the last Thursday in November. The Senate, reminding them that there was shopping at stake, amended it to declare Thanksgiving as being on the fourth Thursday to get rid of the occasional five Thursday problem.

Thus it was settled that the most important part of the holiday season is having a standard, sensible number of days in which to buy shit. Then we said “fuck it” and started the holiday shopping season in October.

#2. It’s Good for Everyone
What You Think:
Black Friday is a time when you can earn big savings and the stores can earn big profits. Everyone is a winner!

“This $499 TV is saving me money.”

But Actually:
You might not save any money, and the stores might not make a profit.
If you see an advertisement for a giant discount on a big-ticket electronic item, you might think that you can snatch up the bargain as long as you’re one of the very first people in line. Think again. While “door busters” sometimes list the number of items available, say 100, many advertisements don’t list a quantity at all. Stores may only stock a couple of the items, just so they can run the ad. Some may not stock the item at all. In 2010, a Walmart in Alabama stocked zero of the Xbox systems they advertised at $199. A Sears in the same town didn’t stock any of the gaming systems they listed as door busters, despite telling customers the items had come in that Tuesday.

Those are all actually display units. But they were half off!

Many retailers will put a “Black Friday” sticker on items that aren’t discounted any more than they have been for weeks. Expect to run into “Black Friday” and even “lowest price ever” labels that mean absolutely nothing. Stores also use the shopping holiday to get rid of the excess inventory that hasn’t sold yet.

If you think all this customer screwing means the retail executives are just lounging around lighting cigars with $100 bills, think again. The educated customer can still get incredible deals, and savvy consumers are becoming less of a minority. A dedicated Black Friday website can help you plan ahead. Facebook and Twitter can alert you to the best sales. Black Friday apps can compare prices at the touch of a button. All this increased competition cuts into profits for retailers. In 2010 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. recommended their readers sell off all stocks held for retailers before Black Friday. They predicted that disappointing holiday sales would lead to a decrease in stock prices in most retail chains between Black Friday and January.

We’re not even sure who is screwing who anymore.

#1. The Name Has a Special Meaning
What You Think:
A common explanation of the name “Black Friday” is that is has to do with accounting. In older accounting practices, negative numbers were written in red ink and positive numbers in black ink. Thus, a business losing money is “in the red” and a profitable business is “in the black.” Black Friday is supposedly the first day many stores turn a profit for the year.

“No more cat food for a whole two months!”

But Actually:
In reality, Black Friday earned its name because it sucks. The term was coined in Philadelphia in 1966. “Black” was an adjective given to disastrous days in history. “Black Friday” also refers to the stock market crash in 1929 that started the Great Depression, as well as a flood in Cincinnati in 1937. And an unsuccessful Allied air attack in 1945. Never forget.

In 1966, the Philadelphia police hated the first day of the holiday shopping season because of the massive traffic jams it caused and the packed sidewalks. Also, presumably because they wished they could be off from work like everyone else. Frazzled retail workers and exhausted shoppers were more than willing to accept the term.

The red ink/black ink explanation was never heard of until the early 1980s. Store owners who were satisfied with their sales started to become disturbed by the negative-sounding nickname. The president of Strawbridge & Clothier (bought out by Macy’s in 2005) said “It sounds like the end of the world, and we really like the day. If anything it should be called ‘Green Friday.'” Another department store executive was even more hot and bothered, calling the name “the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. Why would anyone call a day, when everyone is happy and has smiles on their faces, Black Friday?”

“Who doesn’t love this?”

Realizing that a name associated with national disasters might hurt net sales, the more optimistic explanation was encouraged by retailers. Campaigns spinning that the day made you max out all of your “love cards” and commit “funicide” were less successful, but at least the name stuck. A few decades later, even the New York Times is convinced.

You can be Thankful about what you have, you can be worried about what you don’t (or what is going on)…but we MUST CARE




A “Thanksgiving Prayer” by the Man in Black!


A new Classic!


Count yer Blessings, even the bad ones (OR the ones we don’t see as a blessing)


Nobody has ever posted a Facebook status about Michigan beating Ohio State in football, because Facebook wasn’t invented the last time it happened. Go Bucks!!

No matter what is going on in life, you can find a reason to thank God. What you dwell on is what you will draw into your life. You can either focus on your problems, or you can focus on your blessings. The question is: do you want more problems, or do you want more blessings?


This is a funny “mash up” between “Death Metal” Artist Slayer and Church Services



Movember-Please donate to the link below

“Raise Funds and Awareness by growing out this “thing” under my nose. Also I hope it will not scare any of my customers away”

It is November and I like many are growing the smelling, itchy, food traps under our noses to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Research in a movement called “Movember.”

This Movember I’ve decided to donate my face to raising awareness about cancers that affect men.  My commitment is the growth of a moustache for the entire month of Movember, which IS generating conversation, controversy and laughter. AND AN ITCHY FACE!

I’m doing this because:

·     1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime

·     1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime

This is a cause that I feel passionately about and I’m asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to support the great work of the Prostate +Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.  To help, you can either:

The money raised will help make a tangible difference to the lives of others, through the world’s most promising prostate cancer research and LIVESTRONG’s programs that support young adults and their families battling and surviving cancer.

For more details on how the funds raised from previous campaigns have been used and the impact Movember is having please visit

Please help me make my goal of $1000.00, this thing is really itching (let alone VERY ugly!)

Thank you. 


The Holidays are here and we all will be attending a lot of parties

Seven tips for surviving your holiday office party    It is that time of year when employers are having their year-end office parties. This may be your only time to hob knob with the power players in your company.

Make the most of this time by planning ahead, particularly if you have not previously attended one of your company’s parties.

Attend the Party
It may not be written in the policies, but plan to attend your holiday office party. You may hate the holidays or don’t celebrate Christmas, but your boss may consider it a check against you if you don’t attend.

Research the Type of Event
You will need to determine if the event is formal or informal, if the attendees will only be your department, or if you will have upper management and board members in attendance.

Plan Ahead
Be sure to review your company’s dress code and ask other employees what they usually wear to the event.

If the event is being held during or right after work, your normal dress code usually applies. Consider adding a festive splash to what you normally wear, but be aware of your company’s cultural diversity policies and overall culture. Be festive but still convey the proper professional image.

If you work for a conservative company add a festive tie, scarf or jewelry. If you work for a more relaxed company, make more of a personal statement. However, don’t forget the dress code regarding revealing attire.

Make sure your outfit makes the desired statement, but is also functional for you. If you are expected to dance, will you be able to move freely in your outfit? Will your shoe selection allow you to do all your snappy dance moves without making you do a balancing act?

Prepare for a Speech or Small Talk
If there will be an award presentation or recognition ceremony, prepare a brief acceptance speech. A short but well-spoken acceptance speech can make you shine for the people able to advance you within the company.

Prepare for small talk by boning up on recent news or corporate events. Your role here isn’t to talk someone’s ear off, but to present an intelligent open-ended question. Then let the other person ramble on. Do not use the office party as a time to vent about recent policies or complain about the lunchroom. The holiday party isn’t the right venue for venting.

Watch your cell phone usage. Keep your phone on vibrate. You should give the party and attendees your undivided attention.

If you do have to take a call, excuse yourself and find a secluded area to return your call.

Make the Rounds
Speak to everyone at the party at least once during the evening. If there is a large group of people at the party, be sure to speak with the upper-level employees and the people from your individual work group. In addition, if you frequently wish you had a go-to-guy in the accounting+ department, this may be your only opportunity to make that connection.

Make Sure you Behave Appropriately (THE MATT RULE?)
Eat and drink in moderation and watch your table manners. Relax and enjoy the evening, but don’t do anything over-the-top. You are still in a work environment.
Don’t be the Last to Leave

Plan on spending a reasonable amount of time at the party, but don’t appear to be the company party-animal by being the last one to leave. If there is a dinner and a dance, stay long enough to eat, dance and make the rounds. Remember it is a professional event despite the social setting.


I grew up Catholic, and HATTING Miami Football…Thank You Doug Flutie for this weekend 27 years ago!

NBC Orders ‘The Munsters’ Reboot to Pilot
The original Munsters, most of whom…can’t cameo. (The Everett Collection)One might think that the high-profile flame-out of what was to have been this fall’s “Wonder Woman” reboot (not to mention the relatively recent failures of 21st-century versions of “Knight Rider” and “The Bionic Woman”) might have scared NBC off from revamping another TV hit of yesteryear. Evidently not: The network has made a commitment to redo “The Munsters.”

Country music gets its day at the White House; Obamas to showcase legends, contemporary stars
Country music gets its due at the Obama White House next week.


The Obamas will play host to a string of country stars — legendary and contemporary — Monday at their seventh “In Performance at the White House” program.

Among those performing Monday night: Lauren Alaina, The Band Perry, Dierks Bentley, Alison Krauss, Kris Kristofferson, Lyle Lovett, Mickey, Darius Rucker and James Taylor.

Some of the performers also will take part in an afternoon workshop at the White House for 120 local students about the history of country music and its cultural significance.

The 2 p.m. EST workshop and the 7 p.m. EST concert will stream live on . The concert also will be broadcast by PBS on Nov. 23.


How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

Mark Cuban shares his wealth of experience and business savvy in his first published book, How to Win at the Sport of Business, available now only as an e-book. Using the greatest material from his popular Blog Maverick, he has collected and updated his postings on business and life to provide a catalog of insider knowledge on what it takes to become a thriving entrepreneur. Cuban tells his own rags-to-riches story of how he went from selling powdered milk and sleeping on friends’ couches to owning his own company and becoming a multi-billion dollar success story. His unconventional yet highly effective ideas on how to build a successful business offer entrepreneurs at any stage of their careers a huge edge over their competitors.

Please join us in supporting OUR Military and raising funds for Toys for Tots, Honor Flight, and The Marine Corp Family Support Community at Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park on Saturday Dec 10th watching the Army vs Navy Football Game. More info:


Witness to Rep. Young: ‘I pay your salary’
‘You just be quiet,’ Don Young told a Rice University professor on Friday.

Ever wanted to tell a congressman in person that they work for you, the taxpayer?
Well, Douglas Brinkley, a Rice University professor, certainly did, although perhaps the middle of a House hearing wasn’t the best time and place.


At a Natural Resources Committee hearing Friday on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) mistakenly addressed the professor as “Dr. Rice” while calling his testimony “garbage.”

Brinkley interrupted, saying: “It’s Dr. Brinkley, Rice is a university,” and “I know you went to Yuba [Community College in California] and couldn’t graduate — “

Then it was Young’s turn to interrupt. “I’ll call you anything I want to call you when you sit in that chair,” he told the witness. “You just be quiet.” (YOU HAVE TO WATCH the female aid behind the Congressman)

Raising Research Money Through Music To Help Find A Cure
help raise money through donations in exchange for our Music CDs and through Benefit Concerts. We have many exciting concerts going on year round. Please join us in helping to raise money to fight cancer. If we all band together, we can increase the tempo for cancer research and speed the discovery of a cure!
We hope you will be able to join us this holiday season.


A Christmas To Cure Cancer, Inc, from which we make donations earmarked for cancer research to a number of cancer research organizations across the country. Thanks to everyone who has helped us raise $700,214 so far and for the inspiring E-mails and Letters people send in. We sincerely appreciate your support. 

Tenth Annual A Christmas To Cure Cancer benefit Gala
We are celebrating our Tenth Annual A Christmas To Cure Cancer benefit gala at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, December 2, 2011.

Langone: Recovery to Begin Once Obama Ousted
The U.S. economy will embark on the road to recovery once President Barack Obama is voted out of the White House, says billionaire investor and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone.

“If we change the faces in the White House, we’re on the road to recovery,” Langone tells CNBC.

“I believe it’s that simple: we need leadership, we need cheerleading, we need encouragement,” he told CNBC. 

“We need businessmen and fat cats to feel like they’re doing something good, not that they’re villains and not that they’re criminals. America’s best days are ahead.”

The U.S. needs leadership committed to cutting back on spending, 

Langone says, criticizing leaders for allegedly ignoring recommendations made by his deficit watchdog panel headed by Erskine Bowles, former Clinton chief of staff, and former Republican Senator Alan Simpson.

“The fact of the matter is I think that we aren’t even begun the recovery under this president’s watch. Unfortunately, this guy is in over his head, in my opinion, big time. We got to have a change in the White House,” 

Shouldn’t they be watching the boarders?

Homeland Security Issues ‘Turkey Fryer’ Warning
An apparent new threat to the United States surfaced on the Department of Homeland Security’s official Twitter account this morning just in time for Thanksgiving —turkey fryers.

I can’t make this up!

Occupy Columbus wants a porta potty
Chase Leibold was the latest in a line of polite young men from Occupy Columbus to address the Columbus City Council.

His mission of mercy this evening: To get permission to place a portable toilet on the sidewalk outside the Statehouse, where protesters are making the voice of the 99 percent heard all day and all night.

Chris Matthews was one of the Media folks who CREATED Obama (knowing he hadn’t done anything)

Some kinds words from PSU interim head coach Tom Bradley: “I take my hat off to the class of (OSU’s) fans, for them to cheer our team as we came off the field for warm ups with a standing ovation, big league. Big league, class from the Ohio State fans. And I thank them. It meant a lot. And they should be awful proud of their team and their university.”

We often confuse spiritual knowledge with spiritual attainment. Spirituality is not a matter of knowing scriptures and engaging in philosophical discussions. It is a matter of heart culture, of unmeasurable strength.

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BOOKING HOLIDAY EVENTS FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2011! “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”- WARREN BUFFETT

SMALL BUISNESS SATURDAY (Nov 26th), we are offering 25% off all bookings NOW through Sunday Nov 27th, 2011.


We are offering an ADDITIONAL 25% off any booking through Dec 30th 2012. Book your event now (please reference Small Business Saturday).
For more information on the small business’ who need your support; Small Business Saturday

Wanna Look Better, and feel better…wear a smile!-Jerry Seinfield

Love the people God gave you to the fullest, because He will need them back one day.

‎”Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.”-Oscar Wilde

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle – Christian D. Larson


Every Friday join my buddy DJ Chris O at The Filling Station kicking off your weekend with all your favorite hits, and some of the cheapest drinks in town

November 29-Dec 4th (PRI Racing Event Orlando Florida)
December 1 Ohio GOP Holiday Party

December 3rd Warrior Dash South Florida
December 7-12 NFR Finals in Vegas
December 10th Army vs. Navy Viewing Party (details to come)
December 17th Blue Jackets Holiday Game
December 31st Yogi’s  NYE Party
Filling Station NYE Party
Blue Jackets NYE Game

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